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    For what it's worth I thought I'd just leave this here on the off chance that the big boys at the top see this or it gets back to them somehow... The biggest challenge is not screwing this up. Too many times we’ve seen gaming and movie franchises jump the shark or take a beloved character and throw them through the mud. We’re working on a game that demands a lot of horror and tension, but we’re giving players the control to create those scenarios. That’s a lot of balancing, that’s a lot of testing and that’s a lot of immersion and depth. The biggest challenge is that we do it right and that we deliver a title that lives up to the expectations of all fans. Know that we’ll always, always keep you in the loop. We will get this game done right. It is our passion project, and there is no way we will screw around with the most legendary horror icon in the history of film. With your help we will make the game ALL OF US have been waiting for… - Randy Greenback (Executive Director) This statement shows the initial intention but it's clear to see that it's yet to be delivered. Over 2 years of glitches is dragging Jason Voorhees and the F13 franchise through the mud. Not intermittent glitches, but game-breaking and frequent new glitches fall well below the expectations of all fans. Us fans would like to be kept in the loop in regards to future plans to circumvent these issues and realistic timescales, not just when the next patch release will be out and its accompanying notes. Jason being unable to kill a counselor due to glitches is screwing with his iconic stature and making him somewhat of a laughing stock. We, the fans, try to help not only by backing the project but by submitting glitches, cheaters, concerns, thoughts etc. but the longer the problems persist the longer ALL OF US still wait for "that" game.
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    He was approved to come by the Devs Sad the lawsuit prevented anything to go into production, all the way back in April💀
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    F this. Revert back to Launch
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    Those were the days. We should've took the hints then. If I recall, I remember the 'lawsuit' popping up in that thread and that was before it ever popped up publicly as a reason why Reggie would be tricky to add. Kinda leaves evidence to suggest they knew they were being shut out by it LONG BEFORE it was known to the public. Which opens up all kinds of questions. None of them favorable to the team.
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    8 months since I last checked into the game - back in happier times when 40 page threads about whether Reggie should be added as a Counselor in the game was all the rage. I've tried to play here and there over that time but the game has been nearly dead - taking 20+ minutes sometimes during peak hours on PS4 to actually start a match. (Sometimes I get a match in only like 5 minutes but damn if there are some weeknights where this game is completely dead and I just give up and play something else). I see so many posts here that's like "you should be thankful." No. They should be thankful so many people bought this barely functional game and lined their bank accounts. Competence in this industry, or any industry selling a product to the masses, should be required. I don't feel bad for feeling this way; I still suspect the lawsuit was probably a huge relief when they realized that most of the profits to be had are front-loaded and they had a nice excuse to pretty much cease development and move on.
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    The team is rolling out a patch on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms immediately, PC to follow within a few days. This update was specifically targeted to repair an issue with interactions that would allow the player to leave a site where an interaction was in place, then resume the interaction and slingshot to areas of the map that are non-playable spaces. This includes, but is not limited to the roof on Packanack Lodge. Resolved Various Issues Regarding 'Interaction Lock' for Counselor and Jason Interactions Which Would Result in Unintended Gameplay Issues. A more thorough pass on Interaction Systems has resolved many interaction related issues. These methods to manipulate interactions that have been fixed include but are not limited to the Packanack Lodge roof issue. Fixed Several 'Stuck Spot' Locations for Jason and Counselor Players. Fixed Several Areas Where Counselors Could Reach Without Jason Being Able to Grab/Attack Fixed Various Grab Kill Animations - Smoothed Out Animation Issues Various Art Corrections in Cabins Sound Effect Tweaks with Proper Audio Effects Applied on Various Map Items Fixed Many 'Floating Objects' on Various Maps Resolved Issues with Various Car Blocking Locations on Various Maps to Prevent Exploit All Counselors Now React to Dead Bodies Resolved Issues Involving Shift/Morph Powers on Maps Jason Can No Longer Get Stuck on Unintended Areas on Crystal Lake Map or Higgins Haven Small Map Fixed Victoria Pants Issue Fixed Jason Part 5 Asset Issue Fixed Various Sense Issues Involving Correct Color Display of Doors/Windows when Counselors are Either Inside or Outside a Structure QoL Resolutions Involving Controller Disconnect Resolved for Menu Interactions Animation Fixes for Jason Small Fixes for Animations Complete Animations Fixed Issue with Emote Menu No Longer On Screen if Used While Entering Car Camera Fixed for Car Grab Animation Various Single Player Challenge Kill Fixes Smoothed Out Various Single Player Challenge Animations
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    To those of you who seem to be against the criticisms, an important thing to keep in mind that this game is being planned to hit the nintendo switch platform really soon and considering the game's been stuck in this repeated debacle cycle getting filled with bugs for 3 years and counting, that is no good. Right now, you're looking at potential consumers to become victims of being exposed to similar issues that past owners have been encountering. You all have always been well within your rights to enjoy the game and continue to enjoy it no matter the condition of the game, that's fine. If you feel like you have an obligation to support the creators in hoping for a better future game, that's fine too. Disagreements aside, one thing you all have in common with one another, you want a better a future for the game at the end of the day. Just don't act all surprise from the current and future criticisms when you are fully aware of everything that took place since the game's release and then attempt to persuade others by forcing them to look at it from your perspective. I understand the good intentions behind it, but you are going about it with poor methods towards those who are complaining. Saying things like "Just stop playing" "Be patient, they're looking into etc." is about one of the worst approaches you can take because chances are, you are merely insulting their intelligence because there's a possibility they've already done their homework surrounding the history of the game and all they'll see in their eyes is someone who is basically spreading possible false hope or either advocating that it's perfectly acceptable to allow poor service for paying consumers based on saying things like. You don't have that much credibility as you think might do.
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    Paranoia mode for small maps / or Pinehurst This game NEEDED another mode, badly. Still does. Such a shame
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    Block is useless as Jason. It used to block 360° ,but they changed it and it is sh*t now. Used to let groups break all their weapons on me, now if grouped up you are screwed. Pandering to councilor whining i guess
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    Today I was playing a match, got the keys to the car, specifically the 4 seater because I try saving as many as I can, I'm not like one of those players who takes the 4 seater with only them in it. I had 2 other people in the car with me as the driver, I got to Packanack to pick up the last one, and Jason comes up behind the car, so I panicked and drove forward, now as screwed up as it sounds, I drove into the one counselor who was in front of the car trying to run from Jason, I was also trying to save my precious counselors. I lost 1000 XP and could've gotten alot from that game. I've seen games where people intentionally run over another counselor in the game, because they're working with Jason. If team killing was taken away, wouldn't you have done it with the cars too? Here's a picture of my poor XP: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vBTkqVAMle7lqgLBsWvonFc89tC64Wmw And here's the video, with a meme: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tT0hw0BzKhVmvEoFs5jsxDNcYLI20HFA
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    Money is a massive factor in any gaming or movie project. Whilst far from easy, a Kickstarter project is only as hard as the demands of the project itself. Having said that, Gun Media crunched the numbers and decided that they would need $700k to get this project to where they wanted/needed it to be. As such, backers successfully raised over $820k, thus money should no longer be an impacting factor. However, we all know hindsight is a wonderful thing and unforseen issues do occur which would mean that more money is required. This is why I previously mentioned in one of my other posts that F13: The Game went on to sell almost 2 million copies in its first THREE months alone (not to-date). So at $40 (release price) a pop I'll let you do the maths at how much Gun Media should now have to fine tune everything there is to in this game.
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    Sorry... not sure how that happened and do not know what to do to fix it. You can highlight it to read it easier though. Bit of an edit... Ha! I fixed it! That is what I thought. It is possible that this artist was given more information than the norm... but just that would probably give away who it is if they are legitimately a disgruntled employee... How many could they have told this much info to?... and out of those... how many would be "disgruntled"? Some things are incredibly easy to narrow down with the right questions. But all we need to do is ask @mattshotcha one question.... Did they gave any commercial artists that worked for Gun Media enough information about the upcoming content that was canceled to write this reddit post?... That question he could probably answer... if he chooses to answer. If his answer is no, well... the reddit post would be complete B.S. then... instead of just partial B.S. But just the glaring falsehood right at the beginning is enough for me to know this reddit poster is full of crap and just trying to stir up shit in the community. When Uber Jason appeared with his space machete... right after the engine upgrade I believe it was... only people using a DLC unlocker had him. This was discussed in several threads at that time... and I talked to one person I know that had him... who thought everybody had Uber Jason. He was rather shocked when I asked him how long he had been using a DLC unlocker…. and at how I knew he was using one. With 5 minutes of research... the reddit poster could have found this out right here on this forum. Fortunately, trolls are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. @The Wolf with that Toast Welcome back Wolf.
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    got a sweet 138 kills drowning jenny!!!
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    All that and he totally forgot to make up shit about mention the Grendel.
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    Yeah ik what u mean. I just blame it more on the devs for bringing in to the game, hence allowing it to become a thing and for everyone to witness it being done and eventually it spreads. And all players are doing it... it kinda does.... if you catch Counselors wandering around outside you can shift at someone kill them, by the time the kill is over you already have shift again. See someone else across the map? Shift again and kill them, and so on. And if I run into a window looper I don’t even go for them head on. I deal with them in stalk..... I remember hearing on their stream today it’s on hold for PC right now and the hot fix should be here next week. Hopefully that’s true. I don’t think you’ll have to deal with this broken mess. You wouldn’t want to as part 4. You would probably have to switch to part 3 or any neutral shift Jason for the time being if they did release it on pc to help deal with it.. but I highly doubt they’ll release a really bad broken patch like this into another system and make more players upset
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    Agree with most, except that calling the developers "incompetent" is toxic. Being competent means that you are capable of handling your business in a timely and efficient manner. The developers have, time and time again, failed to handle their business in a timely and efficient manner. Thus, calling them "incompetent," is totally accurate. I'm sure they're nice people, and don't deserve to be called nasty names, but let's face facts here.
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    This reddit post will spark a pretty lively discussion here on the forum. I'd be curious as to what the developers have to say on the matter.
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    Translation: I have a small pen0r.
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    I’d agree. Except that’s exactly what they told us would happen. They said with no more new content, they could focus on polishing the game and making it bug free. It was the “silver lining” of the lawsuit announcement.
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    What?? I’m the only one that enjoys a McCondom with cheese???
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    @OCT 31 1978 I have a few questions for you. From reading previous comments it became evident that the current issue with Jason obtaining Shift quicker than normal and the faster rate of cooldown did not derive from the changes made to the game's interaction code, but because of intentional changes made to the values that govern the Shift activation and cooldown rates. Intentional changes that were made by the devs for testing purposes but accidentally left in the live patch and pushed out to the public. So my question is, the game was broken by the negligence of the devs/testers, so at what point do you/the team/PR hold your/their hands up and actually issue an apology to not only the backers or the people who paid money for this game/dlc, but to anyone who continues to play this game despite its continued flaws? The likes of which should not be taking place at this stage of the games life cycle. The likes of which should not be tolorated when there are already more serious glitches that have persisted within the gameplay for OVER TWO YEARS, and we have been made to persevere with it all. This is what @ChaosLordWesker is refering to when he says that, that would not be acceptable in many places of work. Yet instead you and @Kodiak appear to want to chastise him into silence and accuse him of being toxic. I'm not saying that workers at Gun Media/IllFonic/Black Tower need to be made to walk the streets and shamed in public in order for everyone to be satisfied, but just some sort of indication that every single procedure is being taken to ensure a better game for us all and those who are not up to the standard are being held accountable. Secondly, after Jason's Shift ability issue was identifed, why was a patch not immediately released within 24 hrs to revert the values back to normal? I'm not saying to roll back the patch entirely but just to correct the values - Patch 1.341 if you will. Surely, minimalising the damage that the last patch has created is better than just leaving it in its current state, no? Is there even a hotfix planned? How about an update please? And thirdly, whilst we all understand that having a new team work on code that they did not write can be a strenuous task for any developer, why was this broken patch released when new issues had arisen? I understand that fixing the roof glitch was a big priority (and I am thankful), but surely not at the expense of introducing new bugs to the game. My point being that surely someone should have spotted that the patch was not ready for release and held it back until there was no knock-on effect with the interaction of other objects i.e. the no damage window and locking open doors glitches. And it is not an exceptable answer to say that the new interaction glicthes were not indentified before the patch release as that will only serve to highlight that very minimal testing was done and fail to preserve the integrity and validity of this or any patch, as seen thus far with the enviro kills glitch introduced last patch. These are not intermitent issues either. They can all be found with ease. So at what point do Gun Media say, "we cannot release another patch until it resolves exactly what we intend it to and without causing more problems than we already have," even if it takes months for Black Tower to destroy and rebuild the code and get it right? At this point in the game Gun Media no longer require kickstarter money. The game sold almost 2 million copies in its first 3 months alone. And surely those Nintendo Switch sales are a nice cash injection. So can you see the fans' frustration when it doesn't seem as if Gun Media are investing in a quality team or demanding excellence? I would greatly appreciate an answer to my questions as it could help me (and possibly others) to understand the perspective of the team, and direction of this game, a lot better.
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    Each platform (PC included) has good and bad players. Play enough matches, and you'll be able to pick out the players worth having matches with.
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    To anyone saying "Be glad we even have a game to play at all" let me ask you this...... If you go to a restaurant and pay for a steak and the waiter brings you a steak covered in piss, are you gonna complain or you gonna eat it? I mean, with your logic shouldn't you just be glad you have a steak to eat?
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    I thought the engine upgrade (that they decided was more important than new content) was going to lessen the amount and impact of game breaking bugs. Huh. Go figure.
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    You are close with this assessment, but I wouldn't say that it's a case of not suited or structured properly. More a matter of a team that didn't create the structure needing to carefully pick apart and pull on threads. The recent changes made were no small undertaking and the potential for ripple effects was negated as much as possible, but there is always a potential for ripple effects given the fact that this was built by an entirely different team than the one currently performing maintenance and repair. This should be resolved as PS4 had some intermittent issues with PSN and their network. The Shift issues are unintended. Team is investigating. If you could grab any type of footage it would be immensely helpful. The team is looking into this. We suspect it is another aspect of interactions which is a system we recently poked and prodded pretty extensively. Connection was a simple PSN outage as far as we can tell. Any further connection issues, please report. Thank you, very much, for such an extensive report. Support is combing through this now! I would say we should pump the brakes on saying the game is in it's worst state ever. And when working deep in these systems like interactions, the road ahead is often extremely tricky. I would equate it to a sort of house of cards. It's unfortunate, but not by far the worst it's been, especially considering the fact that Shift is a values thing and not a full systems thing. Flare gun not stunning during Rage is not a bug. Apologies, misread that. Environmentals are under investigation, for the flare, can you provide some type of footage?
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    I. Am. Howling. Of all the bugged patches we’ve received, this is by far the worst. This is just more evidence into the fact that Gun objectively lies, bends the truth, plays words games, and pays lip service when confronted. “We did test it!!!1” sure, Jan but how extensively? Playing a couple matches on your hardware is not the same as testing the game in the public in which it will be experienced. And testing a few things a handful of times might be “testing” but it’s neither adequate, thorough, nor sufficient testing. If a mechanical engineers or flight testers pulled the kind of double-speak horseshit excuses Gun did then millions of people who die every year... but they tested it!!!11 cool, I’m sure they did. Testing requires repeated steps and procedures that address every possible component to the item being tested and the outcomes therein. Playing this game multiple times as you are updating it is NOT testing. As a backer. I really don’t know what to say anymore, I’m aghast.
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    They would be best served to probably take the servers offline and shut the game down for the rest of the year and then relaunch the game and servers in the new year completely repackaged and hopefully with as few bugs as possible depending on who they have Q/A the game.
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    Kinda makes you wonder if the real reason why they didn't release the patch for PC is because they wanted to use the console players as guinea pigs in case anything went wrong. And sure enough, it has. So I'm betting we'll get the standard operating procedure of radio silence today, the announcement of a delay for the PC playerbase tomorrow and then total radio silence until next week, probably on Tuesday for more non news. Sorry, but its very typical.
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    Don't worry guys, next patch will make everything right as rain 😉
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    And yet on twitter, their defenders think all the critics are just trolls or people bitter because Uber/Grendel/Pajama Pack/More Kills/Paranoia/ etc never happened. As if people weren't complaining in 2017 LONG BEFORE any of those above things were cancelled. Nope, nobody has ever questioned the state of the game. 😑
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    As someone who has been here since launch and backed the game i can say that the game is in the worse state it has ever been in. For those who keep saying "We should be happy there is even a game" need to understand that there is a game because of us who backed the game. The fans are who helped fund the game in order to be made. There is no excuse for the state the game is in right now. After 2 years in to the games life span there shouldn't be this many issues, in fact the game should be in a near bugless state at this point. It is clear that far more testing of the patches need to be done before going live. I also think even having a dedicated group of fans/community players do testing of the patch before it goes live to find issues before this kind of thing happens again. Clearly the community can find the issues quickly upon playing it far more so than the devs. There is no excuse for a patch causing this many issues.
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    How many more patches do the devs have to seriously fuck up? How can anyone look at the bright side of things for this game anymore when our game just gets more broken as the patches release? How can us players believe in our own devs anymore after doing nothing but fixing one thing and introducing several new bugs with every fix? They have done nothing but fix a few things at the cost of heavily piling on several bugs to their list of problems. Which is probably 20+ different issues. Will they ever get this game fixed and get it working smooth?!
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    Just played a match with my Jason part 3. The cooldown for the shift is like 7 seconds, pretty much like blinking with the Nurse in DbD. Impossible for the counselors. Easiest 8/8 ever. lol
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    I thought they said they tested this patch for months? This is kinda embarrassing.... lol
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    Just wanted to say Hi again.
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    You're right. I would eat my leg if my girlfriend got me such a present. She's not really into geek stuff and horror movies, she watched only Paranormal Activity and Saw movies with me. But at least I know what presents she usually wants, for example, something like this. But at least she has good musical taste and she got me some good vinyls.
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    That would kind of be like blaming the guy who sold the gun to someone who shot 100 people with it... but that is neither here nor there. If I thought crossing my fingers would help, I would... but it won't help. All we can do is hope they get this sorted out VERY quickly. I have no desire to play other variants... even with the Super Shift. Other than the random mash up Jasons… I have not even played Part VII in a long time now, and that was my only other go to variant. I would just look at it as practice with stalk. I already have to contend with some excellent kiters every time I play with friends... Stalk is the bane of all counselors, in the open or in a cabin... looping windows or playing ring around the rosie… Never underestimate the sneakiness of being sneaky. I also wouldn't bother with the animation cancel when playing counselor... The skills of players that get used to this will suffer in the long run. Just because we can do a thing, does not mean we should do that thing.
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    Hi. K. Bye.
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