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    @mattshotcha there is alot to unpack there. I'll start with my original point. I used Slash'n Cast as an example because they had a long track record of success with the kill. You're right that they don't represent everyone. Nor do the forum members. But that doesn't mean we are incorrect in our assessment. As for the human Jason's being easier to kill the difference is negligible. A Buggzy with a machete will require one extra hit to remove the mask. That's why so many of us feel it's too easy. When one or two good shots with a machete is all it takes it's too easy. You are right that we are sometimes too harsh towards people with a different opinion on this. If someone can come up with a sound argument as to why we are wrong I'll be willing to change my position. I disagree that a mask hp buff would be harmful to new players. It will help new Jason's, and realistically new counselors shouldn't expect to be pulling off the kill. Don't get me wrong. I understand why you guys are being cautious. I understand you are trying to think of the entire playerbase. But consider how many new players were ran off because they finally got to be Jason only to be killed. It would be disheartening and incredibly frustrating. I do think it is a mistake to draw parallels between the rage update and a mask buff. The rage update completely changed the late game. A mask buff would be a minor change.
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    I'm really starting to think the majority of ppl that want the kill to stay easy are either part of a kill squad or they just prefer to kill Jason rather than escape or survive the night. They just want to use one course of action only and making the kill harder to pull would prevent them from doing so. Kinda like those back then who only wanted to stun Jason for the entire match, they were playing the game to do one thing and one thing only. That was a problem and it was somewhat rectified with the rage update. And just like the pinata Jason party, the kill being to easy needs to be addressed so it implies a much greater challenge than it actually is presently imo.
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    Just my opinion, but the game would be better if killing Jason wasn't even an option. I admit I'm likely in the minority here.
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    Lol for real tho this gun media reacting to how easy the Jason kill is
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    I have seen the Jason kill screwed up quite a few times because another counselor hit him after he was already hit and began to drop to his knees... and this is just how @GeneiJin explained what happened to screw it up... unless I misinterpreted him. If I didn't misinterpret him... I trust his judgement, he knows what he is doing. I have also seen video of that bug with Jason being knocked to his knees over and over again... I think it was @GhostWolfViking that posted it in another thread... if I am not mistaken. That is a new bug since the last patch, is it not?... Either way, hopefully it will get patched out soon... I have not yet seen this bug on PC yet though... but that is not to say it is not there, I just have not seen it yet. The sweater stun itself should only fail if Jason is out of the radius from sweater girl, or she hits it a touch too late as he morphs away... But it does pull Jason out of shift. Once the sweater stun is activated, dropping him to his knees is based on a stun from the weapon being used... non are 100% chance to stun, not even the bat. If you hit him in the sweater stun animation and score a stun, he will drop to his knees.
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    @mattshotcha You do have a point on how we could be a minority opinion of the state of the game and state of the Jason kill. There are people who still think, for whatever reason, Jason is big and scary and OP. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that there are people who think the rage buff, for example, makes Jason way too strong and should be tweaked/changed/thrown out. So maybe our opinion that killing Jason is too easy or the easiest win parameter in the game isn't fully the truth. That all being said, my example of de-masking isn't a coordinated group, it's just me. Sure I'm getting optimal conditions to de-mask in the first 30 seconds but even without them I can go find an axe or machete and then just start hunting Jason. To me, there is something wrong when I, or others, can go out hunting Jason in the first minute or two of the round. And then when I find him, he's usually messing around with someone else so I have protection from another player if he grabs me, or slashes at us, or whatever the case may be. Either way, it's just me going out on the hunt and me taking the mask off. Then there's always the group of people who for whatever reason will gang up and just beat on Jason relentlessly whenever he finds them. They're gonna luck into knocking his mask off quickly without any coordination nor care. You put one smart female character in that lobby and she's off to grab the sweater. Then it just turns into trying to get a random Tommy to follow the lead. It's a 50/50 proposition getting that to work. We were told at the beginning of the game's lifespan that killing Jason was a rare occurrence. One of every 70 games or so was what was touted. Problem is that's no longer anywhere near the case.
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    If people are not intentionally trying to kill Jason and still can do it, then we need some changes.
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    Every single weapon in this game (minus the shotgun and flaregun) can drop Jason to his knees. A Bunny Girl with her 1/10 strength can take a baseball bat and drop Jason almost every single time.
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    Can't be that dead if we're here still talking about it, huh?
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    After just this statement alone, I stopped reading as your post lost all merit. The game is not unsupported as they are still working on gameplay issues. The game also isn’t dead seeing as they’re still several people playing the game. Glad you felt the need to sign up and comment on a “dead” game though.
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    Posting the evidence will prove useful if it is unbiased based on the developers' standards. If those standards could be outlined, I'm sure some of our top players would be happy to submit such evidence. How about once a month, in your "Tales from the Stream" broadcasts, you play against a sampling of the members of each social media platform on a specific game platform? That's the reason many of us choose our words carefully. I believe the majority of the player base want the same thing. They want a game that is fun and enjoyable from all sides. There's still some work to be done to get the game there. Every bit of feedback (positive or negative) contributes to that effort somewhat. The 1/70 was based on the developers' efforts. Players that play this game for 12+ hours a day are gonna see it differently. It's not so much about him agreeing with us. It's more about getting him to see where this stance comes from. Playing against players from each platform from a multitude of skill levels could be very helping in testing and affect the decision making process. It was zero at the time they responded to that post. That may or may not have changed. I'd be curious if this is an option at this point in the game's life cycle.
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    I agree you don't want to proceed haphazardly. I also understand resources are limited. Mask hp is just one of the things, that I'd say at least a fair number of players feel would help. The other things would take more time and development though. I just hope the team does strongly consider a buff to the mask hp at least.
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    Thank you @mattshotcha for your comments! I believe there was just a poll on this very forum a few days ago “ how many times have you been killed as Jason” several posts from the people in this very thread were saying how the have only died a handful of times in 2 years and how they clear lobbies before they even hit rage. I myself think the Jason kill could be a bit tougher but I’m ok with it the way it is especially when a player who has played this game almost daily since release is Jason (a lot of the people complaining in this thread) it’s definitely nice to see you get feedback from other sources as most people who don’t play constantly and are not in this forum have a voice.
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    You're full of shit, but then I guess some people just can't tolerate a challenge unless it's easy enough for an 8 year old to accomplish.
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    Very good post @tyrant666 I agree some kind of trade-off between Jason and the counselors is the best way to do this. That way it's not just "oh you're just lazily buffing Jason and making counselors weaker" argument. We've only had one real patch/buff to Jason in the 2+ years of this games existence IMO. And it wasn't the rage buff. it was the ability to hit multiple counselors with one melee attack. This isn't as strong as it should be with the counselors having thick skin and medic however. We're obviously not gonna see a perk rework where things like medic just are no longer a thing however. Meanwhile, sure you might hit those 3 counselors but one of them is gonna smack you in return and thus begins the free shots out of stun situation where Jason is losing his mask. Meat shielding is the one thing removed from Jason's repertoire that I just don't understand. I don't even know if it was an intended change anymore to be frankly honest as it was taken out so long ago. It just makes sense to be a thing though. If you hit a counselor in the back, it's not gonna force a hulking brute to drop them. This shouldn't have ever been taken out in the first place and should be brought back. Your idea for stuns to still work is an interesting one. But I don't know how coding of it would work. Maybe @mattshotcha can shed some light on this for us if it's even possible to allow all weapons to stun when Jason is in rage but break immediately from doing so. This would also lead to the Jason kill itself being more difficult if he's in rage as it would require a 3rd person to actually drop him to his knees in the sweater stun as a Tommy axe stun would just break the axe.
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    If Jason had the tools he had at launch. This probably wouldn't be as glaring as it is now. I'd say a fair trade is something like this that should keep mains on both sides happy. For Counselor. Allow Jason to be stunned in rage with any weapon again, but the weapons break instantly regardless. This should help the slower/repair based counselors have more of a chance of surviving the night. Yes it does help the faster/more meta counselors, but with the trade being the weapon breaking instantly. I think that's a fair trade. Before rage, the weapons will have their normal durability plus whatever based on perks and said counselor stats. Bottom line, don't want him to get to rage? DON'T LOOK TO HIT HIM FOR NO REASON other than stamina regeneration. If you get him to rage and you start losing your weapons quickly. That's your fault. For Jason. Bring back godframes. This allowed him seconds of invincibilty after a stun, which prevented him from being possibly chainstunned or damage stunned without any real protection. Removing this made no sense. Back then, people made the claim that it was a lazy band aid for Jason and made him too strong. Well times have changed and it should return. The other tool you give him back is meat shielding. This allowed him to plausibly grab a counselor in a 2 vs 1 scenario, quickly spin them around to have his back in front of them and they COULD NOT FREE the counselor if Jason had his back towards them. This was a great protection in crowds, making grabs not COMPLETELY USELESS in crowds. Once this was removed, it basically made grabs in any scenario where Jason was not 1 vs 1 a total joke because its now instant freedom for every melee hit, thus forcing him to become a slasher in all crowd situations, which in turn opens him up to being demasked and killed quicker, REGARDLESS OF COMBAT STANCE. You could give him his old combat quick blocking back as a token buff, but I'd much rather have the other two as they help massively in the crowd game. I feel like if you did the above things, that would be a decent trade balance. I feel like we need video/visual evidence from back then to show what he was like around launch because outside of the OG launch players, people seem to have no idea what these mechanics are or were.
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    I'll give it a whirl and see what's what. Thanks for the tip! [ADDENDUM] I've been playing off and on since yesterday, and, after 24 matches (8 on each of the small maps), I was unable to make this happen. Mostly because the bots never started the fucking car. Not once. They will suicide themselves climbing through broken windows. They will hop in a closet and hide there. They will murder each other with shotguns. But in 24 matches, without any traps or any interference from me, they just could not manage to get a single car started. I just got finished a match. Packanack Small. I spent the last six minutes watching (in stalk, with sense) while Chad would run into the lodge, run up the stairs, run down the hall, run back down the hall, run back down stairs, climb out the window by the desk, run into the lodge, run up the stairs, run down the hall, run back down the hall, run back down stairs, climb out the window by the desk, run into the lodge, run up the stairs, run down the hall, run back down the hall, run back down stairs, climb out the window by the desk, run into the lodge, run up the stairs, run down the hall, run back down the hall, run back down stairs, climb out the window by the desk, run into the lodge, run up the stairs, run down the hall, run back down the hall, run back down stairs, climb out the window by the desk, run into the lodge, run up the stairs, run down the hall, run back down the stairs, and climb out the window by the desk. Endlessly. While I stood on the hill, watching from afar.
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    That's the bug I'm talking about. At any point Tommy can hit X to finish off Jason with an axe or machete during that process.
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    First off, there is no accounting for what damage Jason took in the process of the 3 kills he did get in this match. As for the rest of the points I'll make, I'll share that at the end of the quoted section. You do realize how perfect the parameters are in the scenario you detailed right? Not to mention the coordination of a squad? It's not that we aren't listening, it's that we're trying to account for ALL of the player base, not just some of it. Do you honestly feel that the ENTIRE player base finds it too easy to kill Jason? Because we can show ten times as many reports from players saying he is unstoppable post-Rage. The people who don't agree don't always feel welcome to voice their opinions due to the reactions of those who do. It tends to turn into ridicule rather quickly. Don't shame other forum members for their opinion here. I play as Jason, I watch a ton of footage. I watch a ton of videos from people saying it is too easy. More on that after quotes. Again, specific parameters. Here is the real issue with the topic. Those same new Jason players also play as counselors. See where I'm going with this? Again, though. They represent a portion of the player base and not all of it. Again, there's players here who disagree. Shaming them with "get good" rhetoric is not going to earn anyone favor in this topic. Varying degrees of experience, etc. Again, look at the Rage topic for a hint into where the community as a whole is. No, I would simply say that if it were the case. What Jason nerf are you speaking of? Against an inexperienced Roy. Fun fact, Roy and other "Human Jason" characters have the least "health" (for lack of a better term) and are the easiest to knock the mask off of. So the shorter replies are so that I can keep this confined to one blurb at the end of the comment. Here goes... This forum is NOT representative of the entire player base. I know that sucks to hear, but you guys are more the minority at this point. Even if the entire active forum agreed on something, they wouldn't represent the majority of the player base. This isn't said to insult or sound shitty, it's vital to understanding my role at Gun. If my job were as easy as reading the forums and making recommendations based solely off that, I'd get to spend a lot more time with my daughter. All jokes aside, there is a lot more that goes into decision making in game. The topic of the mask plays into the greater topic of Jason and his power level. We recently made a major change to the power level of Jason by way of the Rage changes. The community is still in an adjustment period off of that change and making another sweeping change to Jason's strength is not an easy choice. We run the risk of potentially alienating the middle tier of players who may be on their way to killing a Jason or two, but not quite finding it as easy as some of you all do. Furthermore, I have yet to see one of these "It's too easy to kill Jason" videos that do not have some kind of particular parameters involved. Human Jason players, such as Part 2 or Roy have a much lower threshold to the mask, skill gap differences, optimal kill scenario off the jump, and on and on. Saying things like find an axe, find a pocket knife, find firecrackers, then bam go kill Jason is not proving the case. These are specific parameters. And yes, I've watched kill squads go and kill multiple Jasons in an evening. But those details are always in line. Are the kill squads always matched up against similar skill level players? Are they running across primarily Human Jason players? Are they in a coordinated group? Etc. And this is not even accounting for the decisions you see these Jason players make in the clips. A Roy Jason or Part 2 Jason walking up on a Sweater Girl, Tommy, and two strong counselors is already enough to tell me it's not a good representation of the situation because why. Why would the Jason player walk into that fight? So please do watch these supposed evidence videos without the bias glasses and tell me if you truly feel they are illustrating your point as clearly as you claim. Because they aren't. Running down an inexperienced Jason and saying we should make the kill more difficult is not proof of anything more than a skill gap that is unavoidable this late in the game's life where we have new players every sale and old players sticking around since launch. There is still, even then, a significant amount of chance involved, and overcoming that chance for some vs others is not a crippling balance issue. Using particular counselors, with particular perks, with particular weapon pick ups still requires getting the Tommy call, getting a best scenario Jason adversary, and completing the process. While that is not necessarily difficult, these videos showing it happen quickly or people claiming to do it in minutes are usually a fair amount of those parameters coming up quite lucky. Acting as if it is a simple button press is reductive, and actually weakens the argument. It's like saying becoming a millionaire is as easy as depositing a check for a million in your bank. There's much more to the process. It's tough to hear, and tough to admit, but YOUR experience in game is not EVERY player's experience. And just because there is an echo chamber here that says it should change, doesn't mean it actually should. AND EVEN STILL we haven't said flat out NO, we won't change anything with the mask. We're simply saying this isn't a snap decision we'll make without giving it more thought. It's definitely not the "No-Brainer" that some claim it is, and certainly not a majority request.
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    Short term changes like that would prove interesting. Now, if only such a thing were to happen.
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    You don’t even need to have a group of competent counselors to make the Jason kill easy. I have teamed up with just one other random several times since the rage buff to pull off an excessively easy Jason kill. All this talk about Jason being too hard to kill is hilarious. I can’t help but laugh out loud while reading how someone honestly thinks Jason is so hard to kill, and he is overpowered to the point counselor’s need more buffs and more weapons to pull off a kill.
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    I've seen Vanessa's demask with 4 hits from a machete. That is not hard to pull off. The kill is like everything in this game. If you have a competent group of counselors it's pretty easy to do. Pulling off things solo is harder, but not that hard. @Ahab I know for sure that at least Shifty knows how easy the kill is. He used to hop into Slash'n Cast's streams all the time. Killing Jason was all they did.
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    I do want to add that due to the kill being so easy, it is scaring new players away. I’ve asked this in a previous post of mine, “what is the point in killing new Jasons. You’ve got, Level 150s ganging up and taking out new Jasons one by one. Now, usually I would say to those new players that you just have to get better but for real tho, what is “better”😂? Realizing that blocking is useless? Spending hours playing offline mode, taking pictures of the map so you can figure out where the Tommy box should be (Still 50/50 chance you’ll get it) I won’t get scared away but I will say that that shit ain’t fun 😂 I mean before I knew the cheap tactics these kill squads used I wanted to fight them because it was fun.
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    Does this only happen on the console version, or can cars on the PC version be knifed into the stratosphere as well?
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    So you are admitting it’s not Rare to kill Jason finally huh?
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    It doesn't take a lot of swipes to get the mask off. One CS heavy axe from a Buggzy running Thrasher and then any other attack from a damage weapon (axe/machete/fire poker/shotgun) or a bear trap will de-mask any Jason. Every time. And two hits to Jason might make him get rage 12 minutes into the match. Problem for Jason is he's dead in less than half of that time. Rage isn't a protection.
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    Use buggzy apply slugger+thrasher. Find axe throw fireworks. Stun Jason with fireworks and hit him right out of stun. Mask should come off with just that alone. A lot of swipes? Your hits must be coming from the axe with a low strength counselor and it’s just doing stuns. Stuns don’t do a whole lot of damage. You can even de mask with Tiffany with only about 4 machete strikes.
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    well from the start there is few weapons that can get the mask off. there is very few axes and machetes. have you noticed that there is only 4 axes and 4 machetes in the whole match of each map. it takes alot of swipes to get the mask off. Jason has protection of RAGE that stops most people from trying killing him. adding more protection to Jason and causing the mask to be harder to get off would cause all axes and machetes to break and be unusable. then most people wont be able to kill jason because all axes and machetes would be broke from trying to get the mask off. then Gunmedia would have to pay for more axes and machetes to be added to each map and it would fuck everything up.
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    i play with @GeneiJin a lot myself and have called tommy against him though he does cut it majority of the time. i also cut the tommy box most of the time. me and him share tips and tricks with each other, ive learned from him and he has also learned from me. but it is mostly 50/50 on most maps. like on crystal lake tommy box is never the boat house, usually its either springwater or birch ridge though it can sometimes be hillbrook. pinehurst my and Jins method is take out north box first the swim up the river to check for it and if not check south. also in certian locations in packanack i believe if you look carefully you can see the tower too
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    I understand where you’re coming from. A video from a Jason players perspective would be the best evidence possible. In my video even if Jason took a bear trap or 1 machete strike. If I applied potent ranger+thrasher perks Jason’s mask would’ve still easily been off in that 1 hit even without much prior damage dealt. But Jason losing his mask easily didn’t seem like much of a balance issue according to Matt. I’m not sure why he thinks that bc then all it takes is sg+tommy together and Jason is more than likely dead. And it doesn’t take a lot to press y. RT as tommy and press A. I think the best way is what you said, for @mattshotcha to play as jason and go against a good kill squad for a few rounds. He would see firsthand how unfair of a fight Jason has on keeping his mask and not dying to them. Another idea is Matt joining a kill squad for a few games and killing Jason with them..... Even watching a kill squads stream would help to get them to understand where we’re all coming from. Or even someone making a video and posting it here with as much evidence as possible. Showing all the damage dealt from a-z
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    @Ahab 3:12 is optimal conditions, fastest possible that I know of, one in a thousand type of thing. I'm not gonna exaggerate and say it can happen that fast all the time. We've had several kills in under 4 minutes, probably a couple dozen in total. But when we're in the Jason killing mode, by the 6 minute mark, Jason is dead 9 times out of 10. Since there's only 3 of us doing this, there is account for a random coming back as Tommy or Jason simply hiding the rest of the match once his mask is off. @Strigoi you have constant posts saying killing Jason is too difficult. Do you not play that often? Is your skill level not that good? Do you load into QP by yourself? Do you not have a couple players with you who are willing to just die once the mask is off? Are you hitting Jason repeatedly with a baseball wondering why the mask won't come off? I'm trying to figure out why you think it's so difficult. Fact of the matter is one CS heavy axe shot from Buggzy is gonna de-mask a part 9 Jason every time, any other Jason one attack from any other weapon/bear trap plus that axe shot is de-masking Jason. That's not opinion, it's fact and proven in videos.
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    Its only a small amount of forum members who belive that its too easy to kill Jason. Jason is not easy to kill and thats a fact. making it more difficult to kill jason would rui the game.
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    That would make for some interesting reading. The meta should be changed from time to time, to keep a game like this from becoming completely stale. An occasional meta change couldn't hurt.
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    In my experiences... If you're part of a kill squad and you're one of the 2 designated people to die, or 1, if you're just running a 2 man squad...you better be running Sucker Punch. Prior to me running Sucker Punch, I'd say I failed on putting Jason to his knees as Tommy 2 out of 10 games. It annoyed the fk outta me, so it was suggested within the group of 4 of us that play pretty regularly that all of us should try out Sucker Punch and see if that fixes that problem. In the 4 months I've run Sucker Punch I have yet to fail in putting Jason to his knees as Tommy with an axe. Probably killed 100s of Jasons in that time period. So there is a guarantee to putting Jason to his knees. And that's if Tommy is running Sucker Punch. As Tommy should be the only one hitting Jason when he's in sweater stun...imo
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    @Strigoi These changes are to balance the game. Jason is way too easy to de-mask and way too easy to kill. One Buggzy shouldn't be able to de-mask Jason in the first minute of the match, let Jason kill him, another counselor just straight suicides and then Tommy is back at minute 2. Tommy and then Vanessa meet up at the shack by 2:30 and the kill is done at the 3 minute mark. In optimal conditions, you can do this every round, in every QP lobby, if you enter one with just 2 friends. In non-optimal conditions, you're killing Jason at the 6 minute mark, every round. It should not be that easy or quick to kill Jason...yet here we are and that's the state of the game right now.
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    Thanks for that detailed breakdown @OCT 31 1978.
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    Still less toxic than random lobbies.
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    Maybe you losers should find something better to do with your time? You're complaining a task in a 2 year old unsupported dead game is too easy to do because you've done it way too much. Maybe do something else at this point
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    if Jasons mask is harder to remove then trying to remove jasons mask will damage alot of machetes and axes. there wont be any weapons left to use to kill Jason.
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    How is it obvious exactly? To me, the opposite is obvious... and we can use the track record of buffs and nerfs since the game went live to prove you wrong here. Balance is pretty good right now... other than the ease of a Jason kill that is supposed to be both difficult and rare... it is actually easy and common... go figure. Buffing the stealth system will leave those players that know how to use it now as super powered ninja's, so you may as well add in a ninja outfit for A.J. at that point. I am all for it... why not... and I will be the first one to point out how wrong everyone was about stealth needing a buff after the Jason players start freaking out about it.... and I will also be saying "I told ya so" to everyone as well... Just to be clear... I am not all for it. I am against anything that will throw the balance that far over to EITHER side. Players that refuse to use patience with it will never be successful with it even if they know how it works... Just how many people do you know with any real level of patience?... IF you have patience and the knowledge to use it... it works great... Why exactly does it need a buff when it does already work great? Most of the time, being you cannot see Jason's screen during his game.... you will not even know when it saved you. The only time you do know for sure... is when you are the last one alive and it takes Jason for ever to find you... or he just doesn't find you. Many players I have argued about this with come down to one simple fact... they tried it, and it didn't work for them... Yet, it works great for me and several others that I know... It is not a guarantee, and that is what most players I have argued about this with end up wanting... NO... it needs no buff... Players just have to learn patience and not expect it to get them out of every situation they get themselves into... that is not what it was meant to do... It is meant to leave Jason guessing where you are as he has no sound pings to track you with... but no one wants to jog, they all want to run... and some that do have the patience to jog want it to work on a character like Vanessa... Just... NO. All counselors are designed around different playstyles already... so are all Jason variants... and they are best used by players that use the playstyle that a specific character is designed for already. They do not need to be changed... People want it changed because they want to use a different playstyle with their favorite character... Players do not want variety... they want it made easier for them than it already is... This is blatantly obvious with the behavior of many members of the community and the metas that they already use... Discussing it long enough always brings out their motives. The only way you are changing any of the "metas" here is to either take the option to use certain perks away completely... or give them even better perks than medic and thick skin... Taking the meta away will kill the counselor only members of the player base... and giving them tools to do even better than the current metas will frustrate too many Jason players to the point of "Why am I even bothering any more?"... Either way, it is a perfect way to bury this game for good. I also never said you wanted all Jasons to play the same... they currently do not all play the same... and each of them IS a beast already in the right hands... So once again... Why change them?... And then after they do change one... we can have this argument all over again with the next "worst Jason" the moment players start demanding that one be changed... which will happen just as quick as last time they changed the worst Jason... just like I said it would... and I said it MANY times... There was no need to be psychic to predict that one... or this one. I will say one thing though.... the playstyle I use for Part IV... when I use it on ANY other Jason, I wipe the lobbies out WAY quicker than I do with Part IV... and it makes playing the other variants way easier... But I generally stick to Part IV unless the random bug snags me an abomination Jason. It doesn't need further emphasis though... people just need to understand that it is about how you play whichever character... Many people do not understand this and no one can tell them otherwise because they are already correct in their own minds... But the evidence is all around them... Players that know how to use a specific character do consistently well with them... be they counselor or Jason variants... Everyone has good and bad games... each match is situational at best and can go either way off of one player making a mistake. No Jason player wipes out a lobby every time unless they are not playing against a co ordinated team... and no counselor survives every match even if they are playing with a co ordinated team... Sometimes, we ALL die first... and sometimes a squad of Jason hunters comes along and takes our mask... and we all know what happens after that... I could go on, but that should be more than enough. By the time I got around to unlocking Part IV... I was already good with -Traps from playing Part VII so much before that... -Shift didn't bother me at all because I was already used to it with Part VII (before the change)... and how often do we see players even bother with boats, even before it was given a start up warning for Jason?... That, and I have a great deal of experience with another game called Silent Hunter... manually programing torpedoes to hit ships that were faster than the torpedoes helped a lot with a slow water Jason catching a boat... Its all about angle of attack... So -Water Speed has always been a non weakness for me. I like his strengths, and his weaknesses just don't bother me due to how I play him. When I started playing Part VII though (long before they changed him)… I thought he really sucked... but I liked the look of him and learned to play him... and his weaknesses were very similar to Part IV back then... so he was my trainer Jason for Part IV. Some of their strengths and weaknesses have more emphasis on them than many players realize already... Fear for instance... Jenny's greatest strength is not falling into fear very quickly... her stamina regeneration stays high, she doesn't stumble much even in high fear... But for Vanessa, it is her greatest weakness... all you have to do is hang around with her for a little while and she is stumbling like a drunken child... and an easy target with minimal stamina regeneration... have all the stamina in the world, if it takes too long to recharge... it is not helping you so much any more.... And stealth... many players just can't see how well it already does work... and they demand changes to it rather than trying to have some actual patience and use it properly. I love this game at least as much as you seem to... Some balance changes may work out well... some will not... But balancing this game has proven to be very difficult or we would have a better balance already... But not everyone is ever going to agree on what balance should be. I am merely against changes that I feel would throw balance too far to either side... I am also against certain changes that are just not necessary... like the entire "worst Jason" thing... I feel we are already pretty close to a perfect balance... beyond the ease of killing Jason... but I also don't want counselors nerfed into the ground to see the Jason kill made more difficult... Nor do I want buffs to Jason that would make it impossible to survive as a counselor. Although this has happened many times... in fact, it happens every time the Jason player quits at the beginning of a match... This is not something I enjoy seeing.
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    I don't doubt it works better, but some players have had it fail... it is just rarer for it to fail with sucker punch... One day, it will fail you too... but when it does, it should not be so frustrating with so many successful kills... And I have no doubt you have killed 100's of Jasons since then. I am not one to go hunt Jason all the time though, for me it is rare to bother trying, so I am not going to switch up my perks for it... The axe works often enough that it is still pretty rare for it to fail me. The third person with a bat is just as good as a guarantee from what I have seen... the bat failing to bring him to his knees fails so rarely it is a non issue... much like the failure rate of an axe with sucker punch.
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