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    Dude... I'm a new player (only been playing since Black Friday) and I agree that Jason is too easy to kill. It only takes 2 people to coordinate somewhat properly and then Jason is nothing but a sitting duck. You basically want Jason wheelchair bound just because someone is wearing a sweater. That's absolutely ridiculous. Acquiring the sweater does NOT equal a dead Jason. You should have to work for it. It's Jason, dude. Have you never seen the movies???
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    Hiding in the water or morphing away when the sweater is being activated is more of a strategy thus denying the satisfaction of killing Jason and not necessarily cheating. Jason's objective is to kill the counselors and their goal is to escape him or survive all 20 minutes, whichever comes first. Killing Jason is an added bonus cause Tommy doesn't always get called. And even when Tommy gets called, there's a chance the sweater won't get stolen cause they aren't actively looking for the shack. Some players can turn into self-preservation Jasons and it's within the confines of the game. The counselors just don't get that extra XP. Tips like that happen in games all the time, and it's not modding anything cause it's within the game itself. Cheating would be Jason being completely immune to the sweater.
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    Jason players cheat and dont play the game properly. Jason players were not meant to hide from the sweater. Im all ready good at the game. you cant play the game the way its was functionally made to be played when jason players cheat and face solid objects away from the sweater or hide in the water. these are things that need fixed. Jason should not be able to avoid the seater unless he runs. Jason should not be able to morph away from the sweater this is a glitch that needs fixed. Jasons morph abilities should be removed once the mask comes off as it is unfair for Jason to morph away from the sweater stun. When Jasons mask is removed and a female player has the sweater Jasons ability to enter the lake water should be removed and Jason should not be able to enter the water and hide once the mask is removed and someone is wearing the sweater. If Jason kills the sweater girl and his mask is off then he can regain the ability to enter the lake water. If someone starts the Boat then Jason can enter the lake water at anytime.
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    He doesn't need to bothered, ands it's pretty stupid for you to even suggest that. Be patient with the kill and don't spam the sweater and you can't control what the player as Jason wants to do. That should never be changed. On top of that you want him to not have his abilities once his mask comes off? Lmao. Did you just get the game? Lol. Mask can come off within a minute of the game. As far as I'm Concerned, Jason isn't op at all against 7 competent counselors. You need to get good and realize Matt's probably not even going to reply to you. There's a lot more other priorities than cater to players like yourself who come here and complain because the games too hard for you. Instead of adapting, people just complain. This is the perfect example of why we got the rage update to begin with 😂
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    There is a new Disturbing Trend where People playing Jason turn and face solid objects when mask is off and confronted with the sweater. We have got to ask the Developers to fix this Jason cheat. If Jason is turned around facing a cabin or any solid object when The Sweater is used it should Automatically turn Jason around and stop the player that is playing Jason from resisting. Its Hard enough to get the kill lined up with Tommy,The Sweater and getting the mask off. If your not Angled right directly in front of Jason when the sweater is used or Tommy is not angled right during the hit in the head that brings Jason to his knees the kill set up will fail. The Game developers Black Tower need to make it easier to kill Jason without having to be angled correctly for the Jason hit in the head after the sweater is used. The Game Developers need to make Jason automatically turn and face the Sweater Girl when the Sweater is used. The Game is too much in Jasons Favor. We Need to add more ways to Kill Jason if the Lawsuit gets settled. Counselors are at a Huge Disadvantage here. Once Jasons Mask is off he should not be able to enter or go into the water lake unless the Boat is being started or operated when his mask is off. Jason players should have no place to hide and should have to face the music when confronted with The Sweater girl and Tommy when Jasons mask is off. Just as there is No place to hide for counselors when Jason is in Rage Mode. When Jasons Mask is removed his teleporting abilities should be removed. People who quit a game when playing Jason should be banned from being able to find a game or enter a lobby online for 2 weeks.
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    I've ran into two Jasons this week who were cheating via some type of speed hack/exploit on PS4. Both were able to slash through doors in less than two seconds at times and could shift seemingly without cooldown* (see edit below), and were shifting faster than I've ever seen. You could literally see Jason moving as he shifted, like a laser beam. Anyone else seen this? I didn't think this kind of thing was possible on consoles, but it's happened twice this week. I have video proof of one of them that I've considered emailing to the Jason Kills Bugs blackhole, but wanted to get some actual feedback so I figured I'd post about it since I haven't seen talk of it. EDIT: Now that I've gotten to review the video, I'm not detecting a no-cooldown situation. But, everything else applies. EDIT Part II: adding video (being a dick to Jason because I thought he was cheating);
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    Ginny planted the machete in Jason's shoulder while he still had the mask on. Chris planted the axe in Jason's mask. Roy technically died with his mask on. They show it falling off as he falls to his death but nobody demasked him. Tommy kills J6 with his mask on. J9 gets pulled to hell by demons with his mask on. JX dies with his mask on twice. fvJ dies with his mask on. At this point the only thing I can say is play better. And sometimes that won't be enough. But you can still die and be a badass Jason, as long as you put up an epic fight. If you hide in the water, you're a bitch. Plain and simple. If you're playing your best match ever, but you still die in the end and you went down swinging, you're a beast. Tell them GGs and be happy in the knowledge that they won't be so lucky next time. If you get killed more often than not, practice until you get better. Learn some new techniques and strategies. Get better. And at the end of the day remember this: It's just a game
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    I've heard people claim he's not the best (which is false), but I haven't heard anyone claim he's "junk" before now. Savini is objectively the best. Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.
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    I did. I got him a bit frustrated and he started making some mistakes like not breaking windows, etc. Then, I finally got him to my favorite cabin with the two interior door ways where there are beds all around. I was able to break line of sight and loop around that area as he was looking for me. I steal a lot of time with Jasons in that cabin, as they walk outside to check sense and see that I'm still there, then get convinced I'm hiding under a bed and start stabbing them all. That strategy has saved my neck more times than I can count.
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    I don't bother picking up firecrackers anymore. They eat items early in the game and are useless once Jason gets rage. I don't pick up flare guns anymore either so I don't get interaction locked after using it, and again it's useless later in the gun.
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    I didnt notice it personally. But last night someone tossed firecrackers and two went off (not sure how many they tossed).
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    Answered the whole post! nice one Dragon!
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    You think he wrote any complaints to LJN when the NES game came out? Jason can move fast in water. Counselors should move faster in water than Jason can. Jason take 7 ticks off life bar with one swing, when counselor only takes 1 tick with strongest weapon. It is shame that Jason wear purple clothes to convince counselors he is homosexual so they won't attack him. Counselors only get 1 one life but Jason gets 3 three life. UNFAIR!!!!!!
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    You really want to drive the dwindling player base away by making it easier to kill Jason?LOL If they do make it easier than it already is, I'll stop playing.
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    His posts on every topic are all over the place. He comes out and basically tells people to git gud as Jason when they say Jason is too easy to be killed but then admits to never playing as Jason in multiplayer. He full out knows people will come out and attack most of his posts because of his weird and often conflicting stances on topics, he gets a rise out of people, he probably sits and laughs. He is, by the very definition, a troll.
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    @Strigoi is Definitely entitled to his opinions....we all are and yes they will differ..... He chose to create this topic and knows other members will also post their opinions about it as well.......He doesn’t need to be harassed about his opinions... ( I will also say these posts by far are not the harshest things posted about a topic or comment.) I legitimately don’t think he is a troll.....but I do feel from a lot of his former posts he most certainly is playing a completely different game then all of us.
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    While i don't agree with him at all , give the guy a break . We all have our views on the game some positive some negative , 0 reason to beat the guy up over his opinion on a video game .
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    At this point I think he's just trolling us because there's no way anyone could spew such complete and utter bullshit and be serious.
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    This comment right here should win the funniest post of the year award, if there were such an award. All you have done since joining the forums is complain about how OP Jason is and they need to make it easier to kill him and give all advantages to the counselors. The Jason kill is the easiest form of victory for the counselors at this point in the game. All you need is two people, one competent enough to grab the sweater, and the other competent enough to hit Jason and then press the kill prompt button.
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    This could be said for both sides of play.....but I would caution you to use “Some Jason” players instead of insinuating the entire playerbase are cheaters. You can’t dictate how another player wants to play the game if this is a strategy that works it will be used. Debatable.....you said in the past you never played as Jason Online only against off line bots.....sooooooo🤦‍♂️ Entitlement much.... you are getting upset about a win condition that shouldn’t be a guaranteed situation in any match. Now This is ridiculous...... you would prefer the Iconic slasher to run away from a teenager in his mother’s sweater........lol... Jason should never run away the fact that the developers didn’t give Jason more tools to deal with the sweater is a shame and embarrassment. it is a game play mechanic not a glitch....and one of the best ones to avoid the sweater..... Now you see me now you don’t....situation.....happens in movies all the time. terrible idea. Nah.
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    Remember It is the counselor players job to survive Jason......it should never be expected or guaranteed.....neither should the Jason kill. Not to mention the killing of Jason is the best win condition of the game for counselors it has issues on both sides as far as I am concerned, but taking Jason abilities away will not appeal to the player base... Until the kill is fixed on Jason’s side like giving Jason more mask Hp or invincibly frames during long animations and Stuns nothing should be changed with it....... it’s already been made easier to kill him with the rage update....... It is the Jason players job to kill counselors and to avoid the kill......Same with counselors this is not a guaranteed. Once Jason’s mask has been removed Jason players feel very limited with what they can do to avoid the kill......(stalk shift grab, knife sniping, and morph avoiding players....( my preferred methods.) Finally there is using the environment.......hiding in water and using objects/walls to block the kill from being done these are all legitimate ways to avoid the kill as none as far as I am concerned stop the match or counselor players from escaping or surviving the night....... Unlike the roof glitch that players used to to avoid being killed by Jason......his one and only goal is to kill counselors. The roof glitch if you didn’t know how to get on it actually stopped the Game With out players to kill Jason just roams around the map till the clock runs out ......while the object /wall exploit doesn’t stop counselors from escaping or surviving. Do I agree with using exploits or glitches? No.....Using glitches on both sides sucks.....but so does some of the mechanics in the game that work the way the developers intended..... From what Matt has told us the game is in its end stage of development and will only be focused on priority bug fixes....so all of this is moot. I wouldn’t expect any gameplay mechanic changes to be adjusted as this would definitely come with more bugs that would need to be patched out which is something The team no longer wants to deal with.
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    counselor main detected.
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    Well Counselors used to be able to hide in certain spots or take advantage of glitches but glitches are not part of the game no matter how many strange theories or arguing points you make that glitches are part of the game. Some people want to hunt and Kill Jason because its fun. There is glitches that need reworked to stop Jason players from having an unfair advantage over counselors. Avoiding the Sweater kill by Facing away from the sweater girl and turning towards cabins and other solid objects or Jasons hiding in the water are unfair advantage glitches that need to be fixed. Why does it seem that people only think that glitches are unfair when it gives counselors an advantage. But when there is unfair hiding spots or advantages for Jason people tend to rationalize that as ok.
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    I can't tell how many people message me calling me a hacker when I'm doing the same thing. Haha. It's not a hack people. Those are simple techniques anyone can learn, you just ran into a Jason out of your league.
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    As the team packs up to head home for some holiday time with family and friends, we wanted to say Happy Horrordays to our extended family and friends everywhere. Have a happy and safe holiday. See you in 2020.
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    I said content based on the way the kill is now. It's way too easy and happens far too often. I'd rather there not be a kill option than how it currently exists. That being said, if they made the kill actually difficult and felt like you had to work for it, I'd be all for the kill remaining in game. Killing Jason should be the most difficult thing for the counselors to do in the game not the easiest.
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    🤔 If I remember correctly: Ginny kicked the car door into him, broke his nuts with her knee, slashed his arm with a chainsaw, broke a chair over his back, mind fucked him with moms sweater, and planted a machete about eight inches deep in his shoulder. Chris stabbed him in the leg with a knife, hit him over the head with a log, dropped herself on him in the barn, hung him, then planted the axe in his head. Trish beat the shit out of him with a claw hammer breaking his mask, then planted the claw side in his shoulder. Then she smashed a tv over his head, split his hand with a machete, and knocked the broken mask off his face with the machete, setting him up for the kill. I think they all put up a pretty good fight.
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    Layers of Fear 2 and Friday the 13th are two drastically different games. Saying your F13 buddies didn't like it is not an insult. Not every game is for everyone. "Stop milking Friday the 13th..." *Supporting. We're still supporting F13. I think the bulk of our player base would not want us to stop supporting the title, headaches as of late or not. Switch is not the same as a high end PC. You're right. That's the idea. The rest of this post is just aggravation and baseless accusations on topics I've already talked about way more than I should have to. Roadmaps and content plans were interrupted, we didn't just say screw it, we're not doing that. I don't know how else to illustrate that. There is a LEGAL reason for the things that have happened. Now, I'm a Community Developer, and by the tone and content of your comment it doesn't sound like you have any interest in being a part of this community. So if this is all you have to contribute here, by all means, save yourself the headache. We have an active community still here that I need to work with. This comment is just a waste of your time and mine.
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