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    It's sad people still dance and taunt at the exit rather than escaping. I had a match like that a couple days ago. There was one counselor left. It was a speedo Chad dancing and trying to bait me. I just turned Jason around and walked away. I guess Chad got a little annoyed that I wouldn't play his game. He came looking for me, and I caught him by surprise with Stalk. His pocketknife didn't work, and he died. The salt from that player was priceless.
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    I'm not surprised. Thanks for the heads up. I was waiting for the streams to be uploaded to Youtube, but it hasn't happened yet. It does make sense to look into the environmental kills. I do hope as you do that the cars get addressed eventually.
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    Matt has said they will do everything in their power to allow us access to all content of the game including playing as counselors. So that is extremely relieving information for us that were worried about only having off-line features when development ends.
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    No such thing as a Jason Main. Jason rage is here to stay. As it should be. Without it, Jason would get his ass whopped and dance on till the end of the game. Game is not supposed to be balanced for counselors to kick the shit out a Jason all match long. Jason is supposed to kill counselors while they try to escape.
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    I mean yeah the counselors aren't supposed to be stronger than Jason. He's Jason Voorhees for crying out loud
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    There Three different ways to look at this 1. playing with friends on public match 2.playing with randoms 3.playing a private match 1. when your playing with friends on a public of cause it is going to be easy, You work together and create a plan and get Jason kill quick but 90% of the time when I play with friends on public match we don't get the kill we escape because the Jason is to smart for us me and the mates were in a game and we had the sweater and Jason mask with Tommy we stuck as a group so we could kill Jason and out of no where Jason just dropped in and kill our counselor who had the sweater and than brutalized the rest of use with in minutes the reason why Jason can be easy to kill on public match's sometimes is because their NOOBS who just got the game but when playing with really skilled players it's much harder. 2.Playing with randoms and trying to kill Jason is like trying to keep a tiger away from red meat the problem with randoms is that no one listens the idea of the game is to survive and get help but when playing with randoms it's bloody impossible no wants to listen, I hate it when you have the mask off Tommy is ready to kill Jason and and then the guy with the sweater leaves. playing with randoms and trying to kill Jason is just so hard some people listen others don't. 3.If you are always playing on a private match you will find that it is way too easy to kill Jason because your playing with the same people and you get use to them playing as Jason and you find a way to kill them that is easy if you play on private match killing Jason is going to be too easy because you get use to the players moves and what they do the best way in my opinion to play Friday the 13th is to make a party and public match that way the Jason could be hard to kill or easy it's a mix and the best way to play it in my opinion
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    No dancing or tea-bagging? These counselors are already an improvement over their video game counterparts.
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    These kinds of topics don't do the community or the game any favours. The game is not 'dead'.
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    I "pad" something between the PK (1st slot) and Firework (3 slot), usually with a med spray.
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    Sure, a jab. Cause that's the first time in the history of film where Jason has been hit with a weapon but unaffected. You should make sure to stretch before you reach that hard. Don't wanna pull a hammy.
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    I like Part 5. He's pretty versatile and not overly skewed towards a certain play style.
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    Ever since the game released, I found one tape. ONE. But this weekend, I found EVERY SINGLE TAPE! All of them! This was the greatest event so far!
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    I MEAN LOOK AT THAT BULLSHIT!!! That’s a big fuck you to my man
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    Since I'm in Georgia, I really want to take the time some day and drive the 3-4 hours to Camp Daniel Morgan, which is where Part 6: Jason Lives was filmed.
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    I won’t make this a post about whether others should or shouldn’t defend them or promote them .....all I will say is there is a lot wrong with F13 the game but on the other side of that coin there is a lot that is great about F13 the game.... even with its flaws the love and passion from the Developers is all over this game the core game mechanics are fun as hell.....the character models, music, maps, details etc...... I wonder if the Game was still able to develop content and the lawsuit hadn’t effected things if people would think differently about supporting them with a future project..... I know I would definitely support them if they made another licensed Horror game.
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    It is gorgeous!!! I would pack a pocket knife, flare gun and med spray.....😂 just in case.
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    I'm not saying that the PS4 version shouldn't get fixed, so dont get that confused. I just want to address your comment of "there are more people playing on PS4..." While I dont have any statistics to back up this claim, I've heard from MANY people playing on Switch that they used to play on PS4 but have since moved over to playing on Switch because MORE people are playing on Switch. I've heard it takes FOREVER to find a match on PS4. I've also heard from PS4 players that the Switch community is a lot less "toxic" as well. Basically what im saying is that I know a lot of PS4 players that have pretty much abandoned that version of the game in favor of the Switch version. Which I'm not trying to argue or debate anything, just telling what I've heard. 🤷‍♂️
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