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    I am honestly not sure why they even changed her ass? Did anyone ask for this? WHY would anyone ask for changing a character's ass in a videogame?
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    They don't need to if they fix 1.No need for him to go up there if they fix that.It's of really no tactical advantage other than to chase off glitchers.If fact as a counselor and you can't get up there,you'd want him up there so he cant kill you.LOL
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    People assume this company is a AAA dev team when they arent so yeah mistakes happen and we shouldnt dog them for it. Edit: if you gonna laugh react atleast respond instead of hiding just saying.
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    The team is combing through what has been reported since the patch rolled out and we're investigating each case. We're not only looking at what has been reported as a new issue or regression, but also any problem areas where the patch should have fixed an issue, but it is still being seen/reported. It will take a day or two to have a more detailed update than that, but we're looking into it as quickly as possible. I wasn't accusing anyone of lying. I wanted evidence to identify if it was the method fixed so that I could take that back to the team to look at it. I need the evidence to make the case as well. I believe this has been reported, but I will ping it to the team again. We're looking into the patch and identifying what went wrong. Death animation issue is under review and investigation. There is always testing with our patches. What went on here was definitely a misstep but we're investigating righting the ship, as well as ways to limit this type of misstep in the future. No, this was a patch. We will be looking to submit a fix as soon as possible, outside of our planned patching schedule. While I wasn't present in the discussions over the weekend, I assure that all the information has been reported to the team and we're looking into it. I will not have a status update for another day at least, though. Sure, because we're the size of Valve, EA, Ubisoft, etc. I understand this is a tough situation, but with a team of this size, turnaround time is going to take a little more time than some of these massive companies. That does unfortunately leave us all in limbo at times like this while the crew works on things. I will have a status update as soon as we possibly can. Reported these to the team for investigation. I do not, unfortunately have an update yet. I don't know that it's time to "hang em up" as that's a bit serious talk for what is going on here. The weekend was a bit of a scramble, but as I said earlier in this reply, I have no update just yet. The team is hammering away and I should have an update tomorrow, even if it is a smaller status update for you all. The patch did not go as planned and that is definitely something we're reviewing, both as issues with the game, and the process. But I don't think anyone deserves to be hanged for it. With the transition and subsequent work put into the game to sort through some existing issues, a rollback is not ideal. Better to work forward, as much as that seems counter intuitive. This has been noted and is on the list for investigation.
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    If you could be the maker of a Halloween video game what would you do? If it were me making the game the ways of survival would be car, survive the night, and burn Michael alive. Cops shouldn’t be a way to escape bc he killed most of the cops the majority of the time so I don’t think cops are a realistic option. As far as maps go Part 1 haddonfield neighborhood map Part 2 hospital map Part 5 barn map 2018 Laurie Strode house map Anyways, There would be 8 survivors and 1 4 seat car and 1 2 seat car available. A 20 minute timer I think is good. To fix the car you’d have to find a good tire to replace the slashed tire. (Michael seemed to like slashing tires in the movies) and you’d have to find oil to put in the pan (Michael also seemed to like to drain the oil pan dry) if you do get in the car and try to escape beware, because Michael will be notified you started the car and he has his own car he can chase you in. Michael knew how to drive in the Halloween movies so you better be ready for a good car chase. Michael would now have a chance to try making you crash your car before you reach the escape line. In order to burn Michael alive you’d have to take similar steps taken as what happened in part 2. You’d have to have dr loomis there and alive to do it. This would have to be made difficult to do. This would have to be at hospital map I’d also want similar steps taken to burn Michael alive like they did in the 2018 Halloween movie at Laurie’s house. This would obviously take place at the strode house map. As far as fighting Michael, I’d allow all survivors to be able to fight back but have a very low chance of stunning. The only exception would be Dr. Loomis since he’s the hero character. He’d have almost a 100% stun chance. I’d want this to be a more serious horror game where people run scared from the killer and aren’t hunting him down. To be fair, Id spawn 3 guns with 1 shot on every map that will 100% stun Michael. Michael would come into the game with a kitchen knife but would be allowed to find other weapons on the map as well. Michael would have Morph and Stalk. Since the survivors have almost no hope of stunning Michael I think it’s fair to not allow Michael to sense where everyone is. The Halloween theme song would come on when he’s getting near someone to hint at him someone is in the area. This same music would come on for the survivor but it wouldn’t show michaels location on mini map like it does in f13..... Still not sure if a shift ability should be allowed or not. For Michael to get kills I think a similar grab and slash like how f13 is would be perfect. When survivors fix the car similar noises would come up if they miss their skill checks if they mess up to notify Michael they’re fixing the car so he can morph to the car to stop them. As far as special characters go, Dr. Loomis would be the only special character that is supposed to be a hero who comes in with a pistol after 2 people die/escape no emotes This is how I’d make the game if I had the chance to throw ideas at developers making it. A Halloween game would be absolutely amazing. I’m interested to see how you guys would make the game if you had a chance to. Let me know what you guys would do and any comments on what I wrote.
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    Apologies if this has been discussed/addressed. Feel free to merge/delete if so. Was in a match earlier (PS4) and escaped Jason via the police and noticed the emote wheel is no longer accessible once a counselor crosses into the exit animation. Emotes that cause the counselor to slide away faster are especially helpful here to prevent Jason from glitching through the "safe wall" and grabbing you after you've made it out. Aside from that, sure I'll admit, I also enjoy an occasional victory dance after I've outsmarted a cheating Jason. Was this change intentional? @mattshotcha
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    You cant change the color of her pants... always blue no matter what color you select, even in the menu.
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    Lol trap rubber banding just went mainstream recently. How do you expect them to fix a problem if they don't know about it? To be honest they deserve some credit for all the things they did fix. Counselors will no longer be glitching through walls with pocket knives. Most of the map exploits are gone. Once they get trap rubber banding taken care of, fix the enviro kills, fix Jason's delayed fighting mechanics, and fix the car falling through the map from throwing knives, everyone will be able to enjoy a glitch free camping experience.
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    So what did you guys fix? Environmental kills don’t work, sense turns off in combat stance, people still get on the roof, just watched Jason walk behind the cop car and stand there.
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    @OCT 31 1978, it's nice to know I was missed. I enjoy posting word of wisdom, encouragement and humor whenever possible. NBC was the channel to watch back in the day. I loved Saved by the Bell.
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    In other words, more bullshit by cheating little twats that will stick videos of said cheating on YouTube and actually delude themselves into believing they're skilled players. Gotcha.
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    Not to sound like an idiot but what's lag switching?
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    NBC's old school slogan. I'm glad someone else remembers it. Many things in life lead people to feeling "lied to". Someone along the way, the wording of the no new content situation was misunderstood. Perhaps it needs to be said in a way that everyone will finally understand. There will likely be a handful of people that even if you simplify it for them, they still won't get it. There is also a good chunk of the player base that are adults and do have and express their respective opinions. Some people do it in much better taste than others. Some people will lose their cool and get upset. Those players will either quit, or keep complaining and continue to be disappointed. Others will tough it out and see what happens next, because they love this game, and realize the game isn't quite done yet. That's one hashtag that needs to pop up more. I also suggest the following: #CommonSense, #SupportCrystalLake, #KeepThePeace Never ever apologize for posting a topic that gives the people a chance to have a good open debate or conversation. Sometimes it's rough, but it you didn't do it, someone else would have. Sleepover Camp would have had pillow fights and s'mores. Someone's gotta do it. Keep up the good work. 😎 While more content would have been great, cramming it in to beat the clock would have made things worse than they are now. Imagine how upset people would be if they had more content that was broken or buggy? No matter what you could have put in this game, bugs potentially would have surfaced, and people would still have been upset. It would seem no matter what could have or should have been done, certain people would never be satisfied. If the developers "bailed" on this game, why are we still getting fixes? Sure the fixes aren't perfect, but give them time to get a hotfix out for it.
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    I feel the same way. Getting around Jason and reaching the police is like scoring the winning touchdown. Nothing wrong with a harmless celebration on your way into the darkness. I'd like to see it brought back.
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    They bailed on this game a LONG time ago...way before the lawsuit , thats why the chose to do the crappy engine upgrade instead of cramming in new content when they still could. They can make a generic summer camp map this very moment if they wanted with existing assets ...to keep the game fresh at least, but nope
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    Can I get a real one because im just all ribs overhere.
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    tiff had too much to drink
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    If I was these F13 Developer guys it's simple do like your fanbase (me). Get a few cases of beer for the weekend, smokes too. Gather a party of at least 4-5 people party up, set preference to Counselors. Now you have a kill squad. Go see how people are playing. Get ready for the laughs, and the depression. Break out the STREAM, and take notes. After one weekend you'll have enough work for you and black house all weekday long. (probably a month if I'm being honest. Next weekend buy some more cases of beer. Gonna need it MY CREW did the work week for you free of charge bud @mattshotcha 1. FIX ALL ROOF GLITCHES (PACKANACK & PINEHURST ARE THE BIGGEST OFFENDERS) 2. PUT BACK IN ALL OF VICTORIA'S PANTS WITH THE NEW ASS, NOT ONLY 1 SET OF PANTS (BLUE) (you literally half assed it!) 3. FIX JASON GETTING ON THE ROOF TOO (BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN COMPLETE 1.) 4. FIX THE BUGGED ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS (I DO LIKE GETTING OVER 10 KILLS BUT ITS A BAD BUG) 5. RANDOM BUG GETTING YOUR COUNSELOR OUT BENEATH OF THE BED, WHEN HIDDEN UNDER BED ALSO HAS A CAMERA GLITCH 6. PACKANACK WINDOW CLOSEST TO BACK PORCH GETS COUNSELOR STUCK IF THE CRAWL THROUGH IT ALSO HAS A CAMERA GLITCH 7. JASON KNIVES STILL CAN DESTROY CARS 8. JASONS COMBAT STANCE CANCELS SENSE AND STALK EARLY WHEN USED 9. CAN NO LONGER PLAY TOMMY AND PAMELA TAPES 10. RANDOM COUNSELOR BUG/GLITCH (GAME PICKS A COUNSELOR RANDOMLY THAT YOU DIDN'T SELECT) 11. PINEHURST (FIX THAT RAINBOW NON-SENSE @ MAIN HOUSE AND DURING KILLS BLOOD IS REPLACED WITH SPARKLES!) CHEERS!!!! EVERY GUY LIKES BEER AND/OR SMOKES SO DON'T GIVE ME THAT YOUR PLAN WON'T WORK NON-SENSE. BEER IS THE ANSWER BROTHER!
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    So why don't they do public PC beta testing servers before releasing patches live? Wouldn't that have solved a lot of issues with this patch and previous patches that fail to fix things? You guys need something like that because this patch is honestly embarrassing on your alls part. I get console beta testing is impossible but it's possible to do on PC.
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    Trap rubber banding is a fairly new method for getting on rooftops. The other methods have been patched. Therefore the most likely reason it's still there is because they just didn't know about it in time to patch it out. The bad side is that it's so easy to do that anyone can do it. And like I said that's about all they have left. Which is undoubtedly why so many glitchers are doing it. I get that it should have been tested better. But given the differences between private matches and dedicated servers, I can understand why everything looked good during testing and then went to shit on release.
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    @Survivaland it's not making them any better at the game. If people would take time to know the game better, they wouldn't be doing this trash to people.
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    I’ll give that a try sometime. Of course it’d have to be when I’m with another person to be more effective. Good strategy man
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    Because people can't grasp and understand the use of an already existing game asset that can be added and a new game asset which would require new modeling, which would therefore be new content.
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    Lol try dodging a weapon strength Jason a few times and let me know how that works out for you. You're not wasting your weapon if the block ends up saving your life. Besides that it takes multiple blocks to equal one weapon swing. Depending on the weapon, perks, and the counselors luck, of course. You should honestly be standing in block even inside locked cabins. Never know when Jason will show up and slip you a throwing knife through the window. Or even hit you with flying glass from breaking the window. Little bit of damage here and there adds up after awhile. And any damage at all will negatively effect your fear meter and stamina regeneration.
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    These issues should’ve been fixed in 6 months after release, at the earliest. Yet after 2yrs, the same problems are there, with newer ones? What should your fan base think?!? Later updates, more of a broken game? That told me a lot. Yes, they tried to get a good patch out or proclaimed that. With what was stated and was presented...two different things. No matter what your company rank this is....UNACCEPTABLE!! These issues should’ve been fixed! It’s still the norm to say that it’s ok to accept that?!? Come on...smh. 🙄
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    Lol! I slash players like you , As soon as I see a counselor square up ,to try and fight me I slash,
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    I would stop complaining, you might force them to “fix” something again, & we wouldn’t want that.
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    It never was sleepover camp .....it was Summer Camp....but ok. And pointing out the Fact that others are wrong about what they post or conclusions they come up with, without doing some simple research is not blind devotion....it’s Common sense.... ... the patches have problems yes, this one is not the first it probably won’t be the last... The team is continuing to work on them, and keeping us in the loop about it so that’s a good thing as far as I am concerned, as long as the game is fun and playable I will keep on rolling with it. But like I said be bitter that’s you.... you do you it’s fine you aren’t the only one spouting out the same bitterness....if that’s the crowd your in have at it. I just don’t think that’s productive at all. At the end of the day if it’s that unbearable “ pathetic, bug ridden garbage..” stop playing it and move on man!! if you think trash talking the game is going to help make the game any better you are dreaming... This is not a AAA developer with hundreds of team members working on it.... there are limitations here....( duh Kickstarter funded game.)but I wouldn’t want to blindly provide any facts that might explain why we are where we are with the game. so I guess Bravo for being one of those that points out all those things that make the game unbearable for you ...... if it was so easy to fix or develop these Games there would be thousands of games out there just like this one ( but better right ??) that we could be playing instead.
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    I was a kickstart backer when it was sleepover camp, but I don’t give blind devotion, so keep on making excuses for them, don’t call them out on their crappy patches that break more than they fix, pathetic gameplay , bug riddled garbage, shit servers, etc..... yea sure. Bravo Gun
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    here I blocked sweater girl inside my shack. If I catch her in my hut then that’s their fault for not getting out quick enough. When u grab the sweater you get in and then get the f outta dodge. If sweater girl is still there when I show up you better believe they’ll get body blocked in there. That’s the players fault for not getting out quick enough
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    This happens all the time on PC. I believe it has to do with pressing the action button to get out while the stop animation is still playing. As soon as i hear the crash sound im usually pounding the button to get out to have a chance to get away before Jason comes around and grabs me..
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    Agreed. Dancing out the exit is hilarious. If it was intentionally taken out, I cry foul. @mattshotcha, can you confirm whether this was intentional? I know most people here either want a Jason slaughtering, no-fun bloodbath or an all-dancing piñata party, but I like the balance. Jason SHOULD be super OP, but when I escape I want to have a laugh of relief. I jokingly say to my buddies that the biggest issue I have with the game is that you can't dance out the exit in the car or boat. But I kinda mean it!😉
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    I'll say F13 will always be my favorite video game.....but this will likely be my 2nd if a Halloween video game wont be made.
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    Well, if you won’t bother to educate yourself in the situation by watching their Beyond streams....... you shouldn’t post about things you have absolutely no idea about how they work... sorry if that was too smug for you but when you are an ass that’s what you are asking for. They can barrow content from any portion of their game it’s their code to work with....unfortunately the items used will still be bound to Balancing/ bug fixes or addressing aesthetic issues .....using it any other way would no longer fall under the grey area.... and require Horror Inc / Victor Millers Approval. The mask Flashing is a notify indicator in private matches that lets you know Who is Jason.... it was reconfigured to notify players in the Multiplayer portion of the game when Jason gets Rage.... same concept = grey area the Tractor falls under balancing because players would drive the car to the entrance and block themselves in stopping Jason from Interacting with them.... balance = grey area
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    Dancing my way out of the police exit every time was fun. They should have left it alone. Don't worry though because they broke environmental kills to make up for it. 😄
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    Lmfao the "Jason outplayed me and I'm salty asf" glitch, right? Or is it the "something's glitchy so Jason did it" glitch?
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    I guess you could say it snuck in... through the back.
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    2 years later & we can still get there.
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    They should most certainly be banned. The company profiting off the hacks should be sued into oblivion.
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    This article appeared on Variety today: https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/friday-the-13th-the-game-nintendo-switch-release-1203153811/ We went from "We have no plan for the switch." to an actual Switch release announcement less than a month later if this information is true. I don't own a Switch but I think this is good news. Any additional revenue will help to keep the game online and supported.
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    Because of the history Nintendo has had with third party support I am very sure you will never see Friday the 13th The Game on Switch. Since the Wii came out Nintendo consoles have been notoriously difficult to program on by third parties.
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    Tiffany... a glamour queen even in death... We both tried to open a window simultaneously and got merged into one horrific being
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    What ?! You mean I have got to go through this again in someone else’s thread! That’s it Blind Devotion Powers Activated !!!!! 😉
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    Who has done more damage to their own creation: George Lucas to Star Wars or Gun to F13: The Game?
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