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    Having those options online like what private matches has would kill online altogether, the toxic players would have a field day with the options making it hard to join a match, what we really need is a Offline Bots match modifier
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    You mean in the wild west with horses and six-shooters and dysentery and shit? Fucking AWESOME idea, as all your creative, interesting, and well thought-out ideas are. I demand this in the next update.
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    If Gun media and Wes Keltner decide to do another Crowd funding campaign kickstarter,backer kit for a horror video game would you pay to be a character in the game using your real name and facial features and personal traits. I Would want a character based on me that looks exactly like me.
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    Has this been a thing since launch? I noticed it a couple weeks ago for the first time, but thought it may have been a fluke. Now there are others talking about it on the Facebook groups. I now use combat stance every time I enter a cabin and suspect someone is in a hiding spot. Jason literally will auto lock on the hiding location when you enter combat stance. If it has been in game since launch, I never noticed it.
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    in my opinion, the rage update is not overpowered. i do think the problems which brought about the rage update could be handled in a more fleshed out way, but i dont blame them for this easy apporch. however, even if they fixed the problems jason has, such as combat mode, i still think the no stun rage is necessary. i think beating on jason the whole match deserves a penilty. aside from spoting hard to find campers toward the end of the match, rage was basicly pointless before the patch. the rage update incourages players to complete objectives early on while they can still protect each other with a fine placed stun on jason. it makes the end of a match more intense, & it requires more than a cheap shot to have a last minute escape starting the car or whatever. you have to save the guns, or pick your spot when to make your move. to me, the rage update was a welcome challenge to the game. it makes it more fun for the jason player as well. you do not have to stun jason even once in a match to gain a victory, ive done this many times. i try not to hit jason unless i really have to, in most cases. i like the strategy aspects of this game & the rage update keeps it closer to that style. its not a side scrolling beat em up, but having the option to fight & defend is a great part of the game, & i like how the update makes it so you must play it smart. the down side is some players dont understand this & end up throwing their team under the bus five minutes into the match. i can see how some players would exploit this to help cheat too, but again, the beauty of this game is you can choose to play however you want. as in a real situation, youll have good team players, and dumb dumbs.. above all else, i believe the more threatening jason is, the more fun the game will be.
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    And this ^^^ is pretty much how I feel about it. If you do not attack Jason, he won't enter Rage until 15 minutes have passed. Yes, 75% of the round is over and you only have to deal with an enraged Jason for 5 minutes. Now, I am aware that you will probably need to attack Jason at least a little during the course of trying to escape (I'm not counting killing him, as obviously that's going to require more than a little). This is where the situation gets iffy. If you're trying to (for arguments sake) install a battery, theres two ways you can accomplish this: The first is to give the battery to someone with high repair who can install it fast enough that they need little to no protecting. Or, secondly, you can give it to a 1/10 repair counselor who is going to take a long fucking time completing the repair, and thus will need you to fight off/keep Jason stunned until they're finished. If you are not trying to kill Jason, let the repair counselors do the repairs while the non-repairs kite Jason around until they're finished. Beating Jason like you're an alcoholic step-father and he's the illegitimate son you fathered with a fat hooker named Bertha means you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to whine and bitch about him being unstunnable in Rage. He wouldn't BE in Rage if you hadn't decided to throw another Pinata Party.
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    New content is not permitted. This includes new modes. If any toggles are added, they should be in Private matches.
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    That does sound annoying....I play on PS4 and very very rarely the game has crashed out on me before......unfortunately it could be many different things that cause this issue.... Loss of or bad connection... game locks up. console programming error unfortunately it is a rare issue that is hard to pin down to one or the other.
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    New glitch on Pinehurst too.They fixed the bulldozer exploit but now there is a way to get under the stairs in the main house.
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    @Dragonfire82877 unfortunately The world may never know.
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    Where in that Twitter post does it say he’s having trouble finding their next project? @OCT 31 1978, we would all like the answer to the last question you asked in your post above.
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    Exactly. This would be the cockaigne for all trolls. Hope we never get this in online Quickplays. Yes, this Would be perfect!
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    That's not what he said. We'll discuss what is next for Gun when it's time. That time is not now.
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    How do you know that they are struggling to get a new project? Has anyone from Gun Media contacted you and said that they cant find work?
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    If you are going to ask Matt a legitimate question tag him like so..... @mattshotcha There are a lot of moving parts involved when attempting to acquire a license..... you can’t just ask the license holder for the rights and them say ok go ahead...there is a lot of copyright laws involved....sometimes multiple right holders to deal with......you have to sell the idea and that the game will be profitable and finally make a deal that is beneficial for all parties involved..... it’s not an easy feat by any means. Also we are not privy to all the info at Gun Media just because you haven’t heard anything doesn’t mean they aren’t working on something.
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    As always, I'd like to remind everyone that no new content means no new content.
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    Obviously NO. Since your to Damn stupid to see the obvious ill have to explain. The Structured frame of how the story mode plays out in Red Dead Redemption 2 .is what i was obviously talking about. NO I Wasnt talking about turning the next friday the 13th the game into a western. Counselors goon missions in a story mode and have to survive each campground map to make it to the next level of the game. The Devs used alot of my posted ideas in the game.
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    Well done, you are pretty successful with yr throwing knives!
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    Always pay attention to the sound pings of counselors, especially if you know or suspect you are against a kill squad. Saw the sound ping near the shack, Nessa never stood a chance, lol.
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    Leave Jesus out of this. It's not His fault Strigoi is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
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    I wouldn't say there will never be another F13 game. It may be a while, but someone out there will make one. Most of us can agree that this game won't get any new content.
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    But it's ok for Jason to get a knockdown beat down, right?
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    I guess the "popular crowd" are the more outspoken members? I didn't realize that we had such around here. If one has suspicions of changes, and can show potential proof, I'm open to hearing them out.
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    I would like to have this glitch fixed as soon as possible. However, a skilled throw of a knife by Jason hitting any car‘s tire (not the car’s body, only the tire would count) could slow it down. Counselors could still drive, but only slowly. This would be more realistic and would add some drama, so I would agree and meet with your idea in the middle 😉
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    A Telltale take on a game in the F13 universe would be interesting. Those kind of games kinda remind me of the classic "choose your own adventure" books back in my middle school days.
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    I don't remember there being such a rule. If you are uncertain about the windows, how about asking the team about it?
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    Then you're shit out of luck? I mostly play as counselors.. So I really don't care if someone hogs all the sprays and I end up dying. The consequence of having so many med sprays ends up with counselors doing stupid shit, just because they can. Eating traps and aggressively attacking Jason is the outcome of having so many med sprays. Which eventually led to the RAGE buff.
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    Meh.. I disagree. If Jason has a car locked down. Theres still the phone, maybe another car, or a boat,..or just straight up surviving for 20 mins. Since Jason can't be everywhere at once. Counselors need to give up an objective if Jason has it locked down, not be given a way to forcefully beat Jason silly while they accomplish it. Counselors need to be kept in check.
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    I fail to see how making saves isn't possible, pre or post rage. A simple "hand check" will save your partner from a kill-grab. If, however, you are talking about being crippled by a Jason slashing or thrown knives, then yes, you'll be generally fucked if you are solo in QP. Even then, if you have back-up, block and back dodge in-between slashes and hope someone can spray you and the heal effect occurs before death. If that's a issue for you, use Epic ThickedSkin. You can still fight Jason, even mano a mano, but it does require more skill, knowledge/understanding, and willingness to take risks than previously before rage update. The rage update really didn't change much other than motivate players into working on objectives or deter players that just want to bully weak Jasons from playing.
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    Or they could just leave it the way it is and everyone that's concerned about not being able to stun Jason in rage could simply stop beating the shit out of Jason early in the match...
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    Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules! Got a Bug or User report? Head to JasonKillsBugs! And or want to discuss about suggestions and other ideas you have? Head to Friday the 13th the Game: Suggestions/Feedback section! And if you want to talk to other players about the game just head to Friday the 13th the Game General Discussions but for "News and Updates" for the game head over to the F13: Game News/F13 Game: About but overall enjoy your stay here!
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    Id like to ask Matt Shotcha what exactly do Gunmedia employees do since they are mot working on games or releasing any new content for friday the 13th the game. Why is Illfonic able to score and get The PREDATOR Titled video game but Gun media cant even create a generic titled horror game.
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    they won't take the rage buff out of the game because of all the cry baby jason mains who were exposed for their lack of skill and bitched over and over until they finally got what they wanted. they claim that jason had all these nerfs but remember early in the game where you could be stunned for 15 seconds virtually? perfect example, people could stun you after you stopped the car, get back in and drive off and you'd still be stunned, now that's impossible because jason recovers too quickly and can easily pull the person out of the car. they need to make it so that other items like firecrackers and flares still stun jason. i've played jason multiple times now since the rage buff and when you get rage, it feels like a cop out. i like to mind game counselors and if i get hit then i was outplayed and good job to them, now i can just stand there and not get stunned its so lame. also in regards to the whole pinata bullshit, making the weapons hit multiple people helps that and not that long ago i had a game where jason killers tried to kill me, you can isolate and kill counselors with the punch or choke for quick kills. it's not impossible but whenever something is hard or isn't given to you on a plate, people will bitch. my favorite part about it is if you're playing on say pinehurst and you're trying to find the fuse or keys and not knowing someone has them and people are stunning jason and he gets rage in 5 minutes and your the last one left and then he finds you and you can only juke from house to house and the jason mains will say "that's your fault for not doing objectives". lol see at least before the rage buff if this happened you could defend yourself properly at the expense of stupid teammates. getting outplayed by jason and getting killed is perfectly fine because he played better, but getting killed because of stupid teammates is just wrong in my opinion, more so if you're actually trying to play the game properly and not in a toxic way.
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