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    Edited the original to reflect the patch is starting the roll out. Expect deployments across all three platforms by end of day.
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    This patch fixed things..... without breaking something else. As far as I know, that’s the case. I haven’t found anything new broken. The game feels normal and balanced again. I’m happy for things to be back to normal..... Keep up the clean patches @mattshotcha Cheers 🍻 P.s. i was happy to go to my bug list and delete things without adding new bugs on the list.
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    After getting into a lobby, finally, tested out some things. The R2 cancel is completely gone. Beds, cabinets, windows, drawers, windows, doors. Traps deploy properly. Holding R2 now puts the trap down and sets it again. Jason doesn't get his shift and sense at the same time, could tell from the audio cues. And by making the traps work properly again, it didn't bring back being able to keep the prompt from the trap when you run away to rubberband. So all in all, thus far, this was a good patch. Didn't notice anything broken, that wasn't already broken. Didn't see anything fixed, without being said it was fixed. Like sliding with a gun is still a thing, and counselors using CS to teleport is still a thing.
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    Servers are up and shifting after the patch as normal. This is just the process coming out of a patch deployment and despite seeming longer than normal, it's not an issue so much as an inconvenient delay. This will normalize in the hours to come. PC we did have a hiccup with the build and we're taking care of that now.
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    Hey guys! He wants to get rage nerfed because its actually challenging! Haha! No!
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    EDIT: The patch is rolling out now on platforms. PC will see it almost instantly, PS4 should eb their typical roll out. Xbox is completed on our end, just in the process with Microsoft. That process can take some time, so expect the patch on the Xbox One within the next few hours. Patch 1.35 is the recently discussed rapid patch to solve a few issues that cropped up with the recent fix to our Interaction System. The Interaction System fix was a deep fix inside the system that works with all counselor interactions in game, and was kicked off to fix the issue with counselors being able to slingshot themselves into unreachable areas of the maps, like Packanack Roof. In our efforts to repair the Interaction System, two key bugs cropped up and slipped by our testing. One was an issue in the code that changed the timings and values for Jason's Abilities. The other was an issue relating to Counselor Animations. The animation issue allowed counselors to cancel animations with various key/button presses. These two issues were flagged as highest priority and the team has prepared a fix. That fix is complete, as far as internal testing is concerned, but the build to ship to users needs one last final verification test to be ready for users to download. We originally targeted Friday, August 9th as the go live date for this patch, but this final testing phase is taking us into the weekend. The team is working away at testing this build, literally as we speak, and despite missing the window to have the patch live by the weekend, we are now targeting early next week. Apologies for the delay, as Friday was our initial goal. But the team is not going to deploy this patch until we have a confident level of testing completed. The work is completed, now we need to run through our verification process and make sure everything is ready for deployment. This stage can take time, and this is why we have pushed out from our target today and into early next week. The Patch Notes for the upcoming patch are below, but please keep in mind that this is a rapid patch with a very specific target. FIXED - Various issues with cooldown speed and timings for Jason's Abilities (Shift, Sense, etc). Cooldown for Abilities was drastically shortened. Unlock timings for Abilities were off, and Abilities would unlock too closely together. FIXED - Counselor Animation Interrupt Counselors were able to interrupt animations with key/button presses such as Combat Stance, and similar. This resulted in unintended behavior with counselors jumping from windows etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: While the team is now targeting early next week, keep an eye on this thread for updates. While the following issues ARE NOT included in this update, there are some high priority issues the team will be investigating next. Environmental Kills, Car Physics, Jarvis House Offline Bots, and Random Counselor will be investigated following the delivery of this patch. These were not included in this patch, as the team will need to dedicate more time to investigation and diagnostics before we can get a plan for those together. This patch needed to be sent out quickly, and in order to do that, the focus stayed on recent issues introduced with the Interaction System work.
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    Anyone with a switch down to share some friend codes and run some games later on when it drops?
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    Dedicated servers are completely broken, no platform can currently get to any, matchmaking takes up to 10 minutes before dumping us into peer to peer. I can get behind bugs maybe, but LITERALLY not being able to play the game is a big issue
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    That’s a new one..... Well if a kill squad is trying to kill me and tommy has axe. You know what I’m gonna do? Make him miss his swing 😂 poof gone. But for real though, that is pretty game breaking. Does this happen alone away from Jason or just when you’re around him?
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    It's not over,and there is not going to be new content even if it was.Just bug fixes and balance changes,general maintenance.
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    I know. It would need testing to make it didn't get op.
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    they arent working for us at ALLLLL, and we just had a really glitchy match start, i saw a part 3 with savinis pitchfork....
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    The patch seems good so far. Haven't seen any new issues. Excellent work!
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    This meme is priceless. So, the patch that fixed an issue, is gonna bring back said issue along with the all the other ones? Some people do, some people don't. There are a few threads that outline current issues people have with the game. It may or may not total 30+. Welcome back by the way.
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    I swear do people just only post to this fourm just to see whats broken? Every game will have Issues made for modern systems (and PC).
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    Will test it out. If I do find new issues I am ready.
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    He can catch the car though. If his morph and shift is available, he can morph like 20 meters in front of the car and shift into it. You're underestimating what Part 4 can do.
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    Lol that’s how it always goes. A bad hangover usually means it was a good night.
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    Jason was not OP at launch. We all just had no idea what we were doing. The flaws were always there. They were just made worse by the fact people play so much more counselor by default. You will always be better at a role you've spent 7 times as much time on. I will agree that most of the patches did weaken him. I still think the rage change was a mistake. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever see any of the suggestions to help skilled Jason players ever implemented. So I'm sure were stuck with what we were given.
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    If you wanted to piss more people off, telling them they couldn't play the counselor they want when they want is a good way to do that. An alternative would be to play matches with people who like counselor variety, rather than dopplegangers. I haven't noticed the chance as Jason being less than usual. Something could be going on with that though. Hey @mattshotcha, have there been any observations regarding this?
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    I’ll also add that I personally like playing as a counselor against an OP Jason , Jason was Op at launch and with every patch got weaker, he’s still a bitch until her gets rage. People have got used to being able to easily get away and humiliate Jason .
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    I agree with that. Blocking should always stay up no matter what man. People always say oh just block. That’s not a viable option anymore
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    I am happy to hear for fixes of Animation kills,offline bots, and Jason's abilities.
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    Kill squads are.... pathetic. Do something else. This game has become attack of the do-nothings. Whereas counselors used to have to sojourn to find repair items lost in the woods, since everything can be marked people can’t be bothered to do anything, hey just pass the buck especially repair counselors. Debbie and A.J.—once the most formidable counselors—are always caught not tagging or repairing. The item will be by the target, not trapped, yet Debbie refuses to do shit. Debbie Do-Nothing, every match. Every match. Debbie has the best repair yet I always catch her doing zilch. WTF. Anyway, kill squads are just as tryhard as many Jasons so whatever.
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    Agreed. This is a big one.
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    the real question is.. what does this patch break?
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    Can't wait to see what gets broken next with the updates!
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    Hey, if a patch comes out later because it needs testing, I'm okay with it.
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    It's no different than those badass counselors scattering like roaches and running for their lives the moment Tommy or SG goes down. All that macho bravado disappears like a fart in the wind. Not one of them runs toward Jason in that situation and tries to engage him knowing it's a death sentence. Why should anything less be expected of Jason when his mask is off and there's a group of five ready to gang-bang him? There's no rhyme, reason, or only a certain situation where it's "ok to avoid getting killed". The game is about survival, and since both sides can be killed, same thing applies toward both. I'll make a kill squad chase me the entire remainder of the round and taunt the shit out of them while I do it, as in most cases, it wasn't five minutes prior they were trying to do the exact same thing to me. Works both ways. There's no cowardice in giving them a taste of their own medicine. IMO, only cowards are those who quit the moment something goes wrong in their gameplan and they get frustrated and leave the match.
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    A cautious gamer tends to be more successful than a careless gamer.
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    Exactly this. This is why I always balk at comments that are something to the effect of "if an experienced kill squad wants Jason dead, he will be dead, nothing he can do." There is ALWAYS something he can do; not engage. It's simple. Every Jason who ever died made the conscientious choice to not use his abilities to distance himself from the team (or forgot/didn't know how/whatever). There are other ways of dealing with kill squads that don't involve walking right into them like a goof and being slaughtered. They only get their way if you allow it. And if you fail at picking off the key people, you are under absolutely no obligation to say "whelp I tried to be smart, here goes nothing." That's just stupid.
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    Friday the 13th: The Game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 13th! For a live gameplay demo of the Switch build, watch the past broadcast of our latest episode of TALES from the STREAM below!
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    Thankfully, not all players are fixated on killing Jason. The aggressive kill squads may run some players off, but other players have thicker skin and may consider sticking around to improve and fight back. I wouldn't be quick to call a quitter a "bitch". If one doesn't enjoy something, I wouldn't judge them for not sticking around. This game isn't for everyone. It'll be much nicer when this isn't a thing anymore. I'm trusting the developers are coming up with a rational solution to the "kill Jason so easily" dilemma. It may take some time to implement, but it'll be worth the wait.
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    It’s fading and will continue too ..I mean the macarena dance was a hit and sold as a song ..Do People still Whip and NaE ...Next episode pretty please..Maybe its me I get bored easy .I just feel the Horror genre needs something great and can live up to that Rockstar Games level of games with more dynamic,Features and modes ..Someone needs to take the challenge why not GunMedia..Take it higher and Get some real investors..Looks like Illfonic got 20th century Fox and Sony..So hopefully Predator should be Good if not great
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    I don’t think you understand my PC Comment it wasn’t a Comparison to a High end PC it was a comment to say how easy it is to change graphics settings to show off how a game would look on any Console ...Its also Pointless to showcase how some low end consoles or graphics card would look..People want better not worse ,.It’s Natural to defend and not like when some calls it like it is...We all are entitled to our opinions and I know most will not like mine or challenge it ..Which is fine by me ..Supporting something that is dying off and that people have moved on from isn’t going to last ..I hope Gun has something new in the works ..Analogy The Raptors won this years Championship...Will they live off that title forever which is now in the past ? Or say Lets Defend the title and show people we are a good brand going forward..I feel GunMedia needs a Good comeback Song (game) ..For all the frustration and disappointments of F13 which was a game I truly genuinely liked and felt left down..I think GunMedia should step up to the challenge and work a good deal with another Franchise or Original Work get a real Budget and offer backer incentives and perks as well for a new bigger better game ...I believe GunMedia can but it seems and looks like their Camp is stuck in limbo and only Had and has Jason..What’s next prove myself and others wrong ..I feel They owe that to the Fans for spending their money & supporting a Game that still to this day doesn’t work right ..Imagine a Game that has very little Glitches\functionality issues and a Road map of promises and commitments that aren’t broken dreams or hinder by a lawsuit suit..Just so you know I like GunMedia and F13 I just feel let down and tired of hearing about something that is Old news and going no where because it can’t ,Thanks to Two men almost 80’s old that are fighting over some that was made almost 40 years ago..My point is to motivate Gun and yes I’m saying things that aren’t nice but its how I feel and so do others..TURN THE PAGE NEXT GAME..Jason can’t live right now unfortunately
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