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    This stopped being silly a long time ago, now it’s just “look who’s being a dumbass this week.” If you think the game is dead move on. Your hurt feelings aren’t worth the time to humour any longer. No matter how bad Gun is at their job, those of you who spend the time and energy to be petty for months on end rather than just getting over it, you’re infinitely worse than the pubs you despise. If you don’t have anything constructive to add.... fuck off. I look forward to all the sad faces I’m bound to get, 😘.
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    Looks like the tension in this topic is a bit on the thick side. I should grab the tension cutting knife, I mean machete. To the OP and like-minded, the game is hanging on. It is not quite dead. It is having a massive heart attack, but the player base is still shocking it back to life. Stand clear, the chest paddles are on the way. @tyrant666, it could be worse. It could be an update, about an update, about an update. @Sir Jack, I'll have to listen to some Bobby McFerrin now. Thanks for the inspiration. @undrtkr, as long as I play this game, I am not frustrated, yet. Perhaps disappointed is a better word. @DontZzz34, people can and will leave, regardless of a timetable on fixes. How many leave, and how fast does not matter. Focus on the ones that stick around to continue supporting the game with their presence. Enjoy their company for as long as you can. @Quinn FTW and @Slasher_Clone, the next round is on me. Pick your poison and maybe talk it out one on one? @DorianRo, there were hundreds of good games that go back longer than that. Also, people play games for more reasons than "because they can". @OCT 31 1978, I see what you did there. Very clever. To those who are completely frustrated with the game, perhaps it is time to move on, or take a break. For those that stay, we will be toasting marshmallows and telling scary tales by the fire. Tonight's tale will be about the boogeyman, and the heroic woman that fought like hell to take him down.
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    I'm still trying to decide how people who are complaining about the people who are complaining meet the criteria of "constructive." I mean, it follows that if people complaining about their displeasure with a product they have purchased is not considered "constructive" then how can someone complaining about those people expressing said displeasure be considered constructive? As you've apparently appointed yourself High Moral Guardian of what people are allowed to express, perhaps you can explain this to me. On the one hand, you say that people who complain should just quit the forum, quit the game, and/or just keep it to themselves. But couldn't the same be true of the people who are complaining about the people who are complaining about the game. To use your own parlance, could they not just "fuck off" themselves? Who asked for their input? Can they not just ignore these threads? Yet, for some reason, they feel compelled to complain about people who are complaining. How is that "constructive"? How is that adding anything of merit to a discussion? Yes, I know, this whole thing is becoming meta at this point. I'm sure people are going to complain that I'm complaining about the people who are complaining about people who voice complaints. It's like complaints within complaints within complaints at this point. A veritable Inception of complaints.
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    Careful... don't want to say something mean and hurt somebodys pwecious wittle feewings... Ah, fuck 'em, they'll get over it. No, the game is NOT dead, and I really get sick of seeing stupid shit like "The game is dead", "They may as well shut down the servers", "R.I.P. F13:TG" and my personal favorite, "The games too broken/boring to play". If that's how you feel, you need to pack your shit and leave the forum. You are doing absolutely nothing to help the situation.
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    Two years in and still buggier than the inside of oogie boogie... Indie game or not, this is unacceptable. Mother is very disappointed...
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    The only objective I try to push on Jarvis or Pinehurst is killing Jason. It's the least risky way to survive on either map.
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    Lets be honest here....if we are having the these login errors and have to resort to offline mode to fulfill our entertainment with F13 the Game wouldnt it be easier to allow us to earn experience points via Offline mode or give us our levels even in offline mode? Thoughts on this @mattshotcha? Isnt it likely to happen? Like mirgating our levels to offline mode?
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    This forum is not the place to generate the discussion you are looking for. Please reach out to the development team through the appropriate channels.
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    “So you are saying there’s a Chance!!” definitely seems like you are after @Slasher_Clone attention.....hmmm...you could almost say you are bringing the “Thunder” @Kodiak @NthnButAGoodTime @JPops Please lock or delete this useless trolling thread.....we all know the game isn’t Dead....
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    I’m starting to think you should start a fan club for me, 😝.
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    This generation of consoles, have far less quality games than the 360/PS3 era. So thats part of it. Graphics are better but quality of games, this era is lacking BIG TIME. There were HUNDREDS of good games 10-15 years ago. This era has produced maybe only a handful of good ones with limited replay value
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    Just read it.Very informative,thanks for sharing that!
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    17+ thick skin is what you want. As long as you have no negative of more damage taken on any of your other perks then you get your OP health. Medic is better than hypo because you can get 2 uses of spray. For the last slot run whatever suits your play style or whatever will boost your counselor the most. Personally, I run nerves of steel on the fast ones and marathon on the slow ones.
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    Neither did the movie the map is based on.
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    Nah, there is freedom of speech. "Don't worry. Be Happy"
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    Alright I hear you man. I had a good discussion with you. Thanks for talking it out with me.
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    They have been getting heat since the game dropped.....telling them that they need to focus on prioritizing the bug fixes, or complaining about what is and isn’t fixed.....will not, and I repeat will not get them to fix it any faster.....or better it’s unfortunately the only way they operate ........this slow pace is how it’s been since day one...... we have to accept the pace that they are able to provide.....people can’t that will only add to their frustrations......I wish this wasn’t the case but it is because we have no control over what gets worked on or what we think the priority fixes should be ..... the only thing we can control is our expectations. we all play the game because we love it and continue coming back because it is fun to play..... the Bugs will hamper that of course and some players will leave.... that will be their decision....... I know making the game bug free will definitely make the player base happier....I know I would be ecstatic! But even a perfectly bug free game will not stop some players from leaving..... I don’t disagree with you....the only thing I am saying is don’t expect them to accomplish these things in the time frame that you believe it should be done in........you will be continually disappointed. I say this not to be negative or condescending to you in anyway I am being realistic based on how every patch since release has gone.... No one is asking anyone to beg the developers to fix the game....... Because of their own expectations..... I once again don’t disagree with you....but again the pissed off players are the only ones who can control their own expectations....... That money was all accounted for in the development of the game. They have said they plan on supporting the game with bug fixes and Balancing all they need to do is finally push them out. No one can or will deny that buddy it is what we all want.😀 Yes, you are....We all are because that’s all we can do....we have no idea what the developers are dealing with or having to deal with...... like I said looks can be deceiving issues with the patches does not specifically mean they aren’t putting in the effort or prioritizing fixes or that they aren’t testing them as well...... When testing is done some things can be missed especially if they a doing testing within closed Private builds of the game....sometimes with games like this the player base will be the real testers... Some fixes are easier than others and some fixes introduce new code that can unravel other gameplay and create new issues .....so far what I have seen since launch is content adjustments are not easy.... I also agree....it is frustrating....them focusing on just the Roof glitch is them finally prioritizing one issue over any other....hopefully the environmental kill issues are an easy fix as well after the Roof hot fix and we get another ASAP. 👍🏻
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    I did... last part of the second to last line. I am, I said what I wanted to say about it. I couldn’t agree more.
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    I got this game on xbox last week and I havent stopped playing since then it is my fav game and it probably wont leave that spot for a while. I dont know what makes me want to play but it is just fun and I cant stop..... I think I might need help.
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    “It’s Alive !!! Alive !!!” People have been talking about the game being Dead for over a year!! To those peopleNews flash it’s still going!! players will leave and come back depending on their experiences, other games being released...or are waiting for new patches/updates... so expect the player base to rise and fall...... untill the severs shut down and offline is all that is left to us it will continue on...
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    It sure feels like its on life support. Really hard to get a full match going lately. The database connection issue has lots of people thinking the game has been down.
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    You are right; the Game is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there's usually only one thing you can do: go through its clothes and look for loose change.
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    Are people still playing? Yes. Game is not dead.
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    I love Pinehurst and Jarvis House maps BECAUSE they are so big, The rounds in them are chaotic and long and it is much harder to escape and I prefer it that way. Much better than 1000000th round on Packanack Small that either ends in 5 minutes or the timer runs out because someone glitched on the roof.
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    Choke kill, bear hug, head punch all take very minimal space. So you can use those indoors instead of environmentals, and just add another kill of whatever you like. Personally, pigsplitter throat slash would fill out my kill list.
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    @OCT 31 1978, good job on putting things into perspective. @Jason Todd Voorhees, if my alarm clock ever breaks, I'll hire you to handle that responsibility. I'll pay you in your favorite beverage of choice.
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    I know it can seem that way.....Especially when in the process of Fixing other things break.....it is understandable to feel this way....keep in mind I highly doubt the developers enjoy being roasted on Twitter or the Forums about the same bugs over and over again.....I am sure they want the same things we do a bug free gaming experience......they are relying on the Black tower just as much as we are.... That money went to funding and development of the game paying employees and developers/motion capture/ stunt people/ actors / voice actors/music composer/ special kill effects designer /promotional items /physical copies/severs etc....the game was a success...yes but make no mistake all of those things cost money to maintain or create. Remember appearances can be deceiving......you are making assumptions about the effort of the work being done without all the variables.... ask yourself these questions... Don’t you think Gun wants the same thing? Answer...Yes They want the game running as smoothly as we do.... Do you know what the developers at Black tower are doing or are having to deal with with Illfonic code for the game? Answer... No unfortunately none of us do so making assumptions about the work that is going on is all we can do. Do you know what size crew they have working on this game ? Answer....No they have said they have a team working on Bug fixes we don’t know what size that is we can only assume it is small as they must keep costs down to keep the game in the green and profitable especially to keep servers going for this game as well. I believe they are putting in the effort and trying their best....it’s just not an easy transition as we all hoped for and is apparently going to take longer than we all expected or want.......
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    We don’t know that, we only know they don’t make communication a priority. (Jk) 😝
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    I happen to love Pinehurst is a great map you can still use the main House to Juke the Hell out of Jason if needed....
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    That's pretty lame. Just stick with me, @Vaderspupil, @Redrum138, @lasse_hei, @pioneer67fkd, and the others we tend to play with. If I'm online looking to play F13, either send an invite my way or I'll shoot you one. The only "rule" we have (sometimes its not necessarily followed) is if a kill glitches and a counselor kicks out (listed as dead), don't be an asshat and run away. Take your death like a champ.
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    Communication with the community costs nothing. So there is zero excuse for that over the entire game's run. Can't hide behind a lawsuit or 'limited' budget for that one. The lack of information, miscommunication is probably one of the few consistent things the game has going for it. People can get antsy over the negativity, but the reality is nobody has any idea what's going on and that's no good. The last time they did 'anything' with the community was when Randy was still associated with the game back in early 2018 with the streams. Other than that, nada. The whole thing on Tuesday isn't even an every week thing (not even always F13) and at best, lasts one hour with VERY LITTLE actual information about anything other than 'high priority', 'low priority' stock answers. You wouldn't know about any sort of 'community' events or double XP until they might actually come out of thin air and when that happens...its a double XP event that should've been made permanent long ago to newer players incentive to want to stick around the playerbase. So even then in the two years the game has been out, its either been a stream with Randy or a double XP event. Not much creativity there.
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    UPDATE: The team is testing a new fix for the "Bear Trap Method" counselors are using to slingshot themselves onto structures. Given the nagging resistance of this issue, the team is running additional testing on this fix, but hope to have it out to you within a week.
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    I really want to be able to play as a counselor in offline mode. Just in case if servers ever go out
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    It's definitely something to consider. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Meet a nice player level 150 , play a few "normal" games so we decide to friend each other and call it a day . Meet her online again the next day and after one game she states " Im going to back out meet up with some friends ill send you a request" , so she does i join so we now has 6 level 150 ADULT players with mic in a party chat ( i hate those ) . We now enter a lobby remember we have 6 of us that leaves 2 randoms . First thing they talk about are the "Rules" A) We don't kill Jason if he/she is one of us b) If you are Jason only kill the randoms . WTF . So the first game low and behold its a random level 150 Jason , we were able to kill him , all legit , next game said "friend" is Jason , and guess what she only goes after the 150 random we just killed as Jason , at one point she is yelling at me to open the doors as the random was in the same house , i refused , she ends up killing him anyway . That now leaves one player left , She(Jason) allows the rest of us to put the car together and guess what? on the way out they run over the last random. O i forgot to mention they also inform here right away where the Tommy house is . Granted i have now deleted her but it just boggles my mind that level 150 players ADULTS ( i could here kids and babies in the background of some players) would play like this . I just don't get it anymore .
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    My steam ID is Cory223i It has been 234 days since I was unlawfully banned. I have tried to reach out through email and DM multiple times. They replied only once saying I had illegitimate access to content, I provided all of my steam receipts to you to prove otherwise. Ever since then I have been left in the dark. I have contacted them since but to no avail. All I want is for you to remove my illegitimate ban. I met one of my best friends through the game and it really sucks not being able to play it with him anymore. If anyone of the forums can help me get in contact or help this situation. Please respond
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