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    I just started up playing again after a long break. I was hoping the teaming would be better but it's not. I can't stand that if everyone dies except for the team they just circle around and play in the forest together.
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    I wish I could show the clip but teaming was its absolute worst that I’ve experienced. First of all, Jason had help from 2 of his little helpers and one of them was glitched on a rock while the other was trying to run me over. I finally got away from the car and they go and try to run over the rest of the lobby while Jason chases me. I dodge and wack Jason down a few times and he gave up eventually and went after other people. Then I get the car ready and his friend hits into my car. I recover from the hit and dodge Jason in the car for a bit and escape. I really wish teaming was bannable but it felt good beating those losers.
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    Damn! I love that concept! Wouldn't it be cool if you had your own counselor in a single player game against an AI Jason hunting you down? Like a bots round, but you use any counselor (including created, or unlocked survivor ones). And once you unlock a counselor, or a survivor they become available to spawn in to fill the lobby. Then select the Jason, and his difficulty, tenacity, and viciousness. Plenty of awesome things to warrant a sequel!
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    Part2!! Because everyone here knows that there is still soo much more that can be done with this game. The idea that just about everything has been done is laughable..
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    I still play regularly too, though I absolutely hate what has happened to the game: floods of trolls, on-going developmental incompetence, unpatched rampant glitching/exploiting, poor connections... Nevertheless, as already mentioned, this game may be a deformed shelter pet, but it is OUR deformed shelter pet. I will be here until the day comes that it is finally put to sleep.
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    I've noticed that people are still able to glitch on top of the Packanack Lodge. I only play the PS4 version so I don't know about Xbox One or the Steam version. Anyways, I've been seeing people glitch on top of the roof of the lodge or glitching onto the balcony of the Jarvis residence. I was in a Jason match earlier and this Mitch was standing right next to the window that's in front of the balcony. I grabbed him, he had a pocket knife and glitched through the wall. I couldn't get him with very many throwing knives cause he would try to avoid him. He basically ruined the match and just wasted time, all because he didn't want to play the game like he should've by trying to escape and helping the other counselors. It was very annoying to say the least and it's completely unfair to Jason and even other counselors who don't want to deal with time wasters. I would've left sooner in that match but I wanted to see if I could get him. I was unsuccessful but these wall glitches really need to be fixed. I hope it was unintentional for the guy but it was still annoying nonetheless. Next time it happens, I'm just leaving right off the bat because I'm not dealing with people who think it's clever to break the game to avoid getting killed rather than use actual skill. On another note, I was playing with my friend last night on Packanack and he was Jason. We were in a public match and there were probably about 2 or 3 people trying to glitch themselves on top of the roof, so I had to help kill them even though I don't ever help Jason unless people are ruining the game for others. Like I get it, glitches are cool sometimes and even fun to experiment with, but shouldn't be used in public matches like this. This game needs more patching but that may take a while. I'm fine with waiting. So the next time sometime tries glitching through the wall in Jarvis Residence, I'll just slash them to death.
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    Just really amazing that this game only survived for like 1 year. And Gun decided to drop this game due low playerbase and excuse was the lawsuit. Miller said he's got nothing to do with the game but Wes insists that there will be no new content. Fuck this shit and your business.
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    I just wanted to finish my thought, your post gave me the opportunity. I would really rather not encourage toxic crap if I can help it. Maybe there’s an Idea or two floating around that could discourage teaming, I’ll certainly be thinking about it. It’s a tough problem though, you don’t want to remove any content like circles on the map.... 🤔.
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    Came across someone who threw a knife at my car and the car was launched in the forest. I started the car and tried reversing and saw Jason throw a second knife at the car and the knife was stuck in the rear view mirrors. I made fun of the Jason as he needed a glitch to get kills. Next match, he was a counselorI (Fox) and I watched him get chased by Jason and eventually grabbed and killed. I could save saved him with my bat but I decided not to. It was fun getting my revenge and letting him know why I didn't save him.
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    A knife glitched decided to throw my car up into a tree, and act like he did it on purpose and aimed me into the tree ( the knife glitch can’t be “aimed” it’s pretty random as to how the physics work) but jokes on him. I didn’t leave the car, and he couldn’t reach me to get me out. Aswell as the car was off, and the glitch only works on turned on cars lol. Satisfying watching him shut up, and try and knife glitch me for the next 11 minutes till the round ended...
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    I got plenty of guns and ammo to blast him like crazy. Maybe I could even invite some friends over and use Jason as target practice
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    That speed increase he got to me(maybe just me lol) seems to have gone away. Even a AJ can out jog a running Jason for a while.I agree the recovery animation needs to be faster on a missed grab,and a faster cooldown on throwing knives and picking up throwing knives.
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    The most “scariest” Jason is INVISIBLE JAYSOUN 👀 You’ll never see him coming...
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    If anything I would suggest faster cool down for shift/morph. Also don't be so quick to use powers let alone one after the other. Swimming is an extremely valuable alternative.
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    It would be a very nice stealthy horror game. You could actually hide out from Jason and he’d have a harder time finding the counselors. I agree allowing the final survivor as well to stun would be a good addition to it. A lot of Friday movies the final survivors do put up a fight against him anyway... but this isn’t how the game is, it isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. Friday is already made and it’s too late to change the gameplay. But, It'd be interesting to see this stealthy horror type of gameplay in a potential Halloween game with Michael Myers. And Dr. Loomis could come in as the special/hero character who can shoot Michael with multiple rounds to stun him just like how he did in the movie.
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    I don't blame them for zipping their lips. Every time they "slightly" mention something even remotely related to content it seems everyone and their mother jumps to so many ridiculous conclusions or create fantasy scenarios.
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    For the first time ever, we have a full 12 month view of Friday the 13th: The Game player numbers. These numbers give us a concrete, statistical answer as to whether the game is growing, or dying, and at what rate. These numbers only come from the Steam Chart analytics (https://steamcharts.com/app/438740). This means that while it doesn't exactly represent all three platforms, there is little evidence to demonstrate that the numbers are not similar (sales numbers for all platforms) and, absent any other data, these numbers can be applied universally to all 3 platforms. So lets dive in: 2017 in review: Before I can begin analysis of 2018, I think it's beneficial to recall what happened in the previous 6 months of 2017. For the first full month of being available, the game posted an average of 5566.8 players, with a peak of 10,640 players in June. After that, a large number of players dropped out, giving us averages in July 2017 of 2844.9 average players and 4924 peak players. With exceptions in October/Early November 2017 and 2018, the player numbers in both categories would continue to decline month over month. Boosts via sales gave temporary playerbase increases, but the gains made by these sales disappeared within a couple months. This gave us a final number of 1351.1 average players and 2773 peak players for the final month of December, a loss of 52.51% average users since July, and a loss of 75.73% since launch. 2018 in review With the playerbase losses in 2017 documented, I'll now pivot to the 2018 numbers. 2018 featured several changes to the game. These changes, with one exception, failed to both bring in new users and stop the erosion of the existing users. January's numbers of average and peak users, 1207.5 and 2519, respectively, continued the steady decline of around 10% month over month. This remains consistent with the numbers from 2017. However, January also provided a new factor in playerbase numbers, and that was the announcement of suspending release of new content while the game was upgraded to a new version of the Unreal Engine. This INCREASED the rate of playerbase losses from the previous rate around 10% month-to-month to an average of 15% (Highest number being a loss of 27.78% less users in March, lowest being 10.63% less users in January). In total, by the start of May 2018, the game had lost an additional 44.34% of its average players in just 3 months. This amounts to a 76.37% loss of average players in 9 months (since July 2017), and a staggering 87.92% loss of all players since June 2017. May finally saw the release of the new Unreal engine, along with other new content created in the previous 4 months. If Gun Media had hoped that the new release would bring back players to the game, they were right, albeit briefly and in a much smaller number. The game would post a meager addition to average users of 2.09% for May 2018 over April 2018. In reality, this meant just 14 more people were playing the game in May than in June. With the new engine released, players believed the game could finally receive regular new content. However, this belief was later dashed by the announcement in mid June that future content would never be released, as a result of elements of the Friday the 13th franchise being under a copyright dispute. In timing with this announcement, the game would continue losses around 17% per month in between June and September 2018. This amounted to further losses of 53.54% average players since May 2018, 73.6% loss in 9 months since 2018, 88.7% loss since July 2017, and 94.27% loss since June 2017. This means, by October 1, 2018, only 5 percent of people who purchased the game still play it. As was the case in 2017, October 2018 provided a statistically significant increase to the playerbase over the previous month. In addition to the Halloween holiday bump and the long advertised Dedicated Servers being released for all 3 platforms, the game was offered for free on Playstation, and steep discounts of 85% off led a drastic increase in average players. In fact, these factors led the game to have its best PEAK numbers since June 2017 of 5438. Septembers peak number was 643. The player increase was not just confined to October, the numbers carried over to the post-halloween weekend the first weekend in November. While playerbase numbers fell for the remaining 3 weeks of November 2018, the first week's numbers brought the whole month's average up to 1052.7 average players (the highest since February 2018) and 6,677 peak players (besting Octobers peak players, becoming the new highest peak number since June 2017). Finally, this leads us to December. The concept of what goes up must come down applied in December 2018 much the same as it did in December 2017. Average playerbase numbers were down 57.52% over November, which is a large number, but keep in mind that all of Novembers gains were Novembers first week. To put this in perspective, the 57.52% playerbase loss was not over the 4 weeks of November to December, but rather the 7 weeks between the end of December and beginning of November. While it still puts Decembers averages 447.2 players higher than the all time low of September's 318.7, this still implies that the game cannot maintain a solid playerbase, and any new players brought in by sales (85% off sale in October, permanent 50% off sale in December) do not stick around to move the average playerbase anywhere but down. Average Playerbase change 2018: 62.96% fewer players since January 2018 Average Playerbase change, lifetime of game: only 8.03% of players who bought the game still play it regularly, 91.96% playerbase gone. 2019 and Beyond With the playerbase continuing to decline, and sales delivering only short-term gains, in addition to the cost of maintaining the Dedicated Servers as well as quality of life updates, it isn't unreasonable to predict that the game will not survive to this point next year. While the developers have announced a willingness to look further into reworking existing game elements (perks, balance, etc.) as a way to keep the game fresh, there remains the question of whether that effort is worthwhile. Is it cost effective to make changes to a game that loses almost 2/3rds of its already small existing playerbase in a year, and that only retains 8% of people who bought it, in light of the cost of the dedicated servers? When will the game's losses make shutting down the servers and pulling the game from retail distributers Gun's only way to proceed? Without access to Gun's earning sheet, I can't say with confidence that this will be Friday the 13th: The Game's last year in operation. That being said, I don't see anything that shows the game going anywhere other than down, and how far it will continue to decline remains to be seen. Signed, Thatguyinktown, member of the 8.03% of Friday the 13th: The Game players who still play regularly. https://steamcharts.com/app/438740
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    I have a very special way of countering teamers/teaming, that never fails to get the teamers to leave their party chat and yell at me. I usually look forward to running into teamers so I can bully them until they leave. I feel bad for the average player who has to run into it though.
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    Considering that Jason is now immune to stuns upon reaching Rage Mode, I'm pretty certain that that this is a big game-changer to high Speed/Stamina/Luck Counselors. Luck no longer plays an important factor as melee weapons are rendered useless post-Rage, which also severely weakness Vanessa, Chad, and Buggzy's role in the match. In turn, I feel that Composure is slightly more useful (but only slightly) as it's really the only mechanic that helps restore lost Stamina late in the match, since how much Fear you have affects the amount of Stamina recovered. Here's how I imagine the tier list would be as of now: [Most likely to Survive the Night or Escape] 1. Mitch: Has both the ability to tackle objectives with his high Repair, and also the ability to survive the night with his near-perfect Composure, provided that he knows how to evade Jason and recover his Composure and Stamina until the clock runs out. 2. Fox: Has only above-average Composure and Repair, but is faster and has more Stamina than Mitch, and is also able to use Pamela's Sweater and work with her high Strength to remove Jason's mask. Arguably the most versatile Counselor in the game. 3. A.J.: Before the latest patch, A.J. was often considered to be one of the worst due to her abysmal Luck when making use of stunning Jason to regain lost Stamina and keep Jason away. Now, her excellent Stealth (with a good Lightfoot perk) and her decent Repair and Composure makes her an asset in tackling objectives as quickly and silently as possible. While she may also be able to survive the night if needed, her ability to tackle objectives takes a higher priority. 4. Jenny: Her excellent Composure can now play a major part in surviving the night, provided that she is geared up with a 'No Fear' build that ensures that she never stumbles and will always regain Stamina at a fast rate. However, her poor Repair means that she has better chances of surviving the night than escaping the match on her own. 5. Adam: Essentially a male Fox, but with a slightly higher Speed, Composure, and Strength, but with slightly less Stamina and also lacking the ability to wear Pamela's Sweater. A versatile Counselor who can help kill Jason, tackle objectives, or survive the night if needed. 6. Vanessa: With her Luck granting her no real benefit late in the match and her low Repair makes it difficult for her to tackle objectives, Vanessa can still make up for it with her excellent Speed and high Stamina by surviving the night. She is also the most efficient character to pick up Pamela's Sweater due to her Speed and Stamina. [May be able to Survive the Night or Escape] 7. Deborah: While Deborah has the edge over A.J. with repairs, A.J. has the edge over Deborah when getting around quietly and even survive the night. Deborah will need to focus on tackling objectives with her excellent Repair, and thankfully, her Stealth is also high enough to allow her to jog silently. 8. Chad: His high Luck is essentially a waste of points late in the match, but his high Speed can still play a part in surviving the night provided that the player tries to keep Chad calm when recovering lost Stamina. Sadly for Chad, he's basically an inferior Vanessa due to his worst Stamina and the inability to use Pamela's Sweater. 9. Eric: Essentially an inferior Deborah due to his lower Speed, Stamina, and Stealth, but has a slight edge over having a higher Luck that is only worthwhile early in the match. Once Jason does hit Rage Mode, Eric will need to have an escape route ready by then when tackling objectives, otherwise he is likely not surviving the night. 10. Buggzy: He has the Speed and the Stamina to survive the night, but not much else. He doesn't have either Chad or Vanessa's Luck to work with early in the match, and Brandon is even worse than the two when tackling objectives. However, his excellent Strength does give Buggzy the opportunity to help Tommy Jarvis kill Jason to end the match, provided that Buggzy removes Jason's mask early on. 11. Tiffany: She is a terrible choice at tackling objectives, but her excellent Stealth, high Stamina, and decent Speed does make her a better choice at surviving early on as a courier of important repair items to deliver to other Counselors who can Repair. When trying to survive the night, Tiffany's high Stamina and decent Speed will help her survive the night if needed. [Least likely to Survive the Night or Escape] 12. Kenny: Being a jack-of-all-trades doesn't amount to much later on, but he can at least make use of his average Composure, Speed, and Stamina to survive the night if needed, or even use his average Strength and Luck to help kill Jason by removing his mask. Otherwise, Kenny is very average and is easily overshadowed by other Counselors with a focused role of survival. 13. Victoria: Her high Luck is wasted as Jason enters Rage Mode, she isn't able to tackle objectives as well as the others, and she can't sneak around very well unless she's walking or crawling. Her only saving grace is her decent Stamina, which may allow her a chance to survive the night if she needs to, but otherwise, Victoria cannot do much to survive on her own. 14. Shelly: Possibly the most difficult Counselor to keep alive overall. He is average at best when tackling objectives, can't really sneak around all that well unless he's walking or crawling, and his Speed and Stamina aren't very impressive. He does have above-average Composure and decent Strength that may work into his favor if he tries to survive the night or help Tommy Jarvis kill Jason, but Shelly will need to work harder than anyone else to stay alive. --- Bear in mind that anyone skilled enough can consistently win a match with any Counselors, and with teamwork, any Counselor can stand a chance of surviving once an escape route is open to them.
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    @Slasher_Clone @Dolemite Thank you guys, much appreciated!
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    The survivor build would be so badass, I think giving them an ability would be best for a 4th perk though. Something indicative of how they escaped? Stuff like that, and the single player counselor vs AI Jason experience. Plus, all the rest of the maps. Jason X, and Uber. Some new Vehicles (bikes, and motorcycles for the truly daring. Those vehicles should have a kill animation if he catches you. And a Van!), weapons and counselors, Trish, Crazy Ralph, Ginny, Paul... Yeah, plenty of reasons to do a sequel!
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    It would be very cool, I like that a lot.
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    If you remember the site, let us know please, I’m very curious to share but don’t know how much time I’ve actually spent at camp.
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    I see your point and I believe this was a flaw of the game to begin with, let me clarify the point now: IF the devs wanted a horror game where Jason was king and you ONLY had to run away, the game was wrong since launch. In what kind of dream can Deborah stun Jason with a frying pan? total nonsense given these premises. So IF the purpose of the game was to have an OP Jason like some people claim, the structure of the game was wrong from the start. They should have made a game without the possibility of fighting back unless you find a shotgun, flaregun or firecrackers. With these premises the game and its community would have been different and the game would have been more like a horror game. BUT these weren't the premises, once you allow me to fight back then there's the chance of me beating you regardless how OP you are, on top of that the DEVS (NOT THE PLAYERS) introduced funny emoticons and costumes into the game. They made the game more of half-serious horror movie from the 80's, very similar to some of the nightmares on elm street dark humour. With THESE premises, the game shouldn't be taken seriously and Jason can be stunned, beaten etc THIS is the game the devs made, they made these things possible themselves, thus you attract a certain kind of people with certain kind of behaviours. I don't think the game was EVER intended to be taken as a serious horror game and if it was then they failed spectacularly! Speedo dancing Chad in a serious game? seriously?
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    That is true, at least in my case:
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    I had a game where i was Tommy and my friend had just been killed and it was me and Vanessa and she grabbed the sweater and i thought "cool, we'll kill Jason". Little did i know that the Jason and The Vanessa were teaming up because they didn't like the fact that in the previous game, they were killed by me as the Jason, so they decided to team up, juked Jason around for the last 5 minutes while the Vanessa was just following me around. Had another incident where there was a whole lobby of friends trying to kill me and my friend. They even went as far as trying to block the doors with the cars. Ended up escaping, but you wouldn't believe how far people are willing to go to kill someone.
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    You’re truly a fool. I’m sure you’ll rationalize anything that’s said to you at this point, but the truth is in my last post.
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    It really would have, in a sequel, well at least how I picture it. The original four backers could be given as unlockables, each one receiving an appropriate upgrade as if they had survived the final conflict of the first game. Five extra stat points and a fourth perk or something. They could be slightly older and more experienced, not quite hero characters like Tommy but survivors back for round two.
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    While I agree with you, let's not forget the time Jason was sent crashing through a staircase after getting hit with.... a light bulb.
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    Because it’s low priority.... and I like it, so nana nana. Just fucking with you with the second part, the first part is still true though. I mean getting the Switch launch to run is probably more important, right? How about the perk rework should that come later? There’s a lot to do for a small team.
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    Hey I just said, I have no more emotes, stop saying things that deserve a trophy.
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    Yeah, I don't get the attitude of totally refusing to discuss the option of making a sequel. You obviously have the interest of your fans...even if you're not sure you could do it, you could entertain the idea with the qualifier of "if the lawsuit ever works out..."
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    I have been gone about 6 months or more. I decide to play because a friend asks me to. 5 games...2 games of people teaming with Jason. A person exploiting glitches, 3-4 people hiding the entire match...2 people controlling the keys, then leaving by themselves when the car is repaired...what a fantastic game.
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    Teaming has gotten so ridiculous. Almost every round last night, Jason had helpers.
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    It's amazing how you are wrong about literally everything.
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    Summer 2017 was the best. The game had issues as always (some are still present in the game today), but it was truly alive then, and felt the most fun. We didn't have crappy maps like Jarvis and Pinehurst to contend with.
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    I'm addicted to it. I usually play 3 rounds when I get off work before I do anything else. Maybe watch tv or a movie after, or play another game, but I always warm up with this one. Every day!
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    There are those of us who will stay on the sinking ship until the last possible second. I've got my lifeboat ready, stocked with beer and snacks, and room for a chosen few when the time comes.
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    This is the worst news possible, so even if they make a ruling in the near future you aren't going to add any new content whatsoever? Lol you guys really are dumb if you think moving on from this game is going to be good business for you. Hardly anyone is going to buy any future projects you release. Your name has been tarnished forever. The only reason we put up with your bullshit like the glitches, bugs and broken promises is because we love the Friday the 13th franchise that much! If you try pulling anything like you did here with future projects you can kiss your company goodbye you simply won't last. Essentially, you didn't just put the nail in the coffin for your Friday the 13th game but also your companies as a whole, you just don't know it yet.
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    bruh.. fuck kinda game and servers do you play on? ive heard some pervy shit in my life but this is on a new level, cartoony weird shit literally hard to believe
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    I went over 500 the other week. If my wife saw that I played that much Id prob be in some trouble. 😂 Still killing strong for mamma!
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    If Jason returns to a Nintendo system after 30 years and doesn't have his NES skin...that's a sick joke, man. Haha.
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