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    Matt says in his above post that the regional issue will be fixed in a coming patch not this one so they definitely have plans for more patches. I would take all you read from those people on Facebook with a huge grain of salt..... Exactly!! Good post !! People have been throwing shade at Gun and this game For over two years now ....🙄 I can understand the frustration with issues... Hell I am just as tired of them as anyone. shit at least the game runs and can be played and enjoyed....it’s 2020 and people are still saying it’s dead yet we are still here loading matches/ killing bots/ Etc. ...every year the player base is still playing and the developers are still working on things is a good thing. I for one have definitely got my money’s worth out of this game it didn’t sucker me or anyone into getting it. most people who bought the game enjoy the hell out of it... I backed it day one-ish and would do the same again in a heart beat....even a new game by these guys. I do agree with you that it is just a matter of time before the developers end all bug fixes and close up development for the game......so the only thing I can say about that is.... ENJOY it while you can. All of it. the boosts in player count from sales! those blips of extra players whether it’s a week a month two months....players playing is a good thing. the XP! the tape drops! the bug fixes.....when they come lol. All of it....ENJOY IT....in life all things end to soon.
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    As usual, locking this thread and yes, you can be banned for getting SJ through illegitimate means. If you didn't get him when he was a backer reward, then everything else is considered obtaining him illegitimately.
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    was anybody aware that the offline bots can kill each other with weapons? offline adam was about to bite the dust but instead he bit the bullet as a heroic offline mitch shot him out of my clutches. maybe too much out of my clutches, & the blood was on offline mitch's hands. first time this has ever happened to me.. anybody else?? i bet you can pit them against each other..
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    Gun has nothing to do with the Predator game. Illfonic is the ones doing that game. Cool story though.
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    If they just bought the game, they only had to pay a fraction of the cost the one’s paid at launch. All they have to do is get a few more months out of it and they will have gotten their money’s worth.
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    @OCT 31 1978, yes I have and they look amazing. NECA is going to break me, lol.
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    I'm not one to judge, but with an reaction like that, he has "issues" 🤪. Justice is served.
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    That was the same exact person I ran across lol. He doesn't even change his name either!
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    I wish I could share chat audio with the clip. The player absolutely saw the same thing because they were screaming in the mic that they had a huge machete. If it had been me, I would have tried to smack Jason form a safe distance until the machete broke, lol.
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    That sounds like an interesting challenge. No survivors w/ 0/8 kills. 😂
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    I’ve been playing for awhile and the current build is far from ideal, I do think they have been making progress in the right direction though. If they can make some headway on the bugs plaguing the environmental kills to go with the rubber banding fix, I’ll be very happy. We all have to wait and see though. Relax and have a coco.
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    Ran into one yesterday, my buddy records his games so this magical moment was captured. The Scumbag's reaction is Priceless!!! 🤣 To be fair, most of the "illegitimate" Savini I've ran into in PC-land are without any other additional hacks. While many are against it, I don't really mind since majority of the backers no longer play, so It's nice to have a chance kill survive a Savini.
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    I'm looking into this, and will update as soon as I can. EDIT: The regional issue will be fixed in a coming patch, though it is not included in the next patch. We're already in testing for our very next patch which will go live this month, so following that. The flare gun issue is under investigation.
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    The only alterations I'd like to see is the implementation of the offline profile access, and the expansion of the capacity to hold at least one of each perk.
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    The next patch is currently in the testing phase, and we will not have a full, finalized set of notes until that is complete. But as I've mentioned in the forums previously, environmental kill fix, the drawer on Pinehurst, Bots on Jarvis House, the door barricade issue, as well as various stuck spots and interaction fixes will be in. More details as soon as I have them.
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    Welcome to the forum. You can post your bug observations to jasonkillsbugs.com. Submit any relevant details about the bugs that you can to help with the fixing process. As far as some of your suggestions, the game is in the late stages of its development cycle. Many of the things a lot of us would like to see changed will probably never happen. We're still hoping for the best, while being prepared for the worst.
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    Welcome to the not so wonderful world of online gaming @FabrinRodriguez. It is unfortunate when people leave during a match. Just know that not everybody does that. If you end up as the host, you only have to worry about a Jason leaving the match and ending it.
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    That would have been nice.
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    You'd think you wouldn't have to tell people about harassment, but look at how people act these days. Perhaps one day after the lawsuit is finally sorted out, it may come down.
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    Yikes, uh.. have you ever played as a Jason with +shift? Yes, it is noticeably faster moving than neutral and -shift Jasons.
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    Isn’t this just a little incredibly petty? I mean what are you trying to accomplish here other than making yourself feel better about something so insignificant?
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    The fact that you're not listing any specific reasons for why you think he's "junk" leads me to believe you're being silly. Which is fine. Because obviously Savini's combination of +shift, +destruction, and +weapon damage is clearly the best 1-2-3 punch of strengths, and he has no weaknesses which really matter much. So I get it...you're looking for cheap laughs. I like it.
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    Yeah, they need to fix it. They should make him a demigod before rage and an outright god after.
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    I love Freddy vs Jason! The fact that this movie is a reality proves the existence of God. I gotta disagree with you on the casting of Jason and his design. Definitely one of my favorites. There is one scene that makes me cringe however. When Freddy and Jason are fighting in the quarry, you can see Kirzinger's eyes and fresh pink skin when he looks up at Freddy Also the lax approach to continuity doesn't bother me in the least. I do wish that Freddy got more kills too. In fact I wish the run time were longer to be able to fit more kills and fights between these Titans of Terror. My biggest and only real gripe is that a sequel never happened. Freddy vs Jason vs Ash would have been great. At least the comic exists.
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    I hope that in the new patch they consider Jason to be absurdly powerful, a demigod with rage mode, I want them to fix it.
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    Not just yet. Team is working away and we'll have more news closer to the new year.
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    Yeah I didn't say they have anything to do with it either hehe. So rest easy sir knight.😉
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    More than likely, when they patched an error in gameplay, it was for quick play (no need to mess with offline play, no one was reporting issues) and it threw the parameters off, causing the environmental kills to glitch. Since they didn't make the same changes with the bots, the parameters weren't skewed, so the enviro kills are still working properly.
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    2021?! If we’re still talking about and are able to play this game in 2021, I’ll be a really happy camper!
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    They could bring the Salt Mines back. Set them up where if the Jason player quits a set amount of times, throw them in the mines for a few days instead of minutes or hours. Some people think the Mines were a myth, I never personally experienced them. If they were in fact real, this would be a good use for them.
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