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    Thank you so much for confirming what Gun Media has stated a thousand times over. It is appreciated.
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    I had it happen numerous times last night and it's getting annoying.I don't want to resort to slash only but it's giving me no choice.
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    @Slasher_Clone great post on where the franchise is right now. It really is a shame that the Franchise is at a stand still and that Sean never paid Victor his true worth with the creation of this legendary Franchise. Had Sean reached out a long time ago and worked with Victor we could be in a very different place right now.
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    Lol is that supposed to be a crystal ball or something? That's a horrible picture.
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    Welcome to the forum. It may seem easy for Jason to kill the counselors at first, but with enough practice, that stance will change.
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    Savini, Counselour clothing packs, are all KICKSTARTER BENEFITS, meaning you weren’t here in 2015-2016 and you didn’t donate enough money on kickstarts et to get the game going, then you don’t have these, and you won’t get these. That is final. Xbox and PS4 physical copy Clothing, again this was just for the physical copy releases of the game on Console, so unless you own such, you won’t have them. That is final. Jason X, he was never released fully, and he has been cancelled I definetly due to legal restraints, so you won’t have him ever, and nobody currently does. This is final. So everyone please stop spamming in all caps with 8 exclamation points about why you want these things to be released, because they are (atleast most) released, you just don’t own them for specific reasons. And I’m sorry to say it but spamming the forums and twitter accounts won’t get them.these things will not become public release and they haven’t for years. So please stop being a child, and grow out of your savini phase, your kickstarter late phase or your “I want my promised content” phase and please grow up and enjoy the game. Because your behavior like this is toxic for the community. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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    I used to do this before the car became wonky as fuck. Jason morphs wrecking the car, throwing knives wrecking the car...if those are ever fixed I'll go back to it. Here's why... Once Jason shows up on your mini-map as the driver, he never comes off of it. Run NoS and you'll never lose your mini-map and Jason will stay on it until you get out of the car regardless of where he morphs to. Once you learn how to use and abuse this, Jason has almost no ability to stop you. If Jason is a Part 2 or 4, he has zero chance as the shift is slower than the car is. So, I used to use this to my advantage when Jason would decide to chase me around for lengthy periods of time. Loops around the Higgins Barn was always a personal favorite. The longer Jason committed to me and the car, the more time everyone else had to get the other car going, or the boat, or calling the cops. Now obviously if I was the last one left, or everyone still alive was in the car, I'd just leave.
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    This is 100% correct. Once you go into "glitch mode" nobody can do anything with that specific trap until they sling shot on the roof, mess up or get knock out of that glitched state like if Jason hits them with a throwing knife or hits them period or death.
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    They are broken offline too. So that’s not entirely true. They are just WORSE online.
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    Yeah as long as they get client side saves working and switch matches back to p2p I think all will be fine when dedicated servers are shutdown. At least playable anyways. If they don't do that then all we would be able to do is play against bots or single player challanges which prob wouldn't be enough for me to keep the game installed. The fun is in multiplayer for sure.
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    I think it’s a bug, with the glitch if they already did it it probably will be impossible to reset it until they finish what they’re doing sadly.
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    People get punished for teaming by getting run over by fellow counselors. That's the best you can hope for. Not every time, but quite often. It sounds like a hunting trip is in the works. There aren't any innocents in Camp Crystal Lake. Mother said so...
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    Ur evil man. I always feel so bad killing a bunny Deborah or just Deborah in general. Deb is a poor little innocent girl 🙁
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    The music on that last clip fit it so perfectly 😂😂😂
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    I'm glad to hear that you still enjoy the game like so many of us. I agree. As long as I can tell one AJ or Deborah from another, that's enough clothing options for me. The bug fixes are about all we can look forward to, outside of the occasional balance or spawn adjustment.
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    Unfortunately that information is old and not accurate any longer. The Judge ruled that Victor has the rights to Jason Voorhees (the child character), Pamela and all the material in the first movie in the U.S.. Horror inc. (ie. Sean Cunningham) has appealed the decision. The initial lawsuit was launched by Sean after Victor filed for the return of his rights as per the law. Sean failed to have a contract in place three and a half decades ago and is trying to keep what is no longer his according to the law, you can claim your intellectual property after a period of 35 years. As for the game, Sean ‘gave’ the rights to Gun. Media to make Summer Camp into a Friday the 13th game, the game we now have but those rights came with conditions, one of which was approval of all content. On top of that because Victor now holds the U.S. rights they would need to negotiate with him to get a contract for his share of the rights, otherwise it could be grounds for a lawsuit. Horror inc. isn’t going to be very happy with Gun if they do this, and based on past behaviour towards Victor would probably go out of their way to hurt the game by refusing approval or revoking the rights. (We don’t know what the terms are.) I’ve been very patient, at least in comparison to other fans, as far a Cunningham and Horror inc. are concerned but to be honest, them appealing the decision has me hoping they flat out lose the rights. After looking into how little Victor was paid over the years and how little Sean gave him to work with as far a story points are concerned, I think the first movie is Victor’s creative property. The only thing Sean really contributed was a title and location. Unfortunately that means the game is in limbo, the pubs can’t add content, can’t make a deal with Victor and have to juggle continuous work on the game, as it’s their flagship. Their whole company could be a right off if they don’t get the bugs fixed before launching their own follow up game. Until then they are publishing other companies titles and treading water. I’m a bit tired but I think that covers all the bases, sorry if it’s a bit ADD.
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    I have a bunny costume and part 6; Fuck your exclusive clothing and Savini.
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    The no fear build on Jenny is great but it won't make you invisible to Jason. Jenny is not super stealthy. While she's nowhere near as noisy as Vanessa, she does give off a fain amount of sound pings as she's jogging or sprinting. Swift foot doesn't do much to remedy this. That perk is better suited for AJ or Tiffany. Where Jenny really shines with the no fear build is acting as a bodyguard for the fixer counselors. If Jason shows up, she can fight him off while the fixers do their thing. Her screen will almost never go black from fear. This is all great if you're the final girl and need to kite Jason to survive the night.
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    I personally could give a rats butt about clothing options.If you think that will somewhat "save" the game you are kidding yourself.Just fix 98% of all the bugs and you'll do more to keep players around than anything else since they can't add new stuff. .
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    I'll have to agree with this.Not a lot of Jason "mains" would want this back nor would some of the "normal" players.The 20 minute tea bag and dance parties took a LOT out of the imersion of the game and it took little to no skill to do. Same applies to killing Jason presently really in my opinion.The rage buff didn't help in that at all like it was suppose to kind of do. If it gets dialed back, I would be ok with flare guns and fireworks working in rage as long as those didn't count toward mask remove damage.
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    I think the only way that would be possible is as paid DLC, this then doesnt punish the backers that made it possible, however i dont see this happening as it would probably be considered new content despite existing already.
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