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    This would indeed be more difficult to put into the game than the casual conversation would first suggest... Possible does not always translate to easy... But it would still be a nice addition if done properly. A bit of a way yes... I fully agree... But not too far. Yes, there is... Did you notice it has the lowest numbers required to finish it?... Why do you think that is?... I can tell you, it is sure as shit not because it was meant to be easy. Although I have recently seen a few people suggest that the Jason kill be removed from the game... You will be happy to know, it is not going anywhere. Most people here just want it to actually require some skill to do it... as it is now, it does not really require much, if ANY skill to do it. But I will tell you why people have been complaining about the piñata parties and the supposed rare Jason kill happening FAR more often than anything that could be considered rare. The piñata parties made Jason look like a clown. They were EXTREMELY frustrating to endure... and personally, I know MANY people that just put the game down after this happened to them the first time out of UTTER disgust at how Jason Voorhees was being portrayed. NO ONE is afraid of a piñata... which our star here was... and for the beginning of the match at least, still can be... Not fearing the killer in an asymmetrical horror game goes completely against the genre the game is in in the first place... No one was crying about it, they ALL had legitimate complaints... So... deal with it. Disagree all you like... you will still be WRONG. With the inability to properly defend against losing his mask... Killing Jason is too easy. The skilless wonder boys that think they are champion players by doing something a six year old can pull off are just plain and simply delusional. If you want to be proud of an accomplishment... you need to actually have something to be proud of... Doing something that literally ANYONE can do... IS NOT something to be proud of.
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    I hate, hate, HATE the new grab. I'd pay to have it reverted back.
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    Why the hell would you want a game to be easy? They’re only fun if they are a challenge. Buffing Jason wouldn’t make killing him impossible unless you’re not at all interested in improving your gaming skills. A shit ton of games out there have final bosses that are many times harder to kill than Jason. He should be tougher.
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    I have been gone about 6 months or more. I decide to play because a friend asks me to. 5 games...2 games of people teaming with Jason. A person exploiting glitches, 3-4 people hiding the entire match...2 people controlling the keys, then leaving by themselves when the car is repaired...what a fantastic game.
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    I don’t know if you just lack the ability to socially communicate with others or what but insulting the community is never going to get an opinion or point a view any respect or attention except negative. No matter how many times You post that the kill has plenty of steps to achieve the fact of the matter is Jason is been killed more now and earlier than he ever was.... And it has Nothing to do with skill.... it’s just too EASY. ...... sorry you feel otherwise but the vast amount of players here who play almost every day will disagree with you, many will say the more challenging for counselors the better the game.
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    Hello all, I know this has been discussed in the past but if you all could take the time to watch this video I’d appreciate it. This is a perfect example on why tommy should be allowed to stun! So, there has been discussion in the past about it and some people agree with it while others don’t agree with it. My defense is the people who play as tommy and actually act as a hero are very limited in resources when trying to save the other counselors. In this video, I do everything in my power to save these two deborahs trying to make it to the cops. There was absolutely nothing I could do. How is this considered a hero? Tommy is a special character in the game so he should have a special ability to stun Jason. And all I ask is let’s keep the arguments civil and respectful. Let me know your thoughts on this.
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    See, for me personally, Part 9 Jason is the best pressure Jason. +Stun Resistance and +Shift make him hard to shake once he gets his shift. Just my preference, of course.
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    Just poking fun, I don’t think your post was in anyway rude. The last two words after that list, just got me, my own fault I read them in Batman voice. Lol You’re actually really polite with most of your posts so don’t worry about coming across abrupt.
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    Jason doesn’t need perks he has morph/stalk/shift/throwing knives/traps already. That’s enough
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    How I feel about the whole damn game.
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    LOL I hear this. I’m right there with you both on making silly mistakes. I’m sure we all got hiliarious stories we could tell. Last night I drove the car and got it stuck on a rock and he pulled me out of the car and I died 🤣 shit happens is what I told my friends I was trying to pick up. They were a lil salty I got the car stuck lol
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    He obviously has never seen any Friday the 13th movies with as strong as he thinks the counselors should be
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    Definitely a good suggestion to help distinguish between the prompts when a grab through the window could work.....
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    I’m surprised I’m so fine with this but bring on the window grabbing. I do have an interesting suggestion.... maybe you can only grab through the window while using Stalk? The prompt would change based on wether you had it running or not. The window would still be broken by Jason putting his upper body through it but it could cause some good jump scares if he could lean in as you’re coming down the hall and swipe at you. I was just in the Stalk thread but I think this could make it a lot of fun and not just be because I couldn’t think of anything. 😆
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    It shouldn’t, as Matt explained it in another thread it would be seen as balancing or a UI change. It should definitely be toggle like Sense and not fully drain when you drop it. So if they do modify it, I’d like to see this as well. Unless everyone’s mini map did it or it was a Fear effect that only happened when fear hit a certain level. If enough uncertainty was added to the mechanic, it would make it slightly more useful as it’s one more thing to keep track of and distract you, if you’re not careful. The static could even flicker on randomly after Jason unlocks Stalk, it doesn’t have to be tied to the power being on. On a different note, you mentioned an echo of Jason lingering after he Morphs and I think that’s an interesting idea, I wish we could play test stuff as I think you’d need to get this one right so it doesn’t seem silly. Having the echo do whatever your Jason does, walk or swing for a few seconds after he leaves then fade out could look cool too. Like a hallucination from the movies.
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    Be careful @OCT 31 1978 you don't want to trigger the transformation...
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    As I said, I'm not really worried about keeping cheaters from talking as they'll always find a way. Can't say I sympathize with groups of friends that don't want others hearing them though. The game is meant to be played cooperatively and it's not good for the community IMO for lobby after lobby to be filled with people obviously talking amongst themselves but not with the rest of the counselors. Gives certain players an unfair advantage and reduces the fun for the rest of the room from both a gameplay and entertainment perspective (I love just listening to some players freaking out or giving feedback for example).
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    Whether in stalk or not... the flare is not required to hit him for it to mark him... and if someone sees him in stalk to shoot him, then he should indeed be marked. As it is now, you can fire a flare gun into the air without seeing him on your screen at all and it will mark him (that has been there since day one but no one uses it that way anymore)... but perhaps it should require a hit to mark him while he is in stalk... or the mark should reveal itself when his stalk ends if its time is not up? I personally like the idea that stalk would cancel the mark of a flare gun... most people do not seem to pay attention to him being marked on the map at all in the first place... But I use it... and I have found that Jason being marked on the map can help in many ways... But removing him from the mini map in too many instances is a bad idea... in my opinion. Also... under certain circumstances... I do not think stalk should remove him from the mini map... The boat comes to mind here. Most people feel the boat is a death trap as it is now, but in many instances, I have been able to get around Jason in the water and leave him behind me... and escaped. This is ONLY possible because the driver of the boat can see Jason on the mini map... Removing Jason from the mini map here would most definitely turn it into a death trap every time Jason manages to morph ahead of the boat. I have even done this to +Water speed Jason variants... although each time this has happened (with +Water Speed variants), it is 'situational"... and very rare against these fast water speed variants. The last time I did this was fairly recently, on the Pinehurst map against a Part 8. I was coming up to the bridge with a support under it. Jason went through to my right, so I went to my left... and took the left turn towards the exit. The Jason player got stuck on the bridge support as he turned around, which put him just far enough behind me to allow the escape.... But if the exit had been even ten feet further away, he definitely would have got me that time... It was an EXTREMELY close call. The noob that was with me thought this was the greatest escape in history. A neutral water speed Jason is not faster than the boat, even if the driver is not using boat speed perks... As long as you get him behind you... you WILL escape. The only exception to this is against a Part 2... his +Morph does give him a second chance to morph ahead of the boat a second time... IF he morphed to the boat early enough the first time. This would make it hard to tell Jason just morphed... I like it. It is easy to tell when he is morphing if you can see him... and this could give a couple vital extra seconds before someone else gets the warning that Jason just morphed away from the player that witnessed it. Something like this could also be used when Jason shifts... to hide the fact that he just went into a shift... It is not like new content would be needed. Even though I like this idea... I think this may also be a bit too much. It would also make it much harder to spot an infinite morph / infinite shift hacker that is not just spamming the powers. @TheHansonGoons Your idea for a toggle on Stalk makes perfect sense to me... Just being able to manage it a bit more as you suggest would make it far more useful... I like it.
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    I respectfully disagree. Jason is supposed to be a supernatural, homicidal, and persistent psycho killer from which there is little to no chance of escape. If you see him face to face 99.999% chance you are toast. This should be in the game as it is in the movies.
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    When Jason isn't weak anymore. So we have a bit of a ways to go yet.
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    That would take at least 101 games in one day... Now that... would be some true dedication!... I play a ridiculous amount of hours almost every time I sit down to play this game and I do not think I have come even close to that many games in a day. I was not trying to say it is not the same as it was before rage... or before this update for that matter. The difference is in whether a hit stunned him or not... the stunning hit does less damage. It is observable in the game... all you have to do is count the number of hits taken by a particular weapon until you are demasked and compare it to another attempt that included stuns (or more stuns) with the same weapon (and zero damage from any other sources). But using a counselor that takes more than two or three hits to do it will make it plainer to see... but the damage must ALL come from the same type of weapon or the results will be skewed. Showing an algorithm will not help anyone that does not understand coding in the first place... And it would require both an understanding of coding... and an incredible amount of time to find that specific line of code in the first place. While you may actually be able to understand the line of code, many would not... Also, there may not even be a line of coding that accounts for this... it could be coming from a conflict between two or more lines of code that are related to combat, or even unrelated lines of code for that matter... and with the number of bugs and glitches still floating around, this is just as plausible as it actually being intentional. But this is testable in game as I described in the previous post... but you have to do it yourself so you do not have to take someone else's word for it. If you cannot do that much, then you should not be asking someone to search through millions of lines of code to find one line to prove this to you (this could literally take months or even years to accomplish). It would take you less than twenty minutes with one friend to test this in a private match... maybe a bit longer, but not much longer than that. I would volunteer to help you test this, but I know you are on a different platform than I am. Apologies for the bluntness... I have nothing but respect for you and your contributions here... But as I said, this is observable in game... and from what I can tell, this was always in the game too... but few people noticed it and even fewer bothered to test it properly. Also... I would love to be wrong about this... damage should be straight up across the board on a successful strike with a particular weapon... or even the other way around... It would make more sense that a hit that stunned him should do more damage than one that did not stun him... A strike that would stun... anyone for that matter... would probably hurt a lot more than a strike that did not "stun" them. Not a problem... Funny how the forums have bugs too... but at least there are not as many as in the game.
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    If this was true... then why was this one point not mentioned in the first place? It is the only point that makes it look like it was teaming... mentioning it after your other points are called out as "circumstantial" or in other words... "not actual evidence of teaming"... is VERY suspicious. As I have said before and will say again... I have seen way more people screaming "teamer!" than I have ever seen people who actually "team" with Jason... Proper evidence IS required immediately (not later, as it now seems like is made up) if you are to throw ANY accusation around. Thank you... but I was not going for "well written". Disagree all you like... I made points that refute your own points... disagreeing does not make this go away... you need to back up your argument... or you flat out "lose" the argument by not being able to back up your statement. A believer in "the Flat Earth" disagrees with everyone else in the world that knows that earth is round... this does not make them correct... But at least they actually try to prove their point instead of just saying "I disagree"... I am not comparing you to a flat earther... But I am saying they put up a better argument in an attempt to validate their points. Indeed... Recognize who the trolls are... remember their names, even write them down if you have to. When you see these players in a lobby again... leave and find another lobby. If no one plays with the trolls, then the trolls have no one to "troll". There are some aspects that can and should be changed in many games to make trolling harder... but not at the expense of losing some of the most important aspects of the game... There will still be trolls either way... On steam, they can change their names whenever they want... but many forget to erase the history of their 'other names". The work it would be to actually ban any other chat program would be insurmountable... There are a lot of the. This is not even worth the effort, not even close... And they WOULD find a way around it anyway. There are also a great many people that play this game that just do not want their conversation heard by the toxic members of the community... if they cannot do talk to their friends in this game the way they are comfortable with, then they will leave the game and do it in another. This would just fracture the already small player base of this game. The mute button does need some love... it unmutes itself when someone else comes into the lobby... That NEEDS to be fixed.... It sometimes needs to be reset after the muted person ceases to use their mic and uses push to talk once again... That NEEDS to be fixed as well... Mute should not be reset for any reason other than it being turned off manually by the person who muted someone in the first place.
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    I'm just doing my part to try to help the developers gather the information needed to make the game better. You, me and quite a few others feel that the Jason kill should be challenging, and not just a casual stroll in the park.
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    @Slasher_Clone I really like your idea of a semi-scrambled mini map when Jason is in stalk. Though fear levels reduce its visibility as is, I think that could be a fun improvement with the tracking effect. However, is that going to fall under new content? I think the biggest fix for Stalk is turning it into a toggle like Sense. After all, once you have broken through a door or hit it, they know you are there. No sense in having it on still. Recharge it quicker for next use. Be able to manage it a bit more.
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    I wish this was in the game no one would sit there flashing a flashlight in Jasons Face If you could grab them through the window like that!
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    I usually go for the sweater as Venessa before Jason gets shift. I then lead him to the people who hit him until his mask is off. Not that hard to counter the strategies you mentioned
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    @lazerus_86 sounds like any other multiplayer game I've ever played. People are shitty and get their kicks off by trolling other people. This will never change. That's why I try to party up as much as I can. I have a few groups I usually play with that have some really cool peeps and make the game really enjoyable. Last night was a solo night and always comes with its disadvantages.
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    🍻I do have my moments. I've been known as that guy that walks right out a window unintentionally right into Jasons grasp and have to spectate the next 10-15 mins.. 😂 The other night I also did a bot impersonation after I jumped through a window. The power was out, and i couldn't see. Ran right into a bed and was trapped running in a corner. Can't win them all I guess.. 😁
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    Check the lobby’s level before the match and kill the lowest level players first. Hopefully you’ll have a low level Tommy who is easy to kill. Sometimes trapping the tommy box at the start can work against you. I was in a match where I morphed to the Tommy box at the start then cut the power and trapped it. With just a couple of counsellors left someone had got the call to Tommy off and a high level player came back as Tommy. Some rounds it’s best to try and control who comes back as Tommy instead of trapping the Tommy box and risking a high level player player coming back as Tommy later in the match and potentially killing your Jason.
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    Welcome to camp @CptZombieSteve! That's cool you got to see part IV in theatres and got those autographs. My first time seeing Jason on the big screen was Jason X. @CptZombieSteveI've seen all the movies and enjoy them equally but I'd have to agree the first is very important. The reason I enjoy Friday the 13th so much is I can relate to Jason. When I was little I was placed in an abusive foster home and didn't see my mother for over a decade, 13 years to be precise, so it was like she was dead. Now that we are reunited, God help anyone foolish enough to mess with her.
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    But... did they attempt to kill Jason in each match? My point with the question above was simply this... Matches in which no attempt to kill Jason cannot be included here to give you an accurate ratio of games in which it is happening for a difficulty, or rarity ratio... Literally for it to be a true 1 in 75 games rarity ratio... ALL 75 matches had to include an attempt, and the kill was achieved only once. Otherwise, the people coming up with these numbers will be made a fool of by the first Jason hunter to come along and get even 4 Jason kills out of say... 10 tries... or even out of 4 or 5 tries for that matter. The matches in which no attempt was made would simply skew the numbers. Just using "the sweater being picked up" cannot even be called a game in which and attempt was made... many players grab the sweater just to get a stun from it for the achievement and couldn't care less about trying to kill Jason. But in some matches... players will try to kill him, but never get as far as even grabbing the sweater, because sometimes, shit happens... So how do we chose the what the factors are to judge which matches included an actual attempt on Jason's life? To get a ratio that is even close to accurate... some players have to sit down and play 75 matches and honestly try to kill Jason in every match... and let us know how many times they achieved it within the 75 matches. The numbers here are easy to skew as well... by taking an extremely skilled Jason player and having him play Jason in each of these matches... against players that are new to the game... and there would be many other ways to skew the numbers. Random players are needed for all roles... but an attempt must be made on Jason's life in each match. And still..... another experiment like this will produce a different ratio than the first experiment did... so it would still give a better idea just using the average between four or more such experiments... we could not go by just one group's numbers. If the devs just gave us a total number of games played in a day and the total number of Jason kills in that day... it is an inaccurate number for the purpose of rarity or difficulty.... When one Jason hunter can get 8 or even 9 kills in 10 matches... and others do not even try to kill Jason... the numbers can be heavily swung in either direction when considering how many games there were with no attempt. Myself as an example... I do not even try for the Jason kill... unless someone really wants to do it and asks nicely... and with the added requirement that this person is not being an asshole to the Jason player... so it is pretty damned rare for me to do it... somewhere probably around 1 in 200 matches... But then, I only tried once in these 200 matches, which would make it a ratio of 1 Jason kill for 1 match. Other people on these forums claim to kill Jason upwards of twenty times per night... Given that these matches probably last for around ten minutes each... that is almost two hours of playing time, plus waiting time between matches... which can also add up... So really, how many more games did they play and not kill Jason?... probably not too many... even if they played another ten matches on top of this and failed in each attempt, that would still make their ratio 20 Jason kills for 30 matches. And people wonder why this game is hard to balance properly. I have to agree here... "Running Away" is not something Jason ever did... nor does it seem like something he should EVER have to do. Eight times in a night... but there are many nights I do not keep track... so this number could easily be higher... And if I actively tried to do it... it could be MUCH higher than that. But many nights I do not see it happen at all... because I am playing with friends... and non of them bother trying to kill Jason at all. Do not need to show you the algorithm... it is observable in game. Without Jason taking damage... Bugsy, with the proper perks can demask him in two or three hits.... Why the two or three hits variable you ask... when it takes three... One included a stun from that axe. Easy to conclude here that a stunning hit is doing less damage than a hit that does not stun... and this is not even a stretch of the imagination. Particularly when basing this on my own experience as Jason and I know for a fact I did not take damage from anything else yet. You can test this out in a private match... demask Jason three times (or more times, at least one of these attempts needs to include one or more stunning hits... but three attempts should be enough)... damaging him ONLY with one type of weapon (to keep damage a constant).... with ANY counselor (but using the same counselor for each set of three demaskings). The more stuns he takes, the more hits it takes to demask him... It is an easy conclusion to make after observing this... So it is easier to remove the mask after rage... whether he was damaged previously or not... previous damage would still make it even easier of course.
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    Its canon though. There is enough room in the hallways for them to be able to avoid it too. @Jason Todd Voorhees first idea is superb. 2nd might lead Jason never going near his humble abode thus low Jason kills. @OCT 31 1978 I think that the car window grab can be applied to cabin windows. Might need slight modification.
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    Everyone already knows this and it is still easy to kill Jason. Don't worry, you will eventually go up against a group that is set out to kill you. Trap the Tommy box, as soon as you morph away, one of them will tank the trap and Tommy will get called. When you hear that warning about someone stealing your mom"s sweater, that's them in the shack waiting for you. You can plan ahead all you want, if a coordinated group wants you dead, you will die.
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    The game got worse after every patch. Its sad. Things were messed with that didn't NEED to be messed with. If it aint broke don't fix it Especially now with such a horribly nerfed grab. The Shift/Grab was deadly back in the day which gave counselors almost no hope of escaping once learned the mechanics of it. It commanded respect. Its a shame we can't go back and play the older patches from 2017
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    Jason's main problem is the grab is now HORRID. He lunges like a slow old woman now. So while they gave him a boost with the rage they could have put his grab back to the way it was a few patches back. That would have helped Jason out a bit.
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    Yes, just kill the Tommy who can outrun Jason, has med spray sometimes two, and a PK. Meanwhile you have to find him before he either finds who's going to be sweater girl or anyone else. Counselors work? two people bang on Jason til his mask comes off. Good luck stopping it once you get knocked down once. Alarm Jason? Grab the mask and go in or wait til Tommy is there and have Tommy and the person getting the sweater go in together. Good luck not dying right when you step into the shack. Calling Tommy? Half the time someone spawns right at the Tommy house. So as Jason you need to see the tower in the opening cutscene to know exactly where to morph and then you have to hope that morph square is close enough to the box to break it before the counselor makes the call. Just need one strong female counselor player. In an optimal game, you can have Jason dead in 3 minutes. In a non-optimal game, you can have him dead in 7. Everything about killing Jason is easy to control as a counselor. Which player to come back as Tommy is easy to control as a counselor. Hell, you don't even need Jason to kill you to come back as Tommy. Demask Jason with a buddy. Find two traps, you set a trap, your buddy sets a trap, you walk into the one he sets, you walk into the one he sets. Reset the traps, do the same thing. Congrats, you're both dead. And congrats, one of you is coming back as Tommy if no one else has been killed yet.
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    Yes, after that post, I believe he has achieved official troll status.
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    I really dont understand the issue with Tommy spawning "too early" or needing to "break the radio". Most of the Jasons that are dying are low-level new players against veterans. Its been nearly 2 years, people have worked on strategies and teamwork. Its called practice and getting it down. I am not seeing solid or amazing Jason players being killed. Maybe close, but they know how to get around tricks. It should be hard to kill Jason. However, no matter what you change, people are going to figure it out and streamline it. Only thing I think should happen is Jason's HP requirement to remove mask should go up, and amount of throwing knives should be increased on maps. The latter helps combat people in exploit spots as well as the people using using Medic and having 4 health sprays a piece. It will also help in killing sweater girls or Tommy players from a safer distance or while grouped up. Make switching to combat stance easier. Most new players cannot switch between combat stance, block, attack very well. Give them a chance to defend themselves more. Lessen the damage done in block mode so his mask doesn't come off as easy. In QP its difficult enough getting a functional group of randoms to complete objectives, let alone understand how to pull off the kill. Though it only takes 2 solid players, they also have to fight RNG selecting who plays Tommy, making sure tommy gets called, make sure the sweater and stun hit dont bug out or glitch, etc. There are many strategies to avoid being killed, the problem is newer players dont research tactics or care as much if they are killed. Trap your shack. Dont over use your morphs to make sure you can get back there. If there is a group somewhere, trap around. Smash all neighbor cabin doors and windows so when they try to leave current location, the next location is easily accessible to break up the group. Use traps around houses they hang out at. Gather throwing knives and injure them all to make them use up inventory slots. Take your time and let yourself get to rage mode so you can slash through them.
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    Dude, I don’t know what game you’ve been playing, but killing Jason isn’t rare. I’m not a Jason hunter, but since the patch I have been involved at least 20 Jason kills. That’s not as a bystander (if you count those times it would be up near 40 kills).That’s me being Tommy or sweater girl. You’re constant posts about them needing to make Jason easier to kill means one of two things. One, you don’t play the game much. Two, you are a troll trying to encite anger on the forums. By reading your posts, I believe it’s the first. I don’t think you have played the game enough to realize how easy it is to kill Jason. At least I hope this is the reason for all the misinformed posts.
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    I offered some tips to help players that's having trouble. Jason shouldn't meet every counselor head on when they have intentions to kill him. Keep buffing him and if nothing is done about his mask coming off easily watch the J-kills go through the roof.
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    The party chat function should not be allowed in this type of game and if players use another method that’s fine anything Gun does to help remove the teaming situation whether it’s only on their end would be welcomed.
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    That is completely the opposite of what an asymmetrical multiplayer game is! The 1 in the 1v7 is supposed to be the Op character. Is the problem that you can’t escape and are always killed by Jason in the game ? If that is the case.....you may need to look at what you are doing in game to improve your skills....sorry not sorry.
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    Sorry it took me so long to get to this thread, I have been thinking about these suggestions and can’t find anything to nix them. I used Stalk a few times and did both things but the Counselors were clearly using the noise to track me. I think the noises should be adjusted this way, it will increase the tension. (That first time I step in a trap, I’m going to regret it, lol.) I wonder if we could get VHS static on the mini map during Stalk, not blocking everything just making tracking Jason more difficult. Rather than removing his diamond obscuring it and adding confusion. It’s not a great addition to the thread but it’s all I’ve managed to come up with.
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    I know Jason is a little slow but I don't think he would fall for the same trick twice.
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    I know that Gun can't force people to not use party chat as the consoles won't allow for it. What I do wonder is that if Gun can have a setup that means if you are not in their game chat that changes certain things. examples would be that as Jason you can't kill anybody (because slash and grab wouldnt' register.) That as a counselor you cannot hide, open drawers, pick up weapons or items, open, close doors and windows etc. I don't know how hard it would be to implement (or even if it's possible), and I know there are some means to counter it, but that doesn't mean an effort like that wouldn't fix a good percentage of people not playing as intended.
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    (This probably has been brought up in the past, but with a team looking to IMPROVE Jasons game, I figured I'd bring it up again) As it stands now, Stalk stops the background music, the VHS effect, and silences Jasons footsteps. @mattshotcha, would it at all be possible for the dev team to tweak Stalk so both Jason picking up throwing knives and setting traps are silent as well when Stalk is active? Can't be sneaky when a small knife pulled from wood is so loud or laying a trap is so damn noticeable.
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    Good ideas @RustInPeace. I never noticed those sounds weren't muted during stalk. @Ahab As far as the flare gun is concerned, I think if Jason is in stalk then gets hit by the flare, he should be marked. If he gets hit then uses stalk, he should vanish. Seems fair to me. @Slasher_Clone The scrambled mini map would let the counselor know Jason is nearby defeating the purpose of stalk. On a side note I think it would be cool if you were in stalk and choosing a location to morph to, a decoy Jason would be deployed making counselors think Jason is in one spot when he could be anywhere. The decoy would vanish if hit and upon morph. @Slasher_Clone what I had in mind regarding Jason's echo as you put it, is to keep it simple. He would just be standing there heaving and giving the death stare. I think it could work well in psyching counselors out. Think of part 8 when Renny crashed the police car. @Ahab this would also work well with shift, great idea!
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