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    Combing the player base with crossplay will keep the game alive much longer
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    It's a perfect quick play simulation to be honest. Bunch of bots standing around the whole match while only one objective gets pushed while some asshat hides in a closet.
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    How cool would a matchup be if our boy Jason entered into Wrong Turn territory? Those mutant cannibals at first would think a single victim would be easy pickings, only for them to realize they've bitten off more than they can chew when they mess with the wrong guy? To have Jason take on a whole mutant clan and send them packing would be a movie worth watching
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    I want to prep these as more than a quick reply, so short answer, no. But longer answer: I still plan to discuss at least some of these on a bigger BEYOND stream. We'll head back into the studio instead of the desk setup and have some guests. But to do that, we need to be on the other side of Spooky Month. With everyone flyin' in a different direction through October, it's unlikely until a later date.
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    Haha that’s what I was about to write.
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    the sad truth NO it wont its not even a accurate game its just a mishmash of what the developers think jason is and stuff they made up lets hope ppl lose intrest in this an it gets put in the 1 bin at the dolar store an then later in the future a real game developer makes a good real accurate version of friday the 13th
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    He’s talking about the hit doing damage to Jason since non stun hits do more damage reason why I have my buffs to Jason listed above would be better than the rage buff. the rage buff was both a buff and nerf. It makes it extremely easy to de mask and kill Jason when he’s in rage. As the kill wasn’t already easy enough as is the devs make it easier.
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    I do the same. I never break generators, I just like the look of the camp with the lights on, I actually try to position myself/Jason to be on a good angle where a light is shining in a good angle. Kills in houses look terrible when there is no light.
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    Are you done yet? The Vanessa you're referring to IS a cheating cunt, but it's nothing that can't be dealt with. When she comes towards you and swings hit L1 to quicktoss a knife, then grab. If she's still laying you out block the hit in combat stance then press L3 (as if sprinting towards her) and then L2 to grab. Edit: The purpose of quick tossing a knife is to interrupt the counselors swing animation. If you TK a sliding counselor (that's what this cheap-ass pussy move is called by the way) it will more or less "freeze" (stop all movement) them and will give you a very brief window of opportunity to grab. This of course is dependent on whether or not the counselor is facing you as well as how close they are, but from my own personal experience, when they swing they are usually very close to you, but still just barely out of grab range. The interruption from the TK buys you about 1/2 a second, so make it count.
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    Must be out spending all that switch money
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    If you use this, you are the scum of the Earth, end of discussion.
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    One where the counselors aren't hunting Jason is a good start. LOL. These developers would be great to Make the maps/ambiance/Attention to Detail. But thats probably where I would leave it. Someone else needs to be involved in the gameplay for sure. To make it more like a TRUE F13 game. Where Jason isn't running from counselors. Where "kill squads" are not present. Where you can only escape by the skin of your teeth and Jason is next to IMPOSSIBLE to kill. Not where Hes getting killed daily/demasked daily
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    I don’t think it will be in this game, but hopefully in the future they could do a Monster Hunter style stun system where stun damage accumulated until a stun threshold is met. Say each weapon has stun damage and physical/normal damage. There are multiple stun thresholds for a number of stun points accumulated. Say first stun threshold is 100 stun damage accumulated, next threshold is 120, then 170, then 250, etc. the premise being each new stun threshold is a bit harder to reach than the last. A gun would do like 300 stun damage so if you used a gun on Jason early in the match then you’d effectively make it harder to stun him for the rest of the match because you’d jack him up several stun levels. Eventually stun gaps would be so many points apart that it wouldn’t be worth trying to combat Jason at that point unless you were a combat focused counselor or Tommy or in a group. Eventually the stun gap is so big you effectively make him instunnable unless you wail on him for several minutes.
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