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    Just recently got my dream truck. It’s a 2015 Ram 1500 completely blacked out. Have already made a few modifications to it, and will soon make more, lol. What does everyone else drive?
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    @mattshotcha Any chance we see this patch early next week? And also thanks for dropping in more often and keeping us informed on the status of the fixes means alot to us.
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    All those tags are open as tabs and I'm always combing through. But priority one is getting this roof nonsense sorted out once and for all. We would like to get back on our track of what we're fixing once we do. So cars/knife physics, a second look at balancing, and some other items we've been poking around at. But things are getting back to normal around here and I'll be popping back up more frequently. Thanks for hanging in there and tagging me in. Please do continue to. Even when I don't respond, I use those tags to create tabs to keep them in my active routine. Totally understandable.
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    Working on getting the VoD of yesterday's BEYOND stream up on YouTube, but we had an issue with our local recording. I'm going to pull the broadcast from Twitch to upload soon, but can give the basic update here as well. First off, we appreciate the patience. We're working to fix the issue that allows counselors to reach unplayable areas in game, but at a root level. So we've identified the issue allowing the bear trap method, and fixed that. Internal testing was done by our usual testing partner, as well as internally, and then a follow up by our testing partner again, for the sake of being thorough. But through the process of figuring out and fixing the bear trap method, we came across the underlying bit of the issue that could be present elsewhere in the game, just not yet uncovered by us or the community. So we have the predominant method figured out and fixed, but are taking that knowledge back with us to inspect other areas of the game in an effort to be done with this method entirely. Pushing out a fix for the bear trap method now, then investigating further and potentially needing to push a second fix will take longer than just holding onto the bear trap fix while we work through any other potential instances. On top of this, we've refined some of our internal processes to aid in the detection and recreation of issues, as well as to test more thoroughly not just via our testing partner but also more thoroughly internally as well. We've always tested our patches, but we wanted to improve and expand on the process. Now, with extra redundancy checks, we feel we're getting a much better view of the patch in it's pre-certification state. We've also added another CS agent to the team here at Gun. He will be helping with all things CS, including but not limited to JasonKillsBugs.com As for Database Login Errors, please continue to submit reports to JKB. This issue is not very widespread and all the details we can find would be incredibly beneficial.
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    @Slasher_Clone inspired me to start this thread with his ideas on new game modes. Since we aren’t getting new content we can all put our minds together and brainstorm new game modes for something new. Here’s some game modes I thought of that could be done with friends in a private match Capture the flag- teams of counselors of 2 or 3 on each team, 3 part items must be located on the map. These 3 part items will be considered the flags to capture. Each team will have their own separate destinations the parts are supposed to go to. Each team can do anything in their power to prevent the flag from reaching the destination by killing the other person on the other team but once one team gets two items at their destination that team wins. Battle royale- straight up free for all between all counselors. The more counselors the better. Dance party- all counselors line up in a tournament bracket style dance off. The Jason player is the judge and whoever loses each round, Jason kills, whoever wins the dance off, escapes. Team deathmatch- counselors team up in teams of 3. They each face off and fight each other. Whichever team has one person remaining wins. Car race- can be something like 3 laps around the entire map, whoever wins escapes, whoever loses dies.
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    Lol I made a thread of some playermade gamemodes about a week or so ago, it has links to many videos I saw online of gamemodes that I thought were extremely fun to try out! As for the car racing, we’ve made it custom that when one of our friends is Jason we like to tick them off and car race if we get the chance hehe. another one I like doing is called ‘Crazy Taxi’ it takes a bit to set up but it’s fun. If you can get the car and the police at the same time, try your best to deliver as many people to the exit back and forth in the 2 seater before leaving. It’s a fun challenge when Jason is on you constantly and you’re trying not to crash in the back roads of packanack!
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    Offline Singleplayer Legacy Mode- (If they could add in a playable Pamela Voorhees) You start as Pamela Voorhees.You try to kill all the counselor bots in the match,and Pamela can use first aid sprays if she finds them.A new item that Pamela could find while searching drawers is Jason's hockey mask.If Pamela is killed while carrying Jason's mask,you then respawn as Jason in his lair.You then try to kill the remaining bots.I'd put in a points multiplier for those who succeed in killing all the bots without Pamela getting killed.Game on!
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    Evacuation Mode: There are no vehicles or CB radios in this mode. Counselors have 60 seconds to arm up and loot items. Jason spawns in his shack with abilities offline. Shack cannot be entered or exited via doorway. After 60 seconds, all Jason's abilities activate and the 5 minute police timer begins. After police arrive, a new 5 minute "Police departure" timer begins. When it hits zero, anyone who has not escaped is auto-killed.
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    This doesn’t read like your first post, the pubs aren’t the enemy and treating them that way will only leave us all unsatisfied. We don’t know for sure what the end of life plan is, till we do let’s not lose our heads.
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    I’m on your side, I want to be able to play Counselor offline. I think the pubs are in for a world of bitching if they sold people emotes and costumes that players never get to see again after the servers shut down. I really hope they have a plan that includes giving us the ability to play as Counselor. - I’d like to be able to spawn in both offline bots and SPC’s. - I’d like cheat codes or special items including, infinite ammo shotgun (with the ability to break down doors like a weak Jason), unbreakable melee weapons and the ability to shift indefinitely (they could give the player all Jason’s powers too.)
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    I’m sure there’s a lot of interesting games you could play in a private match to change things up from normal gameplay without the devs even having to add new modes. A way you could do capture the flag is locate 3 part items on the map and first team to capture 2 parts or more and get it to a certain location wins. It could be teams of 2 or 3 or something like that. I want to brainstorm some other ideas that could be done. I’ll have to get back to you on those ideas later lol. I wish you were on Xbox so we could try out some new modes together
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    @Slasher_Clone I should have kept running lol. I thought the bed was my safe place.
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    The only thing that will keep the servers up is if Gun makes money on other projects because this game is a dead end money pit with no content and the time it takes to do anything with fixes or changes. I doubt I'll ever get to 500 or 1000 on PC.
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    aww man I would have loved this too. Just imagine hiding or ducking in a corner somewhere and hearing that trimmer revving up and getting louder as Jason got closer. Menacing! haha
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    me too.I think the cast was fine,but the scripts should have been more faithful to the games.
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    If I thought a cake like that would boost morale and get fixes back in track, I'd have one shipped to the powers that be. Of course, I'd get two more. One would be for my family, and the other would be for my adopted forum family.
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    Happy Anniversary F13!! I made a cake to celebrate!! Who wants a “SLICE!!”
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    The amount of time jason gets stunned and knocked to the ground is more dependent on the skill of the Jason player not Jason. When I first started playing as Jason I got my ass knocked around, but now I don’t get stunned near as much as before. If anyone complains about getting knocked over 20 times I seriously think you need to work on your skills instead of complaining. also it’s pretty odd you complain about Jason being a bitch, and then also complain you can’t even get 1 swing in on him without getting grabbed? 🤔 so looks like you need to get some practice in on both Jason side and counselor since all you wanna do is bitch and complain, think about spending more time in practice instead of whining
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    Obviously Swift attacker and Sucker Punch. IT makes Jason a complete BITCH. More like a barbie doll than a killer. Thats always been my biggest gripe with this game and why I got sick of playing it. . Why does a counselor's swing of a weapon do more damage than Jason's Swing? Makes no sense. Have they ever seen a F13 movie? Counselor's don't hunt Jason and knock him to the ground with One swing of a freakin baseball bat. Its SUPPOSED to be the other way around Sure in rage its more how it should be. By the time, you will probably have already lost your mask, your traps are tripped and you'll have been knocked to the ground 20 times. Pure Idiocy Maybe if Jason had a grab worth a crap it may have offset the horrible imbalance but they couldn't even get that right. Plus the block is complete Garbage So there ya go. The pathetic grab/old woman lunge just leaves you open to get your head knocked into the dirt. Basic game mechanics were too complicated for the developers. They were GENIUSES with attention to detail on the maps and the little nuances. Game Mechanics that were sensible and not robotically sluggish and there bare basics of COMMON SENSE in a horror genre? That was a tough one for them for some reason 🤔 Its a shame because of the RAW potential it had
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    Definately no stats like that on ps4 though I wish there were. Even an in-game stats menu is a missed opportunity from the devs.
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    It’s very common now. The car is flipping, teleporting, and disappearing every few matches. It’s the new rubberband glitch. Before this latest patch, the car occasionally was glitching when Jason threw knives at it and hit the sweet spot, now it’s crashing, flipping, teleporting into a cabin, or flying off the map completely for zero predictable reason. Driving on a clear road? Teleport into cabin. Jason throws knife and nothing happens? Ok. Barely grace a small rock? Flip. Jason throws knife again and the car flies off the map. There are no clear predictors of what will cause the car to glitch and that’s typical of these clueless amateur know-nothing fly by night ‘developers’ at Gun and Black Tower. This from a company that used millions of free dollars to fund a game they bragged about on social media for being one of the top downloaded games of 2017 yet cried that they didn’t have any money to pay a team.
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    The game has been Rotten TRASH for over a year between endless bugs and glitches and JOKE sluggish game mechanics. I only play once in a blue moon but when I did it appears its mostly noobs with rotten QP lobbies of horrible players just shouting into mics and not going for any objectives the entire time . . . Most of the veteran players are long gone and the game mechanics feel even worse now than they did 2 years ago. Jason's grab is the worst control in gaming history. . . 6 months from now they know there won't be anyone left. So why "fix" anything? All they care about are their own wallets. Not a working product. In the end it doesn't matter. I would blackball them from the gaming industries or at the very least boycott all their future products so they will never make a PENNY off their games again. Of course, I don't know what mindless sucker would buy another game from them. But I'm sure there will be. You still have people blindly defending them even after they have TRASHED this game into oblivion to the point its hardly functional Hell, you can find less bugs on Atari 2600 Games.
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    Great job fixing the problem of counselors staying on the ground. Its so much better as jason when people are dancing on the rooftops
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    DBD is very fortunate in not having the issue that F13 the game is in.... With a License that is completely intertwined in a lawsuit.....limiting what can and cannot be done with it....... If this lawsuit didn’t affect Gun Media, I am sure by now there would have been so many new additions....weapon kills/ new counselors/ new Jason’s and Maps/ and game modes that would have been implemented........I know they wanted to add those throw back pictures of Pamela and Jason with more background info about them before Jason drowned to be found along with the tapes........there was definitely a plethora of things that could have been done if the game wasn’t trapped by the two Individuals fighting over how much money they should be getting........ well now that we know the lawsuit will be on going for the foreseeable future.....Fan films, figures and this game are the only thing to look forward to for the Franchise........And Jason’s legacy.... Hopefully people can finally see that Gun was right unfortunately about the lawsuit lasting entirely longer than they would be able to wait and continue creating content for...... I for one and happy both games exist, as far as I am concerned it’s a win for Us Horror fans ....
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    DBD is an actual functioning video game though. So there's that.
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    Dead By Daylight has been added to Xbox Gamepass. Think I'll play that for now. Friday The 13th is busy working on those ''hotfixes'' for the next year. We willl all be lucky if we don't get cars or boats on the roof of cabins next patch. 😂
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    I think all the developers pretty much washed their hands of the game at this point. They took the money and ran
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    This is seriously ridiculous. I played for a few hours today on PC & PS4 and there are currently even more people glitching on the roof and rocks than ever before. It used to be one or two people once in a few games but now there are at least 4-5 people each damn game. I love this damn game but this crap makes it pretty much unplayable and sucks every bit of fun right out of it.
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    @Jason Todd Voorhees This is the third patch they have released to fix roof glitching. And it has once again, done nothing of the sort. At what point do are we allowed to question their competence?
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    Yeah it doesn't help when they get their info from some dumbass that copied it off YouTube and doesn't understand what's going on. But apparently they're ok with that since they've been listening to them for this long.
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    I've gone through this thread and cleaned it up. A few important points before ANYONE posts any further: #1 - If you're new to the forum and haven't read the rules, we will know. Read them through once thoroughly; ignorance won't stop warning points being handed out. #2 - As we have to keep repeating on a weekly basis, Savini Jason is not going to be made available for sale. It will never happen, so stop asking. #3 - Double posting, antagonizing other members and derailing of this thread will not be tolerated. Stay on topic, don't be abusive and don't double post.
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    It takes 15 seconds to literally Google dozens of videos and instructions about how to get currently on the roof... no one thought of doind that to see how people get there? I mean what exactly have they been doing for 4 months? The old glitches are still there and nothing of importance seems to have been changed. EDIT: Okay I see the patch notes, some good stuff in there though I just managed to not get killed twice, even though the death animation played out, and somehow reached the cop cars and end of the map, could move freely over there.
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    I went with Variant 2 as it seems to hit the sweet spot for the nighttime setting. Plus Alan Wake is a great game, so anything that reminds me of that is a plus in my book.
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    it also bothers me a lot how bright the nights are. im pretty sure even full moon isnt THIS bright. it feels like straight up daytime and i never have any reason to feel scared / tense / or like i have to use my flashlight at all. also wish the colors were more consistent. i dislike how brown higgins haven is, i wish it was blueish like packanack or crystal lake. pretty sure it used to be like this in the alpha and beta too. 0:53 is a good comparison on what i mean. 1:22 is a great shot too. it may just be me, but i find it looks way better and more scary with a blueish darksh color scheme than the brightish brownish one we got now.
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    First time I have played it Dead By Daylight. I like that it has the option to play as a killer whenever I want. Friday The 13th is fun. It has changed into something that is not scary at all. Jason was way more powerful at launch. Witness many players qutting (Jason included) before a match is even halfway completed. Leave before they get killed. Have heard players say ''I don't want to play as Jason''. They have their preference set to Jason and never change it to counselor. They quit right at the start of the match. Meanwhile I have been patiently waiting to play Jason for hours. Going for my last achievement. Try to escape or help others in Quickplay. Most often it becomes a match of ''nothing is going to get fixed'' so lets all jump through windows for 20 minutes. I wish it had the option to play as Jason whenever I wanted in multiplayer just like Dead By Daylight has. To get the 1,000 matches completed without taking an eternity to complete it. Only having a very small chance to get picked as Jason. Both games have their pros and cons. The lawsuit is obviously never going to end leaving FT13th stuck inside an early grave unfortunately. It has been 2 years and many bugs still remain. Will chad's face ever get fixed in the intro cutscene and get some damn eyebrows? Rainbow sparkle effects on Pinehurst because they are always after Jason's lucky charms? Victora getting butt implants yet only wears baggy blue pajama pants? Defeating the purpose of having a bigger butt. Counselors having access to a modern GPS map app and telling Jason your location? Wait I thought this was the 80's? Jedi mind tricks. These are not the smart phones you are looking for...find the fuse Chad. How do they know where my location is 24/7 but can't google map where the car parts are? Who comes to camp to kick some ass and rescue people but only brings 1 bullet, some hair spray and a dull pocket knife? As funny as Friday The 13th can be I like it for what it is. A goofy parody slasher game. I just don't expect it to be magically fixed in the next year or two. Perfect example of after the new patch. Does this look like The Friday The 13th movie experience for the game? 😂
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