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    I was a backer and have played this game almost everyday since day 1, I’ve been at level 150 a week after gun pushed the level to 150, I’ve finished all the trophies etc... a while ago, when I get in a lobby with Jason hunters , I’ll go along with it once or twice, if they keep on doing it I instantly turn into a Jason Hunter killer, I’ll get into a car and run them all over. ‘There is nothing more fun than running over sweater girl(which is a Vanessa with medic 98% 0f the time) the then backing over Tommy right when they are going for the kill. I am part of a 3 man group that hunts Jason hunters , and any Jason hunter who takes offense to this are hypocrites.
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    Yet another excuse to make a balance changes list for the developers to hopefully view and have a least some considerations from. Jason: -Increase Mask HP by 30-50% -If Tommy is call, ether add a additional dead counselor (3 dead) or delay his arrival to 8-10 mins, or do both. (Meant to decrease strategies of Manipulating Tommy Spawning. Tommy does not need to be in the game before Jason even gets shift ) -Decrease the damage amount done by shotgun by half (Shotty is already a great stun weapon when used at the right time. It's pretty much a free stun. With that said, it does not need to do the 20% damage to Jason's mask as it does right now.) -Remove all damage boxes from Jason while holding counselor(mainly the address the issues when pulling counselors out of cars, too easy for someone with Machete to land a free Heavy hit. From a game play standpoint, Jason shouldn't be punished for from any long animation lock) -Add 2 additional Throw Knives at start to all Jasons (Increase Jason's immediate threat before he gets shift) - Change the Medic perk to ether only applied the first spray obtained or (if thats too hard to re-code) just change it to a 90-100% heal ( I currently do not run any medic builds, I can safely say I don't need it, which is the point I'm making here. Too easy to over utilize and it's balance problem is only compounded with every skilled counselor who has it. Even with the Max heal option, it's still useful to tank double traps w/ ThickedSkin equiped) Counselors: -increase the minimum counselor speed by 5-10% and scale from there. (I really don't think Vanessa is too much of a problem w/ her speed, so helping the slower counselor a little won't impact the game too much, while not given Vanessa anything more, and incentivizing other counselors.) -Grant Stun from melee attacks post-rage only while Jason is holding a counselor. (A counter-balance for granting Jason damage immunity, giving the counselor time as well if the stun happen in moments such as an car escape during post rage.) -Perhaps adjust the stealth values pertaining to how Jason sees sound pings. (Stealth isn't the strongest of stats, and adjusting it to give the higher stealth counselors more movement options without producing pings from Jason's position wouldn't be game shattering, but it does give them something to utilize. May give Part 7 some more value (+sense) if he can see more (or all pings), and Vanessa should always give pings regardless of her distance to Jason.) ------ added on Dec 10 ----------- - Prevent Jason's mask removal until post rage (Should be easy to code in, for example, prevent Jason's HP from falling below a value, lets just say 10hp) -Heal Jason some HP after post rage (Give Jason more fight, mainly to block more machete swings or gun shot damage) -Reduce rage gained from hits (Innate rage from time remains the same, but from successful hit or stuns will both delay when Jason become vulnerable to being killed while also giving counselors more opportunities to fight for objectives before Jason becomes unstunnable) My suggestions were made in mind of addressing the current balance issues, how easy it's to kill Jason. Just getting the set-up (mask off, Tommy in game, Sweater is stolen) is too gameplay shattering that Jason's only safe option is to throw knives (A finite resource in a sea of Medic + ThickedSkin counselors). Even if Jason killing isn't the priority of the team, just getting the set-up ensures that objectives can no longer defended. Because the game isn't going to get any real mechanics change or overhaul, we cannot expect how the kill set-up will change functionally. I plead instead to make Jason more capable of preventing the set-up, which I hope some of my suggestions can help address, while also given back a little more to counselors to help them escape as a trade off. I encourage anyone to contribute, however keep in mind this game's stage in development (virtually none :P) so try to keep suggestion grounded to simple changes (such as in-game stat values) that can make meaningful impact.
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    Sounds like Somebody needs a life and a job, this is a novelty game, people who think it’s competitive crack me up
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    This is exactly what I think about it..^. It sucks the fun out of the game. People who only focus on killing Jason play the game for different reasons than players like me who play for the reasons you just posted.
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    Its not a competitive game, no matter how much you think it is, it simply isn't. Its not designed like that. And for me, being an asshole to try hard Jason killer is sort of a pleasure. Not giving them what they think they deserve, isn't gonna break my bank. Like I said a many times. I just don't hide. I like to stay close enough to them to give them hope. Like dangling a Big Mac over Rosie O Donnels face and moving it everytime she tries to go for a chomp.
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    Also depends on the Jason. I cant remember the last time I allowed the cops to be called. If they do get lucky enough, there isn't many of them left and 3:40 mins is usually enough time for me to take out the stragglers depending on the lobby skill. My problem with going for the kill is it takes the fear/being hunted element out of the game which is to me what makes the game fun. Jason's only defense is to go into defense mode and either hide, or try knifing from a distance. Trapping the shack is pointless. Im guessing you are highly skilled an know to go after the sweater only after armed with knife/sprays and a shotgun and have tommy with you. That means two shotgun blasts a heavy ax hit and game over. Not fun. People using their jason kill count as a show of great game play just isn't impressive to me. Surviving the night against a highly skilled Jason is what really shows how skilled you can be in this game(assuming there was no other escape method), but most people in the lobby will just be waiting to yell at you for wasting time after so its a catch 22 i suppose.. lol
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    Jason kill is the easiest escape in this game. That's like the anti competitive.
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    But it IS fun. So is running the clock out. Escape...not so much. I was over that a long time ago. On another level for sure 😏 That you are 😉 It is for me
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    There are very few things in this game more humiliating than getting killed by a Bunny Girl. Whether she dies and comes back as Tommy or she steals the sweater and teams up with him, it's a special kind of embarrassment, especially if Jason is doing a lot of shit-talking beforehand.
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    Jason helpers, troll and cheaters are in the category of toxic there is a difference, my group looks for Jason hunters , if they are not in a lobby, we just play the game by the book.
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    A kid got on top of the 2 boats stacked beside the boat house on Crystal Lake similar deal with the tractor but I tried grabbing thinking it wouldn't work but it did and did they start crying about it.LOL. I had plenty of knives so I was going to get them anyway. But as mentioned as long as Jason has the ability to kill someone in that spot it's probably fair game.Just like you could kill someone on the old Jarvis porch glitch if you knew the trick to it along with a few throwing knives. It should be fixed though regardless.
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    Saw this happening a few times: especially Tiffanys dancing on the tractor, but in my matches the Jasons weren‘t able to slash or grab them. Not sure if it was poor acting of the Jason (he didn’t had any knives and didn’t think about refilling them), but as Tiffany was the last person dancing, I got tired of watching the 9 min to go and quitted.
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    id say if ya can kill em in that spot, then its no big deal. sure, other players might not figure out you can slash em in that spot but oh well. you can use combat slashing in many hard to reach areas, over a couch, thru a door/window, from the knee high water on to the dock, ect.. if somebody doesnt play around with the controlls then thats on them. no need to report if ya ask me, which in a way, you did! 😁😐 i bet you get up there by walking up something, i doubt its a glitch explot. i could be wrong tho, as i havent seen this yet... but im sure i will...sooon....
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    So now we have Jason, Jason helpers, counselors, trolls, cheaters, Jason hunters, and Jason hunter hunters.
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    A system could have been implemented in the beginning. It's too late to worry about it now. I agree. If we reported every low level Savini, there would be more false reports than real ones.
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    Sounds like this Christmas a massive round of drinks is in order to appease the player base. My treat. 😎 This would have been an intriguing idea. This wouldn't surprise me, as they are a small company. They likely have other projects they are working on as well. The way certain kill squads are, you could double the potency of Jason's powers, and he still would be at a disadvantage.
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    What I wish for. - Fixed map rotation in lobby...so tired of Pack Small spam...so tired..and with so many rage quits on that map, I feel like its time. - Fixed random character issue...given the 'long in the tooth' comment meant to excuse them from further fixing the game down the line. I feel like this is never going to get fixed, so I guess its random counselor from now until servers shut down for good. At least that way I have control over the selection by selecting 'random'. - Even though I absolutely despise the small maps and what they've done to the game. I actually wouldn't mind them reusing existing assets and crapping out small versions of Pinehurst/Jarvis, provided they keep the permanent boat spawn. Its still really a win for Jason because its ignored because people can't fight back in the water. Just make the car a permanent 4 seater on the small versions to compensate. We aren't getting Grendel ever, so why not create 'new' maps with old assets. They don't make money from them. - I'd agree with the changes listed in the original post, so I won't bother rehashing them or any other pipe dream balance changes. - The context kills fixed 100 percent - 50/75 percent chance of rolling legendary perks. I have a million CP and a million reasons not to waste time rolling anymore What I expect. - More bugs - Double XP - Some sort of fart bug with context kills despite them taking six months or more to fix one single issue. More evidence that literally one coder from Black Tower studios is probably being payed to look at it.
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    Honestly I'd be ok with the only changes being increasing Jason's HP by 50% and giving us back our beloved meat shield. Let them do damage from grab saves. If they can get past their team mate, that is...
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    Think you missed the boat, people have been buying Savini off ebay for a few years no one cares that much anymore so reporting them just because you are bitter is kinda lame now 😂
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