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    While we wait for the roof glitch to be fixed, to those who continue to exploit, let this be your warning! (tbh, I have no clue how this happened) Furthermore, upon hanging you from the roof, I will then make you my love slave. You will be dead Spiderman, and I will be Mary Jane -- and that's just the beginning of the sick, awful things I will do to your body!
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    Let's talk realism for a second... Pt 2: Jason defeated mask on Pt 3: Jason defeated mask on Pt 4: Jason's mask was broken by a machete hit to the face by Trish Jarvis right before Tommy killed him Pt 5: technically killed mask on since mask didn't break until Roy was already dead. Pt 6: Jason defeated mask on Pt 7: Jason's mask was broken by Tina Pt 8: mask was destroyed by toxic waste Pt 9: Jason defeated mask on Jason X: Jason was defeated mask on Freddy vs Jason: Jason defeated mask on F13 reboot: mask was destroyed But how about this for a Jason buff? I think they should make it so that upon seeing Jason demasked for the first time, every counselor Jason encounters gets the same jump scare they get from seeing a dead body. Since Jason's so cute and all I think that's pretty reasonable. Plus they can reuse the already existing jump scare from seeing dead bodies, because no new content, right? Edit: the low composure counselors (say 5 or less) should probably get that same jump scare even from seeing Jason with his mask on for the first time. And also again if they see him with his mask off for the first time. That alone might make some people trade up speed for composure.
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    A simple new/or old way to balance two of Jason's arguably should/would be most important mechanics. Some of these have been discussed before, but I wanted to combine them. Each Jason gets to reuse/pick up his traps one time each. Meaning you can pick up and reset all 3 traps or you can reset the same trap 3 times. However...there is a cost. The cost is based on the trap category of each Jason and whether or not a Jason has throwing knives as a strength. Naturally the cost for negative trap Jasons won't be as a high as a balance. Negative Traps = The cost to repair and/or pickup a trap is 1 knife Neutral Traps = The cost to repair and/or pickup a trap is 3 knives Part 2 Jason = The cost to repair and/or pickup a trap is 5 knives Roy or Part 6 = The cost to repair and/or pickup a trap is 5 knives However...to further expand on the formula. You can now use knives to convert traps into more knives if you decide to do so. The cost is obviously traps for more knives. Like above, negative trap Jasons benefit most from this since they have the most to lose with converting traps. Negative Traps = Convert 1 trap into 5 knives, which would allow you convert all 3 traps to 15 knives if you wish...but the cost is high..the number can change depending on balance Neutral Traps = Convert 1 trap into 2 knives, which would you allow you to convert 5 traps into 10 knives if you wish Part 2 Jason = Convert 1 trap into 1 knife, giving you 7 knives if you decide to convert all 7. Roy Or Part 6 = Convert 1 trap into 1 knife, giving you 5 knives if you decide to convert all 5 traps. I feel like such a way to interwine the traps and knives with each other would give Jason a great buff that requires more item management, but also allows him to decide if he wants to mix up his items to have more long range capability, which would allow him to punish counselors without being punished up close with more knives. Or he could decide to work on tanking the tankers who tank his traps by repairing them or moving them one more time each. @mattshotcha Its a no brainer. Any thoughts? Too much of a buff? Brilliant?
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    We'll just pick a counselor at random. Lucky winner gets puppy-dogged by Jason the entire round, counselors that come near lucky winner get brutalized.
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    I would be the Rob Dier look-alike.... Always last to the Party and First to die........every single time.........running around shouting “ he’s killing me..!” 😉
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    I'm gonna have to say Kenny. An average guy, jack of all trades and master of none. Easily forgotten but there when you need anything.
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    "You spin me right round baby right round"
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    Hi Chris, welcome to the forums. If you find the time please make an introductory post and be wary of double posting. As far as the rubber banding glitch goes, they are currently busy at work on the hotfix that will focus solely on this very problem.
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    Central Europe is closer in line with the moon than New Jersey. It gets more direct light because its more northern location. My gripe with the regular light we have now is that it looks too saturated like it is an overcast day. The colors should be more muted and the blues and grays should be more present. Where I live a full moon with no clouds looks like a blue-gray filter over everything and darker than the game we have now.
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    Why not just give all -traps Jason's one more trap and call it a day? Nobody's complaining about running out of traps if they start with 5 or 7 of them. And balance wise no -traps Jason should have as many as base traps or +traps Jason. They have less traps for a reason, and that's to balance their stats. Pt 4 with 7 traps would be almost as OP as pt 4 with +shift. **That's not to say that the negative shift speed and duration shouldn't be buffed up to normal shift speed and duration on pt 2 and 4. The only thing that should be negative about J2 and J4s shifts should be the cool down.**
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    I felt like the stream was the same old hot air we've been told so many times before and that's because matt only knows what little they tell him. Its crazy how 2 years in, the communication between us, the middle man and them is still so bad.
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    It’s a pity the player with map choice in a lobby didn’t have more options. I think a good (albeit problematic) addition would be having the ability to jettison or block players that screw around (running people over, helping Jason by blocking windows and opening doors etc). That way, for however long the lobby holds together, you don’t have to put up with their crap for more than one game. I suppose it’s not technically possible or creates other issues (or the folks playing like douches will just hold out till they get map choice in a lobby). I can always dream though 👍
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    Maybe if Gun have suspensions people wouldn't DC too often. The problem with this game is they give players free will to glitch and team and they're not banning or suspending players who do that crap so they're just rewarding the community with bad behavior. If players had consequences the game would be in a better state in then it is now. They talk about patching roof glitches will fix problems, but the glitchers will just find new places to glitch. It's not a permanent solution to their problem, same with teaming. They talk about how they've been trying to find solutions to the teaming? The answer is right in front of them with suspensions or bans with reported proof. The community isn't at fault anymore for how toxic it is, the fault is Gun for doing absolutely nothing to these players and it's time Gun steps up and takes responsibility and take action. If players knew Gun were serious with suspensions or bans do you think we would see glitchers or teamers as often as we do? If Gun actually stepped up it would cause a lot of the toxicity to stop because I know lots would be afraid they would lose their account if it got banned. There's no excuse or defending Gun with how they let the toxicity take over. It's an insult to the community who look to play this game the way it's meant to be played and it's especially an insult to those who helped back this game by funding them. It's a shame, it really is.
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