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    I got you guys! That's understandable and for me I love slashers or horror in general. Likely a boat haha.
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    Locking this thread because there's literally a 50+ page thread about SJ posted by Gun. He won't be going on sale as they've stated many times before.
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    We did get a cool Paranoia teaser amd trailer though
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    Hmm. Unfortunately, I'm finding your logic hard to argue with.
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    People are still hoping for this? It's about to be 2020. And I was very hopeful for a very long time. It would take a miracle. If it happens, it miraculously happens.
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    A great many people have brought this up, myself included. It would go a long way toward keeping the game somewhat interesting.
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    Be careful a post like this(truthful, constructive criticism) could be considered toxic or trolling in here
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    100% agree with all of this.
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    Can you blame most of the backers for exiting stage left though? Between the misfires, being banned for voicing criticism, the controversies, etc. This narrative that Wes and the team hung onto back then about this game being the 'little engine that could' and how they 'never anticipated the success' the game ended up having financially feels like some of the biggest lies in gaming history. They saw the preorders, the backer numbers, the launch sales, hell the hype itself, etc. Its all lies to cover up for the failures along the way. Friday the 13th hadn't had a proper game since the NES game and even that was mostly criticized and only really had a cult following over the years. Turns out that's probably the fate of this game after all the misfires and death roughly a year into launch too. This game was supposed to surpass that game beyond simply being a cult following. Point being. You could've slapped these names on this game instead and it still would've sold like hotcakes...you keep the generic counselors in place with slight changes like calling them babysitters or whatever, add in the likes of Jamie Lloyd, Laurie Strode, Dr. Loomis from Halloween or Nancy, Kristen, Alice, Kincaid from Nightmare, etc and it would've sold. Texas Chainsaw would've been harder, but still. - Nightmare on Elmstreet: The Game - Halloween: The Game - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game The game would've sold regardless of what major 80s horror IP you put behind it. And what did we get? - 2 new maps - 2 new Jasons - 4 new counselors - 3 troll maps (Small) instead of Grendel/NY/Any other entry - Zero new game modes -- Zero effort to change the meta of the game beyond small tweaks that amounted to very little. Most of the people who were around in 2017 believe every attempt to patch the game made it less and less playable minus a couple decent ones. It didn't seem like player retention was a priority. Don't confuse criticism with toxicity. The criticisms of the game are more than just a few angry gamers being 'toxic'. Many just stopped caring and moved on, which is worse.
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    Really guys?? I've seen basically all of them lol. No problem! I got other posts to give as well!
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    I've noticed this too when it comes to Chad 😂 Might just be a programming glitch or something. Some counselors are different in their reactions - for example, I notice Victoria never reacts to the lights being cut out...guess they never recorded the dialogue for that? Either way, Chad is always entertaining with his reactions 😆
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    I am waiting for a good update patch....be it 20 Gb worth of fixes....
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    Bethesda Devs are worse.Try playing Fallout 76.If you think F13 has bugs that game has tons and now they want you to pay 100$ a year to play on exclusive servers.
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    I had one a couple of weeks ago when I started destroying power boxes, laying my traps and ignoring the counselors until I finished that task. It seemed at first things were going wrong because one of the cars was already fixed by the time I was done and both traps I set by the fuse box had been tripped. I destroyed the fuse box again but couldn't lay another trap. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by 2 Vanessas, a Bugsy, and an Adam with a Chad on the way. While duking it out with them mama calls saying someone was in the shack. I had to decide whether to go to the shack and let them call the cops or stay where I was and trade blows. I lost my mask (sack), the sweater was taken, and I couldn't check the lineup to see if Tommy was in. Every time I grabbed a counselor I left myself open for a bat to the head. I really didn't want to just start swinging wildly and then I hear the car start. I morphed to the car and stopped it, killed the AJ that was driving it, then I hear the cops were called. Lo and behold, who should I run into on the way back but Fox wearing the sweater. Caught her off guard while she was heading to join the fuse box squad. Killed her, breathed a quick sigh of relief, and morphed back to the gang, who apparently thought I gave up because I shifted right into their midst and killed a Vanessa before they could react. Taking a few more stun hits, I kept after them, caught Chad in a trap, killed him, morphed back to the car just as the other Vanessa tried to drive off. Caused her to drive off the road and get stuck. Just then Bugsy tries a hit from behind,he missed and I smacked his head into a fence post. Vanessa runs off but she hurts herself climbing through a broken window. Caught her while she was spraying herself and hung her on the wall. Morphed to Adam who was dancing on the road and thought he was clear. Took a PK but chased him down and can opened his head. Just then Rage kicks in. But no Tommy amd no survivors. Mommy was proud of me. Cheers and game on, my friends
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    Once the lawsuit is resolved, and the rights are sorted out, anything's possible. I'd like to believe that a new F13 game would come out eventually, even if it is years down the road. There are a lot of decent companies that could do a franchise like this justice if given the chance. Having Jason make cameo appearances in other games wouldn't be a bad thing either.
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    @OCT 31 1978, it's a shame they can't put aside their differences and come to an agreement and get the ball rolling on new merchandise / projects. @PackASnack_Lodge, I agree that people can only turn the other cheek so many times. I can understand why some people would be cautious about contributing or investing again.
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    @i-cold, to figure out how much money would be needed, you have to make a list of what's missing content wise from the game. You have maps for the remaining movies that haven't had a map yet (minus the movies for which the rights haven't been secured). That would be a map for Parts 6, 7, 8, 9 and maybe a custom map for Savini Jason. You have kill packs for each Jason that doesn't already have one. That would be a kill pack for Parts 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and Savini Jason. If you want anything else added in the way of new content, then the price tag is gonna keep going up. These things alone might not cost millions, but I'm sure it's still gonna be a decent amount. It's all hypothetical, given that the lawsuit hasn't fully resolved yet. @Youthanasia, it's been said by the developers many times that Savini Jason will not be made available ever again. While many people would be happy to donate to keep this game going with new content, the lawsuit prevents that.
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    We'll still get patches, though they seem to take longer than in the past. If they fix more things than they break, then perhaps it is worth the wait. Given the limits of the development team, we should be grateful to be getting anything at this point. They could just stop altogether if they wanted. It's to my understanding that environmental kills are a main focus at this point. I guess it's one thing at a time. If it all gets fixed someday, I don't care about the timetable. Someone may implement this idea in a game similar to this in the future.
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    We can't allow mods in a game with a licensed IP, unless it were through a map editor and handled LONG ago where every potential map asset were approved by partners prior. To develop that now, and not be able to charge a dime for it to recover development costs is foolish and unrealistic. We're working with a small dev team, with minimal incoming revenue stream to fund even what work we are doing already. To say we don't deserve paychecks because we're not doing enough is absurd. You do realize if we did what you are saying we couldn't be paid for it right? That sentence about items or in game features being "already commercially available by normal means" refers to nothing new being able to be sold. So what you're proposing, just for the sake of transparency and honesty is that we develop features and release them all for free on a 2 year old game at the risk of drawing heat from the partners who are arguing over the rights of the game currently? And do all of that with a team that is already working to untie some of the knots in the underlying code that they didn't originally write themselves. That's your take on a "Good Idea" for a game at this stage and a team of this size? That's a good business decision? Right. We have the Environmental Kills issue the team is working away at and we're investigating some other things may take some time, as the team is going to ONLY approach these items similarly to how we approached the roof fix after the bad patch. Which is to go through with a fine tooth comb and make sure the entire system is gone over before release to the public. As for the double event, it is really great that you may have reached 150 and got all the tapes already. But not everyone has. It's something fun we can do and we can be flexible with, so we thought it would make for a fun event. We recently launched on Switch, we have sales going on PS4 and PC, and we're free on Xbox. That's a lot of players who could use the 2XP and Tapes. Perk drop rates and such are something we're looking into, but it's a tricky thing. We don't have IllFonic on hand for that and we want to take time to be cautious and know what we can and cannot do, rather than introduce an issue. We'll have more info on where we are as we get closer to the new year.
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