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    This is definitely a fair criticism. I have not replied to every piece of feedback here on the forums. But as far as why I haven't communicated what isn't possible and what is is because it is a very fluid situation. This fluidity to the situation recently changed again with the situation with the slingshot bug and counselors reaching the roof. A bug like that, that has reach deep into the code of the game and takes a significant amount of work to fix, can shift the entire scope drastically this late into the game's life. Earlier on, or at a time when content can still be created and released, not as much. So it's not always as cut and dry, and often shifts on the fly. But I can say I will be taking more care to comment on the items that are definitely outside of the scope of the project, though there is still going to be a variety of shades of grey. And yes, those two items mentioned above are not 1:1, but it's a matter of resources and time. Getting knee deep into a system and releasing a major balancing change that has potential to have ripple effect issues that will then need to be fixed, etc etc is a chunk of development resources better suited to repairing something existing. Basically, and very very truncated, changing a balance or system has the potential to then create bugs/fixes that are required in order for that change to sit well with the community. So we're starting one of those development loops I mentioned with something fresh that may well need to be iterated on into the future, as opposed to correcting an issue in the existing game (iteration, of sorts, itself). Currently, we don't have a rigid timetable because of that same fluid nature. But I can say this, there is room for some of the "would be nice" with the main caveat being that interrupting major core systems in game are not wise at this stage, as that can shuffle other items of the end of the list. Overhaul all Jason types? That's not likely at this stage. Smaller, more specific value changes? That's more possible, though still not something we can promise. A good example is perks. A major perk rework where we comb through and change the entire system is not going to happen at this point. But, we are looking at what we can do to alleviate some of the pain points with the current system, so it's in a better spot. So this is why feedback is still vital. I don't see anything you said here as rude and I truly appreciate the discourse. Going forward, this topic is much more open to this type of dialogue and I will do all that I can to check in on the feedback threads and reference this aspect where I can. I can understand the interest and need for more case by case assessment on this, and I'll make that effort to the best of my abilities.
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    You know what would help to make this easier to hear? The community having a list of all the “Need to Fix this “ items the team is working on......and where they fall on the priority list. And when we have suggestions that we tag you about you communicate with us about what is possible or not.... there have been quite a few instances where you haven’t even responded to them. I am not trying to be rude here I am just trying to understand ......if feedback that is not possible to be implemented into the game at this “late” stage of the games life is the case .....we the community need to be aware of what is being prioritized. I appreciate the transparency and respect you very much for being upfront with us and we want to be upfront as well. You said “having an under powered part 4 Jason vs having environmental kills still broken” ....it Is not a fair comparison.... at this stage of the games life I think it is safe to say we expect the environmental kills to be fixed and most game hindering bugs to be out of the game by the time you are unable to continue the cycle of Develop, test, launch, report, fix. I can understand core gameplay changes will definitely not happen do to time involved working on the deep code of the game and the problems that can arise with working on it. I don’t speak for the entire community but I know I would like to know where the teams time table is and if opportunities for “would be nice” content could be implemented with “needs to be fixed.” Priorities. @Kodiak I tried to add this quote and response to the topic thread but it wouldn’t let me.
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    @OCT 31 1978 and @mattshotcha i appreciate this information. if its down to the wire on this stuff id like to subjest: 1- context kills be fixed. 2- if the car being booted into outter space is too complicated and far too deep of a problem to be fully cleaned at this point, for it to at least kill you when you glitch off the map so the match isnt stuck in limbo. 3- maybe give the mask a tad more HP if its an easy buff, to make the jason kill a little more tricky. 4- tweek the perk rolling system so its less fustraiting. id be happy with that. im glad so much work is still put into this game. i thank you all for your time & effort.
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    To an extent, sure. It will be tricky in some of those grey areas, but I will provide as much insight and info as I can when it is not so cut and dry.
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    @mattshotcha I always laugh when players say ''Why do you only use fast grab kills or slash?'' Developers spent all that time recording kills only to make them available if you have enough space. Making the majority not worth using at all. Grab her for mother Jason...use your STRONG hand! 😂 https://xboxclips.com/GhostWolfViking/5b15192f-34bd-4a8d-ad8f-e1033725ce99/embed
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    @mattshotcha Continued conversation from the newest Weekly Beyond question thread.
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    Possibly. We need to have a few more internal discussions on that, though. Context/Environmental Kills are next in the priority list at number one. The car situation definitely needs a thorough investigation before I could honestly say. Mask I covered above. Perks are something we're looking at as in alternatives to an overhaul. More likely would be addressing some pain points, though we're not 100% sure on what that looks like for possibility yet. As far as I know, offline bots are not ruled out for the pathing fix. Meaning, the bots not moving in some offline play. That's something we have yet to investigate fully, but we do plan to look at. That's thinking far down the line, but as I've said before, we'll be looking to protect the players from loss at the end of the line. What exactly that will look like is still in discussion as we're not there yet. I also want to thank everyone here for the level headed discussion on this. I appreciate that.
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    I can only speak for myself, but I really hope that fixing/tweaking the offline bots mode is still something possible even this late in the game's life. We all know that one day, this mode and the sp challenges will probably be all that can still be played and if those bots still behave the way they do right now(standing in place, hoping in/out of windows in loop, not trying to escape, etc.) when that day arrives, there won't be much left to enjoy from this game imo client side save or not.
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    @mattshotcha Thanks for talking me off the ledge lol Glad to hear there will still be wiggle room for Some of those “ would be nice” items In the game. I completely understand the limitations with the small team and that priority should always go to Game play improvements over “it would be nice.” Type Changes/ additions.....and how time and costs will factor into it...... Having your feedback and assessments of the communities suggestions is very much appreciated.
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    I'm going to break our own rules and respond to this here. Mainly because I don't want to leave you all hanging and wondering the same. I am, in my opinion, as transparent and honest with you all as any ComDev in games, and this reply is going to be tough to hear. But let's not derail this thread, as there is a good purpose to this thread. If you want to follow up further, let's try to take it to another thread dedicated to the topic. We are getting very late in the life of Friday the 13th: The Game. You all have to realize that for a game like this, with the trials and tribulations it has faced, it is VERY long in the tooth. We're past 2 years since launch, and we're past 1.5 years since the content stoppage. Don't get me wrong, we are still working the items we discuss on BEYOND. But there is a finite amount of time we can spend continuously working on F13. Patches, of EVERY type, cost money. Bug fixes and balancing both. You all are aware of the team size we have on this title at this time, and it is not a huge team at all. Said plainly, not every piece of community feedback will see their way into the game. Currently, the team is tackling bugs that the community has expressed frustration over, as that is the best use of the team's time. If there is a piece of feedback or a suggestion that fits within the core design of the game and is something the team can realistically take on without derailing the priority list and bug fix schedule, we'll see to it. But these sweeping ideas of grand overhauls of core systems, most likely no. Core systems are incredibly tricky to tinker with and require a significant amount of work to perfect, and even then may introduce new bugs, creating a microcosm of a "Test, Launch, Report, Fix" cycle. These major changes go through a full cycle of creation, testing, launch, then reading reports, testing further and fixing. That's a lot of resources sunk into a change in lieu of the current bug list. That is also why the team is reluctant to get knee deep into something that is a "Would be nice" and not a "Need this fixed" situation. At this stage, squashing bugs is far more important for the future of the game than tweaking core systems, hell, even more important than "Are you going to re-balance Jason Part 4" type feedback. Because inevitably the day will come where we cannot continue to develop, test, patch, deploy, develop, test, patch, deploy any longer and a Part 4 Jason that is kind of under powered in the community's eyes is not nearly as big of an impact as say leaving Environmental Kills broken. There is a life span on development for all games. There is definitely a life span on development of THIS game. A realistic approach to what we can and cannot expect to see happen in game is important. Especially when the cost of those development cycles has to be weighed against the cost of keeping our servers on and so on. The resources at our disposal at this time cannot plausibly take on every piece of feedback, every bug, AND server costs indefinitely. This is why we need to approach every item from a priority standpoint, and focus our work accordingly.
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    Hey gang! Some forum users had a really great idea for involving the folks here a bit more in our live content for BEYOND. While you all can have the usual conversations with me across the forums, many cannot make it to the BEYOND streams. So we now have a weekly thread dedicated for you to ask questions that can then be read on air. Of course, for more pressing and urgent things, you'll want to contact support (JasonKillsBugs.com) and create threads here, as this is not a replacement for forum involvement. But for things you'd like to see highlighted, deep dives, etc, you can reply here and I'll read and address live on the next episode. This is not a request or feedback thread, as we have a whole forum for that. This is simply for questions you'd like to see addressed in a live environment. After the episode airs, this thread will be locked and a fresh thread created with the date of the next show.
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    Whenever you say things like far down the line when it comes to the end of development ..........it makes my heart super happy!!!
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    Off- line fixes and Client side saves are a must! Hopefully p2p hosting will also be possible.
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    Great post @OCT 31 1978. Hey it worked!!!!! Lol
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    I think it’d help a lot when someone gives a suggestion they respond to it and tell us how possible it is if it will get implemented or if it’s flat out not going to happen. That way they don’t hear the same suggestions weekly and us players are more aware of what’s possible. This would be good to do in the forums/social media/and the streams @mattshotcha would you guys be able to do this?
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    I am going to use your own quote to respond to this.... @Nathan5226 You are a smart guy I think you can appreciate the fact that @Ahab wants to collect all the facts in a situation before coming to a wild speculation that only serves as Mis-information that could inflame the community creating a toxic environment that none of us want..... This forum was quite toxic a year ago with members belittling the developers and other members... we don’t ever want to get to that point, nor will the moderators and Gun allow it to regress to that again either..... I think both of you can agree.... facts > opinions.....And that is just Plain Smart.
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    You don't need a PHD to know that speculation without a basis in FACT is wrong every time... barring of course, a lucky guess.... and lucky guesses do not = intelligence... EVER. The PHD in murder does not always detect every kill you made. I received my "PHD in Murder" with the use of "Dismemberment"... which is my favorite kill for Part VII and I had used it a great many times before that... So the achievement is a bit buggy, but you will still get it eventually. I know, as I said several times... I read it... SEVERAL times. There is NOTHING in there to indicate ANYTHING that would lead ANYONE to the conclusion (which is STILL wild speculation) that you made. How could you possibly have come to make the speculation you made with the information you have presented and keep parroting as if it actually has something to do with what you are talking about?... This is the question you need to answer, and have been avoiding, which gives no credence to your speculation AT ALL. He can't say... because there isn't any... Or he would have pointed this out the first time he was asked instead of parroting information he CANNOT explain which DOES NOT point in the direction of his speculation. If there was ANY evidence to support his claim, I would be right there with him on it... Facts are awesome... But, still no evidence... so here we are asking him the same question... again. "Possible"... does not translate to "IS"... Once again, you have confirmed nothing, nor even given enough to point towards your speculation.... And remember the devs you are talking about here... "possible" usually translates to... not ever going to happen around here... Their track record only sparkles with the game they made, not how well it runs. Your post here takes some truth that I have read in my own research, and mixes it with more speculation... I have done my own research here as well... and found NOTHING that would point towards your speculations. Mixing truth with speculation is NOT the way to come to a logical conclusion... FACTS please. @OCT 31 1978 asked a simple question that only requires a basic understanding of the language used to understand... If you need help understanding his question... you need serious help understanding what you are trying to pass off as facts. He is basically asking you the same thing I have several times now.... You are doing a great job at ignoring the question... and a crappy job with your speculations and explanations. I have read some of your other posts... you do sound like you are trying to be helpful... and that is more than I can say for many people... But speculation like that without evidence is NOT helping anything and IS harmful... I am not trying to be an asshole... if I was trying to be an asshole... no one would doubt it... I just want the FACTS. It is, however, good to hear that at this point... you can play the game again.... Happy Slashing!!! My point exactly... Once again, with ANY proof... I would be right there with him on this... and he still has NON. Also... nice breakdown of the PHD in Murder. If you need it explained to you again... there is no help for you. I find it difficult to put it in terms even simpler than I already did... But I could write you an essay on it that you would never read, and if you did... you wouldn't understand it anyway. I don't consider myself a genius... nor do I consider myself stupid. You on the other hand, trying to call me stupid in a roundabout way for asking questions, and asking for ACTUAL evidence before I take a wild speculation based on NOTHING seriously?... Not only do you PROVE your own level of intelligence is approaching non existence... but your own words are beginning to make you look rather insane here... But please, keep trying. Small minds need to think they are better than others when they are not... and actually believe that cheating to win makes them better somehow. While the rest of us know that cheating cannot possibly make anyone better at anything... there are just some people that will never see this. While hackers do ruin the fun for everyone else... it is easy to ruin the fun for hackers. Whenever I see them in game... I leave, and take the lobby with me. If I see them (and recognize them) in a pre game lobby, I wait until the opening cutscene and leave and take the lobby with me... Some of them frequently change their names, but those that speak have distinctive voices that are easy to recognize as soon as they speak. Those that recognize my name, tend to taunt me about me leaving the game when they pull this shit, making them even easier to recognize if they changed their names... Give a troll a rope and they will hang themselves with it. It is only really annoying if my friends or myself do not realize that a hacker is present until later in a match... But I just call it a wash and move on to another match... and remember him for next time.
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    LOL, so everybody is great at every counselor they use . Lets just end the argument. A team of Lachappas lol . I main Lachappas , you have to be kidding me .
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    Update: I have just gotten into a game, it took a few tries but I am in, feel free to lock the thread mods EDIT: Everything is working fine now.
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    It's a bad idea because it doesn't really add anything to the game. As @HowAreYa pointed out, we don't need d-strike added to the game. If you want to add skill checks, making it part of the break free attempt would be a better approach. Instead of button mashing give them skill checks based on there strength and composure.
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    Past couple Days ive seen people crying how hard the game is and crying cause him and there helper didnt get to kill everyone my opinion is dont play the dam game just to ruin it for others
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    @mattshotcha I get the feeling a lot of the community’s feedback doesn’t really get considered as anything that’s going to get implemented into the game. You guys listen to what we have to say in the streams but nothing really goes beyond the conversation. Your guys’ player base knows the game the best and what’s best for it. Listening to the player base and implementing some of what we suggest would do a lot of good for the game. The streams are starting to seem like the same thing every week. I see a lot of the same suggestions in the chat week after week...... and those same suggestions are just becoming the same old conversation and nothing more than that on a weekly basis. You guys haven’t made yourselves very clear if you’re going to move forward and try to implement anything we’ve suggested. Can you guys tell us what the plans are as far as what you guys might implement into the game out of all the ideas that have been thrown your way? There’s been a lot of feedback and suggestions given to you guys.... Im asking myself is anything going to get implemented at all...? Is the players voices just going to be noise and nothing more than a conversation? I just want a honest answer of what’s happening and what has a chance to get implemented out of our suggestions so some of us can quit wasting our own time suggesting the same things week after week.
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    Sorry, but that's an awful idea. I don't like a pocket knive being Decisive Strike. There are already a max amount of pocket knives and you can easily counter that by slashing.
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    Catching any counselor one on one with rage mode is a joke , like i stated before when you get 4 or 5 to start the game with perks and they are using the game objectives to escape they render your traps to simply notifying you but that doesn't last when they are working both cars and a phone and possible Tommy box . Any good Jason knows when its one and one destroy doors and windows as she cant hide because of ping . I'm strictly referring to teams that actually play together she is by far the best to use .
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    Had to of had a crush on tiffany😂.... when I accidentally ran right into the car that was coming my way. The Jason player almost looked saddened and didn’t know what to do now that I wasn’t there 😂
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    Gun gets a license. 1 year later... Lawsuit!
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    Impossible? No. Fun? Also, no. It's one thing to be challenged as Jason. It's another to feel totally impotent. While playing as a monstrous, unholy killing machine. Against a group of teenage girls.
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    Yep If you're playing in a lobby with a couple smart Vanessas with a pocket knife or two. No amount of sneaky Stalking will get you a W. They'll sit in cabins all day long. You can break down all the doors and destroy all the windows. Your only chance is a lucky shift grab/shift slash to limp with no extra spray. If they are carrying a couple knives. They'll get a timeout win if the kill option and the cops are off the table. Running Jasons will wear them down a bit more, but without knives. Its unlikely you'll kill them. You can say save them for Vanessa/faster characters but if you're in a lobby full of them? Good luck with that.
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    NOT OP Smart Jason’s- See loud Vanessa sound pings from far away, stalk, morph, try to sneak in and get her in stalk. Not as op as people think she is and she’s only an effective repairer if the person playing is good at skill checks. Most of them miss and that call to the cops won’t happen
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    @wes, this is too fuckin’ funny. My new favourite version of the cups and balls. @Strigoi, you’re too eager, relax brother these things take time and we’ll be told when it’s that time, which will be months down the road (probably). If it’s even Halloween he’s talking about.
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    I understand you are having issues and so are others and it sucks.... it doesn’t mean the developers are destroying the game..... they have said they are looking into it. It may not be as cut and dry are unplug it and plug it back in. I am on PS4 and get into matches in as little as a minute and as long as 3 minutes since the patch my experience hasn’t t changed when it comes to logging in.....our experiences vary.....I am sorry you are frustrated and I understand it. I don’t think it’s because the developers are doing it on purpose....the only suggestions I have... is be patient I am sure a fix is coming this has happened before it may not be the same issue but they did get it fixed. Fingers crossed 🤞 for news on tomorrow’s beyond stream!!
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    Not everyone is having server issues... I am sorry you are......and do hope the servers fix comes soon....both the servers and the environmental kills are being look into. The last two patches were about stopping a long standing game play issue with the roof glitch so that was priority. one patch to stop the glitch the other to fix what they didn’t put back together right. The game can still be played even with the environmental kills glitching.... but people hanging out in unreachable areas did cause more of a game breaking match than gaining extra XP from repeated kills. @Fair Play my pleasure hope it helps whoever wants to use it. @Confused member.... For the individual who is confused about any of my posts I have no problem explaining it again for you....since English apparently is not your forte, I can use smaller words or write it down in crayon if necessary.
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    Sure I will put together a list in a little bit. ****edit**** @Dragonfire82877 For PhD for murder you must have purchased all the grab and weapon kills. only attempt these on large maps as small maps don’t have all environmental kills on them. The environmental kills that were added to the game after launch do not count to unlock the trophy. And neither do part 4 and 5 and Savini Jasons and their kills. (The knife kill stab and throat slash, screwdriver, Boom box, knife repeated stabbed, and Face boiled in a pot.) are the environmental kills not needed to unlock the trophy....... With that out of the way here is what counts: All the Grapple kills that came out at launch....must be performed once by any Jason. Backbreaker Bodyslam Bear hug Head rip Eye gouge Choke Head crush Head punch Head squeeze Head stomp Heart punch Jaw rip knee snap Head twist Two handed choke All weapon kills that came out at launch Any Jason should be able to work for this but when the trophy popped for me it was before weapon swapping was available....so if you are going to go back and retrace your steps I would suggest setting the Jason’s back up with their original weapons and kills. part 2 original 3 weapon kills Can opener Head butt throat hack Part 3 original 3 weapon kills Crotch chop Head chop Stunner Part 6 original 3 weapon kills Shish kebab knock down spear impale Part 7 original 3 weapon kills eviscerate dismember Machete stab Part 8 original 3 weapon kills Chin strike double tap fire axe throw Part 9 original 3 weapon kills How to peel a coconut Chest stab head chop Decapitate All environmental kills that were in game at launch any Jason can be used.....this is probably where you might be missing something.....because some of the kills requires multiple location of the same kill to count. Cabin wall- Face punch inside and outside of a Cabin to count. Cabin wall- Face crush inside and outside of a cabin to count. Cabin wall- Head Face slam outside of cabin Cabin wall- Back breaker must be done inside and outside a cabin to count. Toilet bowel - Swirly Corner kills- Desk ( any cabin), large Rock, Pinball Machine, Packanack porch, Higgins Haven porch, Tombstone. All of these must be done to count for this Kill. Tree stumps - Choke Slam Small Tree - pruning Big Tree - Impale Crystal lake - Drowning Coat Hooks - impale hung up Kill Windows - Throw inside a cabin and Throw outside a cabin must be done to count. Bed- Kill must be done with every weapon available when the game launched to count. Fire place - Cooking with Jason 😃 Closets( any of the many closets will work ) , the lockers (must be done in Higgins Barn), outhouses (any of them will work ) - all these hiding spots need to be done to count for this Kill. Chair - Folded Kill Grave yard fence - Impaled Campfire - Marshmallow stick in the throat Water pipe - Head Squeeze Kill Door- Head slammed in Door must be done from inside and outside a cabin to count Barn Fence - Face slam repeatedly slammed against fence Tent- Sleeping bag kill Bird bath - Impale Neck break melee Kill - Slashed to death Throwing Knife - knifed to death Bear trap - killed by trap The main trick to getting the trophy to pop is making sure you have done all the kills that look similar in all of their various locations.........to get them to count as that specific kill... and the hiding under the bed kill with every weapon in the game available at launch. The Corner Kills and all the different Closets, lockers and the outhouse kills took me the longest to get ....... I made a list and crossed off the Kills and the locations as I did them....... Good luck I hope this helps.
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    I am only concerned with..... which message out of the many you posted shows proof that Gun said they are sharing dedicated servers for PS4 players and Nintendo Switch players. You don’t have to bother answering I already know the answer......there isn’t a post that has proof. it was all based on assumption.... that fit the narrative someone....came up with. This is why assumptions without facts and proof are dangerous/harmful. #facts4life. @Ahab was right.
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    I appreciate your thoughts on it.(assumptions.) .......but where in the messages that you posted did it say that they are sharing dedicated servers for PS4 and Nintendo Switch ?
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    Soooooo........where in both of these posts does it say they are sharing Nintendo switch and PS4 dedicated servers? They don’t. .....hmmmm (in fact the Post from Gun says “same game version as you.” That could actually be taken as PS4 / p/c / x-box/ switch have their own dedicated servers.)....but I don’t want to make any assumptions yet. But...... it’s a good thing we have members here who made up a bunch of nonsense to justify their own narrative about the situation...... once again please use better Judgement before coming to your conclusion and assumptions. # the more you know 🌈⭐️ Part 2 Do you actually need help cracking PHD for murder? I got that trophy unlocked in 2017 and do know a few tricks that could help
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    I remember in one of the other Forums there was this Thread of Players who managed to beat one of the hardest challenges in another game using a Unique Team no Cheese strats. That was in the Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Tree and it was cool to see other players post their Team and Screenshots etc to the Forum and get added to a continually updated List. There should be something like that Moderrated/pinned on this Part of the Forum if anybody cares to share their Completion/Builds/Achievements. In fact I think it will motivate more people to Share as long as it has to meet some sort of Requirement
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    I noticed that sometimes there are Jasons that are bloody in the opening cut scene of the match before they even lay a hand on any players — and they’re bloody throughout the whole match. They’re obviously bloody because of the person they killed in the opening cut scene, before the game begins, but I was just wondering — is that random? Is it just that sometimes the Jason is bloody and other times they aren’t? I know sometimes the Jason gets bloody from being hit by counselors throughout the match, and sometimes by killing them (right?), but I’m talking about before the match even begins. Just a curious question.
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    maybe Gun is preparing for their next project.
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    Yes, and it drove me nuts until I finally got that achievement... with a kill I had used many times before that. Actually, no... as I said, I don't consider myself a genius... but you on the other hand... with this, and trying to call me stupid in a roundabout manner in your previous post... have revealed yourself to be not only a troll, but you keep making yourself look less and less intelligent the more you type on your little keyboard.... What did I say before?... Give a troll a rope, and what do you think he will do with it?... You are proceeding as predicted. Are you the kind of person whose GPA keeps the average so low?... It has not only started to look that way, but your words alone are quickly confirming it. Let's see if you can understand how you are wrong about "not everything had to be so exquisite"... and by exquisite, in the context you use it here... I would think you mean... complicated. EVERYTHING is more complicated than most people think... and also... complexity IS exquisite. Take the simplest thing we can think of... 1+1... Just how many sentences do you think it will take to teach someone how to do this... AND come up with the correct answer... while considering they do not know how to do it?... It is far more than you think... Ask a grade one teacher... which shouldn't be hard for you to do... I doubt you are out of that school yet anyway judging by how you are acting here.... So perhaps you should check again on just how simple you think everything actually is, because you are flat out wrong in thinking things are simple. The above example also includes the fact you actually have to teach them to count first before you can teach them the most basic parts of math (I just thought you might need that pointed out to you)... so yeah... It takes WAY more sentences to explain how to do this than you would think... and that is the simplest thing I can think of... How about you, got anything simpler than that?... Everything beyond 1+1 becomes exponentially more complex. Now let's ask you a VERY simple question... What led you to the assumption that I am the stupid one?... I can't wait for your answer... troll. I remember it well... but I think Mr. Nathan would love to see it degenerate back into that... His own words are meant to enflame, he is just doing a piss poor job of it. Coming down on someone for asking for proof = moronic.
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    alls ya gotta do if ya cant catch her in a chase is out smart her with that big jason brain of yours. when she knows youre after her she can be slick, so catch her up in some stalk action. also that window bouncing comes to an end when ya throwing knife her mid climb back into the cabin & hack her pocket knife ass up! besides.. she aint got NOTHIN' on fox 🤓
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