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    @Slasher_Clone I have you on my list but almost never see you online (but you apparently live here). If you're online on weekends or later in the week (usually between 5-7 pm EST) you'd be able to hop in with @lasse_hei, @Vaderspupil, @Redrum138, and others we frequently play with. Weekends are a better bet to have a full or close to full group. Same goes for you two as well, @HaHaTrumpWon & @mike-hannigan, so long as you follow simple conduct (no glitching/exploiting in ANY way, and if a grab or environmental bugs out, don't run off and take your death like a champ... That is basically it.). If you want to add me, PSN ID is the same as here, just add a 13 to the end of my name & MAKE SURE you put your forum name in your friend request so I know who it is. I DO NOT add blank requests, someone I only met or played with once without knowing how they play (want team players, not lone wolves), or people I know who just glitch and abuse this or any games... And while I'm at it, @mattshotcha, I know I may be hounding you, sending a similar text to your PSN ID, but, of you're ever on your PS4, join us!
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    Careless Whisper. a.k.a. "Careless Sister" πŸ˜„ Kept Jason distracted long enough to escape with that sexy saxophone action.
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    So, I know these are rare and maybe I got really lucky, but I just played my VERY first live game - got counselor - and the SECOND drawer I opened I found a cassette tape. Wild!
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    Mind sharing what "Reds" movie marathon consists of? I'm curious though I don't know if I'll fit nicely in the group? I mean I don't team nor cheat/exploit but I'm not a very skilled player myself to be part of those pro league tournaments πŸ˜‚ also have my preference set on counselor cause I enjoy it more. @bryanp3692 I believe I sent you a friend request months ago when you made a similar thread but you're yet to accept it πŸ˜… Slasher and I played like 2 matches months ago but ever since we haven't had a chance to play again. Gotta love Slasher role playing as Mitch when playing πŸ˜‚
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    Heads up to all of you ( @mike-hannigan, @HaHaTrumpWon, @Slasher_Clone, @bryanp3692)... it's 3:47 pm EST and @Redrum138, myself, and others we frequently play with are looking to group up very shortly, possibly to do Reds "Movie Marathon". If you want to join, send friend requests & we'll send invites.
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    I'll send a FR in a moment. I'm free today if you want to tag along 😁 Of course you can Slashy, we're already friends so if I see you online and in-game I'll send you a PM and an invite. 😎
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    Must be from a more recent attempt at a tournament. Many of them allow the counselors to use either certain exploits or ALL of them, and that is the furthest thing from any possible competitive play. None of that took place during any of our matches. Straight up objective pushing and comms all the way from us and all teams involved. Aside from the bugs, all the problems come from streamers and casual dildos exhibiting poor gameplay skills and instead show off how to do all the hated stuff (roof glitches, sliding, etc...). I just hope Black Tower can get this game straightened out (but I don't expect much, and that's not a jab at them specifically... Multiple developers and the game is still in an almost "alpha/beta" stage with things that should have been fixed WAY before release was in sight). I TOTALLY would be on board with a Hardcore mode that limits certain things and adds more of a challenge, and I AM a purist for the original intention of the game (a challenging survival cat & mouse game, not this CoD-lite perk based bs).
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    @RustInPeace Good points, its cool though that we still have a solid group that keep together and play the game casual but fair despite the bugs and glitches. @malloymk would be nice to have you join sometime... Been way too long Sir. And yes, trolls and glitchers are a problem, have always been and will always remain. Though the playerbase has evolved and there are alot more good groups, players, Jasons, etc. (since fall 2017) out there so you shouldn't generalize on account of random bad experiences. I also hate the fact that were not getting any new content, but still the majority of the rounds that we play haven't been plagued with issues. And ot, I was not a part of scream team, but I have had the honor of playing with these players for about two years now. Seriously the best group ever!
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    Can I join in? I’m hoping to spend more time in camp this summer and hope my window of hours during the day is larger so I can actually get matches with people.
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    Well I'm not, so fuck off. 😁 Also: HaHaTrumpWon I'm PS4 and on EST too.
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    Wow that sound amazeballs. Looks like you guyz really revolutionized the game and stomped some n00bs. I know there's tournaments and stuff going on now and I hear some of those teams want a crack at you guys, but it looks like Scream Team has jack shit to prove. Good on you guys!
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    Some people have been telling stories about this game for 2 years, that one day it will eventually be bug free. Legend has it...SOON. Don't believe everything you hear. πŸ˜„
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    Good, because we've got no issue telling you what a little snitch-bitch it makes you.
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    Honestly...after watching that Switch stream. It didn't help them in any way shape or form with their critics IMO. They treat the IP like its some goofball party game, backed up by how much they clearly play the game, which showed in the stream. A far cry from what they tried to sell the playerbase with immersion and atmosphere pre launch/beta/alpha. This is starting to look like one of the greatest 'bait and switches' in gaming history. They sold us on the F13 IP before launch and during development. Then they gave us a poorly coded Street Fighter: F13 Edition. This would be like some indy gaming company trying to sell a playerbase their next James Bond game is going to be the next Goldeneye/Perfect Dark and instead you get Call Of Duty: James Bond edition. Its false advertising. Don't get me wrong. The game is fun, but the dream of this IP being treated with care and effort is like...probably dead. Its just being used as a cash register now for all its worth. Sorry ya'll, that's just what I saw in the stream.
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