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    I saw this posted on twitter and thought i would share it with everyone. Dude really did his homework. Lawsuit Roadmap
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    Funny username. I remember a guy I used to play the game with always, always called it that when the Packanack map was chosen.
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    It does prioritize death over escapes for Jarvis selection. The rest of your ideas I don't get. Apparently you're a counselor main and you think Jason is OP? Good luck getting them to buff counselors and nerf Jason. Honestly I don't think they have the manpower to make any changes at this point. I would expect a few more bug fixes, and that's about it. Unfortunately, "No new content" killed the game a long time ago.
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    The best tip one can give new counselors is to be open to advice from players who have played longer than the newcomer has. Another good tip is for players to not assume that every single person plays the same way they do. @HaHaTrumpWon, good suggestions on both sides of game play. @FridayThe31st, I've seen traps placed in some pretty strange places. That's why I look before I leap so to speak. As far as counselors not knowing what they are doing, they can learn, eventually. We were all new once.
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    Tell that to all the high-level Jason's getting killed in the first 5-6 minutes of the round.
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    Long story short, they're not changing the "rage buff". Troll Jason all you like til rage mode. After that, you might want to be somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I don't exactly approve of it. Wasn't necessarily a bad idea, just poor execution. About the only thing the "buff" is really good for, one way or another, is guaranteeing that 99% of the matches played won't last the full 20 minutes. Which translates to the people that die or escape don't have to sit and watch a couple of asshats chain stunning Jason for 20 minutes because they think it makes them good. If you can still run the clock out on a halfway decent Jason post "buff" then I'd say you might have some skill...
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    There are no noob counselor tips for facing veteran Jason's.
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