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    So, here's a fun game mode to play with your friends. Counselors get 3 lives each to try to survive the movies. Part 2-9. If Jason can kill them all by the end of part 9 he wins, counselors need one survivor at the end of part 9 to win. After consideration Tommy Jarvis also has 3 lives, after he is terminated he can no longer be called. Also Tommy can not win the match for the counselors, they must have one of their own survive. Good luck, and have fun campers!
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    After some testing I have a couple tips that seem to be helping me out when it comes to the recent environmental kills being glitched out. I’ve been managing to get kills to work now finally, and it’s been a lot easier. 1.Know your positioning. For example, the lawn chairs on packanack porch. During the kill Jason starts at the front of them, so be at the front when you hit E or A or X to start the kill. This will likely help any positioning errors. 2.STAY STILL. Lord almighty, when you move around when you hit the button to start the kill, you cause a position error and stop the kill. Most of the time, I realized this is why they were happening for me, because I was moving slightly while hitting E. 3.Avoid ones we know are completely broke. Ex:Coat racks, they are completely broken and I can’t get them to work at all. 4.Get close, don’t try and start a kill when you can just barely get in range of the button. This will help the game from needing to teleport Jason closer to the kill area, and help position errors. 5. Don’t spam, I’ve found that hitting the button once as opposed to getting tense and spamming it out of desperation tends to help a bit. Hopefully I’ve helped you out a bit. Lets talk about why this is happening, personally have you noticed every time an environmental happens, Jason gets teleported a bit towards the kill? My theory is that the slightest bit of movement during this sequence can cancel it and cause the kill to glitch out, thus why when it happens you can still hear the audio, but your models are back to normal. This is the positioning I’ve mentioned many times above. Good luck counselours!
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    This is the game mode we were describing in that other thread (I believe it was the "Looking for Players PS4"). This was a really fun mode to play. We've also played a "1 Life to Live" version of this with 6 players (5vs1). Each counselor has only one life before they are permanently eliminated. This goes on to Part V instead of Part IX. @pioneer67fkd won his hand as Jason during that run against @Redrum138, @lasse_hei, @Vaderspupil, another friend, and myself. Very tense and fun knowing you can lose your best counselors through this gauntlet.
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    That sounds really fun! In my mind I thought you meant survivor as In the tv show and I almost started laughing my ass off at the thought of Jason as Jeff probst, killin those who don’t make the cut for the challenges xD
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    100,000 new players in the past month? Sure, Jan. 100k new players yet I keep getting put in lobbies with the exact same groups of teaming players and trolls literally every day. “Oh, there’s __________ and his buddies, yep they’re all blocked.” 100,000 new players my ass when there are probably 50k players across the entire globe that even play the game at all.
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    I am reaching out to the grilling enthusiasts. The 4th of July is coming up, and I want to throw something new on the menu. Any suuggestions? I'm already doing beef sliders, barbecue chicken, hot dogs, smoked sausages, Cajun style catfish, beef and chicken kabobs, and crabs. To those that celebrate it, have a pleasant and safe Independence Day.
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    Greed, stubbornness, pride, arrogance. You can take your pick on the reason why a deal was never reached. If the lawsuit had not been a thing, we most likely would have gotten new content. My concerns would have been: How good would the quality of the content have been? What bug(s) would have been the tradeoff? New clothing options in a game infested with bugs wouldn't save it. Give the people new clothing on a regular basis, and they will still leave. Fix the major issues, implement better countermeasures to discourage cheating, and continue to balance the game, and you may salvage a few players. The people that truly love this game will stay just because they love the game. New clothing is not required. The forum is serving its purpose. It gives us a place to express our views, as well as to show support and love for this game. We cannot twist the arms of the developers to come here and read our words. They have a community lead, who is the liaison between the players and the developers. @mattshotcha is doing what he is paid to do. I am not gonna comment either way on the results of said job, but I know the pressure and challenge of undertaking such an arduous task. Several of us make polls here on the forum. The information is here for anyone who wishes to read and/or participate. You do not have to be logged in to read what is written here. The frustration levels of the players are running rather high, and with good reason. It is taking quite a bit of time to fix things, and the patience of many has worn thin. We see this happen from time to time. Every player has three options: Continue to play the game, and endure the frustration, if one feels frustrated. (Ride out the storm.) Take a break from the game, and come back after some time has passed. (Slip below deck and wait things out.) Uninstall the game and never look back. (Hop in that lifeboat and row for shore.) I choose to ride out the storm. The big question is, what will every other member of the player base choose to do? Sometimes silence is golden. I personally wanted new content, but I wasn't one of those "haters" on Twitter. Lack of content was just the tip of the iceberg.
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    The Devs don't know what the fuck they're doing. End of conversation.
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    There was absolutely no reason to remove it in the first place. It was not a gameplay related issue, yet they somehow fixed it fast quick. Meanwhile gameplay related issues either never get fixed, get halfway fixed or take forever to fix.
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    I never understood why the hell sean wouldn’t just shut up and give victor his money. The game is worse In this limbo state then it would’ve been if he would’ve just let him get what he deserved, and gotten what victor wanted, for the game to continue... victor stated multiple times he honestly didn’t care about the game or movies, just wanted his deserved money. so I highly doubt that if they wouldn’t have dragged this on so long and fought, that victor wouldn’t allow you guys to continue with anything at all... second, why can’t we get new clothing options or something like that that already exist (pre existing textures, oct 2017 clothing glitch basically- the one you guys patched even though you said you wouldn’t because everyone loved it and it was harmless -_-), It’s not new content, and it doesn’t violate any of the terms that have come with the lawsuit. So I can’t see why something like this can’t be done out of replacement for content loss. It would surely save the game. honestly, I feel like this game has done a bad job as the listening to the community. I’ve seen games do polls about what they want and then it’s in the next dlc 0-0. All I’ve gotten from the forums and everything is we talk, they maybe look at our post and then move on. Or they reply with some half answer and don’t completely acknowledge what we’ve asked for, or just don’t take the time to even explain why or why not it can or can’t exist. Why have a forum, and an access route to them, if we’re not gonna be acknowledged half the time, and not gonna actually be contacted back?
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    I do get a good laugh when people use google translate. "This game goes in peanut! All Russians with the developer version of the game." Roughly translated "This cheating is nuts and getting out of control on pc. Russian players I encounter online often inject dll files into the game to gain an unfair advantage. Please ban this hive of villainous scum!" Once upon a time in galaxy far away... there was a great disturbance in the force as if hundreds or maybe a handful of players cried out and were suddenly silenced and banned all at once. Then that ban was lifted and the dark side returned stronger than ever. Many believe that one day balance will return to the force *cough* game. With nothing but the word soon being their only hope.
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    Here’s one that literally JUST happened to me. I filled the tank, fixed the battery, and got the car keys all by myself. I outran Jason twice. Was heading to the exit when the fucking car just DISAPPEARED!!! And I was just standing there. The car wasn’t even on the objective list anymore. I then was murdered. Fuck this game. Fix this shit.
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    Thanks for the tips. But to be blunt, this is complete bullshit. GUN is ridiculous for not fixing this IMMEDIATELY. Or for even letting it get this way to begin with. This game is broken.
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    Dunken and I actually just spent awhile tonight testing out perks and here’s what we found. Between 18% & 20% damage resistance to kill a counselor Knives- 5 Broken Windows- 13 Traps- 3 non weapon strength Jason Slashes- 7 Weapon strength jason Slashes- 5 we found the only difference 20% makes from 18% is more block damage resistance. 20% thick skin counselors can block 33 slashes against a non weapon strength Jason. 18% can block 32 slashes. Thrawn you were right, there’s pretty much no difference between them. We also tested Jason block damage. Part 8 Jason can block 9 machete hits, 4 axe hits, and 1 steel pipe hit from Buggzy before his mask falls off. So we found counselors can block more hits then Jason lol
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    No I’ve never been into battle royals games. I’ve played games like forza, mortal combat, injustice, call of duty, rocket league, gta, nfs, etc all on Xbox one and never ran into anyone cheating. I blame the people to. But when no corrective action gets taken on players they will continue to cheat. Players know the devs don’t do anything about cheaters so people will take advantage of it. That’s the reason why you see people cheating in this game all the time. Personally I think the devs should hand out suspensions for exploiters, glitchers, and teamers and to give them a 3 strike rule. 1st strike they get suspended for 3 days, 2nd strike they get suspended for 1 week, 3rd strike they get suspended for 2 weeks, then if they cheat again after the 3rd strike they’re banned. And all hackers get banned permanently with no suspensions. Us as players basically have to be the ones to deal with these cheating players and to either avoid them or to try to give them hell in their games and make em rage quit.
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    A "Try Hard" is what a crybaby calls you if they suck and you kill them.
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    200 people online yesterday.Bugs not being fixed. And just joining the database has become a difficult task...
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    It sure feels like its on life support. Really hard to get a full match going lately. The database connection issue has lots of people thinking the game has been down.
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    There will never be more content for this game and I seriously doubt it will ever be in a playable state.
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