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    @OCT 31 1978 I have a few questions for you. From reading previous comments it became evident that the current issue with Jason obtaining Shift quicker than normal and the faster rate of cooldown did not derive from the changes made to the game's interaction code, but because of intentional changes made to the values that govern the Shift activation and cooldown rates. Intentional changes that were made by the devs for testing purposes but accidentally left in the live patch and pushed out to the public. So my question is, the game was broken by the negligence of the devs/testers, so at what point do you/the team/PR hold your/their hands up and actually issue an apology to not only the backers or the people who paid money for this game/dlc, but to anyone who continues to play this game despite its continued flaws? The likes of which should not be taking place at this stage of the games life cycle. The likes of which should not be tolorated when there are already more serious glitches that have persisted within the gameplay for OVER TWO YEARS, and we have been made to persevere with it all. This is what @ChaosLordWesker is refering to when he says that, that would not be acceptable in many places of work. Yet instead you and @Kodiak appear to want to chastise him into silence and accuse him of being toxic. I'm not saying that workers at Gun Media/IllFonic/Black Tower need to be made to walk the streets and shamed in public in order for everyone to be satisfied, but just some sort of indication that every single procedure is being taken to ensure a better game for us all and those who are not up to the standard are being held accountable. Secondly, after Jason's Shift ability issue was identifed, why was a patch not immediately released within 24 hrs to revert the values back to normal? I'm not saying to roll back the patch entirely but just to correct the values - Patch 1.341 if you will. Surely, minimalising the damage that the last patch has created is better than just leaving it in its current state, no? Is there even a hotfix planned? How about an update please? And thirdly, whilst we all understand that having a new team work on code that they did not write can be a strenuous task for any developer, why was this broken patch released when new issues had arisen? I understand that fixing the roof glitch was a big priority (and I am thankful), but surely not at the expense of introducing new bugs to the game. My point being that surely someone should have spotted that the patch was not ready for release and held it back until there was no knock-on effect with the interaction of other objects i.e. the no damage window and locking open doors glitches. And it is not an exceptable answer to say that the new interaction glicthes were not indentified before the patch release as that will only serve to highlight that very minimal testing was done and fail to preserve the integrity and validity of this or any patch, as seen thus far with the enviro kills glitch introduced last patch. These are not intermitent issues either. They can all be found with ease. So at what point do Gun Media say, "we cannot release another patch until it resolves exactly what we intend it to and without causing more problems than we already have," even if it takes months for Black Tower to destroy and rebuild the code and get it right? At this point in the game Gun Media no longer require kickstarter money. The game sold almost 2 million copies in its first 3 months alone. And surely those Nintendo Switch sales are a nice cash injection. So can you see the fans' frustration when it doesn't seem as if Gun Media are investing in a quality team or demanding excellence? I would greatly appreciate an answer to my questions as it could help me (and possibly others) to understand the perspective of the team, and direction of this game, a lot better.
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    This isn't how the real world works. If any other business couldn't give you proper service after a set amount of screw ups you would not give them more support. There's a difference between legitimate complaints about the product and someone conducting personal attacks on people. The new dev team didn't come on last week, they've been here for months. At what point are they supposed to be responsible and accountable for what they do?
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    The reason I went from playing 2-3 hours a day to 2-3 games every 3 or 4 months was solely the engine "upgrade". Lol at people that don't understand what analogies are. Or that you shouldn't complain when things get worse and worse over time whether it's a video game, car repair, burger, etc Keep in mind as well that this game would not exist if not for the backers (I'm not one by the way). Gun Media has I'm sure invested plenty of their own capital to make this game. But the IP was gifted to them and the backers raised a huge amount if money. So with those two advantage they managed to make a bug riddled, yet charming masterpiece. Okay, nobody is perfect, but the game was a lot of fun. The problem is over time they've made a lot of whiffs on balance changes and most of the patches have been 1 step forward and 10 or 11 steps back. Also, keep in mind that for many people this isn't just a video game. If you play Dead By Daylight you can take two minutes to read the "lore" on The Doctor. Many of us have spent countless hours watching the F13 movies. Many go to horror conventions and meet actors of the franchise. People are invested in Jason Vorhees. So when he gets dick-slapped for the majority of the time this game has been around and the game continues to add bugs, people are rightfully going to be upset. Yes, I'm thankful Cunningham gave IP to Gun Media. Yes, I'm thankful Gun Media reaches out and started started the crowd funding. Yes, I'm thankful that many people donated to help create this game. Yes, I'm thankful that Gun Media made a flawed but exciting game. With all that though, I can't get past the fact that the game is in a much worse state (my opinion) than it was prior to the engine upgrade. The same engine upgrade that was supposed to alleviate many of the game's issues.
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    It was being used as a consumer/product comparison. Totally different products. But totally valid comparison. Here’s a different one then. You go to McDonald’s. You order a cheeseburger. You notice it’s missing the cheese. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the patty. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the bottom bun. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the top bun. And what point do you stop thinking, “Oh boy. I’m so grateful. At least they tried.” And say, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Do your goddamn job and give me what I paid for”????
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    It doesn't matter what's happening internally at Gun. Unless they are being held hostage by gunmen and being forced to release sub par work then i'll give them a break. They are heading a product experience that they either unable or unwilling to fix. I don't need your permission to have an opinion about them or their product. Never once have i personally attacked anyone at Gun - unless you consider criticism of their inability to manage the game to be a personal attack which I get the idea that you do.
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    Keep white knighting for them, never change. People lose their jobs for incompetent work on a regular basis in the real world. Go give your boss broken or half baked work and see how long you last. I guarantee your boss isn't going to wring his/her hands to the administration saying you need continued support despite your shoddy work. Thank God, gun has people like you who will give continued support to them regardless of the quality of the product they give you and will actively defend the product from any criticism justified or not.
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    Gonna have to grind like everyone else did
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    @Official_Adam_W, not everyone would choose to yell at the cashier. There's a reason why restaurants have managers. I get that many people are extremely upset at this point. They want answers. I just disagree with the approach some people take to get them. @OCT 31 1978, the devolution seems to happen after every patch. Give it a week or two, and people will hopefully calm down a bit. @SDA, a lot of the anger around this game comes from assumptions made. @HaHaTrumpWon, this is why I only eat the McNuggets and french fries from McDonald's these days.
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    Ok I will. Thanks for the support. This only Mattes in the context of Work you are providing......I am not worried about the work I provide to my employer as it is based on increasing continued productivity. Something I am rather good at...😉 I know one thing they are an Indy developer and have always had a small team working on the game.... I expect things to fall through the cracks. I also expect them to fix them. and through all the issues...... they have provided everything they said they would with the Kickstarter campaign....minus a Jason A.I. the game was produced physically and digitally on all platforms specified.... All rewards shipped out...(extremely late in some cases.) on-line, off-line capability’s.... continued bug fixes and balancing even though no longer able to provide new monetary content.... And still have provided a Game I only dreamed of......that I still get more enjoyment from then irritation. So yeah, I will continue to support them and continue to tell them there are things that need fixed constructively or share ideas that could help make the game /play/run smoother/ and better......the alternative of that would be pointless...just like the negative derogatory comments.
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    I get the sense that some of these people probably scream "I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER!" at the waitress and storm out if their order gets even slightly messed up. Let's keep the bad comparisons going, everybody. Really this whole situation is like an owl that eats too much candy corn......
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    Increased XP is usually announced ahead of time. With the incoming launch of the game on the Switch, we could potentially get some increased XP around that time. Given the issues we are facing in the game, perhaps they'll give the players a longer increased XP as compensation. It may not make things completely right, but it would be a gesture of good faith. @mattshotcha, could that be an option to appease the masses?
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    Without any sources or proof, it’s just bs.
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    Any idiot can make a burger... it takes a special kind of idiot to screw that up... so yes... literally all of us have the right to complain if they screw that up as we are all able to do a better job than that already... But we are not talking about something that takes 40 seconds of training to pull off.... On an even more serious note... I will never eat a hamburger again... well... at least not today... I bet you next time I eat a hamburger... I will think of your comparison here. This does not bode well for hamburgers as a future meal for me... You have killed burgers for me... for a while at least... Damn! Here, we are talking about programmers that may need to sift through millions of lines of code, not slap a burger on a bun and sprinkle toppings on it... or change two or three parts in a car. Making a video game or fixing the bugs and glitches in a video game is far beyond what most of us are capable of... and many people seem to think a game should be bug free two years in... I challenge them all to name one game that is only two years old and completely bug free... just one... And that would still change nothing if they could ever find one... There are many triple A games far older than this with many more bugs than this game... and this game was not made by triple A devs…. I never expect this game or any other to be perfect, that is unrealistic. Most people do not take kindly to others that do not know what they are talking about telling them how to do their job. Many of us have been there and know full well how this feels already... There is always some asshole that knows nothing about what you or I do... but they sure think they know everything about it and will start telling us how we should be doing our job... or how everything we did was wrong.... And people using simple comparisons like the hamburger thing to complex jobs like coding a video game... I mean some people might think that is a good comparison when in fact the amount of differences in the two jobs leave them light years apart. All this does is bring down morale... which brings down quality and quantity of whatever is being worked on in ANY workplace... which is not what anybody here wants I would hope... Well... I bet there are a few people out there who would like to see the game die... but that is not us. The whole door thing, much like the car rubber banding thing... latency issue. There is always lag between two or more players... even if they are in the same room, which makes it plain for all who can see it. People calling Matt out for lying about this need to get their head examined... or at least need to understand what they are talking about first. I am happy to hear that the roof top dancers will not taunt us a second time... There was apparently good news with this patch too... But I so rarely saw anyone on the roof tops that I never really considered it much of a problem myself. Many players have said in the past that dodging shift is easy... now they will get a lot more practice at it with the increased shift regeneration... By the time that is removed, many players that stick it out will be MUCH better at avoiding shift grabs... But many Jason players may improve their shift grabs as well with all the practice they will get... That one is a bit of a double edged sword. Cancelling the window leaping animation apparently leaves the counselor invulnerable to crashing through windows and damage from broken windows... and even from second story windows... Thick skin is no longer required to help get through more broken windows... and med sprays will not be eaten up by broken window damage, because the is no damage done... When window loopers figure this out, Jason players will be living an all new nightmare... This one is going to cause a whole lot more issues than the Super Shifty Jason... Particularly if the shift regen is fixed first. I am not a backer... But I paid full price for this game... What was it?... Let's say $44... hell, let's make it $50 for shits and giggles + $17.84 for the DLCs as they are still the same price... for a grand total of... $67.84. I have played 1360 hours to date... bringing my costs down to $0.04 per hour in game.... A pretty fair price so far... and it will get lower as my hours in game continue to rise... but how many demands does $0.04 per hour of play get ANY of us?... Absolutely no more than the initial cost would in your first hour of play would be the correct answer... which is never much to begin with. If the game did not work... I would not have 1360 hours in... and ANY judge in the world would laugh at your demands under these circumstances. Let alone how much you paid vs your hours in game... and trying to claim it doesn't work... Can you imagine the laughter from the entire court room if you asked for your money back after playing as many hours as you have?... or I have? The game has issues, but it works... It has always had issues... but it works... it probably will always have issues, until the day the plug gets pulled... but until then it seems it is working... just with some issues... like every other video game in existence has. As a matter of fact... people have actually been playing the game and listing their issues with it here... which would be impossible if the game did not work. If you really think this game should be bug free after two years... Then please, give us all a common frame of reference and name one game that is the same age as this one and has zero bugs. I am not happy with the situation either... and I have not even played this patch yet as it has not dropped on PC yet... But understand how your demands sounds... whether you care or not how it sounds.
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    @NScarlato, I guess the voluntary choice to drive the car into an invisible hole counts as suicide. The passengers didn't necessarily agree to that when they were along for the ride. I'm still trying to understand the logic on that one. @F13 Seppuku Squad, you raise an interesting point. I could see where the "what you get is what you get" logic would blanket them regarding all complaints. If that's true, then complaints would likely fall on deaf ears. I hope that's not the case though.
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    You can fit an entire 6 piece McNuggets in a condom...
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    They wanted people to work towards getting it. If you want it, you gotta put in the time.
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    You aren’t understanding what I mean when I say he can bypass the “rage through door” animation. I don’t mean by passing it by busting the door down in combat stance or any other method. I mean he can rage through the door without going through the rage animation through the door hence avoiding traps that way.... this isn’t the same thing as busting down doors with his weapon. So I’m going to be keeping that one on my list but I’ll delete the traps one. And yes your welcome
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    And yet that was what was going on, there were several personal / verbal assaults... some have been deleted by Matt and Kodiak. your post is a perfect example of how to post your issues and concerns.... calling the game a “piece of shit”.....the developers ” incompetent” “useless” “pointless” etc is indeed toxic..... this forum devolved into quite a negative place for a while in the past and many of its members don’t want it to regress to that again.... The team definitely messed up....again. And the game should definitely be in a way better place....But I am not going to sit here and read post after post that inspires a toxic environment. Posting complains and Criticisms/ opinions is one thing..... putting down the game the team and the members of the forum is not. @The Milwauking Dead Mc Condom with cheese and special sauce on a Sesame seed bun....yummy
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    Well, I look forward to the new patch where they fix Jason's shift and the counselor animation cancel, and the 20 new bugs it'll introduce.
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    What?? I’m the only one that enjoys a McCondom with cheese???
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    In this scenario if you yelled at a cashier for your order being messed up 3-4 times i would say that others around hearing exactly what the issue was would probably understand and sympathize as anyone in that situation would be frustrated. Now i am not saying blowing up at a cashier is the answer but being angry and frustrated is acceptable. If you pay for a product and or service there is an expectation and if it is not met and messed up multiple times then the people responsible should be held accountable. I myself would not worry about what people around me are going to think, at the end of a day we pay for products and services, There are standards to be upheld in every business and they should be met and if they are not then people have the right to state why and give proof/details to show that they are justified in calling out these issues. In the case of the game, it has been out for over 2 years, now since day one there has always been issues, with every patch something may be fixed but multiple more issues would arise and this has been a consistent track record. Whether you are a backer or not, we all paid for the game and in doing so we have the expectation that it does work. Sure every game has it's bumps usually at the start of it's cycle however this game is in over 2 years and there is no excuse for it to be in the state it is in. In regards to the change in dev team, yes Illfonic had issues correcting the issues that were present from day 1 until their departure, now we have black tower studio who seem to be in the same position (going by the patches that they have done so far). Now in any business an employee is required to provide a standard of performance, if that is not met they get warnings depending on the nature of their performance and behaviours. After a certain point if there isn't solid consistent improvement with less to no errors, that employee will be terminated and the employer will state why. This is exactly where the community is in regards to the game, the state it is in and how things have been handled. The game is 2 years+ in and there is no excuse for why the game is in the state it is in and every paying customer/backer has the right to voice their opinions and reasons for their dissatisfaction without fear of being told they are being toxic or attacking people especially if there isn't direct personal verbal assaults going on.
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    He talked about it on tales from the stream today on twitch/mixer
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    Not yet, though it’s on their list
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    I like to look on the bright side. This is the most epic opportunity to work on my shifts. Absolutely no one should be able to miss a shift grab/slash by the time they get a hotfix for super shift.
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    The lynch mob mentality needs to stop. Most of us here agree that mistakes were made. I'm not gonna be one to sweep that under the rug. It has happened, the majority can agree to that. Many people here are upset, and that's understandable. You have the right to be upset when the quality of your product doesn't meet your expectations. You do not, however, have the right to be verbally abusive to anyone just because you are upset. Check your emotions/egos/attitudes at the login screen. If you walked into a restaurant and blew up at the cashier because your order was screwed up 3 or 4 times in a row, how do you think you would look in the eyes of the other customers, or even the staff that prepared your food? How would the ones preparing your food handle your next order? If you've seen the hidden camera footage of that situation, it would make you want to stop eating fast food for life. It's the manager's job to get their staff in line, not ours. Regardless of how any of us feel, they will run their house their way, even if that way could use some improvements based on the views of the outsiders looking in. I backed the game like many others members have. I am not happy with the current state of the game. I've voiced my discontent on more than one occasion. But never once have I ever taken the low road in doing so. For those who feel the need to grab their pitchfork and torch, consider these points: 1. Black Tower was pulled in to fix a game coded entirely by another company. Consider the equivalent of that being a native Latin speaker trying to translate Japanese text having only a little experience in the language. As one becomes more familiar with the language, they'll do better with it. I'd like to think the same holds true in the world of coding. Until I step into that world myself, I'll never really know. 2. Our community lead is trying to gather information to give the team an idea of what's broken. It takes a day or three to get all that feedback sorted out. There's no telling how long it will take to act on that feedback. We don't know what their next patch strategy is. Will they do an ASAP hotfix to deal with the smaller, quicker issues? Will they wait and do a bigger patch and fix a ton of stuff? All the personal attacks and complaints lacking any useful information are slowing down their efforts. 3. You have the option to not play, if you are truly unhappy with how the game is at the moment. Go get some fresh air, or do sudoku, or anything else that will calm you down and put your mind on something else. If your blood pressure is up because of the state of the game, put it down for a bit. The road to a bug-free game has gotten considerably bumpier. Many of us here are looking forward to what is said on the next Beyond stream, as I'm sure they'll address the issues with this patch. I will be paying extra special attention, and see how they handle the fallout from this incident. In the meantime, I'll cope with the headless counselors running around.
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    They are are going to need time to figure out what went wrong since their own testing didn’t find these problems..... I know players were able to find issues with the game much faster and report them but I feel we will always be the real game testers for this game....and that is really unfortunate. ...I agree these issues need fixed and the sooner the better...and the players are not to blame for them being used in the game. I will also say unfortunately the dreaded “soon” will be used as they go through the issues and hot fix or patch them out. Exactly. Good post as usual.
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    I consider overt hostility towards Gun and our community to be 'personal attacks'. You're insulting other members on this thread. Stop it. As for 'being raked over the coals for not doing their job', well you're in no position to make that call, are you? Don't try and rile up other members into that kind of thinking, it's toxic.
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    So you’re saying you’re the bad guy?! Because the expression white knight means the same as white hat, the hero or good guy. Actually you probably mean it like an insult, which makes it a personal attack, does it not? Yes I know you said gun but Oct. was talking about the forums. Some of us would like to have a nice camp, we can see how many of our members choose not to manage their own feelings or simply choose the worst times to express their feelings in any case. When you virtue signal by calling someone a white knight, you are making it a more toxic place. You do you but keep in mind, the Mods don’t answer to us, it’s their house.
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    Right, now you're just being nasty. This isn't the real world and you don't know what happens internally at Gun. Opinions and criticisms are fine but if you get to be too much or get personal, then I'll step in.
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    No one said they should not be accountable. I said personal attacks will not get the game fixed and will create a toxic environment for all members old and new. And you are wrong it is exactly how the world works we make choices on how we provide information especially when it comes to a crowd funded Indy development team. Manage your own expectations.... and you will never feel the need to Attack others attempting to fix the thing we love.
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    If I had the same kind of performance as the F13 dev team with their patches in any other job, I would be unemployed by now. Why do they get a free pass?
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    A frozen mummified Jason would be pretty sick. I could imagine him busting through a frozen Crystal lake.
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    If they forget to announce it here, someone who frequents Twitter will pass the word along to the rest of us.
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    Welcome to camp (do an intro when you get a second, I think you’ll do just fine here.)
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    Comparing a car mechanical problem to a game where the devs didn't even code is just stupid. Very bad comparison. Sorry bro.
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    I just had a match where I hid under the bed, and I came back out without permission(glitch), but this time my head was gone. I was a headless woman(Jenny) running away from Jason🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    While I'm not too keen on the things that suddenly became broken, I'm making the most of it. I trust many others here are trying to do the same. Stick around long enough, and you'll see all sorts of comparisons to a video game. Some are more practical than others.
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    Dead is dead, doesn’t matter how you get there... Mother is still proud of Jason.
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    I don't double set. Just drop it and then press x.(this is the action for ps4)
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    im a trap kinda guy myself. try waiting until the trap has been placed on the ground a sec then hold A or whatever button.. rather than holding A too early during the placement animation. its been working for me.
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    if we are being real here, the shift/sense issue would not have made it past one test match, the barricade issues wouldnt have either. And that has nothing to do with who coded the game, the fact that they made it into a publicly released patch shows you so much. Doesn't matter if its their code or anothers, these type of glitches/bugs/issues should never make it out to the public. To say there was testing, is a dubious claim, either there was testing and it was pretty dang poor, or there wasn't. Both are fricking horrible tbh, but if there was testing and this is what passed, that is way worse than no testing.
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    And how do you want them to do that you have already condemned them for the work they are doing..... @mattshotcha Even agreed that a lot of the problems that are occurring is because the team working on the game is not the same people who designed the game. No one is stopping anyone from expressing their issues with the game. There are ways to be productive without becoming toxic and derogatory. I agree that testing continues to be an issue with this team and the game has suffered for it... And Yes.....respect is earned but not something that you or anyone else should decide doesn’t matter anymore because the quality of work didn’t meet our expectations......Respect for fellow human beings shouldn’t be optional.
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    You squashed nothing, though you did manage to come off as exceptionally arrogant with your “if it wasn’t for me backing the game, you wouldn’t have a game blah, blah, blah...” Perhaps you want us to bow down before you in appreciation of your Kickstarter prowess? The point being made is that some of us are surprised that at this point in the games sorry life there are any attempts being made to fix it at all. I agree it’s utterly frustrating that each patch is making the game worse to the point where we’re desperate for a rollback, though it would appear this is unlikely to happen. I also agree that the testing is woefully inadequate and like many others including yourself, have commented that they really need to look seriously at involving the scores of players willing to test these patches. The games in a really sorry state and that’s not acceptable, but i’ve certainly had more than my moneys worth and am glad they haven’t just said “f*ck it, it’s too far gone” and wound it down.
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    @mattshotcha leaving this here for you since one of the F13 Reddit mods decided it was a good idea to delete my thread on there. Here is some accurate info for you regarding some issues with your latest patch - * All Jasons now receive Shift at 0:45 (originally 2:15) and Stalk at 2:45 (originally 4:15) * All neutral Shift Jasons have had their Shift cooldown decreased to 10s pre-Rage (from 30s) and 6s post-Rage (from 20s), surpassing +Shift cooldown speed by 10s and 7s respectively. +Shift and -Shift Jasons do not receive this buff. * Counselors are now able to bypass interactive animations (eg. windows, drawers, doors, skill checks) at any point after interaction by pressing the attack button. Window dives especially benefit from this by allowing counselors to avoid damage. * AI counselors on Jarvis House (all difficulties) are now immobile for the duration of the match, regardless of their interaction with Jason. They will not use melee weapons or guns, but will use firecrackers and med spray. Best of luck.
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    Seriously. People that actually play this game find all the bugs within MINUTES of a patch being released. Things “months of testing” apparently can’t. Makes no sense. One step forward, 5 steps back. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Oh my god. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Will this game ever work right? Jesus. 😫
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    Looking forward to playing the game and seeing how the patch is. edit: nvm. See it’s broken. AGAIN. Sad day
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