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    Yeah its a mixture of the FvJ/Part 6/Part 7 Design
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    The new trilogy as a whole is a big f**king mess. I mean seriously, I could've written something a thousand times better and chances are, anyone in this forum could. You're telling me this billion dollar company cant come up with something unique and forever classic like the OT? I hope one day Lucasfilm de-canonize the sequel trilogy since they contradict many things in both the prequels and OT.
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    Well I did avoid this before but uh, Yes I'm the one who made the F13 the Game Wiki......and yes thats Freddy's claw marks why wouldn't it be his claw marks?
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    That isn't Ben Solo to me....Ben Solo is the son of Luke! not Han! I swear this new canon is just terrible!!!!
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    I couldn’t think of any way to approve on the current game aside from more content and bug fixes. Maybe an offline counselor mode against a bot Jason. We were so close to having the definitive F13 game.
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    @SteveChristy and @masterkeef42o, both of those would have fit the Grendel map nicely. @Wolledc, I'm thinking something like pepper spray. Not a bad idea. @NightofthePodcast, that would have been hilarious. @tyrant666, a fanny pack would have made things interesting. @Slasher_Clone, little remote controlled cars would have been great.
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    Great Minds think alike !!
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    @MonsterManiaMadness, check the following link out: http://jasonlivessince1980.blogspot.com/2017/01/a-visual-history-of-hockey-masks.html "the masks were painted an "off white" enhanced with a "slight aged patina" and given an "almost automotive finish" to enhance the look for night-time shooting." This may not answer all your questions, but it's got good information. **edit, just noticed @OCT 31 1978 sent you a link to the same blog, lol.
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    Agreed. That was the game as the genesis of the original concept in it's rawest form and was honestly the most fun to play. Felt like too many cooks in the kitchen not long after launch to especially where we are now.
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    I tend to share items, depending on who I encounter in a match, and if they aren't acting a fool. Watch my back and I'll watch yours.
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    We live in a different era of gaming now. I still tell players good game in most games I play to this day. I guess it's in my blood.
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    We may not get the bug fixes you are looking for, but we'll get something fixed, hopefully...
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    I hit triangle but still nothing happened. What do I do???? I got cussed out by tommy jarvis!!!
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    See, this is what happens when 10-year-olds are allowed unsupervised online gaming. It kinda makes me miss the days of playing Quake II online. Back then, the majority of players would tell each other GG after every (or at least most) matches, even if you flat-out sucked and came in dead last. What's so hard about NOT being a total enema-nozzle to a complete stranger you just met 5 minutes ago? Yeah, you got killed with the sweater. So what? You can always try again next round, it's not the end of the world and it's certainly not worth being a salty brat over.
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    Luckily I don''t need to deal with this crap no more since I just play offline bots now which I find more fun anyways. It's hard to trust anyone now especially the Vanessa's and Bugzy's, the most screwjob counselors online . I also have some different opinions about the rage buff for Jason which they should fix up like have some stun chance for him or something since you can put him in rage for the first 5 mins by teamers I just find it unplayable to play as a counselor. Atleast when I play as Jason, I like to have fun, can careless if I die or anything else that makes the counselors almost victorious. I'm level 150 now so why should it matter now right.
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    The developers have pretty much said we're not getting anything new, even if the lawsuit is settled. That could change, but it's not likely. In the meantime, bug fixes are better than nothing.
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    The lawsuit prevents new content, including new game modes. It's too bad, because it would have been nice to see other modes, such as Paranoia.
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    Exactly. He's got good taste. If they designed a new one from scratch, I'd say yes. It probably could use similar mechanics to this one, but the assets would likely have to be completely different.
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    Not abandoned. Next patch is coming this month, includes a couple of key fixes like Environmental Kills, Bots on Jarvis, Pinehurst Drawers, Barricade issues, etc. After this patch, we have to work on our prio list. As mentioned here, we are looking at ways to ensure people can access the game long into the future, but we aren't at that point yet.
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    Exactly right. JGTH was the first film to reverse the damaged eye for whatever reason, which made it chronologically wrong. Hence the devs asked the fans if they wanted to have the issue corrected for the model, and the fans said yes. Nothing more to say about it really, it didn't make sense to keep it 100% movie accurate, because that particular movie got it wrong. The damaged eye should've always been the other way around in JGTH. TL;DR the in-game model is the correct one, based on Jason's history.
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    I believe the developers did a poll to ask the fans whether or not they should switch the bad eye to make Part IX canon. Most fans voted for the devs to fix it; and I'm personally glad they did. From what I remember reading somewhere, even Kane Hodder was bothered by it.
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    Spam triangle. Don't just press it once. No... This is false. Fear level has nothing to do with being able to use the sweater. Just because you can't see an item, doesn't mean you can't use it. This goes for the sweater as well.
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    Keep in mind that Fear plays a role in the process. If your counselor's fear level is high to the point where your mini-map has faded out and your screen is darkening, the sweater prompt goes away and pressing triangle does nothing. When this happens you need to move away from Jason and let the fear level settle back down (turning on your flashlight speeds the process up a little). When your screen goes back to normal and the mini-map fades back in, you should see the sweater prompt come back as well. It'll work then.
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