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    I don’t see why they couldn’t do this. Just release him as a skin for one of the current Jasons. That way, it’s just using existing files. So no new content with having to “finish” a whole new Jason X model. I’d be totally happy with that.
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    No... Jenny is Queen. Fight me.
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    Jenny is the queen. She gives 0 fucks about Jason's presence.
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    I will. Tiffany is the best girl and that’s that 🍑😁 and lol @Dunken I was with you this game when this happened. 😂
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    Good to see you’re on the same page as me with tommy helping others escape. It’s a beautiful thing when a tommy comes in and actually uses his hero role
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    I think sense avoidance and stealth perks still work in rage?? And Yes sadly it is very situational. I really wish more Jason’s put in more effort to use stalk properly. It’s very very rare a Jason player actually scares me. If Jason is going to kill me I’d rather them do it in a creepy way in stalk and at least scare the shit out of me while I die 😁😂
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    I think delaying his arrival to rage isn't a good idea and defeats the purpose of Tommy in the first place. Tommy is supposed to help counselors escape, not just be a key to killing Jason. If you're having issues with groups going after a Jason kill, then may I suggest knocking out a few power boxes and trapping them to prevent Tommy's arrival in the first place?
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    A.J. Mason is the Queen of the game.
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    It's been decide. Debate is over. No longer up for discussion.
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    How about just playing the game without being a douchebag to the other players? Some of us still enjoy playing the game despite all the glitches and bugs and don't deserve to be run over intentionally by some butt-hurt team-killer just because he's not happy with the state of the game. There are more people playing than just you, stop being so selfish.
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    In my opinion, AJ is a better and a worse version of Deborah. AJ has better composure, better stealth, better strength and better stamina. Deborah has better luck and repair, but I think there's little to no difference between 7/10 repair and 10/10 repair. They repair almost at the same speed and the skillchecks are easy on both of them. AJ also has better stamina, and combined with 15% marathon she has almost 5/10 stamina, which is really good. I like to think of them as 2 different characters with almost the same stats, so if you like gothic girls then pick AJ, and if you like nerdy girls pick Deborah. The outcome will be the same. But, overall, yes. Deborah is a great counselor and kinda underrated by all those Vanessa / Tiffany players.
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    LOL, yes it's n00b city here. If I find myself in the same lobby as you, I'll help
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    It's bad etiquette alongside of the following: Running other players over for no good reason (counter trolling is an exception) Being Tommy and not helping at least one person Expecting a seat in the car or on the boat, when you didn't attempt to help repair either While not being against the rules, teaming won't make you many friends. The same holds true for the above items listed.
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    While it is ultimately a subjective thing, I have to disagree. 1) While obviously she's the best girl to fix stuff, the others can manage just fine. 2) Again you think Vanessa and Tiffany can't fix stuff. If I'm Vanessa I'll usually fix at least one vehicle. 3) As can anyone. 4) Never gave it much thought. 5) It's pretty entertaining when her or LaChappa lay the big guy out. 6) Never cared for her clothing pack outfits. Don't get me wrong, I like Deborah just fine. She's hardly the unstoppable force you make her out to be though. A.J. with her superior stamina, composure and stealth make her better for the role Deborah plays.
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    You're right, it's not team killing. It's more like trolling. You've openly admitted to killing fellow counselors for no reason other than your own amusement. I feel sorry for anyone who has the displeasure of ending up in a match with you. The cars having continuous gas has absolutely nothing to do with the "weakness" of Jason. You're just making excuses to justify killing counselors.
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    I am not sure how pointing out facts is "sucking up to Gun". It would seem some people can't handle the truth. If you are gonna ride around and run people down, that's on you. Most seasoned players know what to watch out for, and avoid players doing pointless stuff like that. All your actions are doing is potentially running off new players that might find genuine enjoyment in the game for the right reasons. We can only hope this happens one day. If it does, I'm buying a round for everybody.
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    What a waste of time. Hopefully you'll move onto something else soon, this game has enough problems as it is.
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    The holdup on the fixes could just as well be due to the state the code is in. Cleaning up someone else's code doesn't sound easy.
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    So, you get your jollies by betraying your fellow counselors? It sounds like it's time for you to move on to another game.
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    Nope it’s fun and the only part of this game that works how it’s intended to.
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