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    Howdy Y’all!! It has been a while since I been to these parts. I started playing again for the last few day. Last time I've been on was back in December, so obviously things have changed a bit. While some remains the same (lol F13 The Bug the Game), the major change has been Jason's Rage Buff. I want to start a open conversation about how this effects the game, especially to those names I recognize here. To the vets here, I’m sure you already aware of what I will be highlighting and came to a similar conclusions, but I like to be descriptive. So without further ado, I'll give you my quick take-away. The Ramification of Rage Buff Vanessa-During pretty much the entirety of F13, Vanessa has been blessed. And since then... she is still the best counselor. In fact, as the Rage Buff was a indirect Nerf to all counselors, it actually separates Vanessa even further with most of the cast. Since continually landing stuns on Jason is no longer a winning strategy, it makes her incredible ability to kite and juke Jason even more valuable. Her combo of Speed and Stamina makes her the best gofer for props, sweater, dealing with Jason. Anyone in the know understands that stealth in general is a underwhelming stat, leaving her repair as her only glaring weakness (even that is manageable, early on). Chad- This one make me sad :(. One of the Heroes of F13, the rage buff impacted his defining role, Stunning Jason. What is left is mediocre stamina and bad repair. Still runs really fast in a Speedo, though. Sure he can be helpful protecting repairs and distracting early on, but with his massive luck is neutralized limiting it simply slapping Jason when he grabs someone late game. Jenny- Man, This one make me VERY sad. Anyone that knows me here knows I’m be big proponent (fanboy) of Jenny. While her partner (and possibly Hubby) Chad is the Speedy one (in a Speedo), Jenny is the consistent one, with Immunity to Fear allowed by a specific perk build. Thanks to Jason’s new rage, her talents with combat/bullying is limited to the first half of the game, much like Chad. IDK, maybe it’s still just a knee-jerk-reaction. She should still have great Stamina management with “NoFear” build, but damn that speed tax. I’m thinking about playing “FINAL JENNY” sometime soon so I might reassess her. Repair Counselor- The name of the game is Blitzkrieg. If something need to get fix or installed, then it better get done before Jason gets Rage as surviving the night isn’t likely against a fierce Jason player. Repair counselors always had a key role to play and an un-stunnable Jason will be happy to know that the only counselors left are a bunch of Vanessas. In 3-4 seconds, Deb or LaChappa can get that “whatever” done if you’re in a the unfortunate situation needing a clutch fix with an enraged Jason. The Luck stat- Luck as always been agreed upon as a top 3 stat (some argue it is #1, myself included). However, much like the counselors who benefited the most from this stat, its largely limited now to the first half of the game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a beneficial stat because there is always a benefit keeping weapons in hand, however you’re not going to be able to depend on a stun whenever you need to hit Jason to recover stamina, post-rage. Perks- Swift Attacker & Sucker Punch- This combo is the bane of any Piñata Jasons. Once the go-to perks of any meta/bully/try-hard/troll counselor, again, these are limited to before Jason enters Rage. I’m still rocking Swift Attacker currently though, mainly because I still go for solo de-masking early, and I’m too lazy to relearn the swing timings without it :P. Thicked Skined- Previously, I considered Medic to be the single best Perk, but now I’m tempted to give it THICC-SKAN. If you are ever wounded in front of a Slashing Rage Jason, nothing but divine intervention (Shotgun, sweater, a bear trap falling from the sky right on top of Jason) will save you. An entire baseball team of Chads w/ sprays can’t do shit to save you once wounded (Well, I guess you can go into Combat Stance and block, hopefully someone is in range to heal you while still keeping him/herself safely outside Jason's striking range). An extra hit you can tank allowing for you to safe ground to recover is invaluable. Otherwise, you better hope Jason take MERCY on you by grabbing you, testing if you have a PK & Spray. Marathon & Restful- Since you can no longer simply fight your way off the map (timeout), strong kiting skills are necessarily if you’re going to outlast Jason. You always hear from Salty Jason about a Vanessa dancing away out of grab range, and its unlikely to change. Definitely top perks. Jason Killing- Before I left the game, there were 2 issues players complained about most, Piñata Jason and Jason Killing. Well… the rage buff addressed one of those. Because since every hit no longer stuns Jason, post-rage, every hit now guarantees damage toward de-masking. Arguably this makes Jason killing easier, but honestly I don’t think it really impacts that all too much. But I can’t help but to point out that this concern wasn’t addressed at all. My Thoughts on the Rage Buff- Well, initially when I heard about this change (while I wasn’t playing) I didn’t care for it. Now that I came back and actually played with this change…. I still don’t like it…………. But…… assuming if the game would see no further changes and I was to choose between the balance prior to that patch to currently, I would choose latter. Jason needed some kinda of buff, but damn, isn’t this just such a lazy “band-aid” approach of addressing it. I’ve made suggestion in the past regarding how gameplay balance can be achieved while maintaining combat as a reliable tactics for the entire game, fair on both ends, but the devs decided to go the “brain-dead” route, which, to be fair, is easier to implement, and I guess makes some people here happy, so I’m glad for them. I'm just against it on the principal that the Jason player can simply relay on the system rather than outplaying/outsmarting the counselors, but then again I am a battle nut. There is the caveat that Jason is potentially easier to kill, so I guess counselors do get something in return. Personally, I’d rather they reverted the state of the game before that faithful “Engine Update” back in May’18, but things are better than how it was in-beween that time and currently, so I guess I’m ..um.. supportive of this change??? TLDR: Post-Rage Jason is now invincible, so Slash away Jasons!!! Guys, looking forward your comments. Just as a reminder, these are my own opinions and opinions are always contentious, so please be respectful towards myself and any other who would like to share.
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    I think if you step in a trap that the other person set it doesn't count as suicide. 2 traps 2 counselors a couple sets and triggers and one is coming back as Tommy. Jason vs groups has been needing a buff for a long while. Rage buff still never addressed this for early match unfortunately. The only revenge you can get on a kill squad is killing them as Jason the next match. Most have spawn pref on counselor, but I was lucky enough to catch one that did not. He killed a low level Jason with his buddies and was talking so much trash to the poor kid. Next match he came back Jason and I made sure he met the same fate, explained how easy it is to kill Jason and to not be such a douche next time.
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    After some testing I have a couple tips that seem to be helping me out when it comes to the recent environmental kills being glitched out. I’ve been managing to get kills to work now finally, and it’s been a lot easier. 1.Know your positioning. For example, the lawn chairs on packanack porch. During the kill Jason starts at the front of them, so be at the front when you hit E or A or X to start the kill. This will likely help any positioning errors. 2.STAY STILL. Lord almighty, when you move around when you hit the button to start the kill, you cause a position error and stop the kill. Most of the time, I realized this is why they were happening for me, because I was moving slightly while hitting E. 3.Avoid ones we know are completely broke. Ex:Coat racks, they are completely broken and I can’t get them to work at all. 4.Get close, don’t try and start a kill when you can just barely get in range of the button. This will help the game from needing to teleport Jason closer to the kill area, and help position errors. 5. Don’t spam, I’ve found that hitting the button once as opposed to getting tense and spamming it out of desperation tends to help a bit. Hopefully I’ve helped you out a bit. Lets talk about why this is happening, personally have you noticed every time an environmental happens, Jason gets teleported a bit towards the kill? My theory is that the slightest bit of movement during this sequence can cancel it and cause the kill to glitch out, thus why when it happens you can still hear the audio, but your models are back to normal. This is the positioning I’ve mentioned many times above. Good luck counselours!
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    Strategy for Hunting Parties - Pick the location you want to fight at and have it prepped early, break every window but only one door on each cabin. That second locked door forces them out windows, or gives you opportunity to get a kill if they open it, Stalk/Shift to the front and grab if you see it getting opened, let’s you get the kill without being interrupted as the doorway can block swings, you just have to walk a step or two and execute them. - Limp them don’t kill them, if you do this they’ll burn through med spray early in the match and be running short later if they’re not careful. If they’re smart and communicate then they’ll realize what’s happening. Taunting them at this point is always fun. - Collect ever knife you see, but don’t waste time, plan your routes to include them. Use them on guaranteed hits (like when someone jumps through a window) or to interrupt a swing then immediately punish them with a swing of your own. - When you do start killing, do the girls first. This will probably be after Tommy is called but hopefully after you’ve drained their resources. Tommy or the Sweater Girl are your only targets after they are on scene. Try and kill the fastest or closest girls to the shack. I don’t generally guard the Tommy box because I’m trapping my objectives and setting up part of the map to be a kill zone, it’s definitely a good strategy but not the only one. If you limp enough of them or they’re smart they’ll use your own traps to come back as Tommy and open an objective at the same time. If you trap the shack put two side by side on the door otherwise they’ll just slip in or crouch around a single trap. I like Part 5, but you have to use block (which I’m still shit at) or you’ll get de-masked right after rage. Bait them into wasting shotguns if you can, they can be a real headache if you don’t. I’m sure there’s other things I’m forgetting.
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    Ignore collecting the 2 knives in the shack at the start. Immediately morph first to the closest power box that is near the phone box. Destroy it. Then trap the phone box with 2 or 3 traps. Like a triangle placement. Maybe kill 1 counselor that refuses to leave the cabin in the area. Then morph to the 4 seater and place 2 traps. Then go for the kills. Most counselors will rush the 4 seater and not get much completed in quick play. They won't bother trying to fix the fuse until later in the match. If they see traps they avoid it all together. Often wipe the entire lobby in quick play. Trend I see for quick play is 1 player will quit when they are not Jason. 4 will quit after they get slash killed quickly. 2 will stick it out to the end for XP. Then it is back to the lobby and watch a few new people leave when they see I have Savini Jason selected.
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    Except, it really isn't. And there isn't much of a counter as Jason to a group of 3, or more, people who are out to kill you every match. There are two counters and neither counter is going to be a fun game as Jason. One, you never engage those people. Two, you babysit the Jarvis power box all match long meanwhile you better have guessed the right power box on your first morph.
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    @Donmaz7, there are times when 7 counselors can put Jason to shame. There are also times when Jason can mop the campgrounds with 7 counselors. Nothing is guaranteed from match to match.
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    No stop it! Jason usually wins every time, a clever Jason adapts. But seven councilors working together well, should always win, it’s seven to one! That’s why Jason is so strong! I rarely enter a lobby where everyone is working together, as a good counselor I usually escape or waste a lot of Jason’s time, and that’s solo me! If you put seven me’s in a lobby with mikes and a plan, then only a supremely good Jason should win. That’s the game!
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    Problem is the meta isn't all that interesting and because so many other areas of the game fell flat. The whole fight/stun him while picking the fastest counselors with the fastest stamina should've been something they saw and corrected BACK IN BETA, especially the final days of beta when many lobbies were already spamming Vanessa with zero consequence, even BEFORE the meta perks became a thing post launch. For instance, the mechanic they really put out there during development was hiding...and it ended up being one of the most useless mechanics in the game for high stealth/high composure characters. They never took into account Jason's sense toggle, also said they would never change it in one of the beyond streams recently. They also said they would never change Sense with Stalk because apparently Stalk is so powerful that its more powerful than Sense, according to them and such a change would allow Jason to roll early game apparently, even despite making more sense film lore wise. Yet such a simple switch would give more longevity to that hiding mechanic, plus other ways to do it. Then you have low composure meaning almost nothing for high speed/stamina characters. The tripping mechanic makes no difference minus Jason getting in a lucky knife and the jogging will allow them to out pace running Jasons mostly and walking Jasons easily. There was never a falling mechanic added and there was never any sort of real buff to be seen with high composure in small areas or close encounters besides stunning him for stamina...which you still get stamina for the hit even if he has rage, but you won't escape. Really...it does equate to a fighting game that has like 30-60 fighters, but people just go with the 4-6 meta fighters because its the easiest way to win and most sure way to win. The variation falls apart because of the game design being exploited and the devs basically sitting on their hands, not wanting to rock the boat. Part 3/Roy/6/8/Savini arguably on Jason side...though I usually roll 7/9 Vanessa/Chad/Tiff/Bugs arguably on counselor side...though I go with random because of the horrible random counselor bug that irks me...plus I don't mind any of them...even Shelly...though they really made him kinda eh. He should've been the reverse Eric.
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    Not being able to stun Jason is the stupidest addition ever made. Just because some trash Jason players cried how bad he is, doesn't mean he was bad. A good Jason could easily destroy Counselors. Yes, ganging up on Jason and chain-stunning him was stupid, but this was a dumb band-aid fix. It made the game unplayable for me, as an AJ main. I can easily juke Jason as her, because most Jasons are terrible, but after he hits Rage, I'm done. Bad players shouldn't be rewarded with this. Remove this goddamn thing.
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