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    @mattshotcha @wes could this maybe be on the back burner for you guys? I know now you need to move on and work on the future but let’s say 6 months or a year from now and everything is over. Would you be willing to start a backer program or something like that. You have put so much into this game so why not let us help you finish it if the opportunity comes up.
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    Wes said it. So you can cry all you want, it's not happening.
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    Actually, I goofed. I started watching their video above and realized that I mixed them up with someone else. I have falsely maligned them! They're honestly totally fine. However, their Jason rankings are fucking terrible. Sorry.
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    Because there is a huge tower with a blinking red light. - Wes Keltner @Jdt827 it doesn't make it any less true.
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    I know Jason is a little slow but I don't think he would fall for the same trick twice.
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    Welcome to the forums! The Jason kill is already quite easy enough to kill right now... it is meant to be difficult and rare to see... and this suggestion would only prove to make it even easier than it already is. One chance is all you get... and more often than not, it is all that is needed. It also goes against the spirit of Jason mistaking sweater girl for his mother... He already cut down someone who stole his sweater... why would he fall for it if someone else picked it up?
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    I feel this way as well... I do not drink a case of beer every day like I used to... But beer is still the best way to wash down the drywall dust.
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    Yes, this should deffinetely be considered. The fans don't want to see this game die and if the fans are willing to help out then why not? Hopefully this legal garbage gets over soon so that this could maybe be a possibility.
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    Tommy has us all beat... so do not feel bad.
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    Probably because it shouldn't be easy for Jason to spot the Tommy house right away. That's the only chance for someone to respawn in the game.
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    Welcome to the forum! nah, you should only get one shot to kill him, and if you die before you use it do bad. Jason needs to be able to defend himself from the kill this essentially give players way to many opportunities to get a kill that is already easy enough to complete.
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    I've only played a handful of matches since the change. Bottom line is this whole model of 'do very little' and 'let it sit for 6 months to marinate' is absolutely stupid. It smells of laziness and cost cutting measures. The game needs more work and more frequently. That doesn't mean kneejerk changes, but not 6 months either. I'd say 1 month to 2 months is acceptable. So much work is needed on all sides (both sides) and given the model they've gone with and lack of ability to actually properly fix the game. It still feels very dire.
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    Post-patch strategy hasn't really changed my style much. I still tend to leave counselors alone until Shift activates (unless I catch you going for the vehicles, phone, or sweater) but now I try to clear the lobby before Rage hits. The sole reason I do this is so when the whole lobby gets fucked up, they can't whine and blame it on the Rage buff. If it's a lobby full of dancers and tea-baggers, however, then I go out of my way to look like the most incompetent Jason on Earth: Constant grab spamming, stepping in bear-traps, badly missing with throwing knives, grabbing someone in the middle of a group of counselors so they'll stun me and make me drop their teammate, etc. When Rage activates, I drop the act and go full-on sadistic murder mode; Slashing people to near death then just following them around to block them from going inside cabins, letting them fix the phone while Stalk-hiding inside then popping out to grab them just before the call is completed, standing patiently beside them as they try and free themselves from one of my traps and then using a L1+R2 combo instead of just grabbing them right away, etc... It should be kinda obvious, but I absolutely hate being tea-bagged and danced on with an unholy passion. Do it to me even one single time and everyone's fucked.
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    No I have def been hit by some of your knives. I prefer you have an off day. Works better that way for me.. haha.. 🍻
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    With all of the negativity floating around I wanted to take a moment of my day to thank anyone who had anything to do with the creation of this game. Im old in video game years this game was the soul reason I purchased a playstation and pay for ps plus. It has led me to rediscovering video games after what was about a 12 year hiatus. When I was a kid I used to hope and pray this game would get made. I am a huuuge fan of the franchise. This game exceeded my expectations. The details on the maps especially packanack are a thing of nostalgia that matched my highest hopes. The things we did not get were a part of the worst Friday the 13th film in the franchise(Jason X or manhattan take your pick) This is by far my favorite casual game on the ps4. I see so much whining and knitpicking every minute detail. Some of it is genuine, and some of it rings false. The sheer magnitude of the game for someone who loves the films is incredible. My father a 70 year old man loves it. This man loves nothing. So thank you to Gun Media, The development team(s), and anyone else involved in this game. You have 1 extremely satisfied fan. Heres to a part 2 on the next gen of consoles cheers.
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    I think you would be making a very safe bet here. Thanks!... For just a moment, I almost felt young again.... Almost. And thanks again!!… But there are times I feel I should begin some of my posts with Rodney Dangerfield's most famous of one liners. Some of us were... yes. It was "corny"... but it had some great moments... such as the "face smash" kill... along with a few other very interesting and inventive kills... But some people just cannot fully appreciate Lexa Doig's and Lysa Ryder's "acting skills".
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    Bet you're not as glad you're leaving as we are
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    It is sad to see effective distraction counselors be so hurt by this.
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    I don’t give shit who said it. And I’m not crying about anything. I’m literally laughing at the audacity and whiny shit members like you post. It’s like you get on here with every intention of making sure you post a bunch of nothing on everyone’s topics. 🤣🤣🤣 like you’re so needy to speak but have nothing to say.
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    I hope you’ve changed your tampon since responding. You absolutely have to be at the very least in the right camp to spot it. All there is to it. The comment is needless simply because it implies you know where it is as easily as having it marked. So sad you don’t get that. If you don’t feel like contributing in a respectful manner to someone else’s post, move on to another one. I’ve personally never seen this topic at all so I have no idea where you’re getting the idea people should somehow know any particular answer. Oh... because you think the rest is also don’t have a life and follow every tweet, response, and press release as they come out. Calm your ass down.
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    umm no. stating it’s not needed on the basis of the tower, is silly. That does not tell you where to spawn which is the purpose of the topic. So if you’re gonna respond in a needlessly sarcastic manner, have the sense to make it on point. You have find it which means you luck out by spawning in it’s proximity to see it or keep spawning until you find it- which is issue of the post... 😒
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