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    Days of the Dead Horror Con Updates! Me and Kane Hodder Me with other amazing fans! Me and @nc_jason_13 Me and Michael Protecting the Little Ones! Kane had praised me on my costume was the biggest highlight of the convention! And he remembered me from Mad Monster Party from February and it felt like another honor to meet him again!
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    I’ve seen more than a few people running way to fast, jumping from one spot to another(no lag, ping was in the 40’s across the board ) just has a chad run me around the whole map without running out of stamina, he would tuant me the jump to a different spot, I caught one of these bastard the other day with a shift grab, but it was luck. He didn’t even have to duck into houses I just couldn’t catch him.
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    @McDoodyPants, you might want to change your post a bit. They don't encourage naming and shaming here on the forum.
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    Got my moneys worth out of the game. New games are out and patches are taking too long for Friday The 13th. Bored playing ''lobby simulator'' going for the final achievement. The problem is how long it takes to be selected as Jason. It has an impact on every match that has 2 players quit at the start. Players quitting often as Jason in quickplay. Not setting their preference to counselor only. Not worth the time to quit over and over 10 to 20 matches to Get Jason 1 time. Then repeat that 10 times for 1% progress. 💩👎 No wonder Illfonic moved on to another project. Have fun living on a prayer that the lawsuit will end. Last Friday game we will ever see.
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    I think the people with Wallhacks gave one of the most important information bombs for all of Friday. Every objective part spawns close to the objective. Without learning that I would never be able to Repair that fast. I only could learn where parts did/didn't Spawn. People using modded controllers also discover the weirder desync glitches like teleporting after a swing. I think its really hard to tell whether something is a hack or a bug in this game. Even spectating players or rewatching matches I can't tell what is happening. But I usually report anything if I have footage of it.
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    One where the counselors aren't hunting Jason is a good start. LOL. These developers would be great to Make the maps/ambiance/Attention to Detail. But thats probably where I would leave it. Someone else needs to be involved in the gameplay for sure. To make it more like a TRUE F13 game. Where Jason isn't running from counselors. Where "kill squads" are not present. Where you can only escape by the skin of your teeth and Jason is next to IMPOSSIBLE to kill. Not where Hes getting killed daily/demasked daily
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