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    I can see the bugs. Up in them trees.
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    The irony that your name "Strigoi" in Romanian mythology means a troubled spirit that can drain vitality/life from its victim and it's the very thing you're doing to this forum.
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    Just wanted to express my love for this game, basically. I got really tired of DBD's toxic community and constant whining, so I've been playing this game more and more. I just love it. Not to mention, the new update? Pretty neat that they fixed a lot of issues. I'm having so much fun, and, as a horror fan, being able to play a game which comes from a classic franchise I love? I couldn't ask for more. I'm really frustrated that there isn't gonna be any new content, but I'm only level 40, so I still have a lot of leveling up to do. Is there any game like this one coming up? I've been trying to search for some, but no luck. It's not a popular genre within the gaming community, it seems.
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    Luv2BATroll IWetTheBedDaddy CounselorsScareMe Outta_Touchwith_Reality_2day DieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieBadMan69
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    In order to find out let’s just search for any threads in this forum in which someone • asked for Wes Keltner‘s favorite colors or pets • received more than seven unsure looking smileys for his comments • or any posts which have the key word „HUGE“ spelled in big letters in it
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    This weird glitch happened while playing a couple days ago on the Switch version. It seemed to have mashed a bunch of textures up, but it came out to make a pretty cool skin. I was able to play the entire game with it, but haven't got it since. I have no clue what triggered it, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless.
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    This right here is the definition of a quality post.
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    they won't take the rage buff out of the game because of all the cry baby jason mains who were exposed for their lack of skill and bitched over and over until they finally got what they wanted. they claim that jason had all these nerfs but remember early in the game where you could be stunned for 15 seconds virtually? perfect example, people could stun you after you stopped the car, get back in and drive off and you'd still be stunned, now that's impossible because jason recovers too quickly and can easily pull the person out of the car. they need to make it so that other items like firecrackers and flares still stun jason. i've played jason multiple times now since the rage buff and when you get rage, it feels like a cop out. i like to mind game counselors and if i get hit then i was outplayed and good job to them, now i can just stand there and not get stunned its so lame. also in regards to the whole pinata bullshit, making the weapons hit multiple people helps that and not that long ago i had a game where jason killers tried to kill me, you can isolate and kill counselors with the punch or choke for quick kills. it's not impossible but whenever something is hard or isn't given to you on a plate, people will bitch. my favorite part about it is if you're playing on say pinehurst and you're trying to find the fuse or keys and not knowing someone has them and people are stunning jason and he gets rage in 5 minutes and your the last one left and then he finds you and you can only juke from house to house and the jason mains will say "that's your fault for not doing objectives". lol see at least before the rage buff if this happened you could defend yourself properly at the expense of stupid teammates. getting outplayed by jason and getting killed is perfectly fine because he played better, but getting killed because of stupid teammates is just wrong in my opinion, more so if you're actually trying to play the game properly and not in a toxic way.
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    You know if I had posted what you did, I'd probably try to say I meant something different too! In your original post the sentence doesn't follow from that your disgusted at the state of the game, more you're disgusted at all these foreigners playing your beloved American icon, Yikes! I took your comments at face value and quite frankly, you saying "snowflake" is all I need to know. Good luck and have fun!* *In english speaking lobbies with no foreigners of course.
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    We all have our guilty pleasures in movies, television, and video games. What do you feel is the best remake you've ever encountered? How about the worst?
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    They can't add any content to the game because of the on going lawsuit. Savini will never be available again as he was a backer's exclusive.
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    This isn't a new glitch, this has been around for a very long time. Of the times it has happened to me is when in the lobby it switches your Jason to random and also causes a random counselor select when the match starts.
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    It should be mixed in with grabs. But, it's your game ... play how you want to. If I KNOW for a fact someone has a PK, I am slashing them. I slash Tommy almost every time unless I can shift/grab him to get rid of the PK. But slash, knives, making them go through broken windows and grabs all combined make for an entertaining round. Plus, counselors won't know if you plan to slash, or grab, if you're doing both. I also slash more/or less depending on which Jason I am using. Part 9 for example, I rarely slash. Part 4, I am slashing away.
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    Slash em. Jason Voorhees is the king of slasher films. Put the "slash" in slasher. Those people are bitching because they didn't get to use their pocket knife.
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    It's because you didn't grab them and used the Choke Kill. Everyone loves the Choke Kill.
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    It's just Illfonic. GunMedia has no involvement.
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    Interesting research! Judging by available Wiki: There is a known method used by Romanians to get rid of a strigoi as explained on the show Lost Tapes: Exhume the strigoi. Remove its heart and cut it in two. Drive a nail in its forehead. Place a clove of garlic under its tongue. Smear its body with fat of a pig killed on St. Ignatius' Day. Turn its body face down so that if the strigoi were ever to wake up it would be headed to the afterlife @ All: don‘t ever tell me after reading all this that taking out Jason out of the match is too difficult / impossible 😅
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    Yep, agree 100 percent. Its the same issue I have with stats like composure. In a slasher film setting. A character with a high end stat like that should be able to survive being around Jason up close more than a low composure counselor. Yet that's not the case and its just silly to me. The whole occasional tripping thing isn't enough of an offset if you can just keep him at arms length with superior speed/stamina. The counselors with this low end stat should occasionally be falling to the ground as they do in slasher films, opening them up to death. Chad, Tiff, Bugs and Vanessa shouldn't be able to play ring around the rose with Jason forever and ever. There could be even more factors to make the stat more complex as well. Characters like Adam, Fox, Jenny and AJ should be able to survive much better up close. The characters above with the stat being low end should be merely good at keeping him away UNTIL he gets close. However, the design of the game was clearly meant to be basic. Hence everybody can repair, even low repair characters by manipulating skill checks. Everybody can kinda survive being up close to Jason, provided they have the right tools. In rage now, its definitely less doable to survive without speed/stamina thanks to the rage update, because those counselors can't defend themselves anymore outside of a PK, demask or shottie. Its why the perks were brought in most likely instead of keeping the special abilities concept they were toying with before release. Sure, the special abilities more than likely would've created another tier system if not well thought out, but at the very least, the gameplay may have felt less basic and more complex.
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    Ya man. Its probably been one of my biggest issues with the game. And I've voiced my opinion on it many times. Guess its too late now to add counselors hit animations. Where counselors get knocked down and have to stand back up. Which would be great. But I've always thought that they could easily add counselors just being disarmed when Jason lands an attack. This would at the very least stop counselors from being so aggressive when attacking Jason. And remove the mindset of Tit for Tat attacks against Jason. So now counselor needs to land the attack 1st. And if they don't they have to either run away or try to pick up the weapon again.
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    My dude, you can't be this hard up for attention. It's really not that hard to make friends. Go to a coffee shop and say hello to someone. Join a club. The whole "better to be hated than ignored" thing is so 2012.
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    None of these top “The Man Behind The Mask.”
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    Here's what we need, you to have your posting privileges revoked. Asinine thread after asinine thread. It gives me a headache. Go away troll.
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    Ok i think we can all agree that after all of his posts that rather than worrying about balance and item spawns, they should configure Strigoi's account so that after the opening match sequence it goes right to the kill Jason screen. The fact that you make up so many unfounded observations is just absurd. More windows have not been barricaded, pipe spawns have not been increased, Machete and Axe spawns have not been decreased, We do not need more PK's, Jason doesn't have balance completely in his favor (Even though he should) Killing Jason is easier now and you must be the most delusional player of the game or you graduated from troll college at the top of your class.
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    *checks thread* Cool, Strigoi still is the worst poster on any forum ever. Just making sure. *leaves*
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    I think its important to remember that rage wasn't actually that good to begin with in its old state. It amounted to... - A bit faster cooldown on abilities - Super Sense, but that's actually something that I disagree with since it just makes late game a constant loopathon fight and makes any sort of hide and seek gameplay irrelevant. If they would just get rid of the toggle, that would make a difference. - A door busting mechanic that left Jason easy pickings for a stun on the other side which left many, MANY Jasons opting to just break a door down the normal way. If you have a situation where players would rather go with the time consuming mechanic (regardless of a regular attack, a combat stance attack or double tapping a door) over the supposed upgraded door busting mechanic. Then its a broken ability. Its funny that they actually took the time to prevent counselors stunning Jason through doors, but they never gave him any sort of protection from being stunned after using a mechanic that's supposed to be more powerful. That was basically the long and short of rage. Jason didn't really gain much from a supposed 'final' form. It might have seemed good at or around launch and beta, but over time with everybody learning the game. The old rage became not much of a gain for Jason. That said, the rage mechanic as it is now is just lazy and pushes the already established lopsided meta towards the boring loopathon, 20 minute struggle, go for the Jason kill, etc. It felt like the easiest band aid they could give to the playerbase to offset the 'Jason is a pinata for trolls' argument. It does need change. So many ideas have been proposed and if they decide to change it again, they'll take heat regardless. I think the easiest way to make weapons useful in rage is just making each one a one hit use. They can stun Jason, but they break instantly. That gives everybody a fighting chance, makes the kill mechanic a bit tougher, knowing the weapons break instantly, etc.
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    The game isn't dead, if it was you wouldn't be able to have all these bad experiences. F13 is an American horror icon, yes but it is enjoyed by millions of people around the world of varying languages, races and backgrounds. It isn't a sad/disgusting thing to hear a "foreigner" speak his/her native tongue in a game based on a globally famous franchise (where there is no law against speaking a language other than English). Should they stick to their own part of the world with their own people, only playing in lobbies solely for Arabic, French, Spanish, Mandarin etc speakers, as it inconveniences you to hear said people? How do you enjoy this game? Party chat by yourself and you will avoid all those damn nasty foreigners speaking their foreign tongue!
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    I agree with you on the complaints of the past have led to what we have now. Too bad we can't turn back time.
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    @HaHaTrumpWon, most animals at the zoo get vaccinated while they are young. This makes for a less likely scenario of getting injured. I do get the point you were trying to make though.
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    I Noticed that there is less windows in cabins to escape from Jason in the new update. The many escape windows have been cut down to 2 or 3 windows in big cabins. Why have counselors escape cabin windows removed. Please bring back the multiple windows that counselors can escape through. maybe im imagining things but it seems as there is less windows for counselors to escape through in cabins.
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    Ive been playing the game every night and there seems to be metal pipes that have replaced machetes. metal pipes are everywhere in high volumes inside of cabins. please bring back machetes. locations that used to have pocket knives no longer have them. This game has got to stop swinging in Jason's favor or no one will want to play the game. Part of the thrill of Friday the 13th the game is killing Jason.
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    GunMedia & Illfonic have an asymmetric Predator game in the works that's very similar.
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