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    Yeah @Vaderspupil @RustInPeace ,so much fun! Hopefully next time we'll get a full lobby to play like that. Loved the hardcore settings that we came up with! No sprays, no hud, no maps, lights out, max fear to start, Jason has no sense in rage and double counselor health. Very movie like settings, intense and fun! @mattshotchaGreat patch, nailed it!
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    This is yet another thread about content that is not going to be added. @Strigoi, seriously please stop it with these threads or it'll be considered spamming.
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    I have Savini and love playing as him. I think everyone should have the chance.
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    The police has been called, arrived, the counselors are at the right exit, but instead of escaping to the police, they are only dancing / tea bagging Jason. Imagine several Vanessas with 5 PK, 20 med sprays, etc - once they have emptied their arsenal, they just sprint to the police. Quite annoying. What about setting some kind of limit for the police escape option to improve this situation a little bit? A. after arrival the police waits at the exit, but for only 3 minutes (on all normal-sized maps, on small maps only 2 mins), then they drive off again (with or without survivors). All counselors getting to them in that time limit will escape. B. after arrival the police waits at the exit as usual (without time limit), but only 3 counselors (it’s a normal policecar, not a policebus) are able to escape with them, then the police escape option is off the table. what do you think? Would this improve the situation? Would you like to have this option? Would it even be possible to add this to the game without getting in conflict with the lawsuit? In the end, we already have a red timer counting down, this very timer could be used for the above mentioned alternative A.
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    I was a backer and got Savini Jason at launch, and I've been thinking that since the game is fairly old at this point with lots of new players I really wouldn't mind if they made him a DLC or very high level unlock. I appreciate that he was kept as our backer exclusive and they stuck to their guns on that, but it'd be a nice thank you to people who love the game but never had a chance to back it. What do you guys think?
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    DontZ I agree with you, I also think the Op came up with a good idea, I also think this was a good patch, one of the best ones they have had in a while, but I want you to really pay attention when you are playing, you will see that the counselors are faster, making grabs even worse and stuns even easier, and you people take advantage of it.
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    Hey. I know we aren't getting new content because of the current situation but once that's settled is it possible we could get some? Also what would you like to see if you could have any new content?
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    There are 4 pocket knives 3 shotguns and a crap ton of med sprays, with the new speed increase(people are already taking advantage) along with Jason’s worsened grab(he has T-Tex arms again with this patch , it’s very annoying
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    Yeah but that requires work so you know....lawsuit.😉
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    @Strigoi you already know there will be no new content added. Thread closed.
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    Not exactly, but yeah, pretty much Summer of Heat Mitch Murder The summer began Burnin' hot, inside of me Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the street (out on the street) Oh, you held onto me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey, what! And the time began The best I've had Inside of me (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the beat (out on the beat) Oh, you stay there with me On the summer of heat (summer of heat) It was the very first love The very first love Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first love The summer began Burnin' hot D-do you, do you wanna have fun? (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, the lessons are free We're out on the street (out on the street) All you said was to me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes… Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes so fast Like grains of sand in my head Oh, the best things are free Said was to me (said was to me) [?] Do you, feel, Remember it, The summer of- Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first- The wind across my hair (it was the first love) The ruckus [?] in the air (it was the first love) The gang's inner web [?] (summer) It was the first love (it was the very first love) It was the very first love And the nonsense [?] And good fun [?] And grind [?] In the summer, through heat with you tonight Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you
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    You know the game has been out for 2 + years.....what took you so long to say something....and if you backed the game you would have received via email the code to unlock him when the game launched....
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    Good to know. The player base is going to keep this game alive for as long as it can. I can see those who love this game dancing with Jason to "Summer of Heat" across the world as the servers are finally shut down. Until that happens I am very happy as both a customer and a player that Gun Media and Black Tower are still spending time and resources to get the game into a state both the players and developers can be proud of. Eliminating these annoying exploits would go a long way to achieving this @mattshotcha. I feel the last patch was a complete win so far. It fixed many things and didn't introduce more issues. The private match options were a great way to enhance player agency and that is a very good thing. Thank you for the support.
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    Offline bots are just an sandbox training/testing ground for me, so whoever escapes, escapes. Usually I'll just restart the game on the last counselor to save time.
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    @Fair PlayThe Schumacher bat movies are underrated and get a lot of unjust hate. Enjoy the nipples!
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    Two boat spawns would probably be tricky, but a potential timer toggle could be interesting. As always, I'm not sure we'll get more toggles other than the one for Ability Unlock, but I'll note this one for the team. Thank you for the support! The bots that we fixed were the totally static ones on Jarvis. The bot pathing issues (like open/close on same door) are still to be investigated.
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    Definitely made for good matches @Vaderspupil. With just a few more people or a full lobby, these toggles for private matches will rejuvenate my desire to play more often. Only things I really feel need fixing now are vehicle bugs and getting deep into the combat mechanics and eliminate exploits many people use and abuse. @mattshotcha, are there plans to look into combat related bugs (like teleporting when attacking or using a spray)? Keep in mind, the teleporting is related to exploiting button inputs and not latency/ connection issues.
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    Played in a couple private matches last night with @Redrum138 and @RustInPeace. We played with no med sprays and no maps to be found unless you used the perks to start with them. Mini map was turned off unless you were using nerves of steel and power was cut to start the match. The only real buff the counselors got was double health to compensate for the lack of med sprays. It was more fun than I've had playing F13 in a long time. It was tense, exactly how the game should be. I managed to survive the night in one match by hiding in the kitchen pantry of Packanack when I was the only one left. I'm not one to usually use hiding spots, but when the deck is stacked against you, you do what you gotta to survive. It was great.😎
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    Or... you could just try and have... fun? I don’t know what to say other than try to find a middle ground with your friends. Private matches should be fun, and not worth getting worked up into rage quitting.
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    Sounds like someone hasn’t played since launch but just forgot the cabin layout?
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    They didn’t change the windows, lol. 😂
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    A backer with a bit of common sense in my opinion. I totally agree with Eye66, at this stage in the games life span. After that slip up that happened where he was available to everyone made him non exclusive anyway in my opinion. I know it's never going to happen but.....
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    I'm on xbox as SoberEye636, I took a pretty long break but been coming back the past week and was surprised by how many seemingly new players there are. I was feeling generous since I've had most of my Savini fun already, I really wouldn't mind if the new kids hat a shot at him myself
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    My answer is yes. I would love to have him (and pay for him of course). But I am afraid that even if they would agree to, the buying option would be declared as new content, that‘s it.
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    See, this is what happens when 10-year-olds are allowed unsupervised online gaming. It kinda makes me miss the days of playing Quake II online. Back then, the majority of players would tell each other GG after every (or at least most) matches, even if you flat-out sucked and came in dead last. What's so hard about NOT being a total enema-nozzle to a complete stranger you just met 5 minutes ago? Yeah, you got killed with the sweater. So what? You can always try again next round, it's not the end of the world and it's certainly not worth being a salty brat over.
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    I find new things to test and talk about almost every day. There are still so many game mechanics that aren't fully understood yet. Hopefully they learn from the mistakes that were made. Example: had this game been called Summer Camp Slasher and just featured Jason Voorhees as one of the killers, then we'd theoretically still be getting new content and maps. Just not Jason related content or maps.
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    Chad x7 and everybody dies at the first minute.
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    I Noticed that there is less windows in cabins to escape from Jason in the new update. The many escape windows have been cut down to 2 or 3 windows in big cabins. Why have counselors escape cabin windows removed. Please bring back the multiple windows that counselors can escape through. maybe im imagining things but it seems as there is less windows for counselors to escape through in cabins.
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    last summer i used to stay up late and play the game. really strange people are in some lobbies. i remember a guy breathing into the mic and making erotic moaning noises. i dont know why but friday the 13th the game has this huge Gay following. I dont use a mic anymore when playing the game. Some of the gay guys wont leave me alone they ask me to fix things for them and they flirt and hit on me which is unwanted flirtatious attention which is sexual harassment. Ive been in some bad cussing matches with the feminine guys some of them try to direct and dominate straight guys in the game. I No longer use a mic because of there is kids who cuss me and there is other problems and as an adult straight man i dont want to be reported for anything and i refuse to play the game with kids or perverts so i turned the ability for people to send me messages off. i changed my name and locked my playstation and xbox up totally because people were trying to crack my account.
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