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    We've been doing a movie marathon challenge. Each movie Jason per map starting with part 2 Jason on Packanack. No doubles for counselors, with the sole exception being the part 4 Jarvis house map when the counselor team may use twin Tiffanys. Each counselor has three lives in total, once the 3rd life is gone that counselor can no longer be used. Parts 2-5 are those Jasons, or Roy on their maps. All maps used are large maps. Part 6 is at Crystal lake. Part 7 is the Jarvis house for Sheppard residence and party house. Part 8 is where it gets interesting, part 8 Jason at Packanack. Once the game starts, all counselors and Jason must go to the lodge area and remain there until Jason gets rage. This is to represent the movie primarily taking place on a ship. If you spawn away from the lodge you may loot one cabin, and any campsites on your way to the lodge. If there are multiple cabins along your path the counselor may chose which one to enter. If you come across the Tommy house and you haven't looted a cabin yet you can call Tommy, and loot. Until Jason gets rage counselors may only repair anything at the main lodge, including the car if it spawns next to the lodge. Once Jason gets rage counselors can spread out as normal and fix, escape or kill Jason if possible. Part 9 is at Pinehurst. Once all counselors are dead the challenge is over and Jason won. For the counselor side to win, you must have at least one counselor make it all the way through part 9.
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    Beautiful truck man, I’m happy for you fulfilling a dream.
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    Say what you will about LJN NES games; difficult, tough to figure out, etc. But, Friday the 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Jaws, Back to the Future, and Karate Kid all worked right out of the box. Granted the hardware was easier to develop for in those days, but devs knew they needed to have their sh*t together when they declared a game finished. Now days, they seem to use the internet as an excuse to release a game while it's still beta-level, knowing they can push updates out to (hopefully) fix things as they're cashing in. It's a crap way to do business that only ends up inconveniencing the consumer. I'd love to see some kind of software commission for video games. A governing body of sorts that have the power to hold companies accountable for putting out unfinished products and penalizing them. Probably would never happen, but it'd sure be nice.
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    HAHAHA! I won! It was a very fun player-made mode, killing everyone with unique ideas for "special kills" on certain characters to represent better known kills from each movie (even though it took about 2 or more weeks to finally get enough people together to finish it after leaving off after Part IV).
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    Yep, who needs a Jason bot. Edit - Not that I wouldn’t love one but in all seriousness, I’m fine killing other Counselors as a Counselor and just pretending I’m part 9 Jason possessing someone. Roy or Vic from part 5 on a murder spree might be a fun pretend scenario too. Vic especially so on the Pinehurst SPC. I like playing Jason and wouldn’t give that up but I enjoy the way I can move around the map more as a Counselor, for the most part I should say, as Shifting is fun. The Counselors are no threat to Jason in bots, if I play as a Counselor though and try killing them, they can fight back and can kill me too. The challenge is higher, especially with a time limit and no way to track them other than the map which I can ignore. I bought the costumes to support the pubs but don’t get much use out of them as I main Mitch, this gives me a use though, as being a Bunny killer sounds like a great time. There’s other costumes that would be fun to hunt in as well but that one would get played every Easter, 😂. Adam doesn’t get much love but being dressed in camo and having a gun that never runs out of ammo sounds like a lot of fun hours spent in camp. Lastly if we could do the same in PM before the servers go down, it might bring some people back.
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    I know it can seem that way.....Especially when in the process of Fixing other things break.....it is understandable to feel this way....keep in mind I highly doubt the developers enjoy being roasted on Twitter or the Forums about the same bugs over and over again.....I am sure they want the same things we do a bug free gaming experience......they are relying on the Black tower just as much as we are.... That money went to funding and development of the game paying employees and developers/motion capture/ stunt people/ actors / voice actors/music composer/ special kill effects designer /promotional items /physical copies/severs etc....the game was a success...yes but make no mistake all of those things cost money to maintain or create. Remember appearances can be deceiving......you are making assumptions about the effort of the work being done without all the variables.... ask yourself these questions... Don’t you think Gun wants the same thing? Answer...Yes They want the game running as smoothly as we do.... Do you know what the developers at Black tower are doing or are having to deal with with Illfonic code for the game? Answer... No unfortunately none of us do so making assumptions about the work that is going on is all we can do. Do you know what size crew they have working on this game ? Answer....No they have said they have a team working on Bug fixes we don’t know what size that is we can only assume it is small as they must keep costs down to keep the game in the green and profitable especially to keep servers going for this game as well. I believe they are putting in the effort and trying their best....it’s just not an easy transition as we all hoped for and is apparently going to take longer than we all expected or want.......
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