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    We've still got time left, though it may not be but a limited amount. It has been said that something will potentially be done when that time comes. Offline access to our profile data would be a good start. So would permanent increased XP, especially for the low level players at the very end. An increase beyond 30 perks to allow players to have 1 of every known perk wouldn't hurt. And for the love of the game, let's get some other tweaks here and there to leave the game in the best shape in can be in when the sun sets on the development cycle.
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    @Mayday I'm sorry to hear this happened to you .
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    I’m super emo about losing so I get to urge to rage quit a lot. That being said, I pretty much always tough it out. One time I was killed as Jason one of the counselors said, “ WOW I can’t believe you stayed. I always rage quit.” I actually got killed a few minutes ago. Losing sucks, I want to jump off a bridge when I do, but I also don’t want to ruin it for everyone else.
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    @OCT 31 1978, this is a good piece of news. Thanks for the heads up brother!
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    Welcome to the forum. There are problems with society. -Entitlement -Lack of sense (Book, Common, or Street) -Unwillingness to take responsibility for one's actions I could go on, but that would be a long list. That sounds about right. It sucks no matter how many times it happens.
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    Make friends with players that don't rage quit. They are out there. An entirely different F13 experience may be preferable to a remake. Start a script for a single player F13 game story. I see that in Quick Play from time to time. In Private matches I rarely see it. The extent of players like that vary from game to game. This game just seems to have a higher occurance. It seems to be present in most modern games. I long for the good old days when people knew better.
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    Yes, I'm aware of that. It bothers me because claiming that the option to turn off the Rage buff would make people see how much better it is without it is bullshit of the highest order. You sound like you've been taking notes in Professor Strigoi's class.
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    It still works to kill Jason. It just has a lower stun chance than the axe so you are taking an increased risk of not getting him to kneel if you use the machete.
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    If stating obvious fact qualifies as "whining" then so be it. It's already been explained in excruciating detail why the Rage buff was needed and the benefits for both sides of having it. If you're still butt-hurt over it then that's your problem.
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    If I recall correctly, there were numerous people on here that said if a counselor is on Packanacks roof, there's no way for Jason to get them, but we all know how that turned out. Maybe someone can think up something similar that would work for this. Glitches are for bitches. EDIT: Having said that, there IS an out-of-map glitch I've been dying to try but I think it requires help from Jason. Basically, on the original Higgens map, if the cops are called and spawn at the East exit, supposedly Jason can grab you at a certain spot and walk too close to the exit barrier. He gets shot, drops you, and you're free to roam outside the map. Why do I want to try this? Well, it's because of the "secret cabins" that can be seen off in the distance across the lake. There's a couple on the Eastern side that can be reached and I've wanted to go see them since forever.
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    It is in Private matches. Quick Play won't get it back most likely because people will just abuse it again.
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    This right here. On the bright side @Anatole, you could get into some Private matches with like-minded players and have loads of fun with friendly fire.
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    Let's pray for the better future of this game, how badly I want updates, AMEN!😪
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