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    LOL!! Im glad I didn't bother to look at your other posts. You couldn't make a point if you were a stick. Enjoy agreeing with yourself, and feeding your own ego. You aren't worth anyone's time. Baaaai
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    I can only assume you aren't too bright. And that's putting it nicely. Chad is considered a top tier counselor, so that point is invalid. It's not his stamina that makes him an attractive pick lol. It's the Speed and Luck. And yeah, most people can survive against a brain dead Jason (not that it really requires much mental thought to play him now anyways). I also don't like going after Jason. I use hitting him as a last resort/stamina gain during a chase. I would prefer to repair. Hell, I repair with Tiffany all the time. And I also hate driving cars, so I normally repair them and leave the keys. So before you spew your childish "git gud" comments, perhaps you should think first, and open your eyes. Obviously I'm not the only one that doesn't like the rage change. The hundreds of other people that stopped playing after that last patch agree as well (again, not that there was much of a playerbase to begin with). But I guess Jason players are the bad players and need to "git gud" because they seem to need all the help they can get. They couldn't even deal with a single boat, so now it makes noise. Pretty pathetic for those Jason players. Youre probably one of those players that edited your game files to extend the FoV too.
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    The Rage buff was not necessary. It was a "we don't really care" band-aid. Want to know why there are dance parties? Well for one, they added dance emotes to the game, just to try and soak up more $$$. And because there is no other way to play then to beat/kill Jason. As it's the easiest way to win. They buffed Jason's speed so much so now you can't outrun him unless you're Vanessa. And Sense is so OP there is no point in trying to be sneaky. Your best bet is to kill him. Plus, the playerbase is so low now (hovering less than 400, half of those playing single player), that the only people left are hackers and trolls. So of course, you're going to get people who dance on Jason's head. An actual solution would be to give Jason diminishing returns on stuns if counselors try to to stun him too quickly. And lower stun duration and chance during rage. Not making him completely immune. Now we have to escape within 5 minutes or you're dead. That won't help the game, it'll make people bored of it as games will be over so quickly. Thy should give counselors a reason to play something other than "Kill Jason". Now it's just a "Watch your counselors die" simulator.
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    I feel like my eyes are going to fall out of my head from rolling them so much after reading this. Jason just got the most overpowered buff he could EVER get, and now you want him to have more? It's no wonder the game only has a playerbase of 300 people now. Counselors are SUPPOSED to group up and work together. We were told to do this from the very start of the game.
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    Counselor Icon Running Jumping Throwing Rowing George Slow Low Average Fast Mark Fast High Slow Fast Paul Slow High Fast Fast Laura Fast Low Fast Average Debbie Slow High Fast Average Crissy Fast High Fast Slow What would it have have been like if we got the Counselors from the NES game along with the rework of Retro Jason? I would have like individual skins rather than reskins for existing Counselors but that could have worked too. Edit - Going to keep adding more but I’m playing at the same time, lol. Got interrupted by being Jason. A few other touches I would have liked are the Pitchfork as a new weapon and a Zippo as a new flashlight but handheld. I even think the Rock could be worked in as a noise distraction.
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    ahhh, kk. Gotcha. Continue if you wish.....
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    If they are going to group up together, then obviously Jason will find them and chase them all, aka, he is going to get beat down a few times. Even a group of AJs and Tiffanys will be quickly found because of OP Sense. Strength in numbers.
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    @Ahab Wow, so i log back onto this account after weeks to find that you still messaged me complaining like a 5 year old. I made up with some people on here after that thread got closed down, but i still see that you can't let it go because you were proven wrong and took the bait, seems the ego is still bruised. Take a ice pack to that bruised ego of yours and have a chill pill son.
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    The whole focus of ass has kinda been a calling card of the entire game's run even before the lawsuit. More focus on things like ass and silly ass emotes instead of...anything that matters. Part of the problem.
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    Ok guys, I've read enough these days, even after the update, about the "unfairness" of Jason killing teams, and how try to stop them (which is, I remind you, a way to team with Jason) is justified as "killing Jason is too easy" and shit. Well, I've been a player since day 1. I am part of a Jason killing team, and I can assure you that 70% of times one of us spawns as Jarvis, Jason is dead meat. On the other hand, as the killer I've been put down like ONCE in the last 6 months. Keep in mind we play everyday, for hours, my spawning preference is put on "none" and I consider myself an average player and an average Jason. You wanna know what the problem is? It has nothing to do with "game mechanics", "how the game was intended to be played by the devs" or "naughty counselors teaming up and turning me in a pinata Jason :_( " The issue is simpler: 90% of Jason players are absolute simpletons who have to this day NO IDEA how to counter a Jason killing team, or a group hunting. The scenario I come across is almost everytime identical: - My team charges Jason so one of us will die and spawn as Jarvis, and maybe we'll unmask him too in the process. - Jason doesn't see through the obvious strategy granting us exactly what we wanted in the first place - As Jarvis spawns we go get the sweater, usually without bringing the mask so Jason can hear us, and the killer just mindlessly charges us EVEN IF UNMASKED and gets quickly killed. Guys you can get all the buffs you want, and last one was a big one, but if you just charge everything that moves like a raging bull, don't blame the devs or the "teams" if you die. As I told you, I'm a mediocre Jason but I got killed like once in the last 4-5 months because even If I'm no genius I'm smart enough to -disable and trap radio tower - ignore counselors who charge at me with an obvious deathwish until I'm sure I've put down 2-3 players who are not in their team. - Avoid taking groups until you are in rage mode. And even then COMBAT STANCE AND BLOCK! COMBAT STANCE AND BLOCK! JEEEZ! - Avoid the classic "trap the phone, trap the cars" strategy, and instead save my traps for later in game. Again, I'm a mediocre player at best, but I play everyday and I just don't see all the issues you see. Maybe you are part of the problem, ever thought of that?
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    Hello all, I know this has been discussed in the past but if you all could take the time to watch this video I’d appreciate it. This is a perfect example on why tommy should be allowed to stun! So, there has been discussion in the past about it and some people agree with it while others don’t agree with it. My defense is the people who play as tommy and actually act as a hero are very limited in resources when trying to save the other counselors. In this video, I do everything in my power to save these two deborahs trying to make it to the cops. There was absolutely nothing I could do. How is this considered a hero? Tommy is a special character in the game so he should have a special ability to stun Jason. And all I ask is let’s keep the arguments civil and respectful. Let me know your thoughts on this.
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    I have a series of techniques that level the playing field for both sides
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    I'm leaning on HuDawg's side on this discussion. Original grab was much faster (recovery wise) it was just missing the current lunge animation as he explained and it is much too narrow now. Force field windows= counselor buff,the old original way windows worked was fine. Trap stacking taken away=counselor buff.Instant swing out of block taken away=counselor buff.Meat shielding removed =buff.Counselors can still free stun after almost every animation Jason gets locked into before rage. Counselors should have never been able to hit Jason through doors.Sweater girl doesn't need to be in plain sight of Jason for the sweater to work= Jason nerf. All I can think of but there are probably more that weren't mentioned in previous replies.
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    Like I said, no fun. lol, low grade material, and I agree nothing worse. Still laughing about this, 🤣. Had to come back and comment. @Bryr, so I take it you don’t want to be a member of camp, we’re all just too toxic? Lots of room in the troll cabin with @Thunder, lol.
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    Next we are going to get Chad's butt enhanced for the tiger speedo because priorities. 😂 Meanwhile...same old bugs for months.
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    @mattshotcha Hey Matt, the patch will include the new perk revamp + victoria butt rework as well bug fixes. As mentionned by wes.
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    Are you proud of being a keyboard warrior?
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    @MadMike, did a mock up... Here I have a copy.It would have been a very large map indeed.
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    That is a cool concept. Personally, I always though it would have been nice if they added a map inspired by the NES game, as well as some of the weapons Jason used in the NES game.
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    @Bryr, you’re no fun. Enjoy your time with Hudawg. Lol
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    And this is why the game died even before the lawsuit. If you can't see the strength in his grab now, then you really have no reason to talk. The small window he gets to evade an attack gives him enough time to spam 1-4 for an instant kill. You asked for Jason buffs, and I gave them to you. If this is how people on the "offical" forums act, and these are the people that the devs listen to, it's no wonder the game has become so wildly unbalanced.
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    😂 Ok I am done talking, I cant even after this statement. good day to you....
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    I never said these changes made him OP. Although he is OP. What I had said was that Jason has gotten many buffs. All counselors now take the same amount of damage from traps Jason’s footsteps are now silent while the Stalk ability is enabled Jason will now begin each match equipped with 2 additional throwing knives Jason's movement speed has been slightly increased Jason's grab range and cone has been slightly increased All of Jason's weapons have had their swinging animations adjusted to swing lower towards the ground Jason's grab has been updated with a new animation (yes this is a buff, it actually gives Jason a small window to evade attacks, as he moves) Counselors will not longer be able to hit Jason through doors. However, Jason will still have the ability to damage counselors These are only buffs to JASON (I didn't include bug fixes, even the bigger ones that made him much easier to play), and none of the MANY nerfs to counselors. The counselor nerf list is probably x3 the size. If I have some time later, I'll for sure make a counselor list. I'm curious to see how much they have gimped the counselors. @HuDawg Jason has not been nerfed since release of the game. He has actually only been nerfed a couple of times, and then those were reverted. Unless you're counting a bug fix as a nerf. In which case, I'll add every single bug fix that helps Jason on to the Jason Buff list.
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    Who’d you make up with? You didn’t prove anyone wrong. No need to bait any of us, we’ll take you for a stroll just for fun. You must secretly like being humiliated, to keep coming back here.
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    QQ? Jason is a cakewalk. Why do you need even MORE buffs? It's already easy to get 8/8 You could always do what some crybaby I saw did. He claims he has never been killed as Jason, because if they demask him, he hides in the water until the match is done.
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    I get the same feeling EVERY time I read ANY of your nonsensical ravings. The rage buff did absolutely NOTHING to help Jason catch ANYONE who does not want to be in his face. Learn to play more than one aspect of the game and you will find that more counselors are escaping per match than EVER before and Jason is being killed even easier than before... Pretty far from overpowered. The day I bought the game... way back now... there was just over 300 people playing the game. This is nothing new. Your constant use of this stat proves NOTHING. Teamwork with multiple objectives does not mean you are supposed to group up and move around the map in groups of 7... Your piñata parties are over... get over it. And what else should Jason do?... Go for a stroll by the lake?... All by his lonesome? Once again, your piñata parties are OVER... deal with it or move on. Stealth works fine... as has been explained to you on a great many occasions. Patience and knowledge of how it works are required for it to be successful in any way... You lack both qualities as has been made apparent in our previous discussions... And it was NEVER meant to make you a super powered ninja, which is what any buff to it would do. Use it to escape early on and stay the hell away from Jason... if he sees you and you are not glowing in sense, you just made yourself a priority target. ASYEMTRICAL HORROR GAME.... This means the one (the killer) is more powerful than the seven (his potential victims)… Strength in numbers should never have worked in this game as it goes against what an asymmetrical balance means. You are right... it was not necessary, they could have done a veritable plethora of other things that were suggested... but you would cry about every one of them anyway. It is what it is now... and the piñata parties are over now, after rage at least. Feel free to continue to beat on Jason until then... and deal with the consequences of it like the rest of the players on your "team" will have to as well. And should the business just utterly fail because you do not like the DLCs they made to do what again... make money?... I have news for you... If a company does not make money, it goes out of business and everyone working there loses their jobs. Even if there were no dance emotes... the trolls would be having "tea bagging parties"... same shit, different name. Not having dance emotes would NEVER have stopped this behavior... and if you have not figured that out yet... then there is no hope for you. Jason CANNOT outrun even the slowest counselors in a straight line unless they are wounded or out of stamina. Too bad you still have not figured this out either. Still bitching about something that does not happen in the game. Get your facts straight. As I have said MANY times before... sneaky works. You just expect it to hide you from Jason for the entire twenty minutes, which... thankfully... they will not do. I can imagine the state of the game with the meta perks being the sense avoidance perks that worked 100% of the time... Boring for everyone involved. Your suggestion here was made by many people on these forums... it was just not used. Whatever their reasons for doing what they did... I am VERY happy you are not in charge of what happens with this game. Also... Jason is NOT completely immune to stuns in rage. There are several ways to stun him still... shall I list them for you? You have been playing long enough that you should already know what they are. They should indeed make it harder to kill Jason as it was intended to be... But it has not become a "watch your counselor die" simulator... It is more like a "watch me drive the car out with three passengers before Jason gets rage" simulator. Here is proof that assumptions make one look like an ass... and that is putting it nicely. @DontZzz34 has proven his intelligence in many posts for those who care to read them... I can say this, and we still do not see eye to eye on many things... But I can easily recognize someone with the ability to use their head... He can... you cannot. Git gud… no... seriously... git gud… and while your at it, open your own eyes and learn to use your head. You are not alone in disliking the rage buff... trolls from around the world have expressed their displeasure at not being able to treat Jason like a bitch anymore... Many of them started their complaining BEFORE the patch even dropped... These types of biased opinions should be ignored... as I usually do with your grossly inaccurate opinions. Everyone else seems to like it just fine. You are not the only one that could say the same thing about him... If you enjoyed that one... you could read more of his bullshit on the steam community... It is literally all over the place... But wait, I am sure there will be more of his nonsensical ravings right here on these very forums... shortly.
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    Right, because Jason needs MORE buffs.
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    Dude, why would you still be trying to argue on something that happened almost a month ago. Sign back out please...
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    Low priority, but something to discuss. I'll mention it to the team.
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    I really like crystal lake the big field out by the archery range. There’s a lot of trees and when it’s thundering it really feels legit
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    So is this an admission that the game has been half-assed all this time?
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    Wow ..... both DLC come out to $3.98 ...dude....a BigMac from Mc Donald’s costs more.....🤦‍♂️ If you’re that hard up try Tuning in to the Beyond streams... The developers and the community manager are always giving out free DLC or other goodies.....
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    I told myself I wasn't going to respond but GODDAMNIT I fucking have to, because this post is just...UGH! You call him a hypocrite while doing the exact same thing you accused him of. Good job. Anyway, let's get to what I want to address. First of all. "Who were these terrible people who asked for god like powers ????" "Oh wait ....it wasn’t the player base? .It was the developers who wanted Jason to feel/seem more powerful in the game!......that’s an actual fact...no assumption.." "In all the time I have been on the forum I have never seen or read about anyone asking for God like/ insta- kill powers so.... I think you did that thing again with the assuming....😉" Are you blind? The devs did it because people were bitching and crying for months that Jason was too weak and that he got bullied by the counselors boo hoo hoo ;( I REALLY hope you're just playing ignorant but somehow I know you aren't. Next. "So then since you are such an epic Jason “main” player.... you didn’t need this “god like buff” and were already getting 7/7 or 8/8 kills huh?" "So what did the patch change for you then?" "I will tell you Nothing since you are a Jason “main” apparently And can Bulldozer these pathetic Counselor ”mains” and go 7/7 or 8/8 still hmmmm? Sounds like there is more to your issues with the patch than this..." The ISSUE with this patch, is that it makes it unfun for both parties, Jason AND Counselor. Nobody believes this apparently, but even before this buff it was EZ as piss to get 7/7 or 8/8 even with a Jason squad on your ass. But nobody wanted to actually learn how to play Jason, so the devs introduced this buff that REWARDS YOU for being bad. Gone are the days where Jason has to worry about being proficient at combat or even caring about dodging Counselor's blows. He WANTS you to hit him, so he can get rage faster and steamroll the lobby. If he hasn't steamrolled it already. This buff REWARDS JASON for being bad a combat and PUNISHES COUNSELORS for exploiting his lack of skill. I can see why so many of the whiners love this patch. It literally rewards you for being bad and punishes counselors for punishing you. It holds your hand and coddles you. And because of it, the counselors are less inclined to punish you, because it punishes them too. Which I feel is incredibly unfair and honestly stupid. It completely devalues being able to fight with Jason. There's no point in learning how to fight properly anymore when the game rewards you for losing. And because of this end game is VERY boring and just uneventful to watch. I'll get to that later though when I address another point you made. Anyways, next. "You have missed the entire purpose of this game and how it’s a love letter to The franchise and the character of Jason Voorhees....him getting beat up by teenager stereotypes is not...they aren’t the Stars of the Game." What Friday movies have you been watching? The ones I've seen either end with Jason getting his ass beat by a teenage girl or Tommy Jarvis. Everyone seems to have this deluded view of Jason, it's really weird it's like some fucking mandela effect. Everyone thinks Jason is some unstoppable god of death or something. I hate to burst your bubble but, Jason loses at the end of every movie. So, trying to bring the movies into this is a pretty terrible argument. If you want to go that route the counselors should win by default every game because that's how the movies go. Sure, some of them die, but one always wins in the end. Moreso, this patch also makes the game even LESS like the movies and I'll explain why. Remember those games before the patch where people would just ring Jason around as Vanessa without even trying to stun him? Remember how boring that was to watch? Well, now that's what you're inclined to do for the whole game, because you're punished for fighting Jason. And once he gets rage he can just M1 everyone with little resistance. (Seriously, I know alot of the community follows this dumb "No slashing" rule, but this buff makes slashing even more of a viable tactic. I never minded slashers myself but, I can't deny this update makes slashing even easier. Atleast before you could counter it by stunning Jason. Now though once he's got you stunlocked you're pretty much screwed since he can interrupt your heals and, well, if he's in rage you can't stun him. So you literally cannot stop him.) Now, this rage buff removes what I call the "Final Showdowns." You know how in the movies the movie usually ends with Jason having one final showdown with the last survivor? Ah yes, that was my favorite scene from Part 6. When Tommy ringed Jason around the table for 5 whole minutes. Best part of the movie. Or when Chris Higgins looped Jason through the main cabin multiple times. Jokes aside, those final showdowns were thrilling for me as both counselor and Jason. And this buff completely removes them. Gone are the adrenaline rushing final showdowns with Jason as the clock ticks down trying to hold out until the sun rises. Now its been replaced with just briskly jogging away from him for minutes on end. During those final showdowns I actually felt like I was the protagonist of a Friday movie having that epic final showdown with Jason. I FELT like I was actually in the movies. But now that feeling is completely gone, and it makes me sad. As for the Jason side, there's no satisfactions in it either. It's boring if my prey can't fight back AT ALL. Where's the sport in that? "Jason can still be stunned and Killed even in Rage so......" No, no he can't EXCEPT with a shotgun. I don't even need to go into how stupid that is. The only time you can stun him with any other weapon once he's in rage, is if you knock his mask off. Otherwise, yeah, hitting him does jack for shit. Overall, my main complaint is that this update needlessly removes options for counselors and devalues skill as Jason. Counselors no longer have the option of fight or flight, which makes for very boring games when the only option is to briskly jog away. As for Jason, what's the point of learning how to fight when they get punished for exploiting your lack of skill anyway? The game does it for you! I don't really have much else to say on the matter, I'll fully admit I am terrible at structuring posts but I just HAD to say something. Because this post bothered the shit out of me. Yes, it's sad and pathetic. And I probably shouldn't have even bothered typing it out but. Well, I already put the effort into it so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Too late now.
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    Absolutely. But I'm always in party chat so thankfully the Jasons never know that... If you see the radio tower in the cut scene and you don't cut the power to the right box then that's on you... As far as I'm concerned it's exactly the same thing. This I don't get... they think that's funny or something? I can read and do math just fine, thank you. A godly player, I'm sure Rhetorical question actually. First off, nobody said anything about always going 8/8. I'm simply saying all the top Jason's use the same basic strategy because it maximizes their odds of success. And nobody said anything about standing next to the box like a dumbass the entire match just so nobody can call Tommy. For a guy that writes a novel for every response, your interpretation skills sure do seem to need improvement...
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    And it's really sad on what it came down to. Dead By Daylight is getting ready to receive Ash from Evil Dead and we're sitting here talking about a counselor's ass.
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    Thats what we have been waiting for since last patch and where the focus needs to go of course . Bigger asses. Since all the Game Mechanics have been fixed. 😐 I mean the silly bathing suits and dances aren't enough. Needs big asses too.
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    Gun: "Our game is full of issues that actually matter and need to be fixed, but let's just ignore all that and resculpt Victoria's behind because that's SO much more important..." 🙄
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    Who gives a shit about ass sculpting? There are far bigger problems needing attention.
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    I love it when Jason runs from me. Nothing better in the world than a Jason that's so afraid to die that he'll bring the match to a standstill just to avoid my axe. Either way the match plays out I've won. If I catch him great. If he runs the clock out hiding with his tail between his legs that's even better. I love the smell of fear. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with a good strategy of collecting knives or waiting for them to make a mistake. But if you're bouncing around from one corner of the map to the opposite to avoid the kill, or hiding in the lake like a scared little bitch, then you're trash and you should expect to be told so in the lobby. Excuses are like assholes, and I'm sure I'll hear a few shortly, but that's the honest truth. Try laugh it off and tell yourself you're the real winner all you want. Whatever makes you feel better...
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    So you ruin the game for a bunch of organized and dedicated players just because you've decided it's not fun. Next time I play pes online I'm scoring own goals every time I play with somoeone who picks Real Madrid just because I'm against that. What kind of sense does that make? XD
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    I love what you do and I love your game!🙂
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    This could potentially be game breaking especially for Jason's like savini, part 3 part 4 etc. This mechanic could be completely abused by Jason's who do nothing but slash as counselors no longer have a defense against them. If a counselor runs out of stamina while Jason has rage there's practically no longer a way to escape. Combine this with the awful swing hit detection and it just makes the game less enjoyable now, especially as counselors
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    On Xbox One I don't understand how this is STILL a thing..
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