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    Definetly, I don’t see why, it would be foolish to waste the opportunity to start content again, sales would go skyrocketing back up and and they’d make a name for themselves..
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    For those who haven't seen it yet: This was in Offline, by the way.
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    I'd rather the time be spent fixing the problem, rather than banning.
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    As much as I hate playing it, and the rainbow blood does detract from it, but Pinehurst has the most atmosphere. At least to me. It's a vast map with no areas of just vast nothingness. Everywhere has some thing packed into it. And touches like the blanket where the two kids, in the movie, were having sex being included is just awesome.
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    On May 7th it will be the final date for Victor and Sean to do something, most likely a Settlement, and it may happen before then. What are you guys hoping for? What do you think we’ll see? I know even though they’ve said 200 times content will be stopped no matter what, I’m 90% sure that they will continue if they can get the option to. It would be a waste of money not too considering it would save the player base, and I can count on about 10 different hands all of the kills, skins and other things that are near completion, that they don’t need a team of 100 people to complete.... maybe we’ll see content again after this?
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    Thank you so much for all your work ! You've brang back to life a classic 😜 What about a "Nightmare on Elm Street" game now ? Such a challenge !
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    This is based on @DontZzz34's post, "Who is the Queen of surviving the night?" I thought I'd make the male version of it, so here it is. Don't forget to vote on Zzz's poll:
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    Scenario is easy. In a perfect world. The lawsuit is settled, but the team didn't want to do anymore content because...pick the reason you believe. In steps a workshop similar to the one on steam where the devs allow modders to create models/skins and maps or whatnot. Bam..the playebase jumps from 300 to probably 5-10k easily on steam at least. I think of a game like Left 4 Dead/2 which before the workshop had sites where you could download maps and skins for the game. Then Valve introduced the workshop which would allow content creators much more ease and access and what that translated to was a steady 5k players during the week and sometimes upwards of 20k on the weekends. Without mods or addons, Left 4 Dead/2 would probably drop significantly in players due to boredom with the same game. Granted, the original L4D is dead, but the modding workshop arguably saved L4D2 and keeps its playerbase consistently decent to high. The drawback is of course consoles would miss out on such things, but I could see it being a hit with the PC playerbase. The PC community would definitely bring in more maps/fanmade modes and while Uber would be finished only as a skin replacement to other Jasons, at least you could use him in that way. You would probably get some skins that make sense like Crystal Lake outfits, etc. The only real drawback is silly shit like people creating anime skins for the counselors while they're being chased by the state puff marshmellow man or some nonsense skins that would replace Jason. Which is something you constantly see on the Left 4 Dead 2 workshop. Still, with it being client side only, you can't complain. Of course, that's the dream scenario. We know even if the lawsuit settles that they won't open up the game to the modding community, even though it would do wonders on PC at least.
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    Best case scenario, a settlement is reached, and the unwritten future looks a little brighter.
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    Hate to say it, but even if by some chance this case is settled on that day, I highly doubt we will receive any content, new or old. I would love to see them add anything at this point, but I just don't see it happening, realistically. I do hope the case is settled so we can move on, and from what I have heard, that may happen, so fingers crossed as always. At this point, I believe that's the best any of us can hope for.
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    Would you mind naming the 50 or so things you are suggesting were close to finished? As far as saving the player base, we'd get some people back, but not nearly as many as one might hope. That's a bit unfair to say they don't care. As much as I'd like new content as others would, I wouldn't go there. As far as the close to finished content, I agree with it being unlikely. It would be nice if they had a slight change of heart.
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    If they cared about the player base and the fans they’d continue the content. If they get the green light to continue and decide not to then that’s kind of a slap in the face to the fans. Let’s hope they make it right for us
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    I like this post. I like the king and queen contests 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 And I voted for chad
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    If you were told they never existed, then it's likely the completed kill never existed. Same thing as Jason X; he never existed as a completed part of content and instead existed only as fragmented parts of a complete package. If Savini Jason had some extra DLC kills that could have been part of an upcoming pack prior to the legal issues, then they were by no means complete. Leaked videos only ever show things that are work in progress or faked. People claimed Jason X was ready but they were people who've never developed a game in their life, so when the developers said he wasn't finished, they only looked at the footage they had and said "but he is ready though!" Locking this thread as this was likely planned content that would not have made it into the game. The animations you may have seen were likely a work in progress and as such, never existed in the game.
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    So we all know about those 2 savini kills that were accidentally seen right? they showed in up in players games one day, but you could never select them. I was told on the twitter help page that they never existed and were just UI. it was shown in leaked videos that they were fully CGI'd and complete animations..... i get theyre never coming out.. but why would you guys lie about it... :[
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    Didn't think I would ever see this coming out of these forums. And I'm surprised no one is hating on it yet. IMO, the one thing that would make Stealth stronger and Sense weaker would be to make Sense not spammable. This would make Jason have to rely more on pings, and this could also make Sense avoidance perks useful.
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    Exactly this ^^ @HuDawg I would even suggest that the sound blips be combined with sense. Additionally, I think Jason's powers should be in this order: morph, stalk, shift, sense.
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    Counselors should be weaker.. Finding them should be harder. Id like stealth mechanics buffed for counselors. And maybe sense for Jason nerfed.
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    "slasher movie game" LOL!! One of "those" people.
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    If you know how to juke a shift grab then speed is irrelevant. Even Deborah can juke shift grab. It comes down to how experienced the player is. I’ve played with many Deborah’s who survived over Vanessa. A 6 speed vs a 10 speed isn’t even that significant. Both Tiffany and Vanessa have the highest stamina stats in the game and that is pretty much ALL you need. You can run, but once you lose your stamina then you are dead. That is why Tiffany is a superior runner to Chad. Sure Chad is a bit faster but his stamina is garbage and his composure is even worse than Tiffany’s so he will cripple even faster. Pre-rage Tiffany has MUCH better stealth to work with and Vanessa has slightly better luck if she gets into a chase with Jason. Post-rage both are pretty much equal besides Vanessa being slightly faster, but I’ve stated...as long as you know what you are doing then speed is irrelevant. They are both are great runners due to having nearly maxed out stamina.
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    This would have been so much better, lol. He does look good but the lack of chainsaw bothers me, my favourite Ash has always been the original and as good as this one looks, he also looks old. (Forgive me a Bruce, but in a video game, I want to be the best version of you.) That said, there could always be a new game mode were you can fight back and then he can be all he should be. Just for fun, I’d like the devs of this game to give Jason 115% Counselor movement speed and let a few good players loose to see what kinda damage Jason could do if he was as fast as a Dbd killer, lol. I think it would definitely put the fear of god in some players. Give the Counselors Tommy stats just so they’re all level and balanced.
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    H20's retelling of the ending to create Resurrection was them digging themselves out of the huge hole they made by killing off Michael in H20. The line of BS they gave us at the beginning of Resurrection doesn't make sense. Michael gives his mask to one of the paramedics after crushing his vocal cords my problem is he could've easily removed the mask. I like all of the Halloween films even Resurrection but, that story they came up with humanized Michael. He's supernatural, he could just vanish in the thin air, hide in the shadows. Michael was killed in H20! The writers had to figure out a way to bring him back and that i'm happy about. The way it was done didn't fit what Michael would do in my opinion.
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    There are more games than RPGs that make good use of such elements. Adjustments to the majority of perks to make them more useful could lead to new strategies. This might relieve some of the boredom with the game. If we had a ranking system that kept track of and ranked us all by the number of kills we've each made as Jason, and the number of times anyone has been killed as Jason, that would have made sense. People love having their bragging rights when it comes to competing with friends / rivals. It would have been nice to just collect CP and freely choose in what order we wanted to purchase everything, from counselors to Jasons to perks to Jason kills. Setting a sizeable but reasonable CP price for each item would have made it worthwhile once you purchased it. I do agree that leveling up doesn't really suit this game. With or without perks / ranks / grinding / leveling up, people would still find something to enjoy about this game just the same. There are many of us who feel the same way you do. I see it very rarely, but have seen it more than once. I saw it perhaps two or three weeks ago. All game are repetitive if you play them long enough. That's why it's good to take a break once in a while.
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    We have another DOUBLE EVENT going on now! From today, April 11th and running until April 15th, get Double XP and CP! We'll even throw in tapes. Have at it, Counselors. EDIT: After the recent issues with servers, we're leaving the double event live for an extended period of time. We currently do not have an end date, but will update you all once we do.
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    We all have varying opinions. F13 is just so vanilla to me. There is NOTHING to look forward to and nothing to progress toward. It’s more like I’m playing “Jason Piñata” than a true horror game, but you can’t really have a true horror game when it is multiplayer. I’ll play F13 until the day the servers are shut down. It brought new life to the horror video game genre and I’m grateful that Gun gave a chance for Jason to shine. I just think DBD takes the cake when it comes to the better overall game for various reasons.
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    I get your point, but DBD is simply doing much better due to content always coming in and constant patches and devs being dedicated to the game. Although it is certainly not without it’s own bugs and glitches. I prefer F13 as a slasher game but DBD just has more to do. The constant leveling up system, rank, and getting perks just give it more to do. You will never not have SOMETHING to work for. In F13, once you reach level 150 and unlock everything and every perk there is nothing left to do, it’s very vanilla. I’m just bored of it after nearly two years. I only play with friends nowadays. I didn’t wanna do a DBD vs F13 but I just wanted to say my two cents.
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    If you put an epic marathon (+13-15%) on AJ, you basically turn her into Victoria but with a better stealth, repair and composure. Behind the UI that players see stamina has hidden stat points. For example; AJ has a stamina of 4 but behind the scenes that translates to 100 SP (Stamina points) now with a 15% marathon her SP boosts to a total of 115 which equals Victoria's (7). Now AJ can sprint for 23 seconds and jog for over 2 minutes. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 Now to answer OPs question, I value the stats as following: 1- Speed: The faster your overall speed the further the distance between you and Jason, so you don't need to sprint as often if you're being chased by him. 2- Stealth: I mostly repair and I appreciate when Jason can't hear me from across the map. Obviously this stat is useless once in rage due to Sense toggle. 3- Repair: Obvious reasons. A repair of 5 points is enough for me to get shit done quick. 4- Stamina: With a good marathon and stamina management you can survive a chase. 5- Composure: Only useful at 10 if you go for no fear Jenny build, other than that you will spend more time in a fearful state due to how fear works. Also Jason's grip strength grows stronger during rage so you can no longer escape his grasp as Jenny even unless you get grabbed in a very awkward terrain where J cannot instant kill you right away. 6- Luck: Useful for starting the car mostly, fighting Jason is not a good idea anymore. 7- Strength: Only ever useful for demasking, escaping bear traps faster and somewhat helps breaking free from Jason's grasp, though composure is more important for that.
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    I used to be a big fan of this game, I used to have a bias towards DBD. But one day I decided to go get it and since then it was like a breath of fresh air and I haven’t looked back to F13 ever since. You can’t really judge a game until you actually played it. But DBD is winning. (See you in the fog)
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    I made a topic a long time ago. Basically telling them, my wallet is open for more kills. Id happily spend countless amounts of cash on kills and so would a lot of players. They offered up small amount of kills for pocket change instead. Its kind of their loss..
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    I think they'd probably have to send me a pm. But for a little teaser I'll post everything that won't get deleted here for sharing exploits... -the end
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    Counselors. Aren't. Supposed. To. Be. Strong.
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