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    lol, thanks, I love having fun on this game, I might make Jason look like a goofball, but atleast in a good way
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    This is why I mute everyone. People will whine whether you slash, grab, knife, cheat, or play legit, so keep doing what you're doing
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    Yup.....another Puppet Master movie......while they are now beating Friday the 13th in film count! @Slasher_Clone @Fair Play
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    I think the Boat propeller spawns on Jarvis are The island cabin on the left, the bottom left cabin all the way on the left, the bottom cabin left but not the farthest, the bottom cabin on the middle right, the basement of the Jarvis house, the bookshelf of the Party House, the middle house underneath Jarvis, the left house next to the cops, and the house on-top of the Party house. It doesn't spawn in like 4 spots and every spot that it never spawns car parts spawn there. Pinehurst the propeller is always close to the bottom or on the island to the right
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    a tricky place some players may over look is the top of the stairs at the party house. there is a shelf it sits on right at the top of the stairs. another spot is the jarvis house basement to the right of the enterance on a shelf. the prop is hard to spot, it can be on little round tables, corner shelves in the small houses just right of the doorway, even on rare occasions on the dock where the boat is parked. one of your most important tools is your camera. aim it all over the place high & low when you are searching cabins. oh & pinehurst, there are 2 spots in the main house it can be, both on main level. its usually close by the boat, just gotta serch for that little white circle.
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    from what i understand it goes like this.. if tommy is called before anyone dies, it will be one of the first two that die or escape, favoring the dead, even more so if they have been betrayed. this is not a guarantee as sometimes the escaped player returns. if tommy is called late in the match after many have died, most likely it will be the last one who died, still not a guarantee as ive seen the first dead return to my suprise. if tommy comes back & is not cooperating, shuve his face down in your crotch and hit the gas. he'll do "whatever you say"
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    They really didn’t specify what “holiday.” Maybe we’ll hear something around Easter or the 4th of July.
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    the quote was actualy "very soon" "very soon" is the new "soon" so keep up with the times campers, its 2020. lets hope the delay only means they are nailing this problem so far in the ass that we wont need a hot fix or whatever ya call it. its the holidays so im sure they needed a nice break from the total mess that IS fixing friday the 13th the game.
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    @OCT 31 1978, if I had to pick one as my favorite, I would choose The Part 5 Dream Sequence Jason. He’s the darkest, most evil looking one in my opinion. They’re all extremely detailed and look amazing in person though.
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    There is a new Disturbing Trend where People playing Jason turn and face solid objects when mask is off and confronted with the sweater. We have got to ask the Developers to fix this Jason cheat. If Jason is turned around facing a cabin or any solid object when The Sweater is used it should Automatically turn Jason around and stop the player that is playing Jason from resisting. Its Hard enough to get the kill lined up with Tommy,The Sweater and getting the mask off. If your not Angled right directly in front of Jason when the sweater is used or Tommy is not angled right during the hit in the head that brings Jason to his knees the kill set up will fail. The Game developers Black Tower need to make it easier to kill Jason without having to be angled correctly for the Jason hit in the head after the sweater is used. The Game Developers need to make Jason automatically turn and face the Sweater Girl when the Sweater is used. The Game is too much in Jasons Favor. We Need to add more ways to Kill Jason if the Lawsuit gets settled. Counselors are at a Huge Disadvantage here. Once Jasons Mask is off he should not be able to enter or go into the water lake unless the Boat is being started or operated when his mask is off. Jason players should have no place to hide and should have to face the music when confronted with The Sweater girl and Tommy when Jasons mask is off. Just as there is No place to hide for counselors when Jason is in Rage Mode. When Jasons Mask is removed his teleporting abilities should be removed. People who quit a game when playing Jason should be banned from being able to find a game or enter a lobby online for 2 weeks.
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    Thank you kindly @OCT 31 1978 and @Dragonfire82877.
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    Sorry for stealing your job. 😝
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    Depends on the people you're playing with in the game. If it's a game of normal people, I'll stop and let people in. If it's a cesspool of toxic people then I stop for no one and run anyone over in my way.
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    I personally think 2020 will be a great year for a number of reasons, not including politics. @OCT 31 1978, I'm also looking forward to Halloween kills.
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    counselor main detected.
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    Yet another excuse to make a balance changes list for the developers to hopefully view and have a least some considerations from. Jason: -Increase Mask HP by 30-50% -If Tommy is call, ether add a additional dead counselor (3 dead) or delay his arrival to 8-10 mins, or do both. (Meant to decrease strategies of Manipulating Tommy Spawning. Tommy does not need to be in the game before Jason even gets shift ) -Decrease the damage amount done by shotgun by half (Shotty is already a great stun weapon when used at the right time. It's pretty much a free stun. With that said, it does not need to do the 20% damage to Jason's mask as it does right now.) -Remove all damage boxes from Jason while holding counselor(mainly the address the issues when pulling counselors out of cars, too easy for someone with Machete to land a free Heavy hit. From a game play standpoint, Jason shouldn't be punished for from any long animation lock) -Add 2 additional Throw Knives at start to all Jasons (Increase Jason's immediate threat before he gets shift) - Change the Medic perk to ether only applied the first spray obtained or (if thats too hard to re-code) just change it to a 90-100% heal ( I currently do not run any medic builds, I can safely say I don't need it, which is the point I'm making here. Too easy to over utilize and it's balance problem is only compounded with every skilled counselor who has it. Even with the Max heal option, it's still useful to tank double traps w/ ThickedSkin equiped) Counselors: -increase the minimum counselor speed by 5-10% and scale from there. (I really don't think Vanessa is too much of a problem w/ her speed, so helping the slower counselor a little won't impact the game too much, while not given Vanessa anything more, and incentivizing other counselors.) -Grant Stun from melee attacks post-rage only while Jason is holding a counselor. (A counter-balance for granting Jason damage immunity, giving the counselor time as well if the stun happen in moments such as an car escape during post rage.) -Perhaps adjust the stealth values pertaining to how Jason sees sound pings. (Stealth isn't the strongest of stats, and adjusting it to give the higher stealth counselors more movement options without producing pings from Jason's position wouldn't be game shattering, but it does give them something to utilize. May give Part 7 some more value (+sense) if he can see more (or all pings), and Vanessa should always give pings regardless of her distance to Jason.) ------ added on Dec 10 ----------- - Prevent Jason's mask removal until post rage (Should be easy to code in, for example, prevent Jason's HP from falling below a value, lets just say 10hp) -Heal Jason some HP after post rage (Give Jason more fight, mainly to block more machete swings or gun shot damage) -Reduce rage gained from hits (Innate rage from time remains the same, but from successful hit or stuns will both delay when Jason become vulnerable to being killed while also giving counselors more opportunities to fight for objectives before Jason becomes unstunnable) My suggestions were made in mind of addressing the current balance issues, how easy it's to kill Jason. Just getting the set-up (mask off, Tommy in game, Sweater is stolen) is too gameplay shattering that Jason's only safe option is to throw knives (A finite resource in a sea of Medic + ThickedSkin counselors). Even if Jason killing isn't the priority of the team, just getting the set-up ensures that objectives can no longer defended. Because the game isn't going to get any real mechanics change or overhaul, we cannot expect how the kill set-up will change functionally. I plead instead to make Jason more capable of preventing the set-up, which I hope some of my suggestions can help address, while also given back a little more to counselors to help them escape as a trade off. I encourage anyone to contribute, however keep in mind this game's stage in development (virtually none :P) so try to keep suggestion grounded to simple changes (such as in-game stat values) that can make meaningful impact.
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    Slashing, Chokes and Head Punches only Jasons players are the worst. Dealing out the right kills at the right moment is what F13th is all about. I personally can't do it. Like, I have to be forced or put in a position to kill players like that. Hell I don't even like doing the same kills period. Which is why I HATE when Jasons players kill me in the lamest way possible. Had a Jason last night. Just standing there looking at me, while was on a dock. I was using LaChappa while wearing his wrestling out fit. So I flexed my muscles and started to clobber him with a 2x4, till that 2x4 broke. He stood there and allowed to happen. Then Jason grabbed me and headbutted my to death. That^. shit is gold. lol
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    Jason is supposed to be overpowered.. And to be honest, hes no where near as dangerous as he was at launch. I do agree that the counsellors have a stamina issue. IMO stamina should only drain when sprinting. Jogging should be the same as walking.
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    Now we just need to make them dance and they'll be just like real players that do nothing all round.
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    I know there are a lot of us who are wishing for a Mean Girl counselor, so let us rally and brainstorm together in one place! There has been a few mean girls over the course of the movies, most notably Melissa from Part VII. FUN FACT: She has in popularity defeated characters that have somehow managed to slip into the game before her, here's a large poll as evidence. Mitch, Fox, and Shelly lost to her by a big difference. Now why would a Mean Girl be a good choice as a character? Personally I've always found them to be hilarious. It would be the perfect opportunity for a feisty girl that, combined with a few witty insults to provoke Jason (Or another counselors, wouldn't that be great?) could do for a fun character to play. When I think about how such a character would be, I can't help but to have Chanel Oberlin in my mind as inspiration, she is the perfect embodiment of a mean girl; ruthless, self-absorved, narcissistic, so very blonde and fasionable over all things. How would a Mean Girl look? I think most people would say that a long haired, blonde female is long overdue! However, over all things, she is meant to be fashionable. It would be a great opportunity for a counselor to wear for the very first time a dress, and heels. Once again, Chanel quickly comes to aid to inspire with her thousand outfits and looks. Now the best part...! The stats...! I've thought of a few archetypes, and I think this is my favourite, along with a name suggestion: I'm going to draw my own basic fashion sketches for fun! What do you guys think? Feel free to share and come up with your own thoughts! Her colour palette should be...! Tah-dah, white, and pastels. They are very girly; and when wore by a mean girl, something about it makes her extra-obnoxious. Melissa knows this very well! References: About the Melissa/Tamara blend, I combined the hairstyle and the dress of Tamara with Melissa's sophisticated taste. Unlike Tamara, Melissa knows that cold toned skins look so much better with pearls and silvery accessories/jewelry than gold. Suggested Halloween DLC, Marilyn Monroe's pink dress! An icon that endures through generations! More 80s fashion
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    When mom was yelling about her sweater being taken and I was like whatevs.
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    Unfortunately, most Suggestions/Feedback topics are dead thanks to the lawsuit since no new content. All the counselor threads, map ideas, and others are technically useless. Except for quality of life stuff and big fixes. Sad to see this topic come to this thanks to the lawsuit.
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    @keanulasala is my PSN
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    Currently have 2 in a quick play. Looking for more. Psn is fame_mcswagg if you want to play. Please put that you are from f13 forums in friend request
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    Looks like a region lock. So I'm in the US.
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