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    They did on June 11th in 2018 on their homepage. http://f13game.com/news/end-of-content/
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    Played in a couple private matches last night with @Redrum138 and @RustInPeace. We played with no med sprays and no maps to be found unless you used the perks to start with them. Mini map was turned off unless you were using nerves of steel and power was cut to start the match. The only real buff the counselors got was double health to compensate for the lack of med sprays. It was more fun than I've had playing F13 in a long time. It was tense, exactly how the game should be. I managed to survive the night in one match by hiding in the kitchen pantry of Packanack when I was the only one left. I'm not one to usually use hiding spots, but when the deck is stacked against you, you do what you gotta to survive. It was great.😎
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    Car is being investigated next but I don’t have any update just yet. We also have to get the Switch version up to date first. The car never was claimed to be a part of this patch, with the exception of some counselor interactions that the team tackled. I also think you might be alone in wondering what this latest patch does. I’d hardly call 1.36 “working in circles” but I would like to hear more on that. I know patches in the past have been rocky, but are we talking historically or lately, because this comment doesn’t seem to apply to 1.36 in any way.
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    Another option to add to the custom match settings would be to allow the option to remove the timer or extend the timer for 10-20 mins up to 40 mins. That way, it can be toggled to be removed as an advantage for counselor completely or at the very least, made harder. Also having two boat spawns as a chance would be neat.
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    I get that people are gonna get pissy about bugs being in the game, but this is refreshing compared to the last game that I played. I played Jurassic World Alive for the last year and a half and those morons at Ludia have left game breaking bugs in the game since launch. They proudly announce how they're fixing like 325 bugs each patch and NONE of the game breaking bugs get touched. They only fix things that affect their income and just let matches get stolen from you with their shitty-ass programming. And they NEVER once had a dev communicate with the players because they said we're too toxic. So yeah, this is great for me to see this kind of communication over here and to see that the devs actually give a shit. I fully appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Everyone will always want things to be better, and that's understandable, but things could also be much worse. Trust me.
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    Or... you could just try and have... fun? I don’t know what to say other than try to find a middle ground with your friends. Private matches should be fun, and not worth getting worked up into rage quitting.
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    „Just“ an Easter egg, The devs really did a good job by adding so many interesting things from the movies to the game. although, I agree, it wound have been cool to also have some kind of „environmental Jason kills“ for Tommy and sweater girl in the game (depending on the area where exactly they get him killed, there could have been a special graveyard or barn animation).
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    The Alien A.I. in Alien: Isolation took five years to complete. The Mr. X A.I was less complicated and took three and a half. Now let's look at Friday the 13th's A.I. bots. They were thrown to together in less then six months and it shows. Their pathing is all jacked up resulting in them getting stuck in the environment. They barely make any logical decisions while being chased by Jason. The bots often hide right in front of Jason or jump through a window right in front of him. The recent patch to the Jarvis house bots was required because a bug interfered with their ability to realize the match had begun. The bots are not very good. Gun Media and Illfonic didn't have the time to give us solid A.I. and it shows. A Jason A.I. at this stage would be new content and that in itself is impossible at this stage. But for a Jason A.I. to really be good enough to to simply run around the map properly would take at least a year to a year and a half. Shifting into a grab. Stopping the car. Morphing to an objective that a councilor has fudged. All of this would take years to code. Black Tower the current developers have been doing a passable job patching the game. However adding Jason A.I. into the game at this late stage would be very problematic for them. In hindsight if A.I. Jason could have been a thing it would have had to have been implemented during the game's initial development. At this stage in the game you wouldn't receive that truly intimidating presence you get out of the Mr. X A.I. Instead you could expect the gruesome and intimidating Jason Voorhees to be endlessly walking against the walls of his own cabin. Dreaming of the days he was a feared presence.
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    Patch 1.36 is live now, January 20, 2020. FULL PATCH NOTES: FIXED: An issue causing Environmental Kills to record a kill, but leave the counselor in game, creating stuck lobbies and excessive kill counts. FIXED: An issue with the drawer upstairs on Pinehurst that would cause the counselor to become stuck if interacted with. FIXED: A problem with super lazy bots on Jarvis House Offline. They are now motivated and will move about as normal. FIXED: An issue that would render a door unusable if two counselors interacted with the door/barricade at the same time. FIXED: Various game crash issues. FIXED: Various car interaction fixes, specifically counselors interacting with the car (fixing, starting, etc). FIXED: Various counselor stuck spots have been resolved. OTHER: Private Matches now include control over more of the in game settings. The modifier for “Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate” for Jason is currently only Recharge Rate. The Ability Unlock speed aspect of this will be implemented at a later date. These controls allow players to tweak private match settings to many varying degrees and some unexpected behavior can be seen depending on the variables selected. While players should expect some instability when altering these settings, the community can also report any unexpected behavior to JasonKillsBugs.com
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    I Noticed that there is less windows in cabins to escape from Jason in the new update. The many escape windows have been cut down to 2 or 3 windows in big cabins. Why have counselors escape cabin windows removed. Please bring back the multiple windows that counselors can escape through. maybe im imagining things but it seems as there is less windows for counselors to escape through in cabins.
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    i was a backer with my brother and he got savini jason but i didnt
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    Was this ever intended to be significant? He's the only character that gets a specific mention in the loading screen hints and for a while I had a theory that he could be used as a sweater girl. While I'm musing on mysteries within the game, is / was there any purpose for the graveyard and specifically Pamela's grave? Seems like it should have been some kind of factor in gameplay.
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    Thank you for the insight as well as showing me the big picture..Hopefully if they make another version maybe focus on an open world solo game / online multiplayer ??
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    Are you not reading? its not an opinion its been stated NUMEROUSLY thats NEW CONTENT which is NOT allowed.
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    I gotta admit: this update is pretty awesome. Great work!
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    Player level wouldn't cross over. They are entirely separate. That isn't a blocker, necessarily. EAC should still be cleaning up the PC side, as well as Gun and our bans and sanctions. What Dragonfire said. It would be nice, but at this point, it's simply unrealistic. We have other things we need to focus on and something this huge would not be the best way to use our remaining resources and time.
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    @mattshotcha many thanks to you and your team for providing this patch and for keep on going to provide further ones in the future. Really appreciate this. The environmental kills now work quite fine, also Pinehurst glitches are gone. But the offline bots could actually do a little bit more: on Packanack small some of them Just opened and closed several times the very same door? Unless you haven’t inserted new content (= offline bots using weed and therefore act crazy 😁), this could be looked after.
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    Thank @mattshotcha you for this patch and congratulations to the team, I hope to see future patches like this in the future
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    I mean, the patches do fix a lot of stuff. It's a game.. Glitches and all of that happens in a game. But that's alright
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    Jason's grab is still a mess. But overall, a good update. ( I don't play private matches so I can't comment on that. This a style of game that is supposed to be played with strangers via QP IMO Because this bring a real challenge of survivng/escaping. Playing with a bunch of buddies you always play with and communicating through mics makes it a cakewalk to escape or kill Jason. Who is still overmatched against a death squad really. ) Bring back the force grab dang it!!!
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    Those are on the list for investigation as well! I don't have more info to provide at this time, but they are known issues with the team.
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    It's nice to have all the custom match options. It's a shame we couldn't have that at launch but it's still nice to have. Should be fun trying out different modes. Maybe abundant weapons but no police, no weapons and rage at start, but half time.
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    I've wondered if there was any meaning behind that too, but this is hilarious. Thank god he's not a sweater girl, can you imagine how many teabagging, leopard-print speedo Chads would be killing Jason? 😂
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    The one that actually drives the car off the map. So far only one Buggzy bot has managed it.
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    I dont want to play with PC players. The the game already has a problem with exploits. We don't need the hacking bullshit.
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    I've seen good and bad representations of each counselor. I set my counselor to random, and play the hand I'm dealt. The truly "useless" players are the ones that hide the entire match.
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    Yes, because of the Actor portraying Him.......But Jason himself is not that unique big Guy in make up and a Hockey mask who kills teenagers in creative and violent ways......his character can be summed up in a few sentences.... I agree with all your points on the actors Portrayal of Jason.....all brought something to the role that made it more than some guy just killing teens. you are definitely entitled to your opinions, I also heard for Jason in FvJ Frankenstein’s monster was looked at as inspiration basically because Frankenstein’s Monster is a sympathetic villain in the story which is what the director and New Line producers wanted they wanted a Jason that could show weakness and also be a victim.....Ken did show all these things....he fit the bill for what they were attempting to do with the movie......which is why they went with him over Kane..... I am sure Kane would have wanted Jason to be his very evil / unsympathetic self in the film and probably would have pushed back on some choices made in the film like he has in the past saying things like “ Jason wouldn’t do that....he would do this.” And even though Kane is probably right when it comes to his decisions with the character especially being the only actor to portray him 4 times, more than anyone Else his portrayal is iconic .......but it’s that reason Jason was recast. You May not like Kens Jason in FvJ but remember he is doing what the director and producers wanted him to on the screen.... I don’t have a huge problem with what he did in the movie but I understand some choices were made to make him the lesser of the Evil characters in the movie. Actually casting them in the part makes them Jason. Their actions / behaviors are what make each portrayal unique each of the performances making Jason more a living breathing character..... and while some are more goofy/ clumsy/ angry/ menacing/ sympathetic or Evil they are all Jason the big guy in a hockey mask who kills teenagers.
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    I have Savini and love playing as him. I think everyone should have the chance.
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    I agree. But Wes said they couldn’t even add new menus or anything. He said even text was considered new content when people were asking for biographies to be added. I really hope they bring these options to offline bots too though!
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    I'm on ps4 and usually play for a few hours a night without many problems finding matches
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    Welcome to the forum @Unicorn. There are still people playing on all platforms.
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    My only concern about crossplay would be the hacker crowd in the pc portion of the player base. At this point I doubt we would see it with the game so late into the development cycle.
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    As a non-backer, I'm fine with not having him. Playing against Savini is like a treat- if everyone had him it wouldn't be as fun.
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    Oh you took it wrong. I'm given credit where is due this time. Given my less than positive attitude, I could see where it looks like im taking shots at the team again. In this case, it was a compliment to add that kind of detailed customization into the game. Definitely a welcomed addition. 😁
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    Well those private match settings are a step in the right direction and at least go above and beyond the expected. You could say that kinda thing counts as unofficial DLC. They would make quick match unplayable though. Whatever way the lobby leader leans (Counselor or Jason) would create troll matches most likely
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    I often wondered about this as well. It would have nice to have gotten a much needed rework, to add a bit more spice to the game. If we ever got another game like this, I'd like to believe some kind of perk system could be implemented that the players would come to enjoy more than this one. We'll have to wait and see if a future project rectifies this. As everyone doesn't play the exact same way, there's nothing wrong with leaving the perks in, even if they aren't widely used. For the handful of people that may find use of certain perks, others may just choose not to use them at all. Use what you enjoy, and forget about the rest.
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    I'd say rework the perks, rather than remove them. Add a a couple new ones.
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    Hey Campers, Long time no see, I hope you're well. Been a crazy few months, huh? I know there's a lot of questions you all have about the game, future content, legal, etc, etc. We rounded up the most frequently asked questions from the community and worked with the license holders to answer them. Everything we put out or say publicly (including this very forum post) must be approved by the license holders. Some of you will have more questions after reading this below, however, we are not currently able to answer them. Please do not think this is me, or anyone from Gun ignoring you. Please understand the sensitivity and seriousness that the entire F13 IP is currently tangled up in. I spent the last few weeks with legal and the license holders getting these answers. When we know more and can share it, we will. Q: Does this mean you (Gun Media) can create new DLC now? A: We cannot currently add new DLC or Content to the game and it is unclear if this can ever happen. We can only perform maintenance, balance, QoL fixes and bug fixes. Q: Why won’t/when will Gun Media add Uber Jason/Grendel/Clothing DLC? A: The entire license is currently under a legal microscope. We wish this was a more clear-cut, black and white scenario, but it is not. There is a lot of gray. We hope that in the near future more legal clarity will occur, but this is not Gun’s call. As mentioned previously, at this time we can not add any new content, regardless of where the content falls within the F13 canon (Uber Jason for example). While Uber Jason appeared to be close to being finished, there was still remaining work that needs to be completed in order to finish him. When we got word to stop, we stopped. There were clothing packs and kill packs that were also nearly complete. However, the Grendel map still had months of work to go. When this content was leaked, we were under 50% complete. It is not likely that Grendel will ever see the light of day. Q: Why did you (Gun Media) decide to stop making content? A: The decision was made for us to stop making content due to the sensitivity of the legal process. Gun does not own rights to Friday the 13th: The Game. We continue to work with our partners at Horror, Inc. as more information unfolds. Gun wants to release content, as do our partners at Horror. Until more clarity is provided, we can not add new content. Q: Why won’t you (Gun Media) settle with/pay Victor Miller to create content? A: Gun is not a part of the legal issues surrounding the license. It is not our call to “settle” or “pay” anyone as it relates to the legal issues. Our partners at Horror, Inc have reached out a few times in an effort to settle with Mr. Miller. However, we were informed that this communication was ignored. We hope that all parties can come together in the future, so we can add some new content, but it’s not likely, nor should it be expected. Q: Why won’t Horror Inc. settle with Miller so you can create content? A: As mentioned previously, this has been attempted in the past with no progress. Our partners at Horror, Inc will continue to reach out to Mr. Miller, but until communication lines are opened up, there is very little we, or our partners can do at this time. -Wes Keltner
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    Not really. this explination does not provide any facts or reasons of why the pitchfork and speargun can not be added. its only an unofficial opinion. maybe someone from Gun media can explain.
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    And SAVINI JASON? Come on the only way you can get money for this game now is if you put him up for sale! 😁 I'll buy him... again.
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    Sounds like to me you just waited for the first excuse to drop the game. :/
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