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    Other than the rage buff to Jason. You've literally missed absolutely nothing besides the bugs, bugs and...bugs. - Same old hacks - Random Counselor/Jason Bug - Environmental Kills being a non option at this point because they don't work and only serve to inflate the kill count - Interaction locks Wes posted about changing the perk system a while back (might as well be years ago) but apparently the team is 'so small' so they can only handle one thing at a time. Right now that 'one thing' is the roofs and the counselors using bear traps to get on them that still hasn't been entirely fixed. So even with the lawsuit cutting the work down in theory, the time it takes to do anything is still forever and ever and the results are still iffy being kind. Oh and more stops and starts like NES Jason, Uber/Grendel, Paranoia only now its the perk system/balance and everything is based on 'high priority/low priority' stock answers. Oh and they said they'd release the game on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019...sound familiar? They'll usually stream about the games on Tuesday, but its usually only an hour or less (matt does them) and its just usually again...stock answers.
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    Exactly one year ago today on June 11th, 2018, the lawsuit put a stop to the game's content. I remember it like it was yesterday when I opened the forums and I was greeted with a thread titled "Is this game over now?" Damn it's hard to believe it's already been a year.
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    Someone posted on reddit that the backer exclusive clothing pack is now available for FREE on xbox dot com (Some of my friends who play this on Xbox have now installed it) so uh is there any news if they are going to be available for everyone on PS4 and Steam as well? Why is it available for Xbox only? I don't own an X1 but I'd love to try these out. @mattshotcha Source:
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    Yesssss that’s exactly all we really need now is a bug free game. As long as they thoroughly test their patches before they release it, the patches shouldn’t be bring in new issues.
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    I realized when I killed roy it didnt give me the achievement....because he isnt Jason which made me smile.
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    And the game is still alive and going.
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    They'll request the needed info. It's really depending on the case and what the user is reporting. I know this is late, but we do not have an ETA just yet. I'll be checking up on status again tomorrow.
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    Unintentional. Microsoft fixed this up already. Unintentional, 100%. As we've said before, we wouldn't intentionally offer backer exclusives to people at this stage.
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    So I haven't been on these forums in almost a year, I haven't been on the game in almost a year, I have kept up with the lawsuit in hopes 1 day we could see Uber released, those hopes were smashed recently. But I just want to know whats happened? I just checked the staff posts, an aside from Matt no one else seems to be here anymore, have they given up? Other than Matt I see the Mods still hop in but as far as Devs/Publisher people go its been close to a year since they last posted or visited as well. I know that Illfonic was switched out with Black Tower or something, sorry for not knowing the full name, but as I look around i see many many many complaints. I just want to know is there still hope for the game? Disclaimer: I'm not saying the game is dead because I know alot of people still play. Any word on client side saves? This is still my biggest issue an all I ever heard was its not a priority. Is the game in as rough shape as I hear? Like I said I haven't even loaded it up in almost a year. I do try to watch Slash n Cast from time to time to get the latest but that dont help, I also watch SleevedBiker from time to time which is how I keep up with the lawsuit mainly. Is Matt the only 1 who truly comes around? I don't really know him because I don't think he was around at the time I was last here. Shifty seems to be gone but his harassment notice still at the top of the forums about Victor even tho at this point I don't think anyone has issue with Victor, at least the majority.
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    @DeadlyD, communication is still very rocky but as mentioned, the Beyond streams on twitch are the best place for it at this point, Matt does eventually get back to people on the forums but he’s apparently very busy with LoF2 and the switch release. Things aren’t great but the game is as enjoyable as ever, so it’s not a complete disaster. Ideally the next patch will take care of the roof glitches and than other things can improve too. The discord for Friday also has a Community Rep. named Mel, not sure why the official forums don’t have a Mel but maybe we’re just too much. Personally I think we’re a much nicer group then they give us credit for. Glad you’re back D, and since I never got to say it before... Welcome to camp.
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    You left off the return of the dreaded Database Login Failure for PC players over the past few weeks.
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    The webpage has been removed. Lesson of the day. Posting on Reddit gets a faster response than posting on the official forum for the game. 😂
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    I feel it would be accepted more by fans but still get vitriol because I killed Danny. The show made ZERO sense for her becoming the mad queen. At least, i show why, then show her recover and pledge to do better. Have her become a servant of the people by making up for the sins of her father & herself. The books give more evidence to Mad Queen Daenerys than the show. The babies popped in my head, the dragon needs three heads right? Rhaegol was one, her twins are two & three. I went with the Bran King route because it certainly gives credible backstory and why the King is so focused on Jon. Although not a script writer, if i scripted the speech of Jon giving the kingdoms to their great lords, it would draw why jon did it. But yes, i was a little vague & i own up to that. I assume by "Magna Carta" you mean jon sign away more his kingly powers?
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    Can we get them on PS4 too? Y'all can keep Savini, just give me new fits. 😩
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    How the heck is Judie Aronson 55 years old???.... Cool find btw.
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    I am shocked that backer exclusive things are becoming available to the public, per my contribution in the mod-aided "THEY'LL NEVER RELEASE SAVINI JASON AGAIN EVER" thread. Look at my shocked face.😴
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    Strike first! Strike Hard !! No Mercy sir!!!
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    Sensei Lawrence or Sensei Kreese would be proud of you. 😎
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    You also have to kill Jason to also add to the Ph.D in Murder Trophy.
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    Nothing would've been more satisfying than using a weed eater to wipe out a crowd of heavy thick skin, swift attacking, medic, hypo hoarding do nothings. Or surprising some fool in a glitch spot with a spear gun kill to the face. Oh well.
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    Apologies for the long post but I've unlocked the PHD trophy 3 times with this list: GRAB KILLS: Back breaker, bear hug, body slam, choke, eye gouge, head crush, head punch, head rip, head squeeze, head stomp, heart punch, jaw rip, knee snap, neck twist, two handed choke WEAPON KILLS J2: can opener, headbutt, throat hack J3: crotch chop, head chop, stunner J6: knockdown, spear impale, shish kabob J7: dismember, eviscerate, machete stab J8: chin strike, double tap, fire axe throw J9: chest stab/head chop, decapitate, how to peel a coconut Map specific (LARGE MAP ONLY): Crystal Lake: repair shop (back room): corner slam Higgins Haven: barn fence: face smash Barn closet: seek and destroy Graveyard fence: impale Hiding spot kills: bed, closet, outhouse, sleeping bag Enviro kills: big tree impale, bird bath, cabin wall back breaker, cabin wall head punch, cabin wall head slam, campfire, chair, coat hook, corner slam (can be done on desk, Higgins porch, Pack porch, rock, shuffleboard, table, or tombstone), door slam, drowning, fireplace, small tree arm rip, toilet, tree stump, water pump, window (I used second story closed window at Pack large) I only used Large variants of Crystal Lake, Packanack, and Higgins Haven for all kills. And I used the original Jason's with their original weapons for the Jason specific kills. Also online only. Kills against the bots are not saved after the match and therefore don't count. Also worth noting is that it didn't always pop the trophy the first time through. I had to go back and do some environmental kills and map specific kills over before it would pop. Not sure why that is.
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