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    Ha, @Fair Play it’s not the middle of the month but it always happens at some point, 🤣. It hilarious to think about but don’t think I want the kids who make up a big part of the player base asking me to bone. Hell I don’t even want to hear them boning each other. To many things that just would be creepy. I did suggest shared emotes that would need to be activated and then accepted, before they could be acted out. Just stupid stuff mostly things like hand holding, kissing, beer stand. Figured if it worked, eventually we could use it to do things like help an injured friend walk faster while limping or even ‘Weekend a Bernie’s’ their corpses into cars or chairs. Unfortunately the thread didn’t gain any traction and I’m sure has mostly been forgotten, it’s to bad because I always though it would promote teamwork.
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    Which is why the game needs to be re-coded entirely. If you're gonna do something, you might as well do it right. @Fair Play the lawsuit allows for bug fixes and re-coding the entire game is one giant bug fix. You're right about Gun not having the money/manpower to get it done though. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I cannot support any future games from Gun until this one is up to my standards.
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    Howdy Y’all!! It has been a while since I been to these parts. I started playing again for the last few day. Last time I've been on was back in December, so obviously things have changed a bit. While some remains the same (lol F13 The Bug the Game), the major change has been Jason's Rage Buff. I want to start a open conversation about how this effects the game, especially to those names I recognize here. To the vets here, I’m sure you already aware of what I will be highlighting and came to a similar conclusions, but I like to be descriptive. So without further ado, I'll give you my quick take-away. The Ramification of Rage Buff Vanessa-During pretty much the entirety of F13, Vanessa has been blessed. And since then... she is still the best counselor. In fact, as the Rage Buff was a indirect Nerf to all counselors, it actually separates Vanessa even further with most of the cast. Since continually landing stuns on Jason is no longer a winning strategy, it makes her incredible ability to kite and juke Jason even more valuable. Her combo of Speed and Stamina makes her the best gofer for props, sweater, dealing with Jason. Anyone in the know understands that stealth in general is a underwhelming stat, leaving her repair as her only glaring weakness (even that is manageable, early on). Chad- This one make me sad :(. One of the Heroes of F13, the rage buff impacted his defining role, Stunning Jason. What is left is mediocre stamina and bad repair. Still runs really fast in a Speedo, though. Sure he can be helpful protecting repairs and distracting early on, but with his massive luck is neutralized limiting it simply slapping Jason when he grabs someone late game. Jenny- Man, This one make me VERY sad. Anyone that knows me here knows I’m be big proponent (fanboy) of Jenny. While her partner (and possibly Hubby) Chad is the Speedy one (in a Speedo), Jenny is the consistent one, with Immunity to Fear allowed by a specific perk build. Thanks to Jason’s new rage, her talents with combat/bullying is limited to the first half of the game, much like Chad. IDK, maybe it’s still just a knee-jerk-reaction. She should still have great Stamina management with “NoFear” build, but damn that speed tax. I’m thinking about playing “FINAL JENNY” sometime soon so I might reassess her. Repair Counselor- The name of the game is Blitzkrieg. If something need to get fix or installed, then it better get done before Jason gets Rage as surviving the night isn’t likely against a fierce Jason player. Repair counselors always had a key role to play and an un-stunnable Jason will be happy to know that the only counselors left are a bunch of Vanessas. In 3-4 seconds, Deb or LaChappa can get that “whatever” done if you’re in a the unfortunate situation needing a clutch fix with an enraged Jason. The Luck stat- Luck as always been agreed upon as a top 3 stat (some argue it is #1, myself included). However, much like the counselors who benefited the most from this stat, its largely limited now to the first half of the game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a beneficial stat because there is always a benefit keeping weapons in hand, however you’re not going to be able to depend on a stun whenever you need to hit Jason to recover stamina, post-rage. Perks- Swift Attacker & Sucker Punch- This combo is the bane of any Piñata Jasons. Once the go-to perks of any meta/bully/try-hard/troll counselor, again, these are limited to before Jason enters Rage. I’m still rocking Swift Attacker currently though, mainly because I still go for solo de-masking early, and I’m too lazy to relearn the swing timings without it :P. Thicked Skined- Previously, I considered Medic to be the single best Perk, but now I’m tempted to give it THICC-SKAN. If you are ever wounded in front of a Slashing Rage Jason, nothing but divine intervention (Shotgun, sweater, a bear trap falling from the sky right on top of Jason) will save you. An entire baseball team of Chads w/ sprays can’t do shit to save you once wounded (Well, I guess you can go into Combat Stance and block, hopefully someone is in range to heal you while still keeping him/herself safely outside Jason's striking range). An extra hit you can tank allowing for you to safe ground to recover is invaluable. Otherwise, you better hope Jason take MERCY on you by grabbing you, testing if you have a PK & Spray. Marathon & Restful- Since you can no longer simply fight your way off the map (timeout), strong kiting skills are necessarily if you’re going to outlast Jason. You always hear from Salty Jason about a Vanessa dancing away out of grab range, and its unlikely to change. Definitely top perks. Jason Killing- Before I left the game, there were 2 issues players complained about most, Piñata Jason and Jason Killing. Well… the rage buff addressed one of those. Because since every hit no longer stuns Jason, post-rage, every hit now guarantees damage toward de-masking. Arguably this makes Jason killing easier, but honestly I don’t think it really impacts that all too much. But I can’t help but to point out that this concern wasn’t addressed at all. My Thoughts on the Rage Buff- Well, initially when I heard about this change (while I wasn’t playing) I didn’t care for it. Now that I came back and actually played with this change…. I still don’t like it…………. But…… assuming if the game would see no further changes and I was to choose between the balance prior to that patch to currently, I would choose latter. Jason needed some kinda of buff, but damn, isn’t this just such a lazy “band-aid” approach of addressing it. I’ve made suggestion in the past regarding how gameplay balance can be achieved while maintaining combat as a reliable tactics for the entire game, fair on both ends, but the devs decided to go the “brain-dead” route, which, to be fair, is easier to implement, and I guess makes some people here happy, so I’m glad for them. I'm just against it on the principal that the Jason player can simply relay on the system rather than outplaying/outsmarting the counselors, but then again I am a battle nut. There is the caveat that Jason is potentially easier to kill, so I guess counselors do get something in return. Personally, I’d rather they reverted the state of the game before that faithful “Engine Update” back in May’18, but things are better than how it was in-beween that time and currently, so I guess I’m ..um.. supportive of this change??? TLDR: Post-Rage Jason is now invincible, so Slash away Jasons!!! Guys, looking forward your comments. Just as a reminder, these are my own opinions and opinions are always contentious, so please be respectful towards myself and any other who would like to share.
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    I am not sure how pointing out facts is "sucking up to Gun". It would seem some people can't handle the truth. If you are gonna ride around and run people down, that's on you. Most seasoned players know what to watch out for, and avoid players doing pointless stuff like that. All your actions are doing is potentially running off new players that might find genuine enjoyment in the game for the right reasons. We can only hope this happens one day. If it does, I'm buying a round for everybody.
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    Best advice... If you're a US player, play on US servers. If you're an overseas player, take the hit and play on US servers. Overseas servers are littered with this type of thing...oh and Packanack Small spam.
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    I think you’re assessment is pretty good, and I’m glad to see you back in camp. I don’t think the rage buff was ‘lazy’, in fact I think it was some damn brilliant thinking on whoever’s part, just executed a bit poorly. Now that a few months have past, it’s painful to watch clips from the piñata era. You also didn’t spend your time ranting about getting good, so I don’t think you’ll get a lot of negative feedback for your opinions.
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    prob the closest thing we have to this
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    Thanks guys, just trying to think a bit outside the box. I always thought B movies and slashers shared a common ancestor in the universal monster movies from the 30’s and 40’s. I’m very excited to get a copy of the remake for my collection, already have the original and it’s one of the reasons I’ve been toying with this idea more over the last week or so @OCT 31 1978. I think I’m on to something with the balance of power and stages of a match. I’m still trying to turn it all over in my head and see what shakes out. I think allowing the dead PC’s a way to continue playing will allow matches to be longer and more intense. Getting all the way to a full sized Blob shouldn’t be a given but if you do it, it will probably be down to team work. @Fair Play, I’ve toyed with doing other B movie classics, I think I’ll probably write up Ants, specifically giant ants next. Maybe Spiders, I’m not a hundred percent yet, I still have a few more things to write out for the Blob idea.
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