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    After recent arguments have caused uproar in my brain, I’ve decided to lay out my reasoning as to why she is and will forever be the best girl. 1.Shes not just there to Survive by Running around. - I love Tiffany but like Vanessa, both are only good at surviving for their Running abilities. Deborah has somewhat decent Stamina, and her amazing stealth and repair allow her to survive by Cars, boats you name it. Either way, she can do many many things they can’t. 2. She’s actually Useful in Gameplay - I’m sorry but the only 2 uses I can think of for Vanessa are bullying Jason and running around to drop stuff off. Tiffany is even worse, try and bully Jason as her and you won’t last longer than 2 minutes most likely. Once again with her repair Deborah is the main Woman for fixing everything, and it’s safe to say many of the escapes you’ve had are thanks to Deborahs’ hard work. This gives her a huge ability to fix literally anything. 3.Deborah Can easily turn the game around - Last one alive? No problem. Tommy needs power? You got it. Police need calling? She’s comin. Deborah can single handedly break everything in a Jason’s plan. 4. Deborah is Adorable - Cmon, I’m not saying the others aren’t, but just look at her cute photo in TAB. She’s fricken adorable, and her glasses are dope. 5.Along with her trope, she seems badass constantly. As the bookish shyer girl, whenever she beats Jason down or drives away ,does whatever, It only makes her seem hella bad ass when she screams at Jason. 6. This ones opinion, but I believe Deborah looks best in Pamela’s sweater, especially with the Bunny Costume or Swimsuit on. Read it and weep Deborah haters
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    A counselor choice is kinda like your child. You have a emotional attachment and yours is always the best.
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    That's the problem isn't it? If stealth and composure meant anything. Higher speed characters would have a harder time surviving if Jason was around them often (speed and stamina would only help them get away initially and punish them if they stayed close) and others would be more manageable late game. Instead, its ass backwards with a random Vanessa or Tiff just trying to hold onto their precious pocket knives and spray for 20 minutes while the others die off first. Bad game design on BOTH sides. Fun, but bad.
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    Figured you guys might like them I put them all together in a video, let me know if you like it. I've found some funny glitches whilst playing so it's got a variety of them on it, plus some physics engine related bits and bobs.
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    Nah, baby. It's Tiffany. Period.
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    He pry doesn’t play as jason and never has dealt with fighting groups. Due to how uneducated his thread is. If he did this though, I’m sure he’d change his mind That’s how you got your name
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    I’m on team, Slashing Kills. ////
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    I never understood the fascination with "who is the best". If a counselor can get shit done, let them get shit done. I believe every counselor can do something, in the right hands.
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    She's definitely a good counselor and outshines everyone except Tommy in the repair department. Her 9 stealth means she can jog silently also has average composure so you can somewhat endure chases for a bit before she goes into full panic mode however her speed and stamina are her main weaknesses. A good Jason tunnels her and she won't last more than 2 minutes. And yes she's adorable and whoever voiced her did an excellent job, she sounds so cute and realistic. Also don't think it's fair saying Tiffany won't last 2 minutes versus Jason lol. A good player using Tiffany will make Jason run for his money before dying, there's a reason she has 9/10 stamina and 6/10 speed (Both above average). Just my two cents.
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    1. I don’t agree, anyone can repair. You don’t need a 10 repair to fix things. it’s flawless skill checks that matter most. I’ve repaired as Tiff and Vanessa before, I might get lucky and get a flawless skill check and I’ll usually mess up at least one skill check but I can usually still get the repair done. 2. Everyone has their uses. Tiff and Vanessa’s abilities happen to be to fight and distract Jason or drop of parts. And YES you can fight Jason with Tiffany a lot longer then 2 minutes. You can put Jason into rage just with tiff alone in a 1 on 1 battle. And STILL survive the night. Deborahs only use really is just repairing. Kiting a really good Jason with deb will be very hard to do. 3. Deborah is usually screwed as the last one alive. She has to have the escape. She isn’t that good of a final girl for surviving the night 4. Yes deb is adorable and innocent looking 5. To me she is a goodie good and a cute smart book worm lol 6. I only like her bunny outfit Tiffany is queen of F13
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    Lol I main Deborah, and I play as if I’m playing with chads luck most of the time. DEBORAH IS THE BEST GIRL AND NOBODY CAN SAY OTHERWISE
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    1. Disable all the genarators to start, making the Tommy call harder 2. Add a recolored fuse, forcing the Tommy radio to require an additional part to be called 3. Force 'kill squads' aka any lobby these days to actually escape rather than suicide or fake die in order to get Tommy. If nobody escapes with a vehicle/boat or a police escape, nobody gets Tommy Tommy should be earned, not a given 10 seconds into match start. They aren't going to give Jason the location of his generator on match start. Something else should be added.
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    You sound like some bitter old woman that gets pissy at people because you don't enjoy life anymore and don't want anyone else to either. If you are running over other counselors intentionally then yes, you are teamkilling whether you want to admit it or not. Hiding behind ridiculously petty excuses like "Well, they're not on my team, I work alone" is just dodging the issue.
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    Thanks everyone And I get what you mean @DontZzz34, I've been using stalk ever since day 1. We didnt have it in beta but I learned how fun it is to scare people with stalking in the right places. Also my favourite way of getting rid of one of those annoying jukey Vanessas. They jump in and out of windows to avoid me, then they jump back out of one and I'm stood in stalking on the other side
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    Yeah that's never going to happen. Locking this.
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    @45 RPM, if you haven’t tried Alien Isolation, go play it as soon as you can. It isn’t multiplayer but it’s seriously the most honest and loyal translation of a franchise that’s ever been made. Even the bad parts are better than anything I’ve ever played. The A.I. Is good, and a touch unpredictable which keeps it fresh. I can’t thank the forum member who shared it with me enough. Other multiplayer games that are coming soon that have my interest are. The Blackout Club, comes out at the end of the month. Looks very cool with A.I. bad guys and a mystery to solve by completing missions. Does have a PvP system but not like any other game out there. Lots of cool mechanics like parkour and even closing your eye to see things you can’t see with them open... like the big bad monster that hunts you if you sin to much. It’s invisible. Hide or Die, not sure about the release date as I’m on console but it’s later this year. It’s a ‘battle royal’ take on the genre or at least borrows elements like map/lobby function. Secret Neighbor, part of the Hello Neighbor series and the first multiplayer entry. The first two games are fun and surprisingly deep for kids games. It’s responsible for me collecting toys like a child again, I’d mostly stuck to an occasional F13 or other big franchise till it came out and made me buy my first Pop. This game looks like the Paranoia mode that never made it into Friday. Hope this list helps you find something you like.
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    @45 RPM, it's awesome that you are enjoying the game and this forum. A lot of us are hoping that this game gives inspiration for other slashers to get their own game. The potential is there.
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    Spelling a name backwards, and then acknowledging such is still naming and shaming.
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