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    This is why I essentially quit playing this game. Gun has their head shoved so far up their ass, they can see out of their belly button when it comes to these issues. This once great game is no longer that fun for me to play. Only occasionally playing with great friends such as @Redrum138, @RustInPeace, @lasse_hei and @pioneer67fkd keeps me barely hanging on in this game. I was an above average Jason and have played well over 500 matches as him. For over a year now with all of the counselor buffs and Jason nerfs leading to the emergence of Jason hunting squads in almost every single match, I refuse to play as Jason. Jason is supposed to be the hunter, not the hunted. The game today is completely the opposite of what it was at launch. The original intent of this game was to escape from him, not gang up and hunt him down like a pack of angry villagers with torches and pitchforks. Killing Jason is supposed to be a last resort. It has now become the first resort.
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    Changes to Stalk could make the game more frightening for some players. That's not to say it will with 100% certainty. Players who don't lock the doors early on in a match, could potentially regret it later in a match. The same holds true for not opening windows as well. Players are punished for a multitude of things, all depending on the type of Jason player they encounter, and the actions of fellow counselors. The strength / weakness dynamic of this game could use adjustments across the board. With the game being a little over 2 years old, I see very little chance of that happening.
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    Speaking the truth. I’d like to see Matt play against a kill squad as jason or play with a kill squad as counselor and see firsthand what we’re talking about. Then after that, tell us nothing needs adjusted. And if he still thinks nothing needs done he’s lying
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    @mattshotcha missed stream today. But I watched it for a little bit and noticed there was some conversation back and forth about the Jason kill being too easy and you not really agreeing. I don’t go for the kill all that much anymore cause it’s gotten so easy and boring. It’s now to me just a spur of the moment or sometimes kinda thing. But I’ve had some nights where that’s all I did and me and my team could get at least 15 or so kills in one night. Maybe failing only a couple times out of all the attempts. This should be enough info to tell you that it’s too easy. No one should have at least a 90% success rate in killing Jason....... surviving the night? Yeah that’s the real challenge in the game and you definitely will not see a 90% success rate in that method of survival. The Jason kill should be almost as hard as surviving the night imo..... should be the 2nd hardest thing to do in the game not the easiest thing to do in the game In this video all I did was press RT mask off. Sweater girl pressed Y. I pressed RT and A. Too easy. I also de masked right out of his stun which is the cheapest and easiest way possible. Just to show how easy and broken this is. With Jason not having any defense or counter to getting killed. You guys seem iffy about giving more mask hp...... what about at the very least give Jason a few seconds of invincibility from damage dealt after a stun? you say Jason’s mask hp isn’t a balance issue..... how isn’t it when Jason can get killed from a 1 hit de mask and getting killed with hardly any sort of counter? This is a huge balance issue that needs addressed/fixed.
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    Jason is over powered as it is. Some hits with weapons dont hurt or effect jason even before he goes into Rage. Jason players want the Threat of being killed Removed from the game. I Play friday the 13th the game on xbox one x and playstation pro every night and i rarely see Jason killed. In Rage mode Jason can break down doors and use sense abillity so there is no where to hide. Counselors have to have a defense against Jason as the game will be no fun if The Jason kill is almost impossible to use. People who play as Jason should be scared too as this is a Horror game. Ive seen good Jasons get demasked and go into the shack while the girl is getting the sweater and slash everyone to death. Become a better skilled Jason. The Forum has become a bunch of Cry babies who want The Threat of being Killed as Jason removed from the game.
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    Of course everything could be adjusted but, I’m just being more specific with stalk. but of course, we can all agree to disagree. I just like the thought of having counselors always being on edge and watching their back.
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    He is a list of all level Unlocks from one of our other members. 😉
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    I never get tired of playing bots especially playing on hard mode, I mean the hiding spot thing with the bots sucks and hopefully it gets fixed but other than that I have fun. I like letting Jenny survive the night most of the time if things go well, I love Jenny and her skinny ass
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    Exactly. And then there's no "oh look it's an optimal setup, you won't get every game" type of dodge to what is, in my opinion, a huge flaw in this game. Jason should be the hunter, not the hunted.
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    The sweater isn't too helpful outside of using it for the kill. When it is used you are stuck in animation (I know there is prob still a glitch to get out of this somehow, im not interested in) for just about as long as Jason is, so it doesn't give you a free getaway like a pocket knife or weapon stun would.
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    It's awesome you are still enjoying the game among the occasional toxic players.
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    Yeah, the game was crazy popular around launch.
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    It’s become all too normal...
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    The players are still out there. Some are playing a bit less, or have conflicting schedules. Others have moved on. When one loses old friends, make some new ones.
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    Great video bro. I love the part where you set the trap next to the bot trying to run through the rock. On a side note, I know it’s been talked about but even tho he looks cool as fuck, they really missed something when creating jason4 as far as the likeness to the movie.
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    I would like an explanation of how raising Jason mask HP would make the game unbalanced in your opinion. These lower level players you reference in another post aren't players who are going out to kill Jason every round. Care to give your reasoning as to why a tweak in Jason's HP would unbalance the game?
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    Nope, I think most members can’t wrap their head around a gameplay mechanic that was touted out from the beginning as being difficult to accomplish and yet is completely the opposite........ Using the excuse of : ”we are too far into the life of the game to make a change..” Or “ it would be too much for less experienced or new players to deal with..” Is ridiculous.... Giving Jason more Mask Hp would not be game breaking for any side of play and it would at the very least make Jason players feel like the mask coming off took a little bit of effort........ For counselor players this will still not even be an issue if they want the mask off they will just have to work a bit harder for it. Allowing indefensible hits that de-Mask Jason as a mechanic to set up an already easy kill.... Shouldn’t even be in the game.....if Jason can’t get more Mask Hp he should at least get Stun immunity. if a player can stun or injure Jason with skill that’s one thing but free shots that you can’t defend against is a problem and should be fixed... or give more Mask HP to counter balance it.
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    I think everyone is missing the point, I’m sure there far more clips of high level Jason’s mowing through lobby’s where he don’t get damasked or anything even close to being killed. The game is supposed to be balanced toward the WHOLE player base not just the vocal minority of players.
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    After catching up on the thread, there's a couple of points I need to make. While I agree, comparing Rage and the Mask topic is not a 1:1, our community will do exactly that. Look at some threads and discussions outside of this echo chamber and you'll see people suggest a change that could be seen as a buff to Jason and be met with outrage and replies like " Does Jason REALLY need another buff?!? After the Rage update he is already OP." I read one such reply on Reddit earlier today. So while I realize there is more to the topic than that simple comparison, part of my job is to anticipate the reaction to these proposed changes. As far as making the change and why Gun "won't" listen, it's just not the case. This group needs to understand the difference between not listening and not agreeing. We HEAR you, we DON'T AGREE that the team should make a change that affects the entire player base to try and balance for the smaller percent that can take out a Jason on demand. And the idea that a forum built hit squad to try and crash a TALES from the STREAM episode so that you can "show me" is not only unnecessary, it also feels a bit short sighted. First off, there are ways to record footage other than live, so I guess what you're saying is that you want to crash a stream designed to spend time with the community. That's rude and bordering on toxic to try and take an event meant to be in good fun and turn it into a hunting party for the ComDev's head. Secondly, it's assuming that I'm the blocker for this change. As if it is all my decision and I'm just refusing to flip the switch. Third, it's assuming that this topic hasn't been covered in house here at Gun, when it has, repeatedly been discussed. And finally, it is again ignoring the fact that the team has stated why it is not something we're looking to do just yet. We don't see this as a need to tune for the entirety. Last thing to cover, yes, the team did originally intend for the Jason Kill to be rare. And if this were happening earlier on in the game's life, we would probably take that into account when deciding what to do for balance going forward. But there is, especially at this point, some consideration that needs to be given to the fact that players have been playing this way for a long time now. This would be a potentially big shake up and while the team is not against shaking things up, we do pay attention to that angle. We prepped for the Rage change and how that would shake up the community and decided in the end that it was important to the core design of the game. Topics like this one are super tricky. There is a skill gap in the player base. There is no way around that fact. But changing things based solely off one end of that skill gap or the other is not a smart way to balance the game. And any potential option that can cover the most experienced players without alienating the newer, less experienced players will have to be explored before pulling the trigger on a change like this.
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    No one I play with likes playing this map. Its just not fun. Not only is it by far the biggest map, it has the worst loot ratio. You can search 4 cabins amd come away with nothing. I think for distances coumselors have to travel to objectives, it should have MORE loot than a standard map.
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    Now we just need to make them dance and they'll be just like real players that do nothing all round.
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    I really don't care if someone can't do something in 3 mins. Its not supposed to be fair for Tommy. Besides, The point of Tommy is to KILL Jason. If people want to be a hero.. They can be a hero with the counselor they chose at the start of the game and act like a hero all match long. If they want kill Jason with Tommy. 3 mins is more than enough time to pull off a kill. Also. if Jason runs away or Jumps in the lake, then theres only a few mins left in the game anyways. It makes ZERO sense for Tommy to come into the game so early.. Or for Jason to even be in a position to die too early. Both of that should be late game.
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    Or just make Jason killable final 5 minutes so tommy can still try and save others there has been times I’d fill up a entire 4 seat car go to exit and let them take the car and escape and go 1v1 Jason as tommy should 😁 When have they payed attention to our suggestions? 🙁
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    I totally agree with this. @mattshotcha Pay attention to suggestions
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    @mattshotchaI don't want to fight you, but I'm honest, it's true that it's easy to kill him. You don't have to be very expert to achieve it. In my humble opinion, The suggestion of what everyone says increases HP's mask and, in case of anger, guns, firecrackers and flares can stun it. It also seems to me that Jason would need the quick lock, it's one of the most important things he could have
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    Two things: 1. I could share several videos of myself, and I am not an active Jason hunter, being involved in a spur of the moment “unplanned” Jason kill. The comment that it has to be planned out to make it easy is BS. 2. You can still regain stamina from hitting Jason when he is in rage mode. You don’t have to stun him to regain stamina. Bait him into a missed grab attempt, hit him and get out of his direct path. I main Deborah with no stamina perk at all and have no problem getting stamina when I need it.
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    Use buggzy apply slugger+thrasher. Find axe throw fireworks. Stun Jason with fireworks and hit him right out of stun. Mask should come off with just that alone. A lot of swipes? Your hits must be coming from the axe with a low strength counselor and it’s just doing stuns. Stuns don’t do a whole lot of damage. You can even de mask with Tiffany with only about 4 machete strikes.
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    Jason is to easy to kill.... this is a fact, not an opinion.
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    I agree redo the rage buff 1st and foremost it’s killing the player base
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    Jason is overpowered as it is. My Gosh is Jason just supposed to kill everyone like offline bots. later in the game most have the car and phone box fixed and most players dont go for the Jason kill. People just need to be better skilled players as Jason and use stalk,sense abillity and all Jasons weapons like they are supposed to. Its funny to see people on this forum complain and say that they refuse to play as Jason because there is a chance they might get killed by counselors.
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    I Think forum members are making extra new accounts and then complaining that Jason is to easy to kill. most new people dont jump right into the forums and start complaining that jason is to easy to kill. because the reality is if you play as Jason you will have to worry and have the fear of counselors killing you just like in the movies.
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    Complaining about a slashing Jason is literally saying they should not slash... Listening to one's opponent's orders is detrimental to one's chances to actually "win". Letting other players boss you around in a match is detrimental as well... Who put that person in charge in the first place?... How is it they know what's best for you to do? Teamwork is a thing, and is very important in this game... But teamwork does not require someone ordering others about. I for one do not respond well to orders, particularly not when given to me by strangers... let alone the person signing my paycheque... and if they get rude about it, I assure you... I can get far ruder than they can... I just never get rude first. There are already enough assholes in the world. Some players need to realize that asking politely actually works sometimes... shouting orders at people is not going to go well for them... and if the player does not want to do what they want them too, then they need to accept that they are not the boss... And even if they were "the boss"... sometimes, that person can easily find another job working for someone who is not an asshole... Skilled labor has its perks... this is one of them. Not anymore than someone taking a pocket knife for themselves and not handing it over when you order them to so you can use it for something else. Not any more than someone finding a med spray for themselves and not handing it over when ordered to because you need it for yourself. Not anymore than someone finding a weapon and not handing it over when ordered to because you wanted to use it for yourself... Not any more than someone not giving up their seat in a vehicle because they were ordered to because you wanted a ride... are you seeing a pattern here... I am. If a player grabs ANYTHING... and you tell them what they HAVE TO do with it... Make no mistake... YOU are the entitled snowflake. You do not get to tell other people how to play this, or any other game... and believing that you do have this right makes you the snowflake, not the other person... Calling someone a dick because you didn't get your way also makes you an entitled snowflake... Don't try to justify shit behavior... it will not go well for you. Yes, I have had many players approach me politely to ask for help when I respawn as Tommy... or when I have been the final girl to grab the sweater for the kill. Some of these same players were EXTREMELY rude to other players (which happen to be the friends I am playing with) in that same match, or a previous match... or even on a previous night and I just remember them and what they did last time... I have a VERY good memory... I am what some people call "an unforgiving prick"... And I learned to be unforgiving because I was once too forgiving. People do not change, they just become more of what they actually are... and forgiveness is a license for escalation. I have lived long enough, and known many people way more than long enough to have learned this the hard way... and I am not one for repeating mistakes. But, I also run into many players (and people in general) that are not assholes. I may be an unforgiving prick in the opinion of literally every asshole I have ever had to deal with more than once in my life... people do tend to get upset when you don't give them a second chance to screw you over... But if someone who has not yet proven to be an asshole can be polite, and ask me for help... I feel compelled to help them... By polite... I don't mean "please" and "thank you"... I mean, NOT being an asshole... to me... or to anyone else. When an asshole calls me (or anyone else) an asshole for not wanting to do what they want me (or anyone else) to do... to the rest of the world (or at least those people with actual brains in their heads), the real asshole is made apparent... and I doubt these same assholes would EVER feel compelled to help someone just because they asked for help... unless it was already in line with what they wanted to do for themselves anyway. Yes... even an asshole can be polite at times... But if I already know them to be an asshole from a previous encounter... they get no help from me. But neither do I go out of my way to screw over what they are doing either... Unless they have tried doing the same to me or my friends in the past... then all bets are off. I am now wondering if I have beat my own record on the use of the word asshole in one post. And yes... I have actually had players tell me... "You better frickin' help us kill Jason"... or words to a similar effect... I get a good laugh out of these idiots that think they can order people around. I do play with a couple of damned good Jason hunters now and again... and they are some of the most polite people you could ever meet. Yet still, some people will grab the sweater and run away giggling, or don't bother to help as Tommy... Non of us get rude with these people, we simply try again in the next match... Its not like a match with no attempt to kill Jason actually counts towards their ratio of Jason kills vs failed attempts... To be included in this ratio... for success or failure... and attempt actually has to be made. A bit of a drawn out answer... but literally everything is more complicated than most people think. Also... boat escapes are my favored way out of camp whenever possible as well... they are always worth a shot. I almost never instigate a hunt for Jason... I prefer escaping with as many other counselors as possible... or at least making escape possible for as many others that can get away. I try to contribute as much as possible to the team in any match I play. Due to rampant complaints of "teaming"... this will never happen... and needs to stay that way. If it ever was put in game, stalk would need to remove him from spectate at the very least. For honest players... this would make spectating much more fun... its too bad there are so many dishonest players out there to ruin it for everyone else. You can, however, watch Jason from spectate in private matches... if you can convince your friends to play private matches. Most of my friends are not used to team killing and do not like private matches because of this... Not because some purposefully kill other players... but because they have a hell of a time knocking another player free of Jason's grip without killing the player in his grip... So I rarely get into private matches... even when I have a full lobby of friends... Either way, I leave it for the group to make decisions that affect the group.
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