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    There you go with that again. Trying to twist someone's impression of a game just like you did with me when I was explaining why I thought Uber, Grender, a new game mode, alternative playable heroes would've been a much better focused priority over things like the engine upgrade or 30 dance emotes/halloween costumes if a bigger group of community could've help influenced the company's decision. Feedback is not the same thing as telling someone how to run their company. Anyone is allow to critique a decision they don't see eye to eye with regarding the company's service. That is not being in an authority position on ordering them what to do. In fact, this would've probably have a little more validity if one were to demand a certain change BEFORE THE COMPANY TOOK THAT ACTION and therefore making that decision go into effect. So why are you trying to enlighten someone's opinion of a company's action revolving around particular decisions that already took place? That is pointless to begin with. Everyone knew they never had that kind of power and never will. But they could still leave feedback which for the most part, really influenced some changes to be made( like the Roy coveralls for example.) You and some other companies may feel like this is telling them how to run their business and granted, a company doesn't always to accept anybody's requests but the reality is, if you want your product to go places, you have to put your costumers first.
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    Everyone is open to criticism as long as it is justified and in the case of the game and it's 2 year and almost 3 months life cycle, we can clearly see there is valid room for criticism. As a business you should strive for the highest excellence possible as it not only pertains to your reputation in the field but also determines what your consumers think of you and the products and or service you provide. Now since launch the game has had non stop issues ranging from Database login errors, car rubber banding, excess of weapons and items for counselors, kill cam's that shake like they are having a seizure, kills that bug out, floating counselor and Jason bugs, spectator bug, people who exploited through walls and onto roofs, interaction lock issues, hit detection issues, combat stance issues, blocking issues, weapons not connecting at all, flare guns not registering hits, items floating off the ground, dead counselors disappearing into the ground, cars being destroyed by throwing knives, the new window hopping bug, Jason getting shift and sense at the same time, shift cooldown's being minimal etc...etc... i could keep going. Now any other company putting out a product or service that had this many issues consistently for 2+ years would be criticized heavily and it would be warranted. I love the game don't get me wrong, but we have to call a spade a spade and this is beyond unacceptable. There is absolutely no excuse for the game to be in the shape it is in after this long, let alone every patch always brings new problems instead of just getting rid of them. For those on here who defend the game and go against what all of us who call out everything on, how will you feel when the day comes (and i am sure it isn't too far off in the future) when they can no longer maintain dedicated servers and support for the game and it is left in a broken, buggy glitchy state like it is in now. Will you still defend it then?
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    Here’s a second short film I made and put a lot of work into! Please check it out! The movie is 8 minutes long the other 10 minutes is a documentary on how I made the film!
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    I'd trade all of the fucking glitches for a working game.
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    I thought you didn’t want the Halloween costumes!?! Oh, you mean customers. (Just messing with you man, I’m sleepy and it was funny.)
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    Next patch targeted for next week. Shift, sense and window/cancel animation issues to be fixed.
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    As long as there is any enjoyment whatsoever to be had playing the game, I'll keep playing. But to be totally honest, yes, the constant patch-related problems ARE creeping into "Ridiculous" territory. It's like if you had Gonorrhea, went to the doctor, and got a prescription. You take it to the pharmacy, get the meds, start taking them, and a week later you've got Gonorrhea AND Herpes.
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    @Ahab I guess somehow in their head is if Jason doesn't kill them somehow he lost, . As jason, (and even counselor for that matter) I don't look at it as "winning" or "losing". I'm doing my job as killer, and my job is to remove u from play. If a player wants to help me by removing themselves, whatever. Likely they'll never improve as they will never challenge themselves in fear of " losing" to someone.
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    @Ahab I have always wondered this as well as Jason lives is my Favorite Friday film... Apparently padlocks and chains are not available in all General stores...but still easily obtainable with one line of dialogue....”I know what I am doing, I found your supplies didn’t I?”😉
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    Pretty sure I do. I dealt with this one too many times..... I’ll check to be sure it’s in there btw appreciate all of you helping me out with my bug list
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    This is my experience as well! Vanessa mains definitely don’t like it when you have them beat.
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    Some players do this to get a reaction from the Jason player. Most people tend to ignore it. If you see an entire lobby do this, just switch. Not everyone plays the suicide game.
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    i like the new content etc, however it appears the programmers are not skilled in coding with the changes. they lost the ability to make more content/money off this so my assumption is getting this game right isn’t a high priority since a lot of the community is gone and there really is no incentive for them to work extremely hard to pay attention to perfection. this recent one was obvious, they need to do like PUBG and have a test server to release the beta versions if they won’t properly test them
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    I can name one right off the top of my head, No Way Out. Me and the wife played through it twice and had zero bugs or glitches during our playthroughs. I don't know if anyone else experienced any but we didn't at all. However the issue isn't naming on game that is 100% bug free, the issue is as i sated in my post above that after 2 years and numerous patches, this game should not be in the state it is in and each patch should not introduce more bugs/glitches than it fixes. Nevermind the fact that the game has been out for 2 years and almost 3 months. Name a game to me where after that amount of time after release that has this amount of issues and had patches consistently breaking things.
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    "Name one bug free game. See you can't" What a dumbass argument. Nobody is saying there are games that are completely bug free. We're stating that each patch introduces more bugs with worse issues than the bugs that were eliminated. Good luck arguing against that. Ahab, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're purposely being dense as opposed to genuinely being an idiot. Though neither attitude is very endearing. Good luck to Gun and Blacktower. Hopefully they get this sorted out soon. It's a shame they upgraded the engine. It turned out to be the beginning of the end. [Edit by forum staff: Don't treat people this way]
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    No I didn't ask that as you can see, I asked for offline bots but with the older engine, I didn't say anything about dedicated servers, just that offline bots would be good because I won't really be able to experience the old graphics if I don't have a game to get into, because not many players are on anymore, even on the dedicated servers, which really don't do much anyway
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    Which is exactly what I said... The kick starter money got them to production, sales from that point maintain. There was zero need to reiterate this. Happy to hear that you are not, but your other post came off that way... so I had to ask. If you understand this... then what was with this... How many employees worked on this... how much did each of them make? How many man hours actually went into this game so far and how much did that cost... added to the other costs of running the business that I mentioned, and there are far more than I mentioned that need to be considered. This number goes up all the time and by now is probably quite high overall... Just how much of the money earned do you think has been spent so far?... Either way, this is literally non of our business, unless you are a stock holder. Money is always an impacting factor, there are budgets to consider and many bills to be paid... and do you actually think you can throw exorbitant amounts of money at any problem to just make it go away? Two different companies have been trying to fix this game... and so far both have much the same track record with it... This does not necessarily mean they suck at their job, it could simply be that it is a frickin' difficult job... Throwing away more money is not going to get if fixed faster... or better... and it is not our concern to tell them how to do this... or write financial reports to tell the world they should be spending more money on this task... because they must have money... They have other projects going as well... or they would soon be out of business... but you seem to think that every penny they made should be spent on this game?.... Unrealistic expectations. And MANY of are asking them to fix this... but a great many people's expectations are unrealistic. This is EXACTLY the point.... NAME ONE... No one seems to be able to do this extremely simple task. Why is that?... Because there isn't one. Programing, coding... fixing bugs and glitches in video games... can't be a very easy job for the most part now can it?... or we would ALL have no problem naming MANY games without bugs. Yet a great many people throw it around constantly... its been two years and there are still bugs... so what? Of course there are still bugs... There are no games the age of this game that are bug free... Hell, name one video game larger than five gigs that has no bugs or glitches... the game's age is irrelevant for this one. Nope, this is VERY real. If you think this is a warped statement, you have serious issues. What would be warped is someone that thinks they can tell people how to do their job when they have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to do that job. Go out, get a job... train in this job and get good at it. Then wait for it... some idiot that has no idea how to do your job comes along and starts giving you shit... You would apparently react differently than everyone else does? See... here is your issue... Well, your second issue after thinking that other statement was "warped". What have they not delivered that was promised?... and being the end of content was out of their power due to them not owning the rights, so you cannot use cancelled content due to this issue... They NEVER promised a bug free game. No one does... I wonder why that is. I am not defending shit here... just pointing out the UNREALISTIC expectations that MANY people seem to have... That IS NOT defending someone and I am not sure how you would think it is. Game breaking bugs? which ones are those? Lots of people claim this or that is a game breaking bug, yet the game is still being played after the bug happens? Even if you die because of a bug... that is not game breaking, the game continues. When you have a much higher number of games completing than crashing (crashes happen, but not nearly all the time rather rare from my perspective) then how exactly is it game breaking?... Explain to the judge how the game doesn't work.... Let me know how that goes for you... I am genuinely curious. How many hours do you have in the game? Even at full price at 40 hours, that brings you down to a buck an hour... I bet you have a touch over 40 hours in the game.... and you want your money back?... and you are trying to say you understand how business works?.... Wow. Try and explain how you have so many hours into a game that doesn't work again please? And you have the audacity to claim one of my statement was warped?.... as warped a statement as you ever heard to be more precise... Right back at ya with this one. If you are on steam, I think you can get your money back if you are under two hours in game time.... Buy a physical copy and try to return it at all, good luck with that... Not sure how it works on consoles... and if you are a backer... did you get your backer rewards?... if you did, you have no reason to demand you money back... particularly if you have a lot more than 40 hours in the game.
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    The Kickstarter total amount was calculated to finance exactly what it needed to. If you look at Gun Media's F13: The Game Kickstarter page it clearly states that the money raised would be distributed as follows: 10% Kickstarter fees and taxes 20% Rewards/Fulfillment 70% Game Development Therefore all the other possible costs that you mentioned would have been accounted for within the development allocation or by means other than the Kickstarter funds. This is not my maths, it's Gun Media's maths as per their campaign page. To reiterate - the Kickstarter money served its purpose in allowing Gun Media to release a fully developed and published F13 game. Maintaining the game (servers, updates, dlc's, patches etc.) will have to be funded from the income that the game makes (or by other investment) and I'm sure they knew this. In short, no. But I am a person who understands that to run a successful business you often need to reinvest heavily in your business in its infancy in order for it to give you the revenue that you are expecting in the long run. The longer you leave a bad product on the market the longer you affect its sales and your brand's reputation. So what GM made off the game is not entirely irrelevent. I'm not asking to know exact revenue numbers, because I can estimate that, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the game is in such a bad state that it will take a sizeable reinvestment to resolve; nothing to do with me asking them to. The game was released with game-breaking bugs that are still prominent to this day. Am I telling GM how to run their company? Not at all. But I am telling them that their product that I paid for is badly broken and they need to fix it! I'm also highlighting that they are failing to deliver on a product that THEY THEMSELVES promised to deliver to all fans' level of expectations, because there is only so long fans can remain quiet for. For some reason you are very hung up on wanting someone to tell you the name of a bug-free game. When in actual fact that isn't the point here. F13 is a game that has PROLONGED GAME-BREAKING BUGS, that most definitely should have been fixed long ago, not just the odd bug or 3. I can name you hundreds of games that might have intermittent or exploitable bugs, but do not have ANY game-breaking bugs. I can pick up any game in my collection and play online or offline without encountering any problems except for F13. The fact that players were dancing on the roof for 2 years is embarrassing for Illfonic as a game developer. The videos posted by @GhostWolfViking mocking Jason until the match end by jumping undamaged through broken windows is just shameful for GM as that is a newly introduced bug. No other game in my collection has introduced new bugs after an update that weren't there before. And you might claim to not be defending anyone, but it is obvious that you are, and that's your preogative. But when you make statements like... ...That is as warped of a statement that I've ever heard. If someone is in a position of expertise you expect them to deliver to a standard that you know they are accredited to. So if their expertise are of a high standard and they fall well short of what is expected then I will be in my right to criticise them until they correct it or find another expert who can deliver what is promised. If I could do a better job than the so-call expert then why would I need to go to an expert? All I expect to get is exactly what I am told I'm paying for. If GM want to give me my money back I'd happily take it and walk away.
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    So.... you want to go back to not having dedicated servers?... Lets also throw all of the content that came with the engine upgrade in the garbage as well... This is literally what you are asking for here.
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    Totally agree with everything you said here. It's unfortunate that older builds of the game can't be used because of their up-to-date servers. I'd like to play the game as it first came out.
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    Spearmint was my favorite before the engine upgrade. The colors were brighter and it actually looked mint green. Now she's serving Irish Spring...
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    Muffin shirt all the way.... now I miss the Muffin thread, I used to play Tiffany just to wear it. (if anyone wants to read a great thread, search Muffin... it’s the locked one by Brigadius.)
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    First off, welcome to the forums. Happy to have you join us. All very good suggestions, but the one I referenced here, there have been several discussions on the forums about voting to kick. In theory, it would be great. See a group of teamers, everyone vote them out and gameplay resumes. Unfortunately, the teamers would ultimately abuse the system. It would be possible for them to vote anyone out that wasn't teaming with them. You can bet your bottom dollar, if there's a way for toxic players to spoil something, they are going to do it.
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    We all know that no new content is happening. This is a very touchy topic for some, but one that's worth discussing nonetheless. Have at it everyone.
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    @Slasher_Clone, there is quite a bit of useful data in that thread. Thanks for pointing me to it.
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    @OCT 31 1978, I ponder it all the time. What could this game had been if the other path was taken? What would the player base had been like at this point? @SirMang, I don't think there would have been much of a difference. If we had more content, we would still have lost players. @Slasher_Clone, I'd be more than happy to see more of the threads with your ideas. I've got a notebook overflowing with concepts for close to 30 potential slasher-based games.
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    L4D / L4D2 both had some interesting custom maps. I can only imagine what the resident experts of such in this fan base would come up with. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. It'll come eventually.
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    lol, i actually enjoyed this. Good job op
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    Being able to use Sense every few seconds is broken in my opinion. Mainly because Sense dosen't work like they said it does. Let's break it down. At launch we were told Sense would pick you up if your level of fear is high. In reality Sense dosen't give a damm about fear. You turn it on and the Councilors light up like Christmas trees no matter if they are stone cold with composure or shitting their pants scared. If Sense worked the way they said it did Jenny would never show up on Sense until Jason got Rage and Chad would be a beacon of redness the whole match. Smart Jasons would be killing the hell out of the power to raise that fear. Instead we have a power that works more like infrared on an Abrahams tank. Considering Jason is back to wiping out counselors without much trouble if they don't bother with communication Sense should just stay on once triggered. That would make anti-Sense perks worth using.
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