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    $50 says we see videos of the Predator getting tea-bagged on launch day.
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    Hopefully if Lebron gets the franchise he'd simply be the producer and let the franchise re-flower and not impose certain changes like race-swapping Jason.
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    No, no, and no. Out of those three, Blumhouse would be the better choice but I still don't trust them based on their majority of movies being very so-so or bad (especially the ones made for Hulu). Given, Halloween was great, but that was because you had writers with a good idea that LOVED the original(s) but wanted to right the ship that became erratic over the course of the mid 80's-2000's with their idea. So: 1. Blumhouse- Better choice, but not so great track record. 2. Lebron - Absolutely not, no matter how interested he would be, especially in the way you suggested. We don't need MORE gender/race swapping going on. Enough of that going on everywhere as is (this PC/pandering agenda is really out of hand ). 3. Rob Zombie - He would be better off making an original idea than taking another established franchise and making "his version". Disliked nearly everything he did with Halloween (although the mask wasn't too shabby VS everything after the original Halloween II), and don't get me started on HIS H2. DEAR GOD what a bad film! I personally don't have any candidates to offer up because I don't trust anyone to do justice to the franchise as a whole anymore.
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    Seriously I see it happen several times a day, especially in lobbies full of rank 150's. Jason feels weak in the game against an organized group of pro players. Super stamina Vanessa will grab the sweater. Someone will willingly die or suicide to come back as Tommy. Then you have your Adams, Bugzys etc demasking him easily with machetes and baseball bats. Probably all running the slugger perk. I don't know which scenario is worse. Seeing Jason go down so easily, or seeing him stay away and hide from the group chasing him to kill him after they've unmasked him. The antithesis of Jason from the movies.
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    Hello! I'm MichaelCrawford. Downloaded the game as a suggestion from a friend of my girlfriend since I play a ton of Dead by Daylight. Since I got the game, I'm having fun as much as I can as counselors online and using Offline Mode to work on my Jason strategies. I'm kind of a laid back kind of player who, as counselors, will help as much as I can or sacrifice myself if that means another counselor can get away. I do the same in DbD. As an online Jason, I will openly admit, I am terrible at the moment. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to kill all 7 counselors (no one called for Tommy to make it 8) in a match, but my average is 2-3. I'm trying not to let the trolls ruin my fun in playing this. But that's a little bit about me as far as this good game goes. Any questions you have, I don't mind answering them.
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    Jordan Peele said he won't have white people as his leading roles. Imagine if it was a white director that said he won't have black people as leading roles in his film. People would chew him up alive and his career would be over.
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    I guarantee you that he isn't doing anything with the Friday the 13th name as long as the lawsuit is ongoing. And I'll even add that depending on who wins the lawsuit, he may not be doing anything at all. Don't get me wrong I like 6, and I grew up on Kane Hodder as Jason, but they really should have stopped at part 4. I get that 80s kids want to see Jason make a comeback. But honestly I don't think anyone today will pull it off.
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    Off roading is a big solution. It’s helped me MANY times since you’re being unpredictable, plus it’s harder for Jason to shift through things like trees, fences, etc. since he can get stuck on a lot of that stuff. As mentioned above, as you continue to play for a while, soon enough you’ll learn all the backroads, shortcuts, maps, etc. and it’ll be easier to navigate and try to throw Jason off. It took me a while but now I know the maps really well so that really helps a lot. Keep a heads up when you go against Jason’s with fast shift (parts 3, 5, 7, 8, and especially part 6, 9 and Savini) since they can more easily stop the car. With slow shift Jason’s like part 2 and 4 its much harder for them to catch the car once started, so you should be able to make it out with a little reversing and juking. Another key factor is if and when he does manage stop the car, unless you have a pocket knife and you think you’ll have time to immediately get back inside and start it up, don’t try to start the car again. If you immediately exit the car most Jason’s will miss a grab since as Jason you can’t grab a counselor immediately as they’re exiting the car. Hence why when I’m Jason I wait a second for that door to close then I grab them. Another thing that helps is the brake. I didnt realize there was a brake/didn’t know the control for it until just a few months ago. I had always used the reverse button to stop the car, which in the end sometimes screwed me over since I wouldn’t be able to stop the car in time before Jason stopped it (either from going around back or shifting in front). On Xbox it’s the X button (I’m not sure about PS4 but you can easily find out by taking a look at the control mappings in the menu of the game) and it really helps when having to stop quickly. Overall I think off roading and taking back roads are two very reliable ways to drive because sometimes if you’re speeding down a camp road, you’ll have no idea Jason is about to stop the car because he’ll morph some ways in front, use stalk then shift toward the car and bam, it’s like what just happened. Off roading makes it harder for Jason to do this as I mentioned before. Good luck! Driving takes sometime to master, it definitely feels hard to control at first (at least on console, not sure if it’s harder or easier on PC). I’d also like to add - when you’re Jason you mentioned it’s hard for you to stop the car, what I do and I recommend you should do too is try to trap the car (battery and gas) so counselors can’t even get it started to begin with. In the case they do get it started (it happens) morph a long ways in front of them (say they’re coming up the path leading to the main road, morph all the way up that path), put on stalk followed by sense, then shift toward the car. Shift into the car, it’ll immediately stop it. They won’t ever see it coming. In the case you get a good driver who’s perfect at off roading and all those jukes, if they get away so be it. It happens. Sometimes I can’t catch good drivers. But the more you play the more you’ll get better at these things. Stopping cars can be frustrating and so can driving them safely out of the camp. Make sure you make the four seater a priority so the counselors don’t get it started, if they get the 2 seater the worst that can happen is two get away. Another thing is if you absolutely cant stop a car, there’s this glitch you can do with a throwing knife, throw it directly above the driver’s head at a car that’s been started up. A lot of the time the car will go flying somewhere crazy and they won’t be able to use the car anymore. Sometimes the counselors also get glitched outside the map. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though since technically it’s quite annoying (though very funny, once I got a counselor stuck up in a tree with the whole car and another time the car was stuck underneath a house) and it’s better to stop the car in a fair way. But sometimes it’s fun to fool around. Anyway, good luck!
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    Almost agree with you 100%. But I would say it would have been the perfect series if they would have made parts 1-4, scrap part 5 and make 6 the finally.
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    Seconded, a million times. I have no interest in seeing "Jerome Vorhees", the poor black kid who drowned because white kids were too busy partying or whatever, and now he's back to exact his revenge. LeBron would probably hire Jordan Peele to direct and this fun franchise would immediately turn into social propaganda films, but hey, it'd be the one time a Friday the 13th movie would get nominated for an Oscar, so there's that I guess.
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    That's the first thing I do when joining a lobby (mute everyone). Even when playing with friends, they know to PM me if they've got something to tell me because if they try saying it over the air, I'll never hear it. As far as taunting, I never tea-bag or dance on anyone, ever... the only possible exception being a Jason who is clearly teaming with a counselor. If Jason rage-quits, he might get a PM about it if he quits mid-death, but that's about it. When playing as Jason, however, I'm more likely to be an asshole taunt-wise. If you tea-bag or dance on me (which most people here know is a major pet-peeve of mine), all you've accomplished is guaranteeing I will do everyone possible to kill you (and once I do, you're getting a nasty PM about it). Likewise, if you see me breaking down a door or Stalk-hiding by a window/door, and you get killed because you thought it'd be a good idea to try and sneak attack me from behind only to get grabbed at the last second, you also will probably get a nasty PM telling you what an idiot you are. Like this guy:
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    I have been playing this game since launch was a backer so I will give my 2 cents, yes it’s very easy to kill Jason , it is one of the easiest things to do in this game. What people have to now understand is that this game is no longer about trying to survive as a counselor this is not challenging at all anymore, I look at it as a challenge to kill everyone while not being killed as Jason, that is what this game is now and it’s not going to change. People can adapt to it and have fun with as I learned to do, or be pissed off(like I used to be) it is what it is.
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    Thanks for the confirmation. I know a great many of the players will be relieved to hear that bans are still a thing.
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    Welcome to camp. Stick around you’ll learn lots about how to be a good Jason.
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    Taunting, dancing and insults are just baiting methods. I tend to block it all out. Like a brick wall. I say nothing back, I just don't care. The sweater is the only thing they have. Without out it, they would all scatter and run like rabbits, or get their heads hacked off.
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    I was killed the other day by an obvious 'kill squad'. I'll just need to get better at playing Jason and first recognize that this is their plan and then try to avoid the sweater. I don't MIND groups trying to do this, what makes it bad - for me at least - id the toxic taunting and chatter as they do it. The derogatory terms and personal taunts are making me think about just muting EVERYONE in the lobby to start. Some nasty-ass players who would cry if they fail and yet can drop some plain old mean taunts when they kill. Practice, practice, practice for me!
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    If I recall correctly, he was somewhere between 60 and 70. To paraphrase Something Cool from the other thread, this Jason's biggest mistakes were attempting to grab instead of using TK's and slashing, and a complete lack of blocking even though it was stupidly obvious I was after his mask (he also didn't trap his shack and more-or-less pulled a 'deer in the headlights' when we approached with the sweater). After killing literally dozens of Jason's with this same small group of friends, let me tell you the three biggest things that make getting the kill ridiculously easy for us: 1) Lack of shack defense. No trap in the doorway to deter or slow down sweater-girl, and no response when Pamela alerts Jason we've come for the sweater. I've been spectating Jason (or more accurately, whoever Jason is after) when the shack gets invaded and more than a couple of times have seen Jason continue playing Ring Around The Motherfucking Rosie or some other unimportant activity instead of dropping what he's doing and going to defend the sweater (or, at the very least, make an attempt to intercept SG before she gets away). 2) Lack of awareness. No effort made to see if that doorway you're about to barge through is trapped or not (or sometimes stepping in traps that are very obviously placed), not bothering to take a peek behind yourself if breaking down doors the 'old-fashioned' way, taking so long to aim a TK that someone has time to run up and nail you while you're doing it, walking into ambush after ambush after ambush because you're so caught up in catching that one specific counselor you don't notice the one hiding by the door with an axe, leaving generators undamaged. 3) Lack of combat tactics. Non-stop grabbing even when surrounded by counselors with machetes and axes, lack of/absence of blocking (tanking damage instead of minimizing it), lack of/absence of throwing knife and combat stance usage, repeatedly grabbing "bait" counselors, killing "kamikaze" counselors who are clearly trying to die and come back as Tommy, and neglects using Stalk. TL;DR: The easiest Jason to kill doesn't trap his shack or respond to Pamelas alert, doesn't try cutting the power, can be easily baited into grabbing someone (so somebody else can get a free shot, or so the grabbed counselor can die and come back as Tommy), never tries to block and instead just Hulks his way through attacks. The hardest Jason to kill traps his shack and will be right on your ass almost immediately after getting the alert (provided Morph is ready), won't grab you PERIOD if another counselor is anywhere close to you, will approach counselors (especially if high-strength or armed with machetes/axes) cautiously, heavily uses block when confronting players, doesn't fall for "grab me" tactics, and starts cutting power early in the round.
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    It was bound to happen sooner or later.
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    If it ever pans out, let us know.
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    I'm really getting sick of people complaining about slashing. As I've said before: If you aren't slashing to win, you aren't trying to win. Jason's job is to kill the counselors, not play by some sort of mythical code of honor. Play to win the game. End of discussion.
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    You can disagree all you want.. Im just telling you how it is. Besides, a good Jason will put on a show and still kill everyone with as many different kills they can. They don't need to slash everyone because they know its lame as fuck. Real slasher movie fans will understand what im saying. I mean.. I could slash all the time too. I just don't. I only slash when i have too.
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    Slashing is a cheap kill.. And i mean cheap as in its unsatisfying dying to slashes..and its unsatisfying as Jason to slash people to death too. I mean.. From a tactical stand point it makes sense to slash when you need to slow down a counselor in order to catch them.. Or you're out numbered so you just slash away. Or you're low on time and you know the counselor has a pocket knife. But if all Jason does is slash constantly for kills, its boring and annoying. Same goes for Jasons that only does head punch kills. When Jason got nerfed and counselors had 7 pocket knives i can easily understand all the slashing. But now, if all a player does is slash. That is a total lack of showmanship on the killers part.
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    They hate slashers because they have much less chance to get away. Either they have a pocket knife or they want a sliver of a chance to break out of a grab or have a friend rescue them. F*ck 'em. Keep slashing.
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    Jason alone is too powerful and absorbing advantage of campers to do what you suggest.
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