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    Welcoming our new PC players thanks to the Steam Summer Sale by hosting a Double Event on all platforms! Starts tomorrow and runs through the weekend!
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    Had a game where two little shit bags were teaming together. Served some justice on them with counselor by stuns and teabags along with a Jason kill. Then next round, I'm Jason and I let everyone else live except them and target just those two little shits. They end up rage quitting. They must not have liked getting a taste of their own medicine. This literally made me laugh my ass off. I hope they learned a valuable lesson to not team up with each other again. I got the full video here if you guys want to check it out.
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    Hey everyone, I've always wondered why, in a game where so much information is given aurally, there are no settings for the hearing impaired. For example, if a deaf person is playing as Jason, they would be unable to hear the sounds of the fuse being connected or a repair quick-time event being failed. These are critical components to the game that could easily be displayed visually, maybe with a little symbol quickly flashing in the corner of the screen or something. What do you all think?
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    Is it possible that Vanessa is broken, in addition to the kills? 😎
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    I’ve seen much much much of the Head smashing on the Higgins Porch fences. Not sure if it does it anywhere else, but that’s where I’ve seen it happen. Like 17 times in a row yesterday lol, we just kept trying and it never worked.
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    A "Try Hard" is what a crybaby calls you if they suck and you kill them.
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    Activating an x prompt before you drop the flare gun used to be the easiest way. As far as I know they took that away because it was tied to the big weapon glitch. YouTube that if you don't know what I'm talking about. But to be safe avoid counselor bear traps, doors, windows, and drawers when using a flare gun or shotgun. I always wait until the animation of dropping the weapon finishes before I try to pick up another weapon, open a door or window, or use an item. I even avoid teabagging and dancing or toggling the flashlight off and on before the flare gun/shotgun hits the ground, just to be safe. Never have a problem with it. Unless I want to.
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    I’d like to think that I gave Horror inc. the benefit of the doubt, but concede that you’re right... they took the toys away from us, that’s just going to damn far.
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    Have a mic, teach them to push objectives and run by looping. You’d be surprised how motivated a group of new players can be once they realize they have the advantage for the first half of the match. Some games I give a running commentary on what Jason should do while chasing me or which objectives I’m currently pushing. It’s mixed with a good dose of bitching about my spawn, lack of supplies and too many empty drawers, especially in that one cabin with all the double desks. Course lately people seem to be fleeing my lobbies after I’m Jason or a Jason starts following my advice, so there might be a small down side. Trying not to trash talk as much, thinking it might not mix well with telling people how to play.
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    And all it took was discounting the game to $4. Much like the October event last year, these people will be gone in about a month or two once they realize what shape the game is in, and that the Devs don't care that people are roof glitching anymore.
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    Thanks for your warm welcome. This is a really cool site. I'm still learning my around it. I'm happy to see lots of posts and interest in F13. I got 13 tapes now so I'm real happy. Just trying to build a no-fear Jenny Myers... research tells me I need 20% fear resistance to become virtually undetectable. There's an awful lot more to this game than I realised. Right, I better get to it. Apologies I'm not tagging people above as I'm still learning...I nearly reported Damon earlier...I hit the wrong button, ha ha. But yeah, I remember F13 on the Spectrum...it was made my Domark. My cousin gave me the tape. Skool Daze was on it also.
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