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    My point is that "IF" the Jason player knows hes going to be hunted before the game starts. He won't waste his time trapping phones, cars or having fun. And instead focus on every step of the Jason kill. Trapping and Protecting the Generator tied to the Radio for example. So if a Jason players doesn't know hes dealing with a kill squad. Its easier..then it already is. You want Jason to stop jumping in the lake or 'running away'? Somethings gotta change.. You blaming Jason for 'not being smart' and trying to shame them isn't gonna cut it. Every Jason kill I've been a part of has always worked.. The few times it didn't is because of the game buggin' out. Which to me means, 100% success rate. I don't put blame on the Jason player. I blame the game mechanics and the devs for allowing it to be such an easy process with no real way for Jason to actually deal with it.
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    I'm PC only usually can find lobbies fairly quick.Very Toxic player base in my opinion and the EU servers are full of exploiters and cheaters and there are some on NA servers as well.Just my experience of course. A Lot of players are blaming the new rage buff for the low player base and it will eventually kill it on Steam.I think they are just mad because you can't go and endlessly stun Jason for the entire 20 minutes and teabag/dance.
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    @nerdslayer, there are several members here that play on PC that if you reach out to are sure to let you join their parties. I’ve heard the player base is down on PC, but it’s still possible to play. As for the review above about the PS4 being nothing but noobs or assholes that hoard parts to keep objectives from being completed, that’s just their experience. I play on PS4 and find decent lobbies every night I boot the game up. Every player will have their own experience, but if you don’t get the game and give it a chance, you will miss out on the experience. And by the way, welcome to the forums @nerdslayer
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    Lol it'd be a lot harder if Jason assumed he was going up against a kill squad every match wouldn't it? How many QP Jasons even bother trying to Tommy box? Shit how many of them even trap objectives? They make it so easy for people like me and then complain when they have a bad time at camp. So should we cater to the whiners and buff Jason/nerf the counselors to the point where nobody wants to play or should the careless Jasons learn how to play smarter? The rage "buff" was dumb enough, what's it going to take before the game is really unplayable?
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    You know how many Jason's I've killed that could have prevented the kill simply by not playing carelessly? Believe me it's the same group that whine about how he's so easy to kill. At least somebody gets it. But they'll still die and complain because they try to tank every heavy machete hit they come across. Well idk kind of...
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    I just found the video you was referring to, good stuff! Thanks man.
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    Easy to not get killed when you run. But to answer your question I think he mostly plays with his sponsors.
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    The technique I was referring to, you wouldn’t need anyone to explain it, just watch the video. It’s a hell of a lot easier for Jason to get up there than it is for the counselors.
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    Really?? What time? I’m in Wisconsin.
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    You do know that Jason can get on the roof as well don’t you?
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    If you turn the camera angle behind you and notice someone creeping up on you, don't forget you can tap L1 and throw a knife at them even if your still facing the door. Tap L1, then, since you're now facing them, immediately grab or slash. Don't forget to twirl in a circle on top of their body to add insult to injury.
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    Firearms would help. Aside from that, you'll probably have to resort to ambush tactics. Jason's not going to walk around the whole round holding block. He's going to have to release it to use any abilities or use his grab. Sure, he could technically kill everyone holding block but only if the counselors line up and don't move. He's either going to have to risk taking damage or risk getting no kills whatsoever.
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    Trapping the Tommy generator is like sticking one of those "This home protected by...." signs in your yard: It sounds like a great idea, but ultimately does very little to actually keep you safe. How many times have you spawned in as a counselor, turned around, and discovered you're right in front of the Tommy house? Probably a lot, and when it happens, you can have Tommy called literally 10 seconds into the round. If Jason could see which house it was on the map, it'd probably be a little more useful, but since he can't, it's pretty much a crap-shoot. I still stand by my ideas: 1) Allow block to negate all damage (minus projectiles) as long as it's held. 2) Allow Jason to quick-swing while blocking. 3) Tweak the "Resist" mechanic so that it A] Is much faster to tap out of, and B] Doesn't reset if you get knocked to your knees. This is from a couple of nights ago, but skip to about 8 minutes since that's the relevant part of the video. Right before he loses his mask, you can see he's getting pressured from multiple angles at once. If Jason could block and attack at the same time, I don't think we'd have gotten the kill. He could have Shifted right into the middle of us, held block, and slashed the shit out of everyone.
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    I am not sure why your tag did not work... But I am back anyway. Yes I play on steam.... and the comments in the steam community need to be taken with a grain of salt... Many of the people posting there are simple minded trolls, but there are still a few in there that are good people. Also, I am pretty sure you can only play the game through steam on PC... as I have never heard of another option for PC. And yes, there are hackers... I play a lot... but I rarely see any hackers... but they are out there. When I do see a hacker, I just finish my match and find another lobby... and remember their name... so I never have to play a second game with them... There are hackers in pretty much every multi player game on PC. Fortunately, many of them are not smart enough to change their names... so they are easy to recognize when you see them a second time. If you do purchase the game... feel free to add me to your friends list, my name is the same on steam as it is here.... with the same profile pic too.
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    As the game sits now... If I had to face Jason hunters in every single match, or play as if I am facing a hunting party in every match... I would put the game down and never come back. I can assure you, I am not the only one that feels this way. Facing a hunting party turns the dynamics of the game on its ear... I find it damned annoying to be honest... Now if I had a fair chance to keep my mask on... I would not care if there was a hunting party in every match. As I have said before... and will say again... the odds of this working are what? One third of the time?... and out of those matches that you actually kill the power and trap it before Tommy is called, a team with passing knowledge of "teamwork" will get Tommy called anyway. Jason's greatest weakness is that he cannot be in more than one place at a time... should we also stand beside the power box for the entire match? Also, the tactic is utterly useless for Jason variants with the -Traps weakness... In literally every match I play, I go through all three of my traps just on the fuse box... and I am damned good at defending it... yet in many matches... the cops still get called... Go figure... And to someone who does not have the experience doing this that I have... they will get called EVERY time that someone even tries... which brings the odds of this tactic working on the power box way down (same type of defensive strategy on a different objective), And personally... being I actually understand math... I would not bet money on something that has odds of 33%... let alone something with lesser odds... Nor would I EVER call it a legitimate tactic. But yes... it "can" work... but because something works in what can EASILY be a rare instance... is not a good reason to do this thing... But it is a great way to get a very low kill count. Jason can still kill you with throwing knives... and if a Jason player wants to hide in the lake... then they will hide in the lake. That is not an exploit... and being it is done with a regularly used power that Jason has... and going into a place he can freely enter at any time, for whatever reason the player wants... it cannot even be compared to someone using cars to give them what they think is a safe spot... or another player "glitching" themselves into what they think is a safe spot... @HuDawg Hit points for the sweater is an interesting idea... its not like the med sprays double for "clothing repair"... although they are very good at washing away all that blood. Not sure how much that would help... but it is an interesting idea.
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    You'll very likely find hackers once and a while, every console does and PC seems the worst about it. But there's enough quality players that it shouldn't turn you off completely.
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    No. I was just mentioning that the game is more active on consoles than on Steam.
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    If you're from the US then you're gonna find matches somewhat fast. Anywhere else on the world prepare to wait several minutes to get a game going (Steam). Right now the steam version averages 300 - 450 ish players a day, now segregate those players into regions (NA, SA, EU, AU, ASIA) and you get an even smaller player base based on region. I'm not from the US and I only find people to play with during the afternoons, if I try it at night I find like 1 or 2 other people only. PS4 and Xbox seem to be where the game is the most active.
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    I play on PC... and I have no problem finding matches. There are times the counter makes it over two minutes... but it should be cancelled after two minutes and start the search for a match again... This is rare for me. I find matches many times within twenty seconds... and sometimes it takes closer to two minutes or anywhere in between. But... like any other multi player game... there are a lot of toxic assholes out there. It is best to play with friends... but you have to play to find people to add to your friends list.
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    Allow me to explain what happened in this match. We were up against a Savini Jason on Packanack and the two seater got started early. Then they started running people over. Then they followed the rest around trying to run them over and the Jason player was helping them, actually grabbing people out of cabins to get run over. These two pics are the last player to get betrayed, who was lucky enough to stun Jason a few times. After that the two betrayers drove to the lodge, where they attempted to glitch up onto the roof, but failed. Now something interesting happened here. One of them went back to the car, which was sparked outside pretty much at it's regular spawn point. Next thing I know the car flips over and the player gets thrown into the air, landing on the roof of a cabin. That had to be intentional, but I have no idea how a car can be manipulated like that. *sigh* Yet another glitch method to patch out.
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    @mattshotcha think you can help him out?
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    Wow the someone pissed in my Wheaties posts continue lol... ( this is a joke... don’t take it personally....) QP is definitely full of potatoes 🥔 but you can find matches with plenty of decent players also... I can’t speak for your experiences but from mine plenty of matches I have been in have Jason’s that trap objectives....and attempt to correctly combat kill squads....still killed rather quickly. some members would argue the game was really unplayable during the 20 minute piniata chain stun dance parties more than it is now with a rage buff that really didn’t change the landscape all that much other than Jason not looking like a weak ass bitch in his own game.... 😉 Don’t get me wrong I would have rather have gotten a block outside of combat stance and a huge Stun chance reduction in Rage instead of no melee combat stuns at all but I will take any Buff for Jason after the solid year of nerfs that he received...one thing I do like with the rage buff no more stuns when I rage through a door and that should always have been that way.. I will always lean towards the side of Keeping Jason Op and the Aggressor...do I want nerfs to counselors No but a little yes too I don’t want any gameplay taken away but I do want a perk or two looked at and I do want Jason’s kill to be harder than it is now.... I don’t see why the best way to win a match is able to be accomplished arguably easier than repairing Objectives....I can’t tell you how many matches I have had where I have blocked melee hit after melee hit and was only full on hit one time and lost my mask...WTF to that.... I don’t see anything wrong with wanting more of a challenge for counselors gameplay .......in my opinion it’s Counselor gameplay that should be more challenging anyway.
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    It’s real simple. If you don’t want the sweater girl around then Jason should have to 100% kill her and earn the kill himself. But you’ve made it obvious enough you don’t want to have to earn your kill against sweater girl. Myself, as Jason I’d rather be forced to kill her and that is much more rewarding then getting rid of sweater girl in 1 slash or reducing sweater durability. Your thoughts are unbalanced and sided too much on Jason’s side. Make it harder to remove Jason’s mask that’s all that needs done, none of this extra nonsense you are suggesting.
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    That’s true. The skirt gives her ass a thicker look than what it really is.
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    What I hate the most about this game is when Jason players take advantage of glitches and just appear right next to me when they were clearly on the other side of the map. @OCT 31 1978 none, I was just being sarcastic by describing morph/shift as if it were a glitch 😀
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    AJ is a catfish. Her butt looks smaller in the swimsuit than it does in the skirt. Ole padded ass. 😒
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    That makes is cowardly tactic at worst. It's not an unintended game mechanic being forced by manipulating glitches. Jason has the ability to go into the water, and yes he has the option to hide there. Again, not an exploit! I'm not a fan of hiding as Jason, although sometimes it is seems necessary because of how piss easy it is to kill Jason. But calling it an exploit is laughable.
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    And what exactly do you want them to do about Jason jumping in the lake? Post no swimming signs...?
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    My favorite Is definetly when we had a really toxic Jason playing and all 7 of us just beat him up for a round, considering we were trying to do the phone right next to him anyway. We ended up getting both cars, shining light on him and tommy as he got killed, and then had everyone dancing in the back as they got ran over. It was most definetly the best thing ive seen. Another is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1653203818 When we killed Jason, I guess the game stuck my Deborah ontop of tommy, because I was floating around and doing some exorcist shit. it was hilarious.
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    I love it when Jason runs from me. Nothing better in the world than a Jason that's so afraid to die that he'll bring the match to a standstill just to avoid my axe. Either way the match plays out I've won. If I catch him great. If he runs the clock out hiding with his tail between his legs that's even better. I love the smell of fear. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with a good strategy of collecting knives or waiting for them to make a mistake. But if you're bouncing around from one corner of the map to the opposite to avoid the kill, or hiding in the lake like a scared little bitch, then you're trash and you should expect to be told so in the lobby. Excuses are like assholes, and I'm sure I'll hear a few shortly, but that's the honest truth. Try laugh it off and tell yourself you're the real winner all you want. Whatever makes you feel better...
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    Aj with all the stealth perks
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    Personally I’d like it balanced around ten hits from the Abusive Friend build and the ability to pick up the mask to get half back, or there about. Needs testing, lol, I seem to be saying that a lot lately.
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    I don't bother with trying to prove one is teaming. If I suspect it, they go on the list and get avoided going forward. Problem solved.
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    Guys, let’s be honest. What many of you are asking for is a game where as Jason you have 90% chance of killing everyone no matter the skill of the opposition. This is what I’m getting after the update was released like the whole community was complaining about Jason being too Op, now it’s the opposite. you tell me how you want it done. Maybe a permanent god mode Jason who never gets stunned and whose grip can’t be broken ?
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    Sorry, but no. a Jason in rage mode will kill Vanessa in the end no matter what, even if he has to run after her until she burns out.
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    Running is the only option you have when Jason hits rage. Fighting back to survive which i liked to do and not trolling or interested in killing Jason was taken away because of toxic players. Running and being skilled enough to survive shouldn't be discouraged and now this is more challenging than killing Jason. The sentiment seems to be counselors should be running from Jason instead of fighting and now that counselors are upping their game by escaping Jason's grasp, now this is considered trolling??? I'm not trying to be rude but gimmie a break!!! I don't know about the rest of you but i'm looking forward to when this game will have a happy medium.
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    I’m sorry guys, but if you let a bunch of kids with “parental issues” to get that easily into your head, you are part of the problem. Let alone the fact you can easily mute everybody if you are a snowflake. yes, fast counselors can juke and jive for a while, but how long can it last? We have the new rage mode isn’t it enough allready?
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    So what are we going to do next? Will we cut off communications between counselors so they can’t come up with a strategy? The game was designed as a co-op game. You pretty much HAVE to cooperate to complete any of the objectives, so what is the problem here ? And Ray, I think the reason why people have been quitting the game it’s because it’s been a glitchy mess for MONTHS with several glitches (like certain god mode spots) still unpatched after being pointed out a year ago. Or another reason might be the COMPLETE LACK of banning for cheaters, i still see cheaters around now after the patch, after MONTHS of relentlessly exploiting the infamous Russian cheating pack. Again, the whole lawsuit stuff which brought the release of new content to a Halt, that would be another reason Killing teams are the least of our problems
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    Ive heard its pretty dead already on PC. Not sure about XBOX live but PS4 is mainly all noobs/trolls who just run around the camp playing cat and mouse (With the phone tube thing or gas and battery) and not hitting any objectives. Or if they do, they just run people over with cars. Maybe Xbox is better but the PS4 hasn't been a good experience in months from my end unless you can join private match groups with friends. QP, you may find a good lobby once a MONTH of good players playing together
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