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    As previously stated, you have already asked how to do this once before @pieeater and the responses you got should have been indicative on the community's thoughts on the matter. We don't allow users to share methods that spoil other people's game experiences, so this thread will now be locked just like the last one was. In future, don't ask for such stupid things.
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    Run to your ps4 as fast as you can and hit it repeatedly with a hammer. I prefer an axe, though many people might not have an axe in their livingroom. Hope this helped!
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    @pieeater rage quiting is as Toxic a thing as anything other Toxic players do in the game.... you will not get a serious answer here we despise these tactics...... so grab a pair of Scissors and cut through either the power cord or HDMI cord so you can never play any game again.....problem solved. this is the second time you have posted this topic did you not learn the first time ??
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    "What the fuck is happening??" "I gotta get out of here now!" Those lines didn't make any sense, bit they should've kept in the "This is between me and Jason," or the "He's even more powerful now" lines.
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    I know a lot of people will disagree with this because Summer 2017: Teamkilling, people glitching, only 3 maps, hosts quitting etc etc. But I really miss those days, this game was really hyped at this time, A LOT of people were playing this game i've seen rappers playing it, it was during summer so it remind me good vibes (lol), Jason seemed strong and I was really trying my best to survive, it was stressful, my matches were really thrilling, it was before LVL 150 tryhard Vanessas spamming dance emotes became the meta too lmao. What do you think?
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    To me, it doesn't make much sense to keep XP/CP and Tape drops at their normal interval anymore. Reasons 1. The playerbase is so small now 2. The newer players you might actually gain probably won't stick around because.. 2A. Less players equals less games 2B. Less games equals less chance to earn XP/CP/Tapes 2C. Given some of what's left of the playerbase are toxic trolls and tryhards in terms of both Jason/Counselor who rage/disconnect if they can't kill/troll, etc Why would the new players stick around to earn a couple color swaps, bloody Jason skins and weapon swap near the very end when its going to take much longer? 3. Content is dead, that's all we've heard now since forever and as we've seen already, they are VERY hesistant to make more than a handful of sweeping changes to gameplay and when they do, they still want it to sit or 'marinate' for 6 months even despite how low the playerbase is. It would make more sense to keep the double XP/CP/Tapes and then go with something like triple XP/CP/Tape drops for 'special' events and days. This way you give newer players incentive to play. Granted, the flip side to this is you piss off some of the diehard/veteran players who have been there since day one playing with normal XP/CP/Tapes. My answer to that is they've already pissed off so many of them to the point of quitting the game at this point that there is actually more incentive to gain new players than what veterans who still play might actually leave because of it. Yes/No?
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    I agree 100%. You listed some excellent reasons why they should totally make the Double XP/CP/Tape Drops permanent going forward. No. They've already said there will be absolutely no more new content, even if the case is settled tomorrow. It sucks, but it's a fact.
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    Especially after 3 matches in a row as Jason cuz everyone in our group forgot to set preference to Jason beforehand.. 😂
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    Yes and no. It was the most fun when everything went right. The bugs spoiled it though. If the game launched in the state it is in now, I think it would have had much prolonged popularity. Except for that. Fuck force shield windows.
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    He could spawn in saying "Ooh baby, ooh baby...uh, wtf is happening??"
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    I’d rather have a sequel to the 2009 film. After reading the leaked script last week. It would have been amazing.
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    I agree with pretty much everything in the OP and @JasonLives86 post. I miss the days when I stalked the game's social media platforms to see if they posted anything about a new update that would be containing new content. I miss when I could open up the forum and read the suggestions section and read ideas on what people want added to the game. But now, there is barely any posts in that section anymore. Now I usually check for lawsuit updates to see if anything is moving in the right direction.
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    I would like for you to fix Jason’s slashing. It gets annoying to a point where you have Jason’s slashing till you are dead, I would like for you to change that. It would be nice for you guys to make him slash the players without damage when the counselor is close to dying, that’s where he will have to grab the counselor in order to kill you.
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    We could all use a little more balance in life.
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    Did you get a salary increase for said promotion? 😎 @OCT 31 1978, I agree on the adaptation on both sides. I think that will be the trend with any future updates.
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    Beta December 2016 was the most magical time for me. That was the first time I had gotten sucked into a game that strongly in a long, long time. May '17 was great, but my favorite era post-launch was when Jason 4 was released. The game build was one of the best and it was a great time to be playing. Then came the nerf and a thousand pocket knives....
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    Finding the mask in a drawer.... priceless. I wonder if a new player gets the "picking up Jason's mask" achievement if they find it in a drawer... or will the answer to this question drive us all insane?
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    Not even a little bit... I would do exactly the same thing... but not in exactly the same way. The war against trollish behavior will never end until they are utterly wiped out... or at least, that type of behavior is wiped out... I do not want to see anyone actually get hurt after all. Yes... but it is doubtful we could ever receive legitimate proof of this one. Its "Grand Admiral" now... I got a promotion. Being a "dick" to someone who is being a "dick" first... should never be punished. We are merely following the "golden rule" and treating them how they wished to be treated. That one works both ways. But, like I have said before... trolls are my white whale... as they are "dicks"... but they will never be "Moby". You get used to this after a couple decades. On my best nights... I do not sleep more than four hours... But lack of sleep eventually causes a "shut down" and every so often I will sleep for almost a full day and night. He will never get "the joke"... and probably already has cried to the mods. Fortunately, the mods are very fair here... and are pretty damned good at reading and understanding what is being said. The guy in the "other thread" told me the "coloring book" joke that I borrowed from a certain mod was uncalled for and found it to be rude... so I pointed out who I "borrowed" the joke from with a "tag". I agree completely... but at this point, after rage hits... if you shoot it into the air to mark him, there is a chance he may not notice you... and it is not going to stun him at that point anyway. It is still prudent to shoot it into the air to see if he is nearby when you suspect he is outside a window or something in Stalk mode... This has actually saved my sorry ass quite a few times. Got a car fixed in the first forty seconds the other night with a friend. It took us almost another full minute to find the keys and get the car moving... which is still long before ANY Jason variant gets his first active shift... and then the Savini Jason player slammed into the car out of nowhere... I pointed out that he cannot possibly have an active shift that early and he told me... "Its Savini Jason stupid".... so I pointed out to him... "There is no difference between +Shift on Savini Jason vs +shift on Part 6 Jason... stupid." Then my friend told him that his gameplay was being recorded since the beginning of the match... and the Savini hacker (who we noticed was under level 20 in the lobby) immediately quit the match. But yes... counselor players do seem to be pushing objectives more now. It makes it hard on a -traps Jason player like me... but I do not mind, just have to do my best and keep practicing within the limitations of the Jason variant I choose to play... which is invariably Part 4 (and sometimes Part 7). I will still never trap a car until after I stop it the first time... It is just habit for me now... and I enjoy chasing cars... but I do not get upset if I miss... it happens to the best of us. For a sense avoidance perk user... it would become the best item they could find in a match if it scrambled sense like this... but they would still have to use it to put as much distance as possible between themselves and Jason. "Sense Spamming" is still the only thing that gives Jason even a fair chance to someone who knows how to use the stealth system with these perks, and has the patience to use it properly. I am against buffing the sense avoidance perks... but this is not a buff to the perks and I am seeing it as a balance point that could go towards either side in any given match... but it depends on how the counselor uses it... and how sneaky the Jason player actually plays it... So, I think it still fits in when considering balance.
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    I remember when playing as Kenny that a Vanessa was using me as a lure. A few bat shots left her limping and bait while I ran off.
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    I totally agree. I've been at 150 for a while now, so I don't gain anything from it (other than better chance to get those last few Tommy tapes I'm missing). But I have friends who play who really want to get to 113 to get weapon swapping. For them, it seems like an interminable grind.
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    I probably mentioned it last time this topic came up, it still gives me a chuckle just because the idea of finding the mask in the drawer appeals to me.
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    Jarvis is prob my favorite map. Always have good matches on there..
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    @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellowFuck force shield windows, indeed.
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    Thanks for everyone's feedback. I rebooted my PS4, DLC still wasn't there. Tried closing the application several times, didn't work. Gave up for the night. Tried again this morning, everything is there. Have no clue what happened, just happy to have it back.
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    I read the other day, a person was asking the devs to remove "the surviving the night badge" so counselors will only focus on escaping. I'm all for buffing Jason but i feel some players think they can use the word trolling as an excuse to have things removed that they don't like. A Jason with experience can clear a lobby quickly and then you have no choice but to try an survive the night. You also have to take in accountability for people who leave the lobby before the game begins. This isn't trolling! I'm all for Jason getting more buffs in the future but i'm not on the side of counselors being nerfed at all. If Jason keeps getting stronger counselors will already be weaker there's no need to nerf counselors. Surviving the night shouldn't be discouraged. A variety of ways to win and play is what makes this game unique and it shouldn't lose that. Playing as a counselor needs to still be entertaining and i feel that side is missing something at the moment. I'm not asking for a buff but give us a little more than window hopping. A few more creative ways for us to distract or slow Jason down would make things a little more fun. I have a blast playing as Jason but the counselor side is lacking something.
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    If counselors want to battle Jason hand to hand, then they get slashed down. Did this to a lobby of new guys that still are playing by the old meta. Meet in a bunch and attack Jason. They got a couple stuns, but took a bunch of knives to the head followed by a slash to the gut until no sprays were left and they died. sorry but not sorry.. 😂
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    When hitting Jason, Demon could say "You gonna get it, bitch!"
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    Agreed. I have a feeling they’ll release content if they settle though.
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    Thanks for the tag, gang.
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    Well I’m glad you stuck it out and joined up. It can be a bit rough in camp, we’re a bit passionate but don’t let that stop you from contributing.
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    PSN as well. Yeah they had signup turned off for ages. Thanks for the warm welcome.
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    My counselor tactics haven't changed, I main AJ and try and repair as quick as possible anyway. In fact, the only thing I have changed is when I play as Jason. I purposely walk into firecrackers and traps now, get that rage going quicker!
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    I tend to agree. And its not even like they've fixed all the glitches and whatnots from way back then either (which is even worse considering the content pool was shut off a while back), but at least there were things that made it better like no force shield windows, body blocking, faster blocking, etc. I also miss the beta animations. Both the turn animations and the doors only opening half way, etc.
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    Given the difference between launch day and now, it almost seems like two different games. Hiding for the full twenty was a thing back then. You can hardly get away with it now. I have many fond memories of the early days.
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    I miss when Tommy used to spawn in with only a shotgun and a 1 liner.
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    Yeah, it kinda was. My nephews first experience with this game was watching me get shot by a teammate who wanted to steal the propeller I was carrying. Fucking asshole, I was so happy when friendly-fire was removed.
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    Not entirely unpopular, my friend 🙂 I FULLY agree with everything you said. Back in Summer 2017 when the game was new, the hype, everyone playing, and for the most part, playing CORRECTLY, I might add 😉 And just the IDEA of this game even existing was so cool at the time, it was great. Like you, I miss those days. Lots of people teaming up to escape, using mics, having a great time, it was awesome and was actually fun. It was so good, that it actually got me to go back to watch the F13 movies, which at the time, I hadn't seen in literally years, and even got me to dress as Jason for Halloween of that year. Many things have changed since then. Lots of things added, some issues fixed, some new ones added, etc. Now, the game seems to have fallen off the map. You don't really see anyone playing it much anymore, and quickplay is anyone's guess as to what type of lobby you're going to end up in. Not to mention the lawsuit putting a stop to any and all future content pretty much being the nail in the coffin, sadly. So yes, those truly were the glory days for this game, by far.
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    Wish I’d been there. Cool topic man, should get some good stories at the very least.
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    Can you blame me for messing with him. You and me both will require proof of that, lol. An admiral thing to do, I did give a troll a like once while trying to train him like Pavlov’s dog but got scolded. Not that I didn’t deserve it, the Mod was right I was being a dick. I appreciate the compliment, running on very little sleep and it wasn’t as funny as I would have liked. Don’t mind the strange format, I’m still playing my secondary game as a Thunder is all noise. Eventually he’ll realize the joke, then he’s going to cry to a mod that I threatened him, lol.
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    A few have suggested that ONLY Tommy should be able to stun after rage... This I consider giving the trolls back their toys as well... after all, one player can still use Jason as a piñata, and some can do it very easily by themselves. Pinata parties should remain a thing of the past... at the very least, after rage begins... And it is still a piñata party with only Tommy being able to stun Jason when three more counselors are standing around Jason dancing and tea bagging the big guy. But, with severe limitations on his ability to stun after rage... such as the bat's chance to stun being lowered to a MAXIMIMUM of 25%... and ALL other weapons having similar limitations, I would not be completely against it... but the player should not be "sure" of the weapon stunning at this point in ANY way. But it is not necessary at all.... Players are escaping in droves... Jason players are consistently getting lower kill counts than before the patch... and Jason can still easily be killed... Just these three points alone, which are all true... make it an unnecessary buff. This kind of does make sense... but a relentless killer being confused would not necessarily stop to figure out what's what when his prey is bravely running away... or even coming at him with a weapon... or would he?... It is a possibility I suppose. Now this... is a very good idea. It makes WAY more sense than the firecrackers stunning him, to me at least. But screwing up his sense for a short time... and even his normal "vision" for a short time... Perhaps even taking the sound pings away from him for a short time... A complete replacement for firecracker stuns?... or perhaps just for after rage hits? Either way this would be a huge help for players that run sense avoidance perks too... without buffing the perks! It makes sense, but I do not feel it was ever necessary... Just marking Jason on the mini map is very helpful for the entire team... or at least those players that are paying attention to it... it also marks him on your big map... I use this to know when he morphs for boat (or car) starts... I am not always correct, but it helps... a lot. It is fairly obvious that it is a morph when he is on the mini map and then suddenly appears somewhere else on the mini map. The animation for dropping the flare gun is too long if it could not stun at all anymore though... unless you use it the old fashioned way and just shoot it into the air when he is not in sight... just to see if he is in Stalk nearby... You never had to hit him to mark him on the map... he just needs to be nearby. If you miss him, which does happen sometimes... he is still marked... And I saw one of the devs mention this feature in a video before... so I tried it, and it does still work. I do not mind that the flare gun stuns... it has worked that way since I bought the game at least. I just do not think they should screw with the rage buff... it is working fine... and it is far from too much. If it were too much... no one would be escaping or killing Jason... or both would be far rarer than they are... But all I see is lower kill counts for Jason... and I am talking about awesome Jason players... I am seeing more escapes than before the patch... and Jasons are still falling to the hunters... And I have played far more hours since the patch than I care to admit to. I think it was two nights ago... but a certain "very polite" friend of mine… convinced me to help him kill a Part 6... Easiest kill I EVER participated in... and this Jason player was far from a noob... I do not participate in the Jason kill very often, except when others ask for help... politely. I do not take orders well, but I feel compelled to help people when they ask for help... and I needed to prove to myself once more how easy it is to pull off, so I helped him out. IF he was a deep thinker? As I have read his posts... and his replies to other... and other's replies to his posts (and so on)... I am not convinced that he actually knows how to think at all. I may just require some proof for that one. I will only ever give a like to a post I actually like... or a laughter emoji thingy to something funny... but no troll will ever get either from me... They will keep it going on their own anyway, whether you or me... or anyone else bother to reply to them. Oh... and VERY well said... as always.
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    Welcome to camp, sorry you had a hard time signing up. (It happens if we get spammed, don’t take it personally) What system are you on? I’m on PSN, same name and spelling. @CptZombieSteve, if you need to tag someone, @ symbol followed by their name, or quote them.
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    Welcome to the forums, and sorry about the idiot. They happened to be in the middle of a spamming spree. How long have you been playing the game for? Relatively new or for a while? Got any favourite Jasons or counselors you like to play as? For finding players from here, first thing I'd suggest would be the general Gamertag thread. Lots of tags from forum members in there, it's pretty big by now but worth a browse if you have time, and feel free to post your own tag. You could also try the Player-Run Challenges forum, and there's the Good Sportsmanship Club / Crystal Lake Employment Agenecy over in General forum as well. Hope you get some good games in! http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/ http://forum.f13game.com/topic/9615-good-sportsmanship-club/ http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/
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    .....Or you could show a little initiative and start working on an escape route BEFORE Rage hits. I main a bunny-suited Deb and this helps me escape much more than I get killed.
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    It has been fun to watch the variety of backgrounds that have been drawn to the game. Welcome! Hopefully the specs that Rex pointed you towards won't be too big of a jump for you. Also, definitely check out some of the resources Damon suggested. Finding a few players to guide you into the game, especially coming in as a non-gamer, can make your early experience a lot smoother. Of course lots of us are happy to answer questions and offer insight, and there are a few written guides around here, as well. We look forward to seeing you around here, and in the game!
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    Welcome to the forums! I hope Rexfellis' post can be some help for you. If you do start playing the game, and you're interested in finding some players from here, I'd recommend taking a look in the Steam ID and Gamertag thread here. I feel that the game benefits from finding a good group of players to get regular games in with, so it's worth a browse through then and also posting your own Steam ID. There are also some groups around such as the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum, if any of them catch your eye. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/ Best wishes with everything.
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    fitting you clarify this within this thread, everything about the thread is hilarious. you mad lads
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