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    Done? You know writing a long post doesn't change anything? The numbers and the comments I posted came from another user on the forum, you can go on the whole day arguing how healthy is the game but it isn't, and no amount of positive thinking and long walls of text will change that. They are official steam numbers and they would be worrying for any game, ESPECIALLY a game that is cheap and with few dlcs. But of course Ahab wants to be right and even if the numbers are low the game is and I loosely quote a previous post "hitting an high in terms of numbers"... If Ahab says so, probably the numbers are wrong and the game is thriving, ok.... As for pounding the chest do you realise that in a large number of your posts you are referring to yourself as the one who : 1: I mastered the art of long-distance knife throwing 2: I can shift and stop basically any driver it's my bread and butter 3: I have a counter to swift attackers with my super skilled quick throw All of these " claims" are publicly available, with different words, on the forum. Sounds like chest pounding to me
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    @Sir Jack That's the issue with most games : When things get too hard or can't be countered, it gets a negative backlash. Look at Overwatch for example, how many times do they nerf and buff characters because people complain that they can't counter certain heroes or this hero is too weak or too OP. I stand by my own personal opinion that th reason why the game turned into a troll fest was because the lack of new content made the game stale. I remember early days that everyone tried to escape via objectives and killing Jason was something we all wanted to do because back then it was a rare thing because no one knew how to do it. Even when the emotes came out, people used them because obviously a new part of the game is going to be popular on release, but it was never used as bad as it got to. I think if the lawsuit didn't happen, then the game wouldn't of gotten so bad, yes, there would've still be trolls, but not as bad as it got to. Remember, we had paranoia mode coming, Jason X, Grendel map and they would've made new counselors, new maps, new clothing, new kills etc, so i think if they had happened then people would've had something to play for rather than just trolling and even if the increased the level cap, more people wouldn't of done what they ended up doing. A good Jason would never let himself be that exposed, if he knew that the counselors were Jason hunters, he would trap the shack, use his first morph to destroy the generator that's located near the Tommy house and trap it (which you stated) and would try to isolate and use his weapons and abilities to their full potential. You'd be surprised how many times i've isolated counselors who are in a group of 5-6 and used a quick shift grab/quick kill. If a Jason knows how to stalk and shift, it can isolate a lot of group hunters. Also, with how the new rage buff is, a Jason could just let you guys get him in rage quickly and have the generator and the shack trapped. I've never soley worried about Jason killers. Everytime i've played, i've always trapped objectives and disabled the generators (manly to find high stealth characters) and i've never been killed as Jason, i've come close twice, first time i used to stalk to shift grab the Tommy and use a quick kill on him, 2nd time i was in a 500ping lobby with all lvl 150 american players and they messed up the kill animation. I think the biggest issue here is that we all have different views and opinions on how the game should be played. As it stands, the main aim of the game given how it's set up is to find objectives and repair them and escape, weapons are used to protect others and yourself, Tommy is called in to help the counselors survive and he is the only one who can kill Jason. That's how it's meant to be played, but it's not illegal to play the game by juking Jason, trying to hide from Jason for 20 minutes, before the patch, fighting Jason until the end or in some's opinions "trolling Jason". The new buff is now telling players that if you want to try to bully Jason, you still can, but once rage hits, you can only juke him around instead of stunning him. I agree with others that the trolling aspect of teabagging, emoting and bullying Jason wasn't in the spirit of the game, but it was manly down to the complaints of people who didn't appreciate it. If no one complained, it wouldn't of been changed, people complained about Jason's grab and they changed it to make it more a skill based option. It was a win for the counselors because they could bait Jason out to try to swing and with how it is now, he is more open to being counter stunned which was what people complained about as well. You can't please everyone, all you can do is try to enjoy the game, and if it causes you more drama then happiness, it's a good idea to play a different game.
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    You just lost the argument with this alone... Let alone this... Since the engine upgrade... getting into block was slowed down... making BLOCK EFFECTIVELY USELESS... unless you want to stand around for twenty minutes in block while the kill squad waits for you to come out of block so they do not waste a shot off their weapon. The entire "learn to use block" crowd went out the window the moment that block was slowed... Apparently you missed that part... it was mentioned several times in this thread and you ignore it like it is not relevant... but it is VERY relevant. Before it was slowed, someone that was good with it could effectively block an attack from ANY lone counselor who was not using swift attacker... and sometimes we were able to block the swift attacker as well. Now, block cannot be used this way, making it useless... and your argument for people that do not know how to use block irrelevant. And even when the block functioned in a useful manner... there has still always been the indefensible demasking hit after each one of Jason's animations... The odds have ALWAYS been in favor of the counselors when going for the Jason kill. That is what making the Jason kill more difficult is all about... making the easiest part of the game a challenge... But it sounds like you do not want it to be a challenge... You would just prefer your high Jason kill ratio over a challenge any day.... which is made obvious when you try to tell everyone that it is the Jason players that do not want a challenge... Literally everyone knows how easy it is to take Jason's mask... and everyone knows how easy it is to kill Jason from that point, unless he decides to hide in the lake of course. It takes ten times the number of hits to demask while he is blocking … IF... he has taken no other damage whatsoever before hand. Only one point to each thought... when there are many points to consider for each thought... Your point is moot if you cannot consider other relevant points concerning what you are speaking of... You only bring up the one point that defends your point... and no other points. You probably believe that 90% of the population is stupid... yet somehow... you couldn't possibly be a part of that 90% could you. The title of your thread is VERY misleading... you have confessed nothing. But you are blaming others and calling them stupid... that is not a confession. @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co Your entire post about numbers of players reads like you are one of those people that think averages can be used to give exact numbers... they cannot. But you would know this if you knew how an average is determined... which is basic math. It also reads as if it was written by someone who thinks the displayed number of current players in game is the number of people who are still playing... and that's it... Which is ridiculous of course... the same 500 (or whatever the number at the time) people playing the game, day in... day out. The numbers you have posted here are the same numbers I have been seeing many times over each month since I bought this game in Oct of 2017... While overall numbers may have dropped... the numbers of people in game have not changed much since I bought the game... It has rarely been over 500 players when I have looked... and during the great Jason nerf of '17... I saw more times with fewer than 300 players (they do not display bellow 300 players) than I have seen since the latest patch. Seriously boys... pounding your chests and telling us how you have "mastered" something a six year old can do... does not make you skilled. You think the Jason players are the problem... No... it is the idiots pounding their chest thinking they are good at something incredibly easy to pull off... and are afraid of it being made more difficult... And make no mistake... someone has to be pretty dumb to think they have "skill"... When a child can do the same thing... that IS NOT skill.... That is something that is so easy a child can do it... And then you have the nerve to put the blame for killing Jason being so easy on the Jason players themselves. Others have tried this argument and done better than both of you.... and they still failed miserably... because we can prove anything is true when we use FACTS. Exactly who is scarred of a challenge?... Being we ALL play counselor far more than Jason... the challenge NEEDS to be for the counselors... not the killer. That is how asymmetrical balance works... And this game is supposed to have asymmetrical balance.
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    Then you won't be replying anymore, right? Since there's no point in arguing and all...
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    I just learned Thunder talks too long. haha😀
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    Didn't you just say there's no point in arguing? Why are you back here replying if there's no point? Sounds like you just want to just want to cause problems and rattle cages. It's almost like you're a TROLL or something....
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    Not my video, but here’s a solution, lol
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    I would have to check with the team, but I can bring this up to them. I want to say I've already seen this feedback and reported it, but it was lower priority than some other items. I'll check in on it.
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    It takes more than a sentence or two to address any one point. And not much of anything said here is actually going to change anything... let alone dribble spewed by trolls... Also... quoting long posts is against the forum rules that you apparently forgot to read... Just so you know, the rules are also longer than one or two sentences for a reason. Every game is "dying" from the moment it is released. It just happens quicker for some than it does others.... this discussion has already been done to death... in MANY other threads. The people on your side of the argument do not even understand what the word dead means, which is apparent from their usage of it. Also... I am pretty far from a "positive" person. I am a realist, not an optimist, nor a pessimist... But I will tell you, that a realist generally gets called a pessimist... This is a first for me... Someone actually thinks I am being positive!... You words make me think you are a part of that 90% spoken of in the previous post. Definitely part of the 90%... your understanding of math is very limited... and it is hard to get anywhere in life without at least a basic understanding of math. Also... your attempts at antagonizing others are getting worse... not better. I think you may have run out of material already. I have never said I mastered it... but I am pretty damned good at it. Which is funny... I have seen MANY players try to hit someone at a long distance, but I almost never see any of them succeed.... Meanwhile... I freak people out on a nightly basis by hitting them with a knife at what they thought was an impossible distance for them to be hit by a knife. @badassgixxer05 is one of the few forum members that could even speak to this... There are others, but they are on the forums so rarely, it is not worth tagging them. Also never said I can shift stop "any driver".... nor did I ever say it is my "bread and butter"... Putting words in people's mouths is a great way to lose credibility though... so keep it up and further confirm your trollish behavior... Not that anyone needs any further confirmation of this, but hey... more proof is always better than less proof. Being I never trap cars... I have gotten VERY good at stopping cars. This came at the cost of missing MANY cars and a great many people getting away early on... and I still miss cars now and again... But the rarity for me now is missing twice in a row... It comes from a thing called practice... lots and lots of practice. Once again... @badassgixxer05 is one of the few here who can speak to this... sorry for the double tag Badass. You would do much better for yourself using an actual quote instead of changing the wording and thusly the context of what was being said... TROLL. But yes indeed... I have also practiced the quick throw with Jason to such an extent that I rarely miss... and once I see someone is using swift attacker, they are easy to deal with because of this skill... which is actually a skill... it actually took A LOT of practice to "get good" at it... which included a period of time in which I could not do it if my life depended on it... and missed hundreds, if not thousands of times before becoming "good" at it. But I never said I was perfect either. I actually miss with the quick throw sometimes, but when someone is in your face trying to attack you, they are WAY easier to hit than someone who is thirty feet away... I could explain why, but you would not understand... There is math involved. @badassgixxer05... sorry for the third tag badass... but you literally are the only person around here that has seen me do these things consistently. @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co You will notice... every time I mention these things is to give others advice. There is more than one way do anything in this game... except killing Jason of course, that one is set in stone with a set of actions that must be duplicated to achieve it. I killed Jason for the first time on my second day of playing without a big deal... it took me a long time to get good with quick throws, long distance throws and stopping cars as Jason (I use Part 4... it is too easy with a neutral shift or a +shift variant if you ask me)... So if anything is worth bragging about, it would not be the thing I achieved with ease on my second day playing the game... that is, IF I were to choose to brag about anything. You will also note that the things I am describing... others have a tough time pulling off in the first place. I tell people these things are possible to do, and tell them how to do it. It is completely up to them to learn how to do these things. However... if you want to interpret what I have said in the past as bragging, that is fine. At least it would have been bragging about something that most players CANNOT DO... At least, not until it is explained how, and they try... fail and try again until they build some skill with something that is EASY to fail at. Hitting someone with a throwing knife across the river for instance is actually difficult to do... try it sometime and see. Quick throws are not really that difficult to do with "some" practice, but you will actually miss quite a bit until you figure it out. And yes... anyone can stop a car... and you will note in the discussions that I do talk about this, people are having problems stopping the car for this reason or that reason, usually because we can see Jason on the mini map more than many players would like... and I am telling them how I do it to get around the problem they are having. At no point have I pounded my chest bragging about any of these things... and I have stated on MANY occasions that I am FAR from the best Jason player out there. You actually had to change what I said AND take the statements out of context for it to even sound like chest pounding... TROLL. I already tried to explain the steam numbers to him... He is either in complete denial, or he has ZERO understanding of math... But, he has lashed out at me for it instead of addressing the points I made... which is generally considered proof that someone is wrong and they know it, but really do not like being proven wrong... Otherwise, he would have addressed my points like a rational human being. Methinks he doth protestith too much. I still see trolls in quick play... I do not think they are going anywhere really... Found one the other night, trying to set up bear traps and screw over the team in any way possible, and when he couldn't troll us... he got upset, then the Jason player killed him. While in the afterlife club, he actually managed to convince another random that was there that we were "teamers" because we were in a group... and she actually believed him. The Jason player getting frustrated after I escaped and letting the last two people get to the cops without trying to catch them seemed to help confirm this in her mind... But, one of my friends recognized his voice... found his youtube channel, and the video of the match I am talking about from his perspective.... Trolls will be trolls... Some are just sneakier than others. Yes... it is too bad that so many people out there are illiterate... Reading "end of content" as "end of game" is proof of that... but trolls will be trolls after all. Question everything... and research it yourself... and you will never fall prey to the words of a troll.
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    So learning those thing require skill and learning the subtleties and timing of fighting Jason to a very high degree do not... OK Or learning to stay alive when tunneled as you wait for Tommy jarvis to spawn also pointless, also OK And all the other things required to be a successful hunter especially when things do not go the way you were planning. Do you not see the absurdity in this? As for myself, I have quit the game so it doesn't really matter what will happen in the future in terms of jasons power. You do have a very valid point though, what the hell am I still doing here? Of which I respond that you are correct and I won't spent further time. Thank you for pointing that out
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    If it was more responsive or a one button press action to Initiate a blocked attack or had a toggle ability to lock on to other counselors that would move the needle in the right direction for combat in this game. @Sir Jack NO... never....Jasons gameplay has been the one that’s changed the most since launch and needed constant adaption to all the nerfs to his gameplay and buffs to counselors gameplay so yeah.... NO...no one will agree to this.
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    I agree with you Jack, unfortunately, it will be hard for people in this forum to move away from their position even in spite of the evidence being produced that the numbers are at THEIR WORST EVER since the patch, they will always praise the patch. There's really no point in arguing
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    Now if you are telling me that fan base has decreased NOT - because of cheaters running wildly and free for months with no action undertaken against them - because of the halt being put to new content effectively killing the game - because of the incredibly slow debugging resulting in glitches being still here AFTER TWO YEARS - because of the game itself, which is basically the same thing over and over and tends to get old quickly BUT - because of honest, dedicated players committing themselves to Jason killings, and often succeeding if put up against an unprepared Jason ...well I don’t know what to say Can we at least all agree that the vast majority of Jason players have issues in adapting their game play style to anything different from what they learned in tutorial videos from 2017 (I.e. trap the phone, trap the cars, put off the lights, start picking up lone wolves ecc) ?
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    Today............I was killed as Jason. I knew what they were planning. I tried to prevent it. I failed. I was not angry. I was not shocked. I did not throw a fit. I did not rage quit. I said "Well Done" Then I proceeded to murder every last motherfucker on every map when I played as Jason the rest of the day. Without mercy. Without remorse. And without..........popcorn. P.S. I'm sorry I don't have the footage. I actually happened before I started streaming today.
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    I agree 100% goon.... block is a very infuriating mechanic if they could make it feel more fluid or responsive that would be a huge step forward for combat in this game. @Slasher_Clone I always value your 2 cents.....but I have noticed my aggression level has increased 90% in this thread especially with posts by members who don’t even play the game anymore because of “changes” to the game that put it more in line with what the developers had in mind at launch...lol
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    @OCT 31 1978 I can't speak for others experiences playing the game, but i noticed once the lawsuit happened, all this trolling just got worse. I guess in a way, that's why i liked the game before the patch, because obviously fighting Jason to defend yourself is part of the game, but i'm sure we've all had that great feeling when you get a bunch of teamers or someone who is Jason going after you and no one else and you can survive the night and keep knocking them out, Don't get me wrong, escaping normally is what i always try to do, but you have those really pathetic games with people who team up with Jason or he just tunnels you. Sometimes putting them in their place is rewarding. @Slasher_Clone I'm not going to get into a pathetic back and forth again, because honestly, you can't hold a mature conversation, and this thread will get locked, but i'll say this just to get it out there : The "fans" were trolls like you who resorted to childish posting. @Sir Jack might have a mixed reaction by his thread, but at least he is trying to have an actual debate about a part of the game, not resorting to trolling because he was proven wrong.
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    Yep, I want the maps far more than the kills but leave them in and we’re all happy. 😊
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    Yep, and sorry I had no emotes earlier, you deserve it though.
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    With some I agree, but the car hood slam? Or the electrical box kill? Or the vacation house hammer kill ?or wheel barrel rock kills? As @Ahab suggested these could be incorporated as Grab environmental kills... I definitely agree with you about a few of them needing interactions with players but there are quite a few that would make amazing environment kills and go a long way to bring something new to multiplayer that is not affected by the no new content issues.
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    In the "you're not allowed to fight Jason at all in the second half of the match" world we're in now, there's really no reason to play anyone but Vanessa or Deborah now. The devs have been consistently ruining the core gameplay, they really don't understand how the game works. Just look at the boat noises, or the window change back in August of 2017.
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    Thanks for existing I love you. I was afraid the thread was being hijacked by antagonizing guys with serious repressed aggression issues.
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    Hmm didn't have any of that for months after first launch. but still played the game didn't you?.The player count was 300 or below on Steam before the rage patch.Only after they permanently lowered the price to 20$ did the numbers go up for a time but then back to around 500 just before the patch.
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    Impatience will yield less environment kills... Always better to limp them first if possible. So many times I have grabbed someone right beside an environment kill only to receive a pocket knife for my troubles... But if they were limping they would not have gotten far, unless they had med sprays of course. There always seems to be an "if" or an "unless" in there... but if we do not try for environment kills, we will never see many of them.
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    I don't know how you and your squad go about pulling off the kill, but from what I've witnessed, the sweater girl doesn't have to be worried about being tunneled by Jason after getting the sweater. She always has a couple counselors with her, and 9 out of 10 times, Tommy is already there. And yes, I'm am basically saying there is no significant skill required to pull off the kill. When you are in a group that have the same goal in mind, they will achieve the goal. 5-6 vs. 1 will always win, when they are all on the same page and are in constant communication. But as you have stated, you quit playing the game, so why even bother to keep this discussion going?
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    This is why I'm on a temporary break from the game. It's gotten stale when I know I can kill whoever Jason is, every single round, and there is nothing he can do to stop it short of hiding out in the water. Going through the motions is exactly perfect wording to what the game is now.
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    While I don't agree with chest pounding over anything in this game, the examples you have pointed out here do require some form of skill. Killing Jason really doesn't require much skill. It hasn't for some time now, not just since the recent patch. I'm not discounting all the Jason killers here. I get it, that's your play style. But, asking a serious question here. Wouldn't it feel like more of an achievement if you actually had to earn the kill? Right now, it should just feel like you're going through the motions. Not trying to single you out @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co, just wanting input from everyone that actively hunts Jason.
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    I voted for the reboot. It encapsulated everything that a F13 film should have; a dope Jason design, comedy, gratuitous violence (although I would have liked more), and hot babes. I also saw it in the theatre on Friday the 13th and to top it off, I had eaten 2 pot browniez and Y2J, Chris f**king Jericho sat next to me and was crackin wise the whole time. Good times... F**ker.
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    Nobody has posted in this topic since August of last year, and you revived it just to tell people to "quit bitching". You're a regular Einstein, aren't ya? That's sarcasm, just to be clear.
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    As Jason, I enlisted half a lobby to help me kill some trolling little shits a while back. Basically, they horded the keys, waited until the car got fixed, then jacked it and escaped by themselves. This happened twice in a row but the 3rd time, I was Jason. I msged some of the other players and told them if they find a repair part, hold onto it instead of installing it. The two little shitheads (both Vanessas.... big surprise) had the keys, but after they were dead the counselors holding onto the repair parts just had someone go get them while they installed the parts. Five people escaped, but it was well worth it.
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    Besides Part 6, Part 5 was a good movie in my opinion. Was pretty cool to see a new masked killer besides Jason, of course.
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    Barely if not at all in my experience. Whenever I play it's always me the one having to carry parts to their respective objective and then repair them myself. If my friends aren't being tunneled by Jason they help me by running parts sometimes.
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    There sure are a lot of double posts in here. @TimDuke 01, launch time led to some really fun times, mainly due to players not being as wise as they are now. I'm hoping that the patches in the future will lead us back more in that direction. An intimidating Jason who is not so easily abused and exploited, but still able to be killed on occasion. @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co, the issue with any game is that it will get stale eventually. Once all the plays are known, a certain level of predictability will set in. There are those who play casually, and there are those who play daily. Mix the two groups together, and you get what we have now. @J-Ray, you use "bad parenting" to describe people you have a problem with every single time. Parenting issues aside, good people can do bad things, just as bad people can do good things. Parenting has little bearing in the equation. No one said "don't play". I said you have options. Consider pursuing them if you wish to enjoy the game a bit more. Using murder to justify your statements is a really bad choice. @Sir Jack, I agree that no strategy is 100% effective. @OCT 31 1978, I've seen a decline in the number of trolls I encounter. The patch is doing something right, even if there are some tweaks to be made.
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    The other day I was near the grave yard and haven’t see the fence post impalement kill in quite a while so when I came across an A.J. there I had to make That attempt I should have knife her first but I got alittle over zealous and shift grabbed her and attempted to walk to the fence... she broke free and I was able to pull off another grab but was to far from the fence to try again....I was quite distraught lol I had to machete her head off instead...
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    Its too bad you are not on PC.... I have helped many people get that achievement... sometimes with several escapes with the person in need of the achievement in one night. The hardest part is taking a specific person with you in the boat. The best hint I can give is watch the mini map for Jason... when you see him, switch to the big map... and when you see that he has just morphed... its time to start the boat. Other than that, if people will communicate with you and tell you when he morphs... then that works even better and can be less of a wait. When not using these tactics, it is just dumb luck if Jason does not have a morph to go after the boat when he hears the warning... But Part 2 will get another morph before you make it to the exit... making him more dangerous to me than a +Water Speed Jason... at least, when you time out that morph with a boat start anyway. Another tactic I have used is start the boat... then get out and run... I have had a problem with this one recently as I sometimes cannot get out of the boat to run away. Then return after a minute or so to the boat and leave unhindered... Many Jason players have forgotten to watch their maps for the boat... it was habit before the start up sound was put in... but not anymore. Getting around a neutral or -Water Speed Jason is not a big deal if you have the room... and I have been pulling it off in the canals on Pinehurst recently. Once they are behind you... they cannot catch up to you... and if a +Water Speed is far enough behind you (foiled by a bad morph pin)… then you will still get away, they can only catch up to you so quickly.
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    I don't consider myself a "good Jason" and had my preference set to counselor for 99% of the time since the game came out, but changed it to none since the patch, because I thought, why not? I used block to eat a baseball bat shot the other night in the barn and then grabbed the counselor and killed her. I'm not sure why people act like it's so hard...
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    What you are suggesting is basically the same of using a roof glitch... I think you are running out of arguments, you lost the debate the moment you suggested cheating in the argument... unbelivable
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    Are you so desperate to use glitches to win a match? That's basically your strategy, someone is outplaying you and you suggest resorting to essentially cheating...
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    I think you should improve your capacity as Jason, you seem in dire need of some guidance. At the same time, you keep comparing two situations which don't match at all. Escaping in a coordinated team is extremely easy, much easier than killing Jason. Jason cam deny the kill, worst case scenario by hiding, but he Cannot deny an escape. I played against plenty of Jasons which were terrifying in their skills and cleared the whole lobby despite our best efforts. If you cannot do this, maybe reconsider what you can do and improve it. Or do as I did and change game Oh BTW I said Bugsy vs Jason one vs one in the previous example, not two or three vs Jason
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    This one is extremely difficult for me. I went with Part 3 for a few reasons. Though its a total gimmick flick, the process they went through to film 3-d seemed extremely rigorous and tedious. The fact Richard Brooker was a stunt guy that ended up with the part is awesome. Not just because it was a stunt guy playing him, but Brooker gave Jason a human feel with his bumbling around, yet when he pulls himself up on the noose and reveals his face; or walks like a somnabulistic zombie with the axe buried in his head is just fun stuff to me. He gave Jason character and his hulking mass was great for it. That neck and those traps are still terrifying to me. Its also the flick where Jason gets his mask from Shelly, that is huge to the franchise. Thank goodness that crew guy had a hockey mask in his car that day. I also think the survivor aspect from earlier trauma and returning to that camp with Chris showed what a bad ass final girl she was. The psychological effects and her overcoming, then physically overcoming Jason make her one of my favorite final girls.
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    There is no complaint about mastering the kill sequence the complaint is it’s way too easy to do. The intention was not to have an unbeatable Jason but one that was very much harder to kill...and changes from day one launch is definitely the reason it became easier along with mastering the technique. Stun Chance was increased after players started complaining obout Op Jason..... and I agree it was a part of the problem..... I can see your point about coordination and getting good with the kill....I just don’t think because because you have amassed so many kill that means it was difficult to do.....in fact in means the exact opposite that it in fact was very easy to accomplish. I expect mechanics that allow Jason to fight back against it, which I don’t think is asking for to much or is unfair in anyway. I think a balance can be made with combat and keep it a horror game and fun. A couple of things would be give Jason a quick block feature and meat shielding back it would go a long way to fixing group combat dynamic. We agree that the problem was in the design.... not as much in the original design but the progressively changing design. I disagree, the game is still a fun game and that it is also a Horror game.... and the execution is not poor just moves to far in one direction to appease the player base. I agree with you. In week one stun Chance was low you could hit Jason with weapons and it wouldn’t stun him....more than it would. I disagree it is a Fun Horror game....even with the novelty of fear wearing off.... Why not ? It would be a more challenging experience don’t you think? The problem is not that Teenagers were able to stun Jason... being able to fight back doesn’t negate Horror game aspects.... the problem was with the combat mechanics the game wasn’t meant to be a fighting game and gradually became one.... with out the proper way to combat for both sides. I don’t like the dance emotes, I don’t have a problem with costumes or skins. I understand why they were included because those types of things created revenue period. also the Game is definitely not trying to be Alien Isolation either.
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    They are a huge part of the problem, especially when they confuse skill with the need for a buff which in turns made Jason invulnerable killing combat in f13
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    Welcome to camp, when you have a minute do an introduction post, stop by and read the rules too. I’m sorry you feel he’s impossible to fight, he isn’t really, you just have to be smart about it and intend to kill him. Once you learn how the new mechanic works you’ll be fine, learn to kite and loop windows.
  44. 1 point
    When has there ever been a happy medium in this game? Its mainly been all the power in the counselors hands. (And now its even Easier to kill Jason than ever before. Or at least Im seeing it common now) Hell, playing as Vanessa you're more likely to get killed by a trap that Jason (or another counselor set) than by Jason himself. ROFLMAO
  45. 1 point
    I’m sorry guys, but if you let a bunch of kids with “parental issues” to get that easily into your head, you are part of the problem. Let alone the fact you can easily mute everybody if you are a snowflake. yes, fast counselors can juke and jive for a while, but how long can it last? We have the new rage mode isn’t it enough allready?
  46. 1 point
    Although most Jason’s are bad, it is unfair to say that they are stupid for not preventing the kill. Tommy house is rng, so you need to be somewhat lucky. The biggest counter to what you are saying is that kill squads have a massive advantage over Jason players, at least the first time you meet. Jason has to play to protect objectives most of the time, but kill squads have set plans in place and will often ignore objectives; jason doesn’t know this. Killing Jason is the easiest way to win if the group is committed.
  47. 1 point
    I forgot one: If shit goes wrong and they get the kill, die with a little dignity/honor. Don't leave in the middle of it unless you want to be dubbed a chicken-shitted little pussy (ditto for hiding in the lake to escape).
  48. 1 point
    That’s why I’ve become an intentional sweater hog and will only permit killing Jason if it’s organic or deserved. I might also use the sweater to save somone’s life if Jason is in rage and slashing. A sweater stun + healing has saved many lives. Killing an obviously new/bad Jason is in poor taste. If I sense a kill squad I may withhold using the sweater for the kill and instead opt to sidle and help a counselor in need. If you want to be lame and roll a kill squad with your four buddies you have every right, just like I have every right to not use the sweater sns.
  49. 1 point
    Ouch, sounds rough man. Vanessa is a stone cold bitch, lol. Try fighting groups in a small cabin or were your left flank is protected but you’re open on the right side. If you have an extra trap you can drop it near a tree or wall and use it to guard your back, if you can put it by a Morph point and use Shift to make attacks against the group. Swing don’t grab, and remember you can body block in shift, so if they scatter and you can stop that first person the second one will catch up enough to take the hit too. Collect every knife, use them at windows, don’t waste them, only throw on sure hits.
  50. 1 point
    Crybabies....I got 1000 Jason matches back on 9/9/17. Unfortunately because of that glitch, I haven't been able to play since. But my point is 1000 is a grind, but you do feel good when it pops, and it isn't as hard as you all think.
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