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    This place is fairly doom and gloom and we know this game is chugging along in it's late, final girl with a bloody mouth and burnt nipple developmental stage but how about a thread of some the things that we do like? I know this game and PARTS of its community is fucky but at the same time, it kinda adds to the charm a bit for me. No game has made me saltier than F13, no game has made me cheer as much when a bunch of other randos take down the best slasher of all time! Getting wiped by a Kill Team in the first 5-10 minutes of a game as Jason was humbling as hell, I'm not the greatest at the game nor even average but getting whooped like that? OOF! Escaping by boat, car, cops and surviving the night at times with a sliver of health as I watch AJ slugging those goth boots and punk ass over the finish line for the cops, does give me a sense of achievement. Playing against a Jason and his little teamers (and when it was available) getting ontop of the roof in Packanack (i swear only to out manoeuvre the teamers...) having my counsellor do the running man to a chorus of "hacker, cheater, f****t, people like you ruin the game!"? Priceless! The random neon glows, the car getting launched into orbit, counsellor carcass getting flung to the far reaches, perks not working how theyre supposed to and the abuses there of all add to the charm for me. While I'm here, I tried Dead By Deadlight and it doesnt compare to F13 in anyway, yeah it maybe polished, yeah it may have a bigger playerbase but the game just isnt as fun, theres no touch of character that slight edge to it you know? In mild summary this game is fucked and I love it for it, yeah wondering of what coulda and shoulda been can make you annoyed but hell I've gotten hours upon hours of entertainment, laughs and salt out of it. Now forum, which parts/memories of the game do YOU love?
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    Do people seriously to this day still not understand that this game is no longer getting new content???? 🤦🏽‍♂️
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    We are told that the Savini Jason and a clothing pack is exclusive to the people who donated kickstarter to the Friday the 13th project, I guess more than half who supported at that time don’t even play anymore. Now if we go to eBay we see people selling "the method" to get the Savini Jason and the exclusive clothing pack, thus getting money on the ribs from the owners of this game. The exclusive term is no longer so exclusive and there are people taking advantage of this, they should add a way to get this Jason and this clothing pack and end this once and for all, plus that would help to revive the game a bit. I’d like you to tell me if there’s a way to identify players who don’t have the Savini Jason or the clothing pack legitimately so I can report them, because on top of that, There are people making money on eBay because there’s no other way to get it.
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    There is a new Disturbing Trend where People playing Jason turn and face solid objects when mask is off and confronted with the sweater. We have got to ask the Developers to fix this Jason cheat. If Jason is turned around facing a cabin or any solid object when The Sweater is used it should Automatically turn Jason around and stop the player that is playing Jason from resisting. Its Hard enough to get the kill lined up with Tommy,The Sweater and getting the mask off. If your not Angled right directly in front of Jason when the sweater is used or Tommy is not angled right during the hit in the head that brings Jason to his knees the kill set up will fail. The Game developers Black Tower need to make it easier to kill Jason without having to be angled correctly for the Jason hit in the head after the sweater is used. The Game Developers need to make Jason automatically turn and face the Sweater Girl when the Sweater is used. The Game is too much in Jasons Favor. We Need to add more ways to Kill Jason if the Lawsuit gets settled. Counselors are at a Huge Disadvantage here. Once Jasons Mask is off he should not be able to enter or go into the water lake unless the Boat is being started or operated when his mask is off. Jason players should have no place to hide and should have to face the music when confronted with The Sweater girl and Tommy when Jasons mask is off. Just as there is No place to hide for counselors when Jason is in Rage Mode. When Jasons Mask is removed his teleporting abilities should be removed. People who quit a game when playing Jason should be banned from being able to find a game or enter a lobby online for 2 weeks.
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    This Game need updates. New Maps New skins and other. To little PLayer playing this game. of which 50% hackers. Are there any updates or is the game dead?
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    I Just wish someone would listen. early this morning i was playing the game and i became Tommy Jarvis another female character player signaled me by flicking her flashlight. so we ran to the shack demasked Jason after about 6 or 7 hits to his mask. then she used the sweater and then i swung the axe to Jasons head and Jason didnt fall to his knees and the x symbol never showed up. this is a glitch that needs fixed. Jason needs to be more sensitive to the strike to the head to stun him to his knees. sometimes the Sweater stun kill set up is bugged and is not sensitive enough. Anywhere Tommy strikes Jason in the head should bring Jason to his knees during the sweater stun. The Tommy Jarvis head strike during the sweater stun should be more sensitive and machetes should also work to strike Jason in the head during the sweater stun. I Know that im going to be called stupid,Troll,Retarded for telling the truth in this forum. but im allowed to have opinions without personal attacks.
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    I love “Why won’t you Fucking die?! Dammit ! Just Die!! Just Die !! Die Die !!” it is very reminiscent of The final chapter when as a child he shouts “Die! Die ! Die !” Over and over as he stabs / slashes Jason.
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    Don't do that. Problem solved
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    I love all the glitches tbh. They're what really keeps me coming back. They make the game just as cheesy as any 80s horror movie ever was. Which totally adds to the nostalgia for me. I think the game is perfect just the way it is. Some day, after they shut the servers down and the game is truly dead, I'll get back on here and tell the forum members what was really possible in Friday the 13th: the game. Some of the best kept secrets are pretty mind blowing...
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    Hotwiring the car would have been a neat skill to have. Maybe a game in the future will make use of it.
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    Just my personal opinion, I think using a party chat program like Discord or similar programs gives kill squads a slightly unfair advantage where as if you were forced to use only the in game method to communicate there is a chance a Jason player would hear what is being planned and somewhat prepare himself for what is coming not that there is a whole lot they could do anyway. I prep myself for the kill every match. I've watched every trapping method video to protect the shack, I've spent ungodly amount of hours on the bots studying the Tommy box spawn patterns that aren't given away by the intro videos and I am about 75% accurate on the first morph.On Crystal Small or Higgins Large I'm 90% getting it first morph. So I don't make it easy. Even doing all that there are squads that will get by all that I'm sure your group can. My biggest downfall is I don't block near enough to protect myself, I gotta start working on that since I usually main part 5 or part 2 just for the traps. I know not the best choices but I don't like part 3 for some reason, his abilities just don't recharge fast enough for my taste, 5's recharge much faster from my point of view and I'm good at knife throwing so I'd rather have the + knife perk.
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    During a Jason kill...
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    I recommend that you next time better start with the „Ghostbusters Perk“
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    I just love when people try to kill Jason w/out sucker punch and get upset he doesn’t always drop to his knees. Then try to say it’s a bug. It isn’t a bug it just means he wasn’t stunned by the hit
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    As the team packs up to head home for some holiday time with family and friends, we wanted to say Happy Horrordays to our extended family and friends everywhere. Have a happy and safe holiday. See you in 2020.
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    For a game that sold 2million copies in the first two months & people are still buying it two years later for it to be in the state it is in right now is embarrassing. The whole small team and Indy game excuses don't really apply when the game made AAA money from the start that should’ve been put back into the game & helped it to expand early on. This is probably mine & many people on here’s favourite game ever, unfortunately it’s also the most badly managed & supported game I’ve ever played. A few posts above this you have one of the devs/team posting “reliable workarounds” for problems. That just shows how bad a state this game is in right now.
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    😑 just buy it off eBay... You know you want to. Or put your energy into something actually worthwhile.
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    You can flip or destroy the car with a throwing knife 99.9% IF you know where to aim your knife,which I will not disclose where that is.I can do it against the bots.There is a guy on facebook who told everyone where to throw. There are consequences though as Jason where it will glitch players under the map or out of the map or on roof tops so it's not totally a bad thing.LOL
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