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    As Dukes said, it's not a total outage. Some regions are able to and some aren't. Those that are in between server locations where the search can plug them into a different server, will and will be playing after almost no delay in matchmaking. London being the example. If you are close enough to say the Frankfurt server, the London server acting up will not be as big of an impact to you, if at all. But some users in some regions are just consistently trying to connect to a server that is suffering crashes and issues.
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    Last I heard, if things go smoothly. They could cut a deal by November 25th. If things push through. By December 1st, they will push ahead with a new film and sources inside Ubisoft have shown interest in taking over development of the game as well as resuming content, all the while offering a brand new micro-transaction system.
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    The status update is much appreciated. Best of luck getting this fully resolved.
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    EDIT: Servers will be rerouting those of you affected to more active, less problematic servers for the time being while the team continues to investigate why those servers were crashing/looping. You may see higher than expected ping, but within the realm of playable, due to the connection being to the next nearest server. This will be mostly evident in the regions already facing an issue, and mostly on the PS4 platform. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey gang! The team has been working to pin down what exactly has been happening with servers since the last patch (1.35) went live. I wanted to post a status update here for you all, as there are many different threads on the topic and this will provide us with something to link back to, rather than risk the info being missed. The team is currently digging through to see if there is a part of this that is related to our code, while also following up with our Partners at Amazon to identify what could be causing the behavior. For transparency, what we're seeing is that certain regions are connecting to higher traffic/activity areas, while certain lower player activity regions are struggling through a series of server crashes and restarts, causing the behavior we're seeing. Currently, we're trying to sort out if this is something that can be dealt with on the Amazon side or ours, and what that will look like. Typically, these crashes should bounce players onto a server possibly further out, then restart the server affected and onward and upward back into that location. This isn't the behavior we're seeing, however, and instead we're seeing players on crashed servers linger in search then reconnect to that server in a large wave, and then the server crashes again. The fix for this may be a matter of routing the players in affected areas to a bit further off of a server location, resulting in slightly higher pings, at least temporarily. So if you notice that behavior, please do report it, but do not panic, as this is most likely going to be at least a stage in the fix. Currently, we do not have an ETA on the changes, but are working on this first priority. I'll update and add edits to this thread as we have more information to share.
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    Thanks for pointing this out @aurllcooljay. I'll keep an eye on its development.
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    Do you guys think it's possibly a memory leak causing the issue with the servers crashing and restarting? I saw there was a fix for a memory leak issue for the servers on 6.28.17, check back again with the connectivity parts of the game if it is when people search for a game? Fixed a memory leak for dedicated servers. I think it was on PC as consoles didn't have dedicated servers at that point, but I'm wondering if the same thing could be happening. But, since the patch was dropped at around the same date as the Switch release, it's difficult to say if it's because of the Switch players and overloaded servers or update wise. If nothing was an issue in the code, then it has to be this unless changes were made to the servers which were unaware of, and not being told about which could maybe help all of us think of possible outcomes of the change. I figured if you'd be with AWS they'd have server logs, but apparently not 😂 if you went with GAE it would've been much easier to figure out the issue with logs. I don't know which instance the game uses to host dedicated servers, but try finding logs... https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/using-features.logging.html EDIT: I officially think you use AWS GameLift for dedicated servers based on locations. Could be EC2, but unlikely.
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    That was a joke, right? Please tell me that was a joke.
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    If I ever get a high enough level of video editing proficiency, I'll take a shot at it. I told those bots to stop doing that. 😎
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    I posted a separate update about that. As the two issues are unrelated we’re keeping the Switch patch unique to Switch and the server work for the other three platforms unique to them. So we’ll be looking to sync up our patch cycles to be all four platforms at a later date. EDIT: On my mobile so I had to grab the link. Server Issues - Status http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27091-recent-server-issues-status/
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    I have found as long as you have one other person in your group, you can get into dedicated servers. Not an ideal fix, but it works. Add me and I’ll be happy to join. Gamer tag same as name
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    Hey! We will post complete patch notes here once we have a date for it to go live to users. BUT! I know we have the thumbstick tuning in there, a fix for reconnection to lobbies (it was not allowing players to connect after a kick), the emote removal, and a server connection issue in the US.
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    Where did you read this? As promising as this sounds, nothing related to this game has run smoothly. I think you're just playing around.
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    As of right now Victor Miller The writer of Friday the 13th owns the rights to that film and all characters in the Film and the ones used only by name....Jason.....in the United States only. This decision was made based on a terminations of copyrights law implemented in the United States that allows writers of their works to regain ownership for renegotiation purposes. Horror INC /Sean Cunningham owns the rights to the franchise outside of the United States... including the Adult killer in a hockey mask..... At present time Neither can go forward with a film because of said split ownership.......Victor can sue Sean because all future films based on his characters are derivatives of his original film........ And Sean having the rights to the franchise and Adult killer in a hockey mask......Definitely doesn’t want to pay royalties to Victor Miller for the characters name.......with both being able to support the claims of ownership...... (Victor owning Jason’s name and Sean owning the rights to all of Friday the 13th’s many sequels and the look of the Adult Killer in a Hockey Mask.) ......they must both come together to make any future decisions about the franchise.......but it looks like neither party wants to do that......as talks between the two have not panned out and Sean has pushed through a full appeal to the original decision. So with the full appeal Horror Inc continues to try to prove the idea that Victor Miller worked on the film as a work for hire and continues to press the courts to make a decision on who owns the rights to Adult Hockey Masked killer Jason Voorhees.....So that the franchise can move forward unimpeded by lawsuits... If Anybody can think of anything I missed add to it.......
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    That should be in the official "Friday the 13th: The Game Outtakes" video that someone will eventually make one day.
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    @salvo9417 The normalization of things to do with the patch and the moving of servers yes should have taken a few hours or even less, but not at this late stage of the game something that has taken this long to sort out definitely not. We should all have been able to play, regarding servers there just not there, been turned off? or moved over to accommodate the switch version, or we wouldn't have to wait so long to try and get in to a lobby or in most cases no lobby whatsoever. Getting in to a P2P lobby can take almost up to 7 minutes which is no fun due to pings not being stable enough or the host will suddenly leave and you have to go through the full search process again. Here is @mattshotcha message that he replied to me below on 20th of August 2019 about 1 hour before they streamed on twitch "Hey, sorry for the late reply. The team is looking at the situation with servers and we'll have more info on this soon. Post patch is always rocky, but this has continued past the post patch phase and will probably require some rebalancing of servers to get you folks back to connecting quickly. One question, when dumped to P2P matches, do they fill correctly and are playable or no?" We have all seen this, we have all read this and we all have our assumptions and finalized our own conclusions on this matter, take from it what you may. You have also got to remember this issue has been going on since 12th of August 2019 and has affected a lot of players from around the world on the PS4 here in the United Kingdom, other countries in Europe and several states in America. Here is a post that someone put on reddit that i will put below, for the record i would like to clarify i am not associated with reddit or have ever signed up to them, someone took a snap shot of my message from this forum and posted it to there and put there own headline above it. (It's all good though) Hope this helps you understand the full situation that is going on, and for me and a lot of other players now it's more of a waiting game to see what there going to do next.
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    I'm wondering if is normal, after that update 1.35 on my ps4 I can't play online, it's really slow and after 5 minutes I use to find only 3 people playing... Because before I didn't had any problems and was really fast
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    So, bugs is one thing. Take that back. MANY MANY MANY BUGS are one thing, but I have not been able to play a single match since this “fix update”. It is constantly just searching for servers, then it says “checking session for room” and then repeats. I’ve now been waiting for 16 minutes, and the red wheel just keeps spinning. The first day, I get it, servers are catching up with the update and they even made a statement to back that up, but THREE DAYS AFTER and still server issues? Come on..
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    Yeah, I've encountered some teamers last night as well. Some guy was walking together with Jason and unlocking all the doors I locked to let Jason in. It happens most of the times when I play online matches which is THE reason why I hate playing online and prefer killing bots. They may be very predictable, but at least I have fun playing the game, which I don't have when I'm playing online. I've always said that players who party up together should NOT be Jason in online matches. Private? Fine. However, online they'll most likely team up. Or Jason kills everyone except them and you have to wait 20 minutes to gain exp. So I'm forced to leave the match which I do most of the times I see players teaming up with Jason before Jason is able to kill me. Another example of Jason teamers: players who repair the car and drive the car to Jason to present the players to him. This only happened twice so far, but this one really pissed me off. What I am trying to say is that online play has some serious issues which make the game not fun at all. And the worst part is that the developers haven't tried to do anything against it so far.
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    This. don't get into a mob of 4 or 5 players that all just stand around trying to do the same thing. Split up and hit all the objectives at same time. Increases chance for escape exponentially.
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    Wow that fucking funny and one hell of a knife throw. The car flipped 10 miles in the air in 1 sec
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    Some think its an exploit and not supposed to be in the game. I just like the game to be fun. I get 7of7 or 8of8 probably 95% of the time im Jason without using the strafe shift, so yes, i would feel bad using it. lol But I dont knock anyone that does use it. I prefer to face the hardest version of Jason I can in this game. If it helps them catch me better then so be it, but still need good luck trying! haha
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    legend start with health spray (dont know how to spell good & hate autocorrect) AND legend teamwork both have a police response time decrease bonus. you can mix that with my dads a cop & have the fastest cop response in the entire world. as dumb as the swim perks may be.. legend motorboating & legend marathon both have swim speed bonus. mix that with aquanot and ive got it all the way to 45% swim speed increase so far. thats all i can think of off the top of my head right now.. these arent really the kinda builds you want but its kinda fun to play around with. if youre going for badges, the swim build would be ok for the boat escape badge i guess.. same with super cop build..
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    Thank you both. Yeah, it hasn’t shown up in a while now, so I assumed they fixed it. I was just making sure it was a glitch and not someway of cheating that people were using. It never happened to me directly, I just saw it while spectating other players, so that’s why I was wondering. Thanks again.
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    That would have made for one hell of a video.
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    Not so for me, unfortunately. Had a group of three last night. Didn't see DS one time.
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    Well there has to be some servers, as people are reporting being able to get into games after stopping/starting search once it hits 2 mins. Sounds like a lot of non functional ones though are mixed in.
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    Gang, questions. This is a thread for questions you'd like to see answered, etc. Not a feedback thread. The entirety of the forums are here for feedback. I read and report on what we can here. But there is no reason to read things like "Rework Perks!!!" on the air. It's something we can discuss here in threads. The idea of the thread is to give you a route to ask questions if you can't make the streams.
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    Friday the 13th: The Game - Where Is The F13 Official EU Dedicated Servers For The United Kingdom? After Patch 1.35 @mattshotcha @GunMedia @wes PS4, EU, UNITED KINGDOM, SCOTLAND I am in Scotland, United Kingdom still no dedicated server after i installed patch 1.35 on Monday 12th of August 2019 It's now Sunday 18th of August 2019 6 Days on and the same thing over & over every day, what is going on with this? Have tried and tried no joy whatsoever. So i decided to do this almost 1 hour video to illustrate how bad things are in the United Kingdom. @GunMedia if you are listening or watching out there please for the love of god sort this mess out. After playing the game for over 2 years never have i encountered anything as bad as this after a patch or any patch you have brought out i have always been able to find a lobby so where is our dedicated servers for the game?
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