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    If The Lawsuit gets settled in 4 to 5 years Id Like To See Friday the 13th the game get remade by a company that has more money to expand full campaign story mode single player offline. also to include day time exploration mode with counseling training center where you can practice driving vehichles around the map. Include the maps that we didnt get part 6 camp forest green,part 7 shepherds house map,part 8 manhattan,grendel custom maps, nes map abandoned camp map. a full campaign could be where a player as Jason or counselor takes over each map from the movies part 1 to part 7.
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    Have been playing on a controller since the 80s. I understand at first it feels like this... You will learn to master the controller after some practice.
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    August 13th http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2019/06/friday-13th-game-nintendo-switch.html?fbclid=IwAR3-dhqez3S7VJaMqi4NV8ZDACJht7bxgIu2LJsw1bgzjUiVzoGUwd27Cxo&m=1
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    Hi...I'm getting back into this game. Going on a hunt for the tapes. I grew up on Friday the 13th films and played the game on a Spectrum 48k in the 80s. You had to load the game with a real cassette tape
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    Our best case scenario would be a different company making a new F13 game from scratch. I think any number of companies (including Rockstar) could surprise us with what they could come up with. All we can do is wait until the lawsuit is fully resolved, and see what the future holds down the road.
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    Yeah that would be nice. He always comes back. Yes please.
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    There are lots of things I hope could/would be added by a team with more resources and time. This game is a great base, but I'd love to see more customization and nuance to gameplay.
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    I wonder the same thing about how people play games on PC with a mouse and keyboard. I tried it at a friend's house and holy shit it is hard. I always have been a console player. I first started out on the Nintendo 64 to the PS1 and PS2 and now I have been with Xbox since 2010. Using a controller is way easier IMO.
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    I know dude, I'm just having fun with you, that's all.
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    Welcome my friend! Hands down one of my favorite games to ever play. Glad to see you are also enjoying it! What platform you play on btw?
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    Ehh...they know they could've pushed out Uber as a simple skin for the undead Jasons like they did with the NES Jason for Part 3...they chose not to. Just that simple. He was ready as a skin in December 2017 He was a ready as a skin in the leaks/hacks. His kills or map may not have been ready...but he himself was.
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    That’s hilarious, you made a bridge troll.
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    Not on PC myself but I think what you’re seeing is just practice at the controls. @45 RPM Could you do me a solid and make an introduction post when you get a second. Take a minute to read the rules, there aren’t many.
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    GUN had been openly looking for a way to stop working on the game. They had to keep re-working things because they would fix one thing and break 7 more, and they tipped the balancing in favor of the counselors, making Jason a miserable experience to play as. Only Black Tower recently added something (Rage) that would tip it back for Jason. But GUN just wanted to stop on this, say "we don't wanna", and work on something else. In fact, they did get something else to work on; they currently have the license to make a Predator game. Problem is that it looks like it'll be another Evolve Clone.
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    Hello everyone. Just started playing and I'm enjoying it a lot.
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    @Slasher_Clone I play on PC, Steam.
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