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    EDIT: The patch is now LIVE! The Switch Patch 1.03 has been completed. We will have the patch available for download on Monday, 3.30.2020 (roughly noon Eastern US time). The patch is essentially the Switch version of our last patch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. We have included some Switch-specific fixes for Interaction Locks and a few Stability Improvements. FULL PATCH NOTES: FIXED: An issue causing Environmental Kills to record a kill, but leave the counselor in game, creating stuck lobbies and excessive kill counts. FIXED: An issue with the drawer upstairs on Pinehurst that would cause the counselor to become stuck if interacted with. FIXED: A problem with super lazy bots on Jarvis House Offline. They are now motivated and will move about as normal. FIXED: An issue that would render a door unusable if two counselors interacted with the door/barricade at the same time. FIXED: Various game crash issues. FIXED: Various car interaction fixes, specifically counselors interacting with the car (fixing, starting, etc). FIXED: Various counselor stuck spots have been resolved. OTHER: Private Matches now include control over more of the in game settings. The modifier for “Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate” for Jason is currently only Recharge Rate. The Ability Unlock speed aspect of this will be implemented at a later date. These controls allow players to tweak private match settings to many varying degrees and some unexpected behavior can be seen depending on the variables selected. While players should expect some instability when altering these settings, the community can also report any unexpected behavior to JasonKillsBugs.com SWITCH: The team identified and resolved a few Switch specific Interaction Lock events SWITCH: The team included various stability fixes to help with performance. As always, please make sure to update as soon as the patch is live. Matchmaking may see increased times on patch day, while everyone gets on to the same version. This is normal and should improve over the hour following the patch. Please do let us know if any matchmaking delays persist into the evening.
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    Since Neca has been affected by the lawsuit and is unable to make any new figures in the F13 franchise, I decided to make a custom version of JGTH. I know that this film is hated by many fans, but I happen to really enjoy the movie and love The design for him in the film. Let me know what you guys think! @Dogmatic here are pix of the JGTH custom I made. Since you liked the J8 not sure if you saw this topic thread. Enjoy the Photo shoot !!! “GO TO HELL!!!”
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    Holy cow! Magnificent! I also really enjoy JGTH. Have you considered adding a small tuft of hair from a wig or something?
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    Unfortunately they didn't. Now they are in a conundrum without making themselves look worse than they already have.
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    I do see your point. I think the devs should’ve punished the people doing this stuff from the very beginning when the roof glitch was happening.
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    Well I played the tutorial for Predator. I couldn't see any glaring bugs. Being predator is not random like Jason ,you can specifically be the predator from what I can tell. I tried a quick play but never got in a lobby or what ever it is called in this game.I chalk that up to it's just a trial and just came out. I wasn't going to wait that long to see.I sat waiting over 2 minutes and nothing but as I say it just released for download last night at 8 p.m eastern time. Graphics are pretty good about the same as F13 maybe a bit better.
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    Stair exploiters unless they get too cocky and get too close to the wall where they entered you are SOL.To my knowledge that is the only spot where they are vulnerable to grabs through the wall or slashes, I could be wrong but all the videos I've seen of Jason actually killing someone in there has been in that spot or near it. The only counter to sliders is throwing knives and you sorta have to be good at quick toss to be affective. Toss as they are about to swing or just as the reappear to get them in limping state.They can still do the exploit while limping but not nearly as fast so you have a better chance at a slash or grab or just keep pelting them with knives. I always save sliders for last and stock up on throwing knives.
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    Ohh Yes, I remember the time - late 2017 - where I was still new to the game and my first time I had put on the sweater. I was so exited back then that I pushed the button accidentally too quickly and messed up the kill 😅
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    Yesterday they (the devs) banned the accounts of the main hackers who hacked us. A day earlier, we sent a large number of reports on those hackers. The hackers just didn't have a chance, bcs we sent irrefutable evidence to Gun Media and the hackers got what they deserved. But some of them have already created one or two new accounts. Thanks to the sale in Steam. %)
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    Hello, Matt! I post my records with cheaters (glitchers) both publicly and privately on my YT channel. My friends do the same. These hackers just know Steam IDs all the reporters (my friends/team) and they use them for hacking. And that's the main reason why all the reporters were hacked. Your team has already been sent evidence of how they do dat .
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    Welcome to the forum @Mukaetov. It's nice to meet another member of the F13 Game family. Make yourself at home. Here's a place to find some fellow gamers to have matches with: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
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    It is in Private matches. Quick Play won't get it back most likely because people will just abuse it again.
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    Coding an AI Jason is not as simple as copying code dynamics from another game. I'm sure there is a lot behind planning for something that big. A lot of questions would have to be kept in mind when making a slasher legend come to life in a game. For fun, I took notes during Syfy's F13 marathon. I then tried writing out a basic outline for the framework of a Jason AI. My results were about 15% accurate, and that was about 12 hours spent on it. A decent Jason to me should be at least 75% accurate. A convincing Jason should be closer to 95%. Anyone trying to make an AI Jason would likely be spending hundreds to thousands of hours improving his logic, until they were satisfied with it. It's too bad this game is near the end of the development cycle. I know many of us would like to have seen a Jason AI. Jason already kills at Mother's request.
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    This right here. On the bright side @Anatole, you could get into some Private matches with like-minded players and have loads of fun with friendly fire.
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    Fuck coronavirus, and fuck the hysteria that came with it. People pulled this same overblown bullshit with H1N1 and SARS, and after everything calmed down, it was looked at as a "Uh... oops. Guess we kinda jumped the gun on that whole 'Doomsday disease, we're all gonna die!' thing".
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