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    I just faced a 4 man hunting team, over level 100. I did all I could. I trapped the radio tower (which by the way it does spawn randomly, but after 2 years you should have a pretty good Idea about where it spawns depending on the general configuration of the map. I'd say I guess correctly 60-70% of times), the shack, but they were really an organized team, and managed to unmask me. Yes, once you are unmasked the hunting team have all the good cards. But I didn't die. I managed to exhaust their stamina by continuosly teleporting around and managed to kill sweater girl via knives, traps and melee. I have huge respect for what all of you are saying, especially @Slasher_Clone and @Ahab because you all know a lot about the game, and love it as I do, but simply my everyday experience is different. You can fight back, if you put your mind to it. And I'm an absolutely average Jason. Granted, that does not work every time. Granted, I could have met better teams of ultra-pros who would have plowed me because they are simply better than me. But that's life, isn't it?
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    They deserve a brutal slashing and all the teabags in China.
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    Thank you, I appreciate the compliment and respect you as well. I can see, how you see your experience as different than mine or Ahab’s but you’re still missing one piece and that’s that we both want it balanced around the average Counselors and the average Jason. I don’t want to make the kill impossible, just harder. I think that Hunting Parties are fine as a part of the game and have argued the kill is a viable goal in the past. I even go out of my way to call them hunting parties rather than the more derogatory names that have been used. I don’t think we really see it all that differently, we just disagree about where that invisible line is. I’m actually against any idea that would put the favour too far in Jason’s corner, things like one hit to remove the sweater are to far and remove the challenge. I hope we get to a good balance where hunting parties need 3 - 5 members and Jason has a fair shot at keeping his mask till he is in rage. It shouldn’t be a guarantee for even the best Jason’s or Counselors. I’d like to give the shotgun to the knees thing another try, it had potential and it would be fun to double tap Jason in the back of the head if you could save all three till the very end.
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    And what exactly do you want them to do about Jason jumping in the lake? Post no swimming signs...?
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    I've never been one to rub someone's nose in it. The shame in their failure is bad enough.
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    When I played my very first game as Jason I walked around the entire camp the whole time walking through empty cabins not finding a single soul. I didn’t know how to use sense, morph, shift, or stalk. LOL
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    Ok guys, I've read enough these days, even after the update, about the "unfairness" of Jason killing teams, and how try to stop them (which is, I remind you, a way to team with Jason) is justified as "killing Jason is too easy" and shit. Well, I've been a player since day 1. I am part of a Jason killing team, and I can assure you that 70% of times one of us spawns as Jarvis, Jason is dead meat. On the other hand, as the killer I've been put down like ONCE in the last 6 months. Keep in mind we play everyday, for hours, my spawning preference is put on "none" and I consider myself an average player and an average Jason. You wanna know what the problem is? It has nothing to do with "game mechanics", "how the game was intended to be played by the devs" or "naughty counselors teaming up and turning me in a pinata Jason :_( " The issue is simpler: 90% of Jason players are absolute simpletons who have to this day NO IDEA how to counter a Jason killing team, or a group hunting. The scenario I come across is almost everytime identical: - My team charges Jason so one of us will die and spawn as Jarvis, and maybe we'll unmask him too in the process. - Jason doesn't see through the obvious strategy granting us exactly what we wanted in the first place - As Jarvis spawns we go get the sweater, usually without bringing the mask so Jason can hear us, and the killer just mindlessly charges us EVEN IF UNMASKED and gets quickly killed. Guys you can get all the buffs you want, and last one was a big one, but if you just charge everything that moves like a raging bull, don't blame the devs or the "teams" if you die. As I told you, I'm a mediocre Jason but I got killed like once in the last 4-5 months because even If I'm no genius I'm smart enough to -disable and trap radio tower - ignore counselors who charge at me with an obvious deathwish until I'm sure I've put down 2-3 players who are not in their team. - Avoid taking groups until you are in rage mode. And even then COMBAT STANCE AND BLOCK! COMBAT STANCE AND BLOCK! JEEEZ! - Avoid the classic "trap the phone, trap the cars" strategy, and instead save my traps for later in game. Again, I'm a mediocre player at best, but I play everyday and I just don't see all the issues you see. Maybe you are part of the problem, ever thought of that?
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    Last night on Jarvis House, I had a Tommy think that using the old porch-glitch was a good idea. Instead of stopping to go collect throwing knives, I just used combat stance and R2'ed him to near death, then killed him off with a throwing knife. Afterwards, I sent a PM asking him "So hows that whole "I'm trolling Jason by glitching on the porch LOL" thing working out for you?" Predictably, I got a nasty reply, which only made it funnier for me. I know some may think it a little immature, but I feel that if you attempt to cheat (let's be honest, that's what it is) and fail, you deserve having your nose rubbed in it.
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    That's just it. AJ in a thong would have laid this matter to rest.
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    I couldn’t agree more. If I see multiple Vanessa’s in my lobby I will leave every time because I KNOW absolutely nothing (other then speed looting) will be accomplished. All they do is run around with a shotgun refusing to deliver any parts because they don’t wanna lose that precious shotgun. Heck, half the time they bring Jason to you so they can loot for a 2nd pocket knife.
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    The question now is , after Victoria's butt buff , what rank is she gonna get ? Or a better question , how big her booty will get ^^
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    Nothing against her. Just feel the others are packing better booty.
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    You can get the game for less than 6 usd right now from the Humble store: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/friday-the-13th?hmb_source=search_bar The sale is ending in about 21 hours.
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    Yeah I think people went for style (ass hanging out) over substance (nice big booty). I'd actually rank Tiffany 4th. A.J., Vanessa, and Jenny are 1 through 3 respectively.
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    If it aint Chad and Vanessa you are likely Lying.
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    Spoken like a future great Jason. After all you can't get better if you don't try, right?
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    Lol im just pointing out that it's just as much of an exploit as blocking a doorway with a car. No they should have Incorporated a way to kill him in the lake too. But like many other things it was overlooked.
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    Then why have the devs spent so much time making it harder for me to do that? I believe they consider it an exploit...
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    Pardon my double post but let me add a little something if I may So it's fine for Jason to hide in the lake to avoid the kill apparently... Not an exploit because it doesn't take button prompts to do right? So if, as a counselor, I take a car and pin myself into some structure in such a way that Jason can't get to me, is that also ok? Not an exploit? You're probably going to say something like: "no because you're holding up the rest of the match. Jason can't leave. You should just escape." Ok well there's badges to be earned for surviving the night, right? So why can't I survive the night? Also if Jason's hiding in the water, the cops haven't been called, and the vehicles are all gone, then why should I bother moving? I'm going to survive the night anyway...
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    Well the intended purpose of going into the water is to catch counselors/move around the map not sit there so you can't be killed so...
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    There are button mashing techniques as fast as turbo controllers so there is no way to prove that was the case.Go look on YouTube and search button mashing. I know how to do one of the methods and I get accused a lot of using either a macro or a turbo controller but I'm not.
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    Whenever I rub it in, it's during the revenge kill, not after. A recent example is two teamers. Jason was ignoring one of the players and saved him for last, so we knew they were teaming. As the next match is starting, one of us asks whoever Jason is to go after them first. Early in the match I get the car started and head over to where pretty much everyone else is. The former teamer is running towards the car thinking he'll escape. Won't say his full name, not that I even remember it, but his name contains the word "poison". So as I'm running him over I say, "Poison's been poisoned". Next we have the guy who was previously Jason also head towards the car injured, and I've exited the car at this point, refusing to waste my med spray on him. Gets grabbed by Jason but has a pocket knife. Tries starting the car but gets grabbed again and gets a fire ax to the chin. During the kill my AJ stands right on front of him and does the pelvic thrust emote. Both guys quit after that, and I get a message: "Why do you have to be so rude mean to everyone?" I then explain that teaming is against the rules.
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    Every time I can I will. If you can’t even cheat right you’re gonna hear about it.
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    Fake! A REAL porch-glitcher would have had 15 med sprays.
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    Had a guy and a girl thinking they could pull a fast one on ol’ Roy.
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    What is the point in standing by the lake and teabagging and emoting like a dumbass? You’re making yourself out to be a fool. Jason obviously isn’t coming out of the lake. Escape in the car or the police. The only person who is holding the game hostage is YOU because you have multiple ways of escaping, killing Jason is not the only way to end the match. Instead you wanna taunt and embarrass the Jason player by being an idiot then complain that they held the game hostage when you could’ve ended it by escaping. It’s not an exploit or a glitch by hiding in the lake. A bitch move? Yes. Should you care? No. We’ve all had a Jason player hide in the lake from us, but it’s not the end of the world. Glitching your way onto the Packanack or Higgins roof on the other hand is holding the game hostage due to Jason not being able to end the game by killing a counselor. That is a glitch, hiding in the lake is not.
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    Great thread topic. Very entertaining!
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    Staring at a wall (for long periods of time at least) is a pretty cheap tactic.
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    Not sure what the machete glitch is, but if Jasons try to avoid getting killed simply by staring at a wall, well... I won't say he deserves it, because that would simply be my opinion.
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    No because it depends! YOu can unmask him with two machete strikes to the head with bugsy, but what if he blocks, dodges, takes the strike elsewhere? I've counted up to 7 (seven) shots to get the mask off, you do the math. And might I add, if a Jason is stupid enough to stay there and endure seven strikes without blocking/retreating then he deserves to lose the mask
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    I would also and I even mentioned that a new backer campaign would be awesome. They could offer a savini 2.0 and change all the red fire to blue flames. They would definitely get the funds and more.
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    I'd be more than happy to throw GUN a few bones for the unfinished content and more bones for new content.
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    For number 2: Jason preserves Pamela's head by showering it in kisses every night. His saliva keeps the leather moist.
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